12/26/13 1:07pm
bill de blasio

Wonder if all those sign holders will be there. via Facebook

So earlier we told you about how Bill de Blasio was letting us regular slobs into his inauguration, we just didn’t know how to get there. But now we do, with the de Blasio administration playing Santa Claus the day after Christmas. A press release just went out announcing one thousand tickets would be made available for the inauguration, on January 1 at noon. So if you don’t think you’re going to be too hungover or will end up sleeping through the whole thing, point your browser here.

You can reserve up to two tickets to see de Blasio, Letitia James and Scott Stringer all sworn in on the steps of City Hall, right before they issue the orders to thousands of bloodthirsty Bolsheviks to run through the streets seizing the property of the rich. Anyway, you need to reserve your tickets by Sunday, but something tells us people will have snapped them up by then anyway, so move fast.

11/11/13 8:59am
Photo by Rachel Eve Stein

With the voting and campaigning done, now we get to the real fun of government: talking it out! Photo by Rachel Eve Stein

So everyone’s real excited because we banded together and finally brought a liberal back to Gracie Mansion. Hooray, we did it, let’s all go back to watching The Real Housewives Factor and Cops! Sure you could do that, but the actual hard work of governing is just beginning, and you’ve got an opportunity to be involved in it from the very beginning. Holding true to his organizer-based roots, Bill de Blasio’s administration is hosting Talking Transition, a two-week long series of panels, breakout discussions and opportunities for digital feedback to guide the de Blasio agenda when he first comes in to office. This must be that communism that Glenn Beck warned us about. (more…)

10/28/13 9:38am
whiskey & wine off 69

Finally, learn how to make that Evan Williams taste a little better. via Facebook

You’ve got liquor in your apartment, and you’ve also got this real old bottle of bitters. But the problem is, you have no idea how to make the two come together to make beautiful alcohol. Well, you won’t have to worry about that any longer, because tonight you can learn at the feet of some of NYC’s best cocktail makers without having to pay them, when Whiskey & Wine Off 69 (1321 Second Avenue) hosts a mixology class in their store. (more…)

10/21/13 4:02pm
A tougher crowd than you'd think. via Facebook

A tougher crowd than you’d think. via Facebook

Had a tough day at work? What a jerk of a boss you have, we get it. But instead of tromping off to the bar to damage your liver while bitching about the boss with your co-workers, how about you skip it this time and instead find solace in laughter and the accepting, blank stares of a crowd of baby dolls. Sound like a weird idea? It is! But Brokelyn alum and Punderdome 3000 genius Jo Firestone’s Tiny Comedy Club is just what you need if things are a little too staid and boring in your life.


10/09/13 1:07pm
Nothing beats a pizza party. via Slice Out Hunger

Nothing beats a pizza party. via Slice Out Hunger

No one can deny the delicious power of a slice of pizza. Or even three of four or ten. The problem is that when you start paying two bucks a slice or more, eating ten slices of pizza gets kind of expensive. So aren’t you fortunate that tonight you can buy slices of pizza from some of New York’s best pizzerias for just $1. Whaaat? Don’t worry, it’s not a scam, all the money you spend on pizza at tonight’s Slice Out Hunger will go towards the Food Bank for NYC. It’s a win-win! (more…)

08/30/13 11:45am
Yeah, that could get us to Manhattan. via Facebook

Yeah, that could get us to Manhattan. via Facebook

So summer is ending and we’re all sad about it. If only there were some way we could drink our way out of (or deeper into) our sadness and not spend that much money on it. Oh wait, what’s that, over the bridge, in the mysterious kingdom known as “the Lower East Side?” A free bazaar that will have free Brooklyn Brewery beer at 6:30pm tomorrow? Our dreams have been answered! (more…)

08/09/13 3:48pm
See the fisticuffs, LIVE!

See the fisticuffs, LIVE!

We’re getting to the dog days of the mayoral debate season. The days where the endless amount of forums and questions about the same damn things are driving candidates to getting in each other’s faces like a couple of teenagers. And while that inter-party squabble between Anthony Weiner and George McDonald was amazing enough, maybe it’s only a preview of what happens at the Democratic debate. There’s only one way to know what happens before everyone finds out, and that’s getting tickets to the debate on August 21 at 7pm. Good thing they’re free. (more…)

08/05/13 3:56pm
This rad poster is also for sale. (via Facebook)

This rad poster is also for sale. (via Facebook)

If you’re someone who likes rifling through vintage record collections and/or has an affinity for embarrassing album covers from the 1970s, here’s some good news for you. The New York Public Library’s Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound are holding a record sale this week, putting 22,000 donated vinyls in their collection up for grabs. Doo-wop music party, anyone? (more…)

06/19/13 10:09am
For whatever reason, he's not invited

For whatever reason, he’s not invited

The rent is rather extravagant!” goes the rallying cry of one of the city’s mayoral candidates. Or, something like that. And while most sane humans agree with that sentiment, the question is always, “What’s there to be done?” Everyone running for mayor has a plan for the problem, or we hope to God that they do, and a few of them will be sharing their ideas at yet another mayoral forum next week. This one at least, is focused solely on affordable housing though. (more…)

06/18/13 8:24am
It's time to drum!

It’s time to drum!

Like we’ve said before, we’re huge fans of Andrew WK, even if our coverage of him has usually been skeptical. But, he loves to party, we love to party, our interests pretty much fall in line. And his newest stunt, sitting outside in Times Square and drumming for a full 24 hours starting tomorrow, is something we can definitely get behind. (more…)