Will another bridge fall to the bike lobby? via Wikipedia

With the coming of spring, a young woman’s mind turns to thoughts of bicycling. Even around here, where the simple act of riding a bike can be a nightmare of honking, exhaust fumes and cars swerving into you, it’s time to think more about bikes. So, just in time for that, Streetsblog reports the Department of Transportation wants to give us all new bike lanes, this time on the Greenpoint Avenue bridge that connects Greenpoint to Sunnyside.

The latest possible victory for the bike lobby, which is already going to annex more of the Pulaski Bridge, is actually the DOT’s second attempt to get the Brooklyn-Queens connector a couple of bike lanes. The first one, to add painted bike lanes on each side of the bridge and cut car lanes in each direction to one, failed in 2010. Now, according to Streetsblog, the plan the DOT is proposing will add an unprotected bike lane to each side of the bridge, and cut the amount of Brooklyn-bound car lanes to one, while keeping both Queens-bound car lanes.

The first test of the plan will come when it comes before the transportation committee on Williamsburg’s Community Board 1 on March 17, and with any luck, you’ll eventually be only slightly less safe on the bridge as you pedal to Sunnyside, which is a really nice place. You should visit some time.

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  1. I hope this happens. Motorist zip up and down that bridge and have no regard for people on bicycles. If you do decide to ride on the sidewalk it is quite narrow putting other bicyclists and pedestrians in danger.

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