08/19/15 11:24am
It provides artful photography, but these empty coffee cups belong in the trash. via Flickr user Paul Kelly

It provides artful photography, but these empty coffee cups belong in the trash. via Flickr user Paul Kelly

When the first Starbucks in Williamsburg appeared, plenty of people grumlbed about trash coffee. What they hadn’t counted on was coffee trash being strewn around the neighborhood, although let’s be honest you should always expect more trash in New York City. Sick of seeing it pile up on the streets around her business, the owner of Williamsburg coffee shop The West is offering a discount on their coffee if you bring in a picture of yourself throwing away Starbucks litter. Good troll or great troll? (more…)

08/07/15 3:13pm
There's no ice cream like free ice cream, like no ice cream we know. via Facebook

There’s no ice cream like free ice cream, like no ice cream we know. via Facebook

You know, you make a whole list of where people can go and get their fancy ice cream in Brooklyn and you think you took care of the issue for people, and all of a sudden a whole new fancy ice cream place decides to show up. Not that we’re complaining, since to celebrate their arrival in Williamsburg tonight, East Village ice cream shop Davey’s Ice Cream is just giving away the sweet stuff for three hours tonight. If only everyone coming here from Manhattan was this nice. (more…)

07/30/15 1:24pm
It's tempting, but we recommend you not submit photos with you in them. via Flickr user Kyle MacDonald

They look fine, but we recommend they not submit that photo. via Flickr user Kyle MacDonald

With the advent of selfie sticks, drones, and GoPros, not to mention countless apps to filter and edit photos on the go, there’s really no limit to what you can capture on camera. Sure, you’ve probably got Instagram-worthy pics galore from your vacations. But maybe you’ve also got some breathtaking shots from your travels that you want to share with the world on a more professional level.

Well, kid, here’s something for you: according to Greenpointers, Paper Magazine’s editorial director is curating a travel-themed art exhibition at a studio in Williamsburg! And it could feature you! Or your photos, anyway.  (more…)

07/14/15 4:58pm
Who among them will you see?

Who among them will you see?

Tomorrow night, SummerScreen continues with a free screening of Wet Hot American Summer, which is already exciting news on its own. What makes the news suddenly more exciting though, is that director David Wain let the world in on a little secret: he’s gonna be at the movie too, and he’s bringing some pals from the cast as well. Oh and he’s also coming with a sneak peek at the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, the prequel series to what is now apparently known as Wet Hot American Summer: Last Day of Camp. (more…)

07/07/15 2:21pm
Todd P (off camera) thanklessly throwing Vitamin Water back at SummerScreen sponsors. Photo by Sean Smith, via Facebook

Todd P (off camera) thanklessly throwing Vitamin Water back at SummerScreen sponsors. Photo by Sean Smith, via Facebook

Here at Brokelyn, we’re always interested in bringing you news of the Brand Wars, in which Brands desperately claw for the approval (and disposable income) of young people. Lately, anti-Brand partisans have been pushing back, first seen when ExCops put McDonald’s on blast for offering to pay bands in exposure, and now Todd Patrick, a promoter and magical sprite tasked with keeping DIY’s spirit alive pulled the entire music lineup he curated for this year’s SummerScreen over the presence of a Brand sponsoring the stage without his knowledge. (more…)

07/06/15 3:36pm
So this is where she's been hiding after escaping last season. Image via Twitter.

So this is where she’s been hiding after escaping last season. Image via Twitter

In Williamsburg, they take their pop-culture very seriously. It seems that the celebrities from our favorite TV shows are also figuring that out. At Videology, none other than Orange is The New Black actress Barbara Rosenblat (Ms. Rosa) showed up during their OITNB trivia night. If you are out of the loop, Videology has trivia nights twice a week, with chances for you and your friends to win free alcohol. The trivia nights that happen over the weekend all revolve around one film. This week, the film will be the classic Steven Spielberg film Jurassic Park. So who knows, you may be gifted with the presence of Jeff Goldblum himself, or some hungry raptors. We recommend you don’t try to tame the raptors, because that’s just stupid (sorry Chris Pratt).

07/06/15 2:44pm
beyonce brucie

Put “Vernon Keenan” in your spelling vocabulary, as he designed The Cyclone, a roller coaster Beyoncé once rode

For any competitive spellers with aggression to burn off, the Williamsburg Spelling Bee at Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer Street) is your shot to do so, since you’ve aged out of the Scripps Spelling Bee. Who needs those nerds though, when you can drink while you try to spell? Tonight’s spelling bee is an especially big one, because it will be entirely Beyoncé-themed, giving you the chance to spell “Giselle” (as in her middle name), “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie” (who was sampled on “Flawless”) and “Hone” (the woman held hostage by Beyoncé on the Wonder Wheel) to a roaring crowd. Maybe you can celebrate correct spellings by doing a piece of the “Single Ladies” dance. (more…)

07/01/15 11:00am
Luckydog photo via Facebook

Luckydog photo via Facebook

303 Bedford Ave. between S 1st and S 2nd Streets,


What it is: A favorite dog-lovers’ spot in South Williamsburg loved by locals for its cheap drinks, back patio and dive vibe.

Why we love it: Luckydog was loved most of all for its dog-friendly policy, but even after the health code crackdown, its customers remain loyal. Why? Because, like man’s best friend, you can rely on Luckydog—it’ll fetch you drinks, quell your loneliness and lower your blood pressure* while slinging a well-rounded selection of inexpensive drinks, guitar-heavy Jukebox songs and DGAF attitudes from the staff and regulars.

*this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

What to order: A Brooklyn Lager and shot of well whiskey.

Regular tip: The bar’s interior is relatively small and gets packed on weekends, so go early or prepare to practice patience when ordering your drinks.

06/26/15 4:26pm
There's something fishy about this play...

There’s something fishy about this play…

It is probably safe to say that the only thing playwrights enjoy more than writing about sex is the act itself. A true statement for every kind of writer, really, but it’s all so much spicier in the performance world, isn’t it? Writing a novel, after all, is solitary, introspective, often a pinnacle in the art of self-abuse.   A play is collaborative, exhibitive, and has a whole culture of fucking as its subtle perfume.   Theater can be masturbatory, sure, but at least it’s a circle jerk. And that’s to say nothing of the voyeu…I mean the audience. Conflict, sweat, hot lights, sexy French words like ingénue, and it’s all right there.   You see the actor playing Oedipus and the actor playing his wife-mother. You see Othello atop his doomed Desdemona in her bridal bed. You wonder about the writer who’s putting these people through this. You ponder the director who’s blocking the scene. You imagine things about the actors who are wrestling each other. Walk around any university drama department for a week, and you realize that the question is never “Will They Or Won’t They” but always “Are They Or Aren’t They…And If Not, When?”

I don’t have to pique your interest; you’re already interested. It’s sex.   And for the next week at The Brick in Williamsburg, well, it’s a F!CK FEST. (more…)

06/26/15 1:00pm
Northern Bell.

Northern Bell.

Northern Bell
612 Metropolitan Ave. (Lorimer and Union), East Williamsburg

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: A Southern/BBQ-style restaurant and bar with a handsome beer selection.

Why we love it: This isn’t your typical Southern BBQ joint. With two chefs hailing from different regions and cooking backgrounds, the dishes take on a classic style in a new light.

Food highlights include Fat Boy Fridays, burgers of the week, a recently revamped wing recipe and meat smoked in-house in some seriously rare varieties (more on that later). The atmosphere is sophisticated and friendly, the beer list impressively long, and the whiskey selection worth the time for more than a few tastes.

What to order: Signature classics like the pulled pork sandwich and mac and cheese are always good options, but if you’re looking for a unique experience, try the Boar Belly Platter, Stuffed Bison or Spicy Elk. The availability of these is limited, so call ahead to see what’s in season. For vegetarians, the tofu burgers and salads are undoubtedly tasty, too.

Regular tip: The “secret sauces” are not to be missed among hot sauce junkies; “The Scorcher” and “The Sweetie” are equally daring additions to your wings, burger or fries.