Instead of commenting ad infinitum on threads like this, go see a live show.

It’s a telling refrain: you just stopped at home to answer some e-mails, and suddenly found yourself flaking on night plans with friends in order to troll reddit, or some such online time-sucker of a website, right? Right. We’re all guilty of sending that “sorry, I’m the worst” text so we could just watch Netflix, stalk an ex on Facebook, start a Twitter war, etcetera.

Hey, no shade intended. In fact, there’s a new bi-weekly comedy show at South 4th Bar and Café that might do just the trick to cure you of URL, IRL.

Billed as an answer to the “why bother?” ennui of late-night internet use, “Subreddit Live” is a free multi-media comedy show hosted by comedians Ally Spier and Sam Corbin. [brag] Oh hey, that’s me. [/brag] While the internet-at-large isn’t always laugh-out-loud funny, this show promises to be at the very least an excuse to leave your apartment tonight.

No internet savvy required. Just rev your hard drives, and troll your way over to South 4th Bar (90 S 4th St.) for an easygoing night of GIF screenings, hashtag wars, askreddit holes and good ol’ standup comedy.

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