Nicer than any office we’ve ever worked in

People¬†clowning on the Brooklyn Public Library’s new logo are missing the bigger library news going on: they’ve introduced a badass new co-working space to the Central Library¬†(10 Grand Army Plaza). It joins an impressive number of co-working spaces that make life easier for start ups and make me feel really bad about spending half the day doing posts in my underwear.

So what will you be working with, along with all the other working at the new Information Commons? The main space has room for over 70 laptops and even has Macs preloaded with creative and multimedia software. So you can finally stop downloading pirated versions of Photoshop and Final Cut. There’s also a lab where people can take workshops and training classes. If you’ve got an idea for a class, you can even pitch the library at infocommons(at)

Beyond that, there are seven meeting rooms fully loaded with projectors and flatscreens, and one is a recording studio. Which of course means its time to start the pool to see which Brooklyn indie band records an entire album there. Our money is on Love in Twain, a Bushwick-based duo recording a concept album about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

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  1. Brooklyn library needs a co-working space for start-ups? Wonderful. all that cash spent for edgy transplants to plan businesses making brooklyn based artisanal mayonnaise.

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