06/26/15 2:03pm
Get out there and show some pride. Photo by Tom Giebel

Get out there and show some pride. Photo by Tom Giebel

Same-sex marriage is no longer a cherry picking situation of acknowledging some couples in certain states, and not in others. We have a widespread EVERY-STATE-COUNTS, #LoveWins party and everyone is invited!

It also just so happens that June is Pride Month, this weekend is NYC Pride, and today June 26, 2015 marks the day in history when the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage was the law of the land. Coincidence? I think not! Even if it is, no need to get hung up on that when there’s so many great ways to celebrate the occasion this whole damn weekend.

04/10/15 4:59pm
You don't need the L train to go to Manhattan to go to Los Hermanos via Flickr user Veronica

You don’t need the L train to go to Manhattan to go to Los Hermanos via Flickr user Veronica

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-Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave Brooklyn during the weekend L train shutdown

-You can finally work in a chocolate factory. Or a few other places

-Take a tour of Greenpoint’s best art galleries

-Live in Crown Heights? Apply today to sit for a free oil portrait of yourself

Big bad news: One of Brooklyn’s best shows, Big Terrific Comedy, is calling it quits after seven years

-Go play punk rock dress up for Martin Scorsese and get paid for it

-Cool young metal dudes Unlocking the Truth are the highlight of this year’s SummerStage

Adrienne Truscott wants to ban lazy comedy

-Finally, the truth behind those weird noses your upstairs neighbor makes

-Matt Bauer told us which robots masquerading as musicians he’d want to hang with ()

-We love High Dive, we love Fort Defiance and we love Project Parlor

04/09/15 3:52pm
Start the day with a good egg cream for a good cause

Start the day with a good egg cream for a good cause

Second Avenue is doing its best to pick itself up after the recent devastating fire and building collapse that took three building down and left dozens of people without homes or jobs. As bad as things are for the people whose homes and businesses aren’t there anymore, the businesses still standing are having a tough time of it, what with their storefronts being the in the middle of an active cleanup zone. Since these businesses need your help too, Jeremiah Moss of Vanishing New York is inviting you to come by and spend your money at them at this weekend’s Small Business Crawl. (more…)

03/19/15 11:00am
Probably a better option once your monthly runs out.

Probably a better option once your monthly runs out.

As the ugly MTA fare hike looms over us, we at Brokelyn have been looking through our couch cushions in desperate search of the monthly MetroCards we’ve been holding on to for when we get a “real” job that forces us to use the best/worst subway system in the world. Why? Because that obscenely-expensive $112 30-day card we bought after the last fare hike is going to be worth less than the Weimar Papiermark come March 29th.


02/10/15 1:27pm
Too bad he won't be there to let you know how they're doin'.

Too bad he won’t be there to let you know how they’re doin’.

Everyone loves a New Yawk accent (we don’t care if you actually don’t like it), but beyond Fred Armisen doing riffs on them at comedy shows, it’s becoming a bit of an endangered species. It’s not totally gone though, and thank goodness for that, because it means that Thursday night you can see four native New Yorkers flex their accent muscles to see who has the best one at the NYC Accent Slam. Winner gets to be the new automated voice of the subway (not really, but that’d be great). (more…)

02/05/15 3:11pm
meatball shop

Look at all those balls. via Facebook

There’s bad news all around, whether we’re talking about the rent or about balls. So fine, we’ll give in and share at least a little bit of good news with you, at least on the ball front. The Meatball Shop has managed to stick around for five whole years, which almost qualifies for a miracle at this point when it comes to beloved New York restaurants. So, as a thank you to people for keeping them alive these years, you can get a $5 dinner at the Lower East Side location (84 Stanton Street) Monday. (more…)

02/03/15 10:09am
Fly 45

Pretend that you’re a rich Upper West Side mom with a great post-baby bod with a Flywheel session through ClassPass.

New Yorkers love the new and the next, from restaurants to bands to workouts. So when I heard about ClassPass last spring, I was intrigued. The NYC-based offers a $79-$99/month passport to the fitness classes around the city. The membership gains you unlimited access to hundreds of gyms and studios in the New York area (even Hoboken!), with activities ranging from boxing and boot camps to spinning and pilates. The only catch is that you’re limited to three classes at an individual studio per month, so no matter how much you love the dance-like-Beyonce class, you’ll have to get your fix elsewhere until your next cycle. It seemed like an antidote to every gym excuse out there: proximity to work and my apartment, not having the right equipment, not open early or late enough, and the drag of falling into a workout rut. After my first week of classes, I’ve never looked back.

While ClassPass truly lets you become a fitness junkie, with some members taking more than one class on a daily basis, I try to set more personally attainable goals. A four-class weekly routine makes me feel like Sporty Spice while getting a balanced diet of kickboxing, spinning and yoga. As a mini-adventure, I always reserve a weekly slot to try something I’m afraid of, like tango or traveling above 42nd Street. Not only does it keep things interesting–it inspires my mind while teaching my body about muscles I never knew I had. Take a peek behind the scenes of some of my favorite classes, and discover just how many ways there are to sweat in this city, besides chugging a marg mid-July at Habana Outpost. (more…)

01/30/15 8:55am
shake shack

via Facebook

Shake Shack is suddenly valued at $746 million, $200 million more than they were worth last Tuesday, and a staggering amount of money for pretty good hamburgers. Fine by us though, because they’re using their newfound wealth to play Rich Uncle Meatbags, announcing they’ll be giving away breakfast sandwiches and hamburgers today in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Inside will be men screaming “BUY!” and “SELL” and things about capital gains. Outside it’ll be snowing and you’ll be waiting for a free hamburger. Advantage: You. (more…)

01/06/15 11:21am
ilana glazer

Look how happy making you laugh makes her!

We might be just starting the hopeless slog that is January, but there’s reason for optimism: the second season of Broad City is just days away (January 14, though no one’s counting). Still, season previews and wacky clips of the stoned adventures to come can only tide you over so much. Good thing for you then, that Ilana Glazer will be live and in person making jokes at the Cake Shop tonight. And you’re invited, and it’s free. Man, what a day this is. (more…)

12/26/14 3:06pm
Well, maybe not THIS offensive

Well, maybe not THIS offensive

You there, do a bunch of spending on Christmas presents for your ungrateful friends and family, and are now looking for a quick way to replenish that bank account? There’s always the blood bank, but we’ve got another idea for you: sitting through some of New York’s best comedians doing the most boring and offensive comedy they can think of for a soul-crushing five hours on Sunday. If you survive it, there’s a cash prize waiting for you. (more…)