windsor terrace food co-op

Soon to be full of groceries. via Kensington BK

You’ve gotta feel for the people of Windsor Terrace, caught between Park Slope and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and their residents’ constant chattering about how great it is living in a neighborhood with a food co-op. Obviously it wasn’t always that way, but we bet it’s gotten damn near unbearable since PLG actually opened their co-op. Well, soon Windsor Terrace will be able to say “In your FACE” to both of those neighborhoods, because their long in the works food co-op finally has a physical address according to Kensington BK. (more…)

hamilton's windsor terrace

2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, at E. 4th St.
Windsor Terrace

What it is: Hamilton’s is one of the best reasons you can think of for heading over to Windsor Terrace. A cozy wine bar with great craft beers, as well as an all-star kitchen, it’s a great neighborhood spot to check out for dinner, or just some tasty wings and beer.

Why we love it: Everything Hamilton’s does seems to be top-notch. In winter it’ll serve mulled drinks, it’s got a fantastic menu that will keep you coming back to try all the other dishes, and on top of all that, it’s a relaxed yet vibrant bar in a neighborhood that doesn’t often get a lot of traffic from outside the neighborhood. You wouldn’t guess it from inside Hamilton’s, which feels like stumbling onto a scene that you feel kind of dumb for not knowing about before. (more…)

"Why don't you get out of the hero game and open a cafe in Park Slope with me?"

“Why don’t you get out of the hero game and open a cafe in Park Slope with me?”

In the world of unnecessary remakes, The Amazing Spider-Man just may top the list. After all, the first movie came out barely ten years ago, so the idea that we needed to start all the way from the beginning seems a little silly. But, we’ll take off our nerd glasses here and just get to how this affects your life: if you’ve got nothing to do tomorrow, you can go try and catch a glimpse of the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for those who aren’t quite awake yet, being filmed down in Windsor Terrace. (more…)

Soon to be a Wes Anderson joint

Soon to be a Wes Anderson joint

The Boy Scouts are (allegedly) a fun way to grow up, learning about nature and camaraderie and the fleeting joy connected to small rewards. I wouldn’t know, I was never a scout. One Windsor Terrace father was though, but found that the Scouts’ policies towards gay members was a deal breaker when he thought about enrolling his own son in them. So, in yet another case of that Brooklyn DIY spirit, he went and started his own damn scout troop. (more…)

• Moving right around the holidays seems pretty awful, but maybe that’s the secret to finding a good deal on awesome spacious pad because there are some great looking apartments in the Brokelyn Real Estate listings right now. First up we found this 2BR in Kensington for $2,100. With enough counter space for an artisanal buffet and a roomy living/dining room combo, plan on hosting the New Years party. A few blocks from the F & G at Church Ave., there’s even a little porch where you can sip hot toddies. (more…)

You should be so lucky to end up buried here. via Wikipedia

Murderers, Murder, Inc. mobsters, assassins and the Wizard of Oz (or at least the actor who played him):  these are just a few of the grave sites you’ll visit on the annual late-October walking tour of Brooklyn’s famous Green-Wood Cemetery this weekend. Dead men may tell no tales, but fortunately Jeff Richman, the cemetery’s full-time historian, does. Unlike other tours, this one “concentrates on murderers, mysteries, spirits and quirky stories for this season,” Mr. Richman, who has been leading these tours since 1990, said in an e-mail. (more…)

• We begin today’s apartment hunt with a 3BR in Kensington for $2,500, which has a cute private balcony off the living room. Looks like the kitchen and bathroom were recently renovated with nice shiny new tiles and appliances. Parquet wood floors, ceiling fans, and at least one of the bedrooms has a double door closet… This place is a find for couples recently inducted into the stroller-pushing club but not fancy-pants enough for the Slope. (more…)

08/07/12 8:18am

• Williamsburg: First up in our weekly Brooklyn apartment roundup is a place that’s actually described as janky in the listing. We dig that word too, but so far, this 3BR fixer-upper for $2,700 doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of bites. What do you think?

“To most people ‘Janky’ means a combination of Junky and Skanky but in this scenario it means ‘Opportunity.’ This is truly a handyman special, and the right 1, 2, or even 3 people can really trick this puppy out. (more…)

07/19/12 11:26am

2BR in Kensington, $1650

Today’s edition of awesome, mostly cheap apartments begins in Kensington, described as “trendy” in this listing for a 2BR for $1,650. Maybe they’re thinking of the one in London? You won’t find picklebacks or J. Crew stores catering to the area’s Eastern Europeans, Orthodox Jews and young families, but for this price you can walk to Cortelyou Road for all the quadruple-malt whiskey tastings and pasturesmithed cheese you need. So what other treasures have we unearthed from our latest apartment search?  (more…)