Cheap sliding scale pilates in Crown Heights is ab-solutely awesome

If you wanna do this, get thee to pilates. via Angelica Thornhill

If you wanna do this, get thee to pilates. via Angelica Thornhill

You’d like to get fit, but you’d also like to not pay that much for it. And also, preferably, have someone walk through exactly what the hell you should be doing in order to become fit. Sadly, gyms and classes and personal trainers usually cost money. But hey, what’s this? Really cheap, sliding scale pilates in Crown Heights? Awesome. Sure you don’t know what pilates is exactly, but if it was good enough for Tony Stark, it should be something you’re interested in doing.

Pilates instructor Angelica Thornhill wants to spread the gospel of the core-based exercise to the masses, and to do so, she’s offering classes that range from $7 to $15 at It Takes A Village (500 Prospect Place). Considering that other classes around Brooklyn will cost you around $18 to $30 per class, Thornhill is pretty much giving it away.

The classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm, and you can either sign up for a class in advance or just pop in if there’s room that night. All you need is a mat to do it on. Oh, and also clothing that won’t restrict you attempting stretches like the one seen above. The only people who can get their legs over their head while wearing skinny jeans are Gumby and Plastic Man, and they don’t really count as “human.”

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  • Important edit – address is on Prospect Place, not Prospect Ave (which exists in an entirely different area of brooklyn)