Check out the ‘Girls’ season premiere, possibly get alcohol poisoning

Dunham, in a rare moment of dress. via Screen Crush

Dunham, in a rare moment of dress. via Screen Crush

So you don’t want to wait around for HBOgo to show the season premiere of Girls on Monday. You need it all as it happens, because otherwise your Twitter feed is going to be full of jokes you don’t get and SPOILERS. Fortunately for you, the inescapable publicity push for the show now includes Professor Thom’s in the East Village showing the season premiere. And it comes with plenty of opportunities to drink for free.

That’s because they’re giving out jello shots (no whiskey?) every time Lena Dunham gets naked, along with a free shot for the first person to identify a bar or restaurant on the show. So be sure to bring a second liver with you, because if the Post‘s horrified review of the second season is any indication, you’re going to be seeing a lot of Lena Dunham. A lot of her being naked.

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  • I’m no fan of Girls, but all that Post review is complain about how “fat” Dunham is. Blobby? Really?

    • Hear hear! Considering the myriad of offensive things Lena has tweeted, said, or done in the past year- body shaming is a pretty lazy critique (and smacks a bit of sexism).

    • Nah, “Girls” is good. And I tend to hate the kind of people depicted on the show.

  • Can’t one of our Brooklyn locals come up with a better version of this? Drinking jello shots with bros doesn’t exactly fit the Girls vibe.

  • Any brooklyn spots showing the premiere?