10/28/16 2:00pm
Are you down to clown in Nashtown (or in this case, NYC?)

Are you down to clown in Nashtown (or in this case, NYC?)

It’s always refreshing to see a nonwhite male making waves in the entertainment industry — even more refreshing to see a nonwhite female, but we’ll save that for another post —and Aziz Ansari has been killing the game. The lovable Parks and Recreation charmer and author of Modern Romance got even more romantic with his Netflix series Master of None, which aired last year.

Who among us didn’t grow a soft spot for the playful, pasta-loving Dev Shah, the character Ansari played in the series? He may have been sincere to a fault and occasionally a little clueless about his relationship, but his heart was always in the right place. And now, you can be in the same place as his heart, because Aziz Ansari is inviting you to come hang out on set. (more…)

01/08/16 4:21pm
Interstate Projects-Art Gallery-Brokelyn-Williamsburg-Brooklyn

Image via Interstate Projects

An art gallery in East Williamsburg is offering free studio space for three months to one lucky artist out there. The gallery, Interstate Projects, is offering applications for all you artists to a studio they have right next to their 66 Knickerbocker St. location. According to DNAinfo, you have until Feb. 15 to submit your application, with each applicant being judged by a panel consisting of artists, writers and curators. If you are too established, well you can’t apply, or you could, but you would be rejected immediately and also questioned as to why you need free studio space. (more…)