11/25/14 4:19pm
spike hill

Later. via Facebook

Hey, you done being sad about Death By Audio and Glasslands closing? Oh and 285 Kent too? Cool, because now it’s time to talk about all the great times you had at Spike Hill and how you’re gonna miss it, because whoops, Gothamist got word that Spike Hill is closing too. Guess the only reasons left to go to Williamsburg are Rosemary’s and the hopes of being cast in the Daredevil Netflix show(more…)

11/24/14 10:15am
781 metropolitan

We traded our sliders for this. Hope it’s worth it, New York. via Adam America

As we all know, Williamsburg lost a landmark fast-food operation this past year, as the White Castle on Metropolitan Avenue closed. It was sad that Brooklynites had one less place to go and get tiny hamburgers, but time makes ghosts of us all, so you move on. There’s something to look forward to though, since the boxy 81-unit apartment going up on the former burger site is going to come with 20 percent affordable apartment buildings in it. So you might be able to tell friends you live where they made the chicken jalapeño sliders, if you get lucky. (more…)

11/21/14 11:00am
Up yours, VICE. (via Flickr user Anne Helmond)

Up yours, VICE. (via Flickr user Anne Helmond)

Vice Media, the big bad Pulitzer & Hearst of the 21st century, hasn’t seemed to cease fire in the slashing and burning of South Williamsburg’s local businesses in order to make way for the expansion of their behemoth media megaplex. This time the victim is The Muse, the best place in Williamsburg to see fire-breathing, colorful scarves and aerial acrobatics. The acrobatic training space and multi-disciplinary performance venue on South 1st Street has to vacate to make way for Vice’s space-age utopia, and early construction is forcing the circus out even earlier than they’d planned to leave. It’s not the end yet though: You can help them finance a new home in Bushwick on Kickstarter(more…)

11/14/14 1:47pm
lola star

You could work with that dog. via Facebook

The holidays are here, and with Christmas and Hanukkah comes the efforts of people to sell you their stuff which you can give to your families in exchange for love. If you need a little extra cash for the “buying stuff” side of the ledger, than good news: bubbly Coney Island boutique Lola Star is opening a Williamsburg pop-up store and needs help selling t-shirts, cool nautical-themed novelties, nail polish and all the other good stuff they sell. Better working for scrappy underdog Lola Star than an Illumnati-based fake indie stores. (more…)

11/12/14 10:38am
Did we mention they offer cooking classes? They offer cooking classes. (Courtesy of Flickr user anjuli_ayer)

Did we mention they offer cooking classes? They offer cooking classes. Courtesy of Flickr user anjuli_ayer

Do you dream at night of owning a state-of-the-art slow cooker? Forever kicking yourself that you scoffed when your mom tried to pawn off her copy of Joy of Cooking to you? Well your culinary crusade could become a reality this week with The Brooklyn Kitchen’s 8th birthday sale! (more…)

11/07/14 4:03pm
ebola syndrome

This should be a meditative, not-at-all panic-driven approach to the disease

It’s more or less receded to the background (in New York, anyway, we should quickly point out), but maybe you’re one of those people who are still fascinated by Ebola. Or you’re terrified of it and have been walking around in a hazmat suit for like a month. Either way, if you can’t get enough of Ebola, 1996 called and they’ve got the perfect movie for you. Nope, not Outbreak (that was ’95), we’re talking Ebola exploitation movie Ebola Syndrome, which is infecting the screen at Spectacle Theater (124 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg) tonight. (more…)

11/06/14 9:13am
death by audio

Death By Audio curator Mark Kleback relaxes in DBA’a cargo net. Photos by Mary Dorn

Before we were mourning Glasslands’ announced closure, we were hit with the news that Death By Audio would be closing at the end of this month. The pedal company/venue/artist studios lasted 10 years, which is a pretty good run, all things considered, but it’s still a shame to see it go. Before they pack up for good though, DBA’s community will be hosting Death By Art for the rest of November, an art show that opens up the space behind the venue itself, which is rarely seen by the public. Before the show though, we got a look behind the scenes at Death By Audio’s studio space, whose chaotic, DIY aesthetic is an outlier in Williamsburg today instead of the norm. (more…)

11/05/14 3:03pm
red hook grain terminal

Mourning always looks better in black and white. via Flickr user Alexander Rabb

Haven’t you heard? Our once beloved borough is dead, and all we got was this lousy fair-trade, organic t-shirt. The death knell has rang over and over for many of our favorite Brooklyn venues and clubs, so a moment of silence for those dearly departed: 285 Kent, Public Assembly, Pyramids, Southpaw, Studio B, Savalas, Royal Oak, Supreme Trading, Luna Lounge, Luxx, Death by Audio and Glasslands.

Instead of crying into our kombucha, we may as well raise a glass in memoriam at Brooklyn is Dead: Feeling Gloomy’s Tribute to when Brooklyn was Painfully Hip. (more…)

11/03/14 11:11am
turkey's nest

Behind this door, there’s all kinds of evil going on here. Or so people will think. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

The Turkey’s Nest is many things. A dive bar that doesn’t try too hard at just existing and being a nice bar to hang out in. A place to watch hockey and get lectures on who does and does not “respect the Cup.” A place to get a giant margarita in a styrofoam cup. And now, a den of evil, where New York City’s lowlifes hang out and occasionally get interrogated by a vigilante. A return to the Bad Old Days? Not quite, the bar is being used as a set piece for Netflix’s Daredevil show, according to DNA Info. (more…)

10/24/14 2:00pm
59 frost street

Will Williamsburg still be standing when you get picked to live here though? via NY YIMBY

Rent! You hate paying it, but you have to if you’re going to keep legally occupying a residential space. So you suck it up and give half your paycheck to your landlord every month. Buck up though, because check it out: a new affordable housing development (59 Frost Street) is taking applications in Williamsburg and they have $640/month studios, $689/month 1-bedrooms and $835/month 2-bedrooms. Holy crap, that’s definitely worth living in Williamsburg, all things considered. (more…)