10/15/14 3:05pm
crazy 8 festival

Make sure the tattoo artists also gives your Popeye his tattoos, so you can get double tattoos

Hey dudes, do you know what every girl loves? A bad boy that’s in touch with his sensitive side. Well how does one achieve that you ask? It’s funny you ask, because I happen to know the perfect way, with a tattoo of Minnie Mouse! And just your luck, DNA Info points out that you can get Minnie, or any of your other favorite cartoon characters tattooed permanently onto your body this weekend for only 8 buckaroos! (more…)

09/05/14 10:37am
Hovnanian, Rachel Lee_Magically Delicious_2014

Approximate amount of Lucky Charms we could eat in one sitting. via Rachel Lee Hovnanian

When you were a kid, going down the cereal aisle in the grocery store was most likely the worst part of your day, your life even, since that’s when you’d ask your parents to get you the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal and they just laughed in your face. Well, now who’s laughing MOM, because DNA Info reports a SoHo artist is giving out bowls of the crap cereal you couldn’t have when you were a kid and don’t really buy as an adult because they don’t really make a good breakfast. (more…)

07/25/14 10:25am
beastie boys

They’re pretty pumped about it too.

The Beastie Boys have about as solid a musical legacy in New York City as anyone, and while MCA has a park, the group don’t have a street corner named after them. LeRoy McCarthy, he of Christopher Wallace Way, attempted to get the corner of Ludlow and Rivington, where the Paul’s Boutique album cover photo was taken, named Beastie Boys Square, but he had his plan rejected. So he’s doing the next best thing by curating a mural on the corner in order to make an unofficial Beastie Boys Square, and you can see it as it goes up on Saturday, July 26 starting at 11am. (more…)

07/24/14 3:23pm
vegan police

Will The Vegan Police be there? Probably. via DeviantArt user Chickabowow-Fafa

You may have escaped Scientology, but the vegans are here, and they’re actively recruiting.

The Seed is coming to town on Saturday, August 9 and Sunday August 10 to educate you on what it means to be vegan “for those who have and have not chosen this lifestyle” according to organizers. Or don’t have friends who are always telling you how easy it is and how seitan is actually really good, seriously. Even better, you can go to the Vegan Police Academy for 50% off the listed price, with an exclusive code from Brokelyn. (more…)

06/19/14 1:42pm

It’s already good food, but it’s even better when its so cheap it’s practically free. via Facebook

[UPDATE: It's happening! Wednesday, July 23 from 6pm to 6:54pm, per Veselka's Twitter account]

Keep some change in your pocket after those nickel cocktails, because we’ve got more throwback prices for ya. East Village staple Veselka is celebrating their 60th anniversary with a throwback to 1954, [h/t New York Observer] featuring their original menu and prices!  And back in the day, nothing was priced over $1.60 (the highest item being bigos and mashed potatoes), a big change from a $14 brunch plate accompanied by an infamous wait on Sunday mornings… (more…)

06/10/14 3:00pm
museum mile festival

Art for miles. via Facebook

After your day of work in the city is done, you might be thinking of running back home to Brooklyn as fast as you can so that you can binge on the rest of Orange Is The New Black before someone spoils something while you’re on the food truck line. Or maybe you want to see the season finale of Veep that you’ve been meaning to watch. Hold off on that for just a few hours though, because nine museums on Fifth Avenue between 82nd Street and 105th Street are open and have free admission for the Museum Mile Festival. Hooray, culture! (more…)

06/04/14 9:00am
bfb highline five-cent cocktail

You can get one of these for just a nickel.

If you’ve ever reminisced on the days when you could buy a cocktail with some spare change (or wait, maybe that was my great-grandparents), you’re in luck– nickel cocktails are back in 2014!

Owl’s Brew, a tea-based cocktail mixer (which I stock in my fridge and admittedly consume unhealthy amounts of), is hosting 5-cent happy hours at burger joint BFB Highline (55 Gansevoort Street) every Wednesday until August 27, from 6pm-8pm. (more…)

05/09/14 3:26pm

So 60s. via The Museum of the City of New York

Today, the Museum of the City of New York (1220 Fifth Avenue) will debut never-before-seen photos in their new exhibition, In a World of Their Own: Coney Island Photographs by Aaron Rose, 1961-1963.

In a mix of true artistry/creepiness, Rose snapped shots of sunbathers by stealthily wielding his camera, unbeknownst to the beachgoers. The right to privacy aside, the exhibition displays beautifully unguarded moments of people from all walks of life enjoying intimate moments in a public space. (more…)

05/08/14 2:00pm
terry crews

Yeah, go ahead, ask him for a million dollars

You may not have realized (and we wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t) that Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? was still on TV. And yet somehow, the show taunting people with the dream of winning one million dollars, and then losing a bunch of it to taxes, is still going. You can audition for it next week in the city if you want. While we would usually not think this is a big deal, there’s a very awesome reason we do think it’s a big deal this time. Terry motherfucking Crews, the Ebony Falcon, President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho himself, is the show’s new host. (more…)

12/26/13 1:07pm
bill de blasio

Wonder if all those sign holders will be there. via Facebook

So earlier we told you about how Bill de Blasio was letting us regular slobs into his inauguration, we just didn’t know how to get there. But now we do, with the de Blasio administration playing Santa Claus the day after Christmas. A press release just went out announcing one thousand tickets would be made available for the inauguration, on January 1 at noon. So if you don’t think you’re going to be too hungover or will end up sleeping through the whole thing, point your browser here.

You can reserve up to two tickets to see de Blasio, Letitia James and Scott Stringer all sworn in on the steps of City Hall, right before they issue the orders to thousands of bloodthirsty Bolsheviks to run through the streets seizing the property of the rich. Anyway, you need to reserve your tickets by Sunday, but something tells us people will have snapped them up by then anyway, so move fast.