03/10/16 3:24pm
The crowd has changed at Mulholland's but the bar keeps kicking. Via Facebook.

The crowd has changed at Mulholland’s but the bar keeps kicking. Via Facebook.

Mulholland’s has always seemed like a bit of of an odd outlier in Williamsburg. It’s a straight-up sports bar, with a wall of TVs and a kitchen serving up chicken wings to big Sunday football crowds. It would feel slightly more at home in Midtown, not on Grand Street down the road from the Skee-Ball bar and around the corner from the pinball bar. When it first opened 10 years ago, Brooklyn Paper said it “felt more like a bar in a strip mall;” the Times called it “probably the first place to be so completely dedicated to sports” in the neighborhood. It opened near the tail end of peak artsy Williamsburg, when the neighborhood was still the butt of fedora and kickball jokes. Muholland’s seemed, for lack of better terms, an oasis for bros in the hipster desert.

Then a strange thing happened: the neighborhood changed. Trash Bar a few doors down closed; vegan fast food joint Foodswings across the street turned into a wine bar owned by James Murphy. The condos came in and so did the chain stores — and chain bars. Mulholland’s has always been embraced by a diverse clientele, but now it seems almost quaint amid the change, a stalwart of slightly older Williamsburg as the neighborhood becomes a mini Manhattan.

“We stuck in there kinda just being the originals,” owner Shawn Mulholland said. This weekend, the bar is celebrating its 10th anniversary with three hours of free beer and a night of music from Brooklyn-born artists. Mulholland has seen his customers change a lot over that time, though he doesn’t know if the bar has another 10 years left. (more…)

01/08/16 4:21pm
Interstate Projects-Art Gallery-Brokelyn-Williamsburg-Brooklyn

Image via Interstate Projects

An art gallery in East Williamsburg is offering free studio space for three months to one lucky artist out there. The gallery, Interstate Projects, is offering applications for all you artists to a studio they have right next to their 66 Knickerbocker St. location. According to DNAinfo, you have until Feb. 15 to submit your application, with each applicant being judged by a panel consisting of artists, writers and curators. If you are too established, well you can’t apply, or you could, but you would be rejected immediately and also questioned as to why you need free studio space. (more…)

01/08/16 2:51pm
We know you want this. Image via Carpe Donuts

We know you want this. Image via Carpe Donuts

We can see it now, you on the treadmill or the elliptical, or whatever other machines they have at the gym, we don’t know we never go. You walk out after a hard 20 minutes and then you see it, that window. The one with those round treats covered in frosting. You’re easily tempted and why wouldn’t you be? We’re spoiled with great donut options here. You fight it, but it’s no use. Before you even realize it your standing in front of a cashier whose handing you a bag of donuts. You take a bite. It’s delicious and you savor the enormous amounts of calories and sugar put into this wonderful circle of joy.

If this is you, someone who has an addiction to good donuts, well we’re here to help you with your addiction. Not by making you stop, but by putting you near as many donuts as possible. The first ever NYC Donut Fest is happening and instead of spending $35 on fruits and vegetables, how about you put that money into something you really want. (more…)

12/21/15 11:00am
Good god... via Dallas Food

Good god… via Dallas Food

Brooklyn is a place for many things, but most of all it’s been seen as a borough of authenticity and honesty being found in the hearts of its residents. Marty Markowitz might have made “Oh how sweet it is!” Brooklyn’s unofficial motto when he was borough president, but he could have also slapped “Brooklyn: To thine own self be true” on the welcome signs at the borough’s entrance. So it’s with great sadness we have to report that two famous Brooklyn residents appear to have been caught in a dreadful lie that strikes at the heart of who they told us they were. According to a bombshell new report circulating on the internet, the Mast Brothers didn’t always have hilariously huge beards. What’s next, ExxonMobil really did own Mellow Pages the entire time? (more…)

12/17/15 11:51am
At least the Empire made the trains run on time. via reddit user peanutpickle10

At least the Empire made the trains run on time. via reddit user peanutpickle10

As we all know, the subway is overcrowded all the time these days, especially during rush hour. And especially the L train, which gets so crowded that you might mistake it for New York’s hottest club as opposed to a vital public transportation lifeline. Also Star Wars is finally out TONIGHT, so in an attempt to either do some viral marketing or alert the MTA to the problem of the Sith hiding among us, some brave anonymous poster maker has warned the MTA that all of these overcrowding issues could lead to the New York being turned into the ancient Sith capital, Kaas City. If you want it fixed, call the governor, call the mayor, tell them to work their dumb bullshit out and fix the dang subways. (more…)

12/16/15 11:23am

Why is this waiter angry? You’ll figure it out. Photos by Andre Callot

All credit to the director and actors of How To Get Into Buildings, the new play at the Brick. Without Katherine Brook’s relentless, searching direction and the game performances of her six performers, Trish Harnetiaux’s new show could have been less the fireball catastrophe that (I think) it wants to be, and more an interminable mash of free associative gobbly-gook. That reads meaner than I intend it to though. I liked the writing, I swear, I did. And I enjoyed this show. Why? Well, let’s try to figure that out together. (more…)

12/11/15 4:13pm

Smashy-smash (photo by Scott Lynch)

We’ve seen no shortage of clever reactions to the appalling idiocy of YouTube comments section come-to-life Donald Trump, from Trump poop bags to Trump piñatas. The Donald’s latest cartoonishly racist proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. has prompted Mo Fathelbab, owner of Williamsburg’s The Experiment Comedy Gallery (20 Broadway), to make a proposal of his own: Free admission to any and all Muslims who want to come to a show at the venue. (more…)

12/10/15 3:47pm
They're coming, but we can help you survive. via Flickr user xsnowdog

They’re coming, but we can help you survive. via Flickr user xsnowdog

There was a false start (false flag?) with it last year, but this year it’s an inescapable reality: SantaCon is coming to traipse through Williamsburg on Saturday for an afternoon of drunken antics. Since there’s nothing you can do to stop it, you might be wondering how you’re going to survive the most hated tradition in New York City coming to our borough. Never fear! We’ve put together a top notch survival guide that will help you get through the afternoon like it’s just a walk in the park. If you live in or have unbreakable plans in Williamsburg or the LES this Saturday, print this SantaCon survival guide and take it with you, you’re gonna need it. (more…)

12/03/15 3:50pm
Little-known fact, this was Lucas' original vision

Little-known fact, this was Lucas’ original vision

If Star Wars ice cream and Star Wars in Machete Order isn’t enough to break your Star Wars fever, you’ve got our sympathy. We can’t wait for The Force Awakens either. That being said, we’ve come across an event so crazy it just might make you forget how close we are to a new Star Wars movie: next week, a theater group in Williamsburg will be turning Episode One: The Phantom Menace into a musical, using the songs from Annie(more…)

11/11/15 3:08pm
Welcome to New York City's hottest comedy club. via Google Images

Welcome to New York City’s hottest comedy club. via Google Images

New York City’s comedy scene always offers you plenty of options, what with bar owners happy to take the dollars of depressed comedians AND their depressed fans in a night of humor. What the city’s comedy scene hasn’t offered you, until now, has been a chance to see some of the weirdest and funniest comedians in the city all coming together for a show in an abandoned car wash on Saturday. That chance is called Firestone Fest (as in Jo Firestone), and it’s bringing in names like Mara Wilson, Julio Torres, Joe Pera, Lorelei Ramirez, Naomi Ekperigin and the Cocoon Central Dance Team under one soapy roof for a 10-hour day of comedy. In an old Williamsburg car wash. (more…)