01/14/16 1:00pm
Since the dawn of time, apparently, men have been  spreading in order to evolve

Since the dawn of time, men have been spreading in order to evolve

Nothing kills your commute like seeing someone taking up more space than they ought to be on a crowded train. With more than 4 million straphangers relying on public transit every day, the idea of someone spreading out over multiple seats isn’t just irksome; it’s downright unacceptable. And the worst of all these spatial offenders, more loathsome than big bag carriers and seat-sleepers, is undoubtedly the manspreader.

Despite the manspreader’s shame in the public eye, there are two journalists (Ash Bennington and Mark Skinner) making a curious case defending the manspreader, claiming that there’s actual evolutionary reasoning behind the spread. Really?  (more…)

11/04/15 2:38pm
Do you know why this is? It's okay if you don't. via Facebook

Do you know why this is? It’s okay if you don’t. via Facebook

Beyond being a place for questionable selfies, questionable gift shop items and a place to get a really expensive hot dog, the September 11 Memorial and Museum is the place where we mark a dark day in American history and teach what happened to people who weren’t around when it happened. You’d think that knowing about 9/11 would be a key job requirement at a teaching position at the memorial, but according to a job listing we came across today, you’re not required to have a basic understanding of the day in question if you want to lead field trips at the museum. (more…)

10/21/15 1:11pm

Remember when a mysterious horseman kept riding his horse down the Franklin Avenue bike lane? Remember when we finally solved the mystery of what the damn horseman was doing? Well, guess we got that horse blog-famous enough that he made it onto the TODAY Show with Terry Crews.

Crews was being interviewed about his upcoming role in a Western flick, Adam Sandler’s already controversial and hated The Ridiculous SixSo naturally, the TODAY Show brought in a live horse for Crews to ride. And for some reason, that horse just happened to be Tonka, the same horse we were all seeing ride through Crown Heights this past summer. Crews was thrilled. He fed it a carrot. The bond was made; these guys are buds now.

Needless to say, we’re pretty jealous of that horse.   (more…)

07/09/15 2:53pm
This is a bag of air

This is a bag of air

[UPDATE: We bring you an important update to this very important story. Vice music editor Dan Ozzi has outed himself as the mysterious seller of the bag of air, detailed in his post about his goofy scheme here. According to Ozzi, after eBay pulled the bag off of its listings, he got in touch with with an eBay representative who wouldn’t give him any information on why the auction was pulled, and he warned Ozzi off of making a new account:

I needed the money, I pleaded with RJ. Some friends from my luxury condo and I were planning on pooling our cash and opening a DIY venue. Could I just start a new account and relist the item? “I don’t encourage you to open a new account because we will still be able to know that it’s you,” he warned me.

How much of this is real? Honestly who knows, this is the world we live in now, a nightmare panopticon of irony where nothing is real except the things that are but you’ll never find out which is which. This is why the internet comes from the garbage now. Anyway, if you still want to buy the bag of Williamsburg air for $20,000, you can email Ozzi.]

Hey guys, so here’s something. Somebody bagged up some air in Williamsburg and is selling it on eBay for $20,000. The bidding started a few days ago at $40, but ongoing bidding wars have brought the price up to five digits. (more…)

03/24/15 10:25am
need we say more than "Off The Grid But Still Stealing Cable Stout"

Need we say more than “Off The Grid But Still Stealing Cable Stout?” Via SB Nation.

Ah, craft beer, the poor man’s drink Olympics. With over 4,500 craft breweries scattered around the country—and that’s just the ones with wholesale accounts—it’s hard to imagine why USA Today’s blog For the Win said they were “attempting to determine which of the [craft] breweries in America is the greatest.” By user voting, no less. Just this morning, they posted a new bracket showing they’d narrowed it down to sixteen breweries. Hey, feel free to cast your vote, but we’ve had enough of the beeriarchy. In fact, we much prefer this absurd beer bracket by Jon Bois and Spencer Hall over at SB Nation, which pits beers like “Reddist Sexist Upvote Dog Porter” against “Something about a Fucking Ship.” (more…)

01/19/15 3:21pm
The years may have passed, but these girls will never stop being CrazySexyCool

The years may have passed, but these girls will never stop being CrazySexyCool

You might remember them as the powerful R&B lady trio that brought you “No Scrubs” and “Unpretty.” Or you might just know T-Boz and Chilli from their endearingly irrelevant talent-seeking TV series R U the Girl. But whatever your degree of familiarity with the powerhouse Grammy-band TLC, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that they’re on the rise again—kind of. As it turns out, the band is having to use a crowd-funding campaign to garner funding for their next move.


09/03/14 1:35pm
dumb and dumber

Dress in your finest attire

Dumb and Dumber might be on your radar for a couple reasons at the moment. For one, there’s that sequel, which we will henceforth never mention again. Also, it’s a comedy classic so you probably think of it more than you’d admit in public. Here’s another reason to be thinking of the movie right now: tonight at the Trash Bar, you can see a band that’s devoted themselves to only playing covers off the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack. Bring your new age girl, she’ll like it. She’ll like it a lot. (more…)

08/28/14 2:51pm
No, see, it's not an illegal sublet. We just have a lot of kids.

No, see, it’s not an illegal sublet. We just have a lot of kids.

Your desire to live in a luxury apartment is probably a bit stymied by the fact that your desire to pay a luxury apartment price is non-existent. What if though, you could split the cost of it with a few roommates? Taking it a step further, what if you split the cost with 21 other roommates and you all slept in bunk beds? Sure the arrangement probably wouldn’t be strictly legal, but that’s just what a broker is offering in this YouTube video. Pros: Luxury living! You get kitchen utensils! Cons: No drinking. No drugs. Only two bathrooms. You have to sleep in a bunk bed. You might get kicked out for living in an illegally subdivided luxury apartment that’s making one person rich while helping throw off the housing market.

04/16/14 9:09am

Meet your new roommates! Photo by Fikriyyah George

You know when you find roommates on Craigslist, you never know what you’re gonna get. In this case a beautiful loft in the northern reaches of Bed-Stuy with two artists and two cats eventually became a beautiful loft in the northern reaches of Bed-Stuy with two artists, two cats and two pigeons. Yes, PIGEONS. Pigeons brought inside my apartment, on purpose. (more…)

08/16/13 8:28am
The exact moment John Schiumo realizes his vote counts the same as Joan's

The exact moment John Schiumo realizes his vote counts the same as Joan’s

Here’s the thing about running for elected office of any kind, from dog catcher in a podunk town to mayor of New York: you will always deal with insane people, no matter what. The larger the population though, the more there are. Case in point? A caller on Wednesday night to NY1’s The Call, a call-in show to talk about the news going on in New York, said she met Bill de Blasio and asked him to implement stop-and-frisk only in Manhattan. Does she use the phrase “those people”? Hell yes she does. (more…)