Tonight: bike share party will go on, even without actual bikes

Futuristic machine photo via Gothamist.

Maybe you’re irked that there won’t be an NYC bike share until next spring and you finally have to spring for your own wheels. How do you think the good people at Transportation Alternatives must feel? Months ago, the pro- biking / walking / public transit group had scheduled a Citi Bikes launch partay for tonight at Roulette, with Brooklyn Brewery beer, live music from Dujeous, and something intriguing called Bike Ballet. The group is going ahead with the launch festivities even though the bikes themselves are still MIA. Yes, tickets ($10 TA members, $25 non-members) are still available, and proceeds go to fund things like car-free parks and more bike lanes. “It’s going to be a really fun party,” says TA’s Caroline Samponaro. “Next year at this time we will definitely not remember the delay — we will be too busy riding Citi Bikes.” See, biking is good for your attitude. (In unrelated news, Roulette is hosting something called a “Harry Pussy Record Release Party” next week, not to be confused with a Pussy Riot Defense Fund party at Public Assembly.)