The internet’s surprising source for cheap vibrators

What the hell's that? Who cares? It's only $27.15.

Did someone say “vibrators”? I just did, so now that the cat’s out of the bag (Thanks, New York Times!), we recently stumbled upon what could be the internet’s unlikeliest selection of off-price marital aids. We’re not going to say how we made this discovery, but did you know that Overstock, the site where you get faux-Tiffany lamps and semi-designer shoes, happens to be a pleasure trove of cut-rate appliances for your bedside drawer?

The site displays nearly 500 different models and makes of adult toys and almost half of them are selling for under $25. Seems that the e-tailer’s red “O” logo is more than just an Oprah lookalike.

Why does Overstock have so darn many of these things? The company had the good sense not to return our call, but as The Times recently pointed out, there’s gold in them thar Multi-Speed Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue Stimulators. From “The Chubby Pleaser” to the “Afro American Whopper,” there’s something for every inclination, complete with softcore customer reviews. (Lack of power is a frequent complaint.)

The site lists 124 models for $20 and under. On the higher end, the Luxe-brand Lelo’s INA Dual Action Silicone Vibrator goes for $155 on the manufacturer’s site, but just $77.86 on Overstock. For the still frisky but more thrifty, the Teardrop Impulse Vibrator Kit with Bunny Arouser (yes, that’s what it’s called) by CaliforniaExotics gets a $20 markdown from the $44 it costs on, which has quite a selection of its own. At these prices, can you afford NOT to try a Passion Penguin?

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