12/05/16 4:31pm
And isn't it ironing, don't you think?

And isn’t it ironing, don’t you think?

The art of ironing is lost on most millennials, many of whom grew up with parents doing their laundry in spiffy machines and are just learning to “adult” themselves. But much like the sobriquet of “Papa” that Brooklyn dads are newly embracing, ironing is having a renaissance in Brooklyn.

The North Brooklyn Ironers’ Union, est. 2016, is an organization of “journeyman-level ironers” with their own boards and bags which “seeks to promote the act of ironing as a public service provided for free to the people of North Brooklyn.” The description’s whimsy smacks of Brooklyn Pogs, but the union is real — they hosted weekly free ironing events at Pete’s Candy store in October.

Now, the NBIU (assuming that’s their acronym) is inviting all you budding ironers to join up with the union, which spans the “Local 278″ district of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. And just to be clear, don’t confuse this for the irony union, another mainstay of self-organized BK activism. (more…)

05/25/16 9:00am
All photos by K. Hartnett / Brokelyn

Just like a wrestling match, but cleaner. All photos by K. Hartnett / Brokelyn

Dishwashers: they clean among us, unseen.

Whether you’re a concerned roommate tidying up at home, a guest helping out a party host after things clear out or a professional sudser working back-of-house at a restaurant, you know that “doing the dishes” is thankless endeavor. It’s tedious, silent and occasionally gross, depending on whose dishes you’re doing. And yet, the need for proper dishwashing becomes absolutely clear once you’ve pulled a plate from your cabinet and seen the remnants of your boyfriend’s lasagna from Tuesday night.

The best dishwashers marry finite technique with maximum efficiency to get the job done. And this past Sunday, The Diamond Bar in Greenpoint set out to find the best of the best at a Brooklyn Dishwashing Duel.

Billed as “a high-octane domestic event staged in the glory of the only beer bar left in the once-thriving neighborhood of Greenpoint,” The Diamond’s dishwashing duel pitted neighborhood restaurants Le Gamin and Motorino against one another, and each restaurant put forth their champions for a three-round battle that would measure the dishwashers’ skill, efficiency and artistry.

While the competing teams got into pre-match mentality, dirty dishes from the morning’s $5 brunch were rounded up and placed in separate dish soakers. Host Jamie Hook kicked off the event by sharing a heartbreak and trumph-filled story of his time as a dishwasher in Maine, canonizing the unsung heroes of the service industry.

“Without dishes we’re not having a meal, we’re just having food,” said Hook.  (more…)

04/01/16 11:00am

Richard Lenatsky is the familiar face selling succulents at the McCarren Park market. Photos by Gia Frisillo.

A customer decked out in leather and ripped jeans stood on line at McCarren Greenmarket’s Far Out Cactus, between a yuppie couple with a purebred dog and a hippie in Buddhist prayer beads carrying a yoga mat.“He’s definitely the succulent guy,” she said. “I wanted to get a present for my grandmother, and what could be cooler than this weird cactus?”

I first noticed the succulent stand about a year ago, while composting at the Greenmarket. Since then, whenever I’ve needed an interesting and affordable gift, or get a hankering for a bit more greenery myself, this stand is my go-to. And I’m not alone: the stand is a meeting point for tiny plant fiends from all walks of life.

Richard Lenatsky is the owner and sole proprietor of the succulent stand, and has been working professionally with arid plants for decades. May 1st will mark his 45th year in the business — including a brief stint selling peyote. After I bought my last succulent from him — and spent 20 minutes learning about it — I couldn’t stop wondering about the man who deftly handled the needles on a cactus with his bare hands, without wincing.

“I’m pretty used to it now,” Lenatsky, who drives to Brooklyn from Pennsylvania at 4am every Saturday told Brokelyn. “[But] my wife still spends every night removing all the needles I can’t reach with a pair of tweezers.” (more…)

10/22/15 9:42am
Just like this, but everyone will have cardigans on. via Greenpointers

Just like the summer market, but everyone will have cardigans on. via Greenpointers

Nobody wants to think about fall during this precious interruption of summer heat, but there’s no doubt it’s here. We’re all going to hate everything in a week’s time if we don’t start preparing for colder nights and shorter days right now. And just in time to ease the journey, Greenpointers is running one their excellent Fall Markets this Sunday!

On October 25 from 1-7pm, revel in the clove-scented, buttered-rum affair being held at the usual Greenpointers loft (67 West Street). It’s an afternoon of  gift shopping, craft appreciation and fall celebration with tons to sample and enjoy. This year’s theme is “Foliage and Foragers,” so rest assured, there’ll be no shortage of twigs, sprigs and leaf-leaning trinkets around. (more…)

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09/04/15 10:51am
Pulaski Bridge

Maybe this time it’s true? via Flickr user NYC Tom

Way back in 2013, which is really a year that happened we promise, we excitedly shared the news that the Pulaski Bridge was getting its own bike lane. No more sharing a narrow strip of sidewalk with pedestrians when you biked into Long Island City! Since then, it’s become the “Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown” or bike lanes, with a delay pushing it back to 2015 and then another delay announced pushing it back to 2016. So take this with a pre-packaged food helping of salt, but according to Streetsblog, construction on the Pulaski Bridge bike lane will allegedly start this month and could open this year. (more…)

07/30/15 1:24pm
It's tempting, but we recommend you not submit photos with you in them. via Flickr user Kyle MacDonald

They look fine, but we recommend they not submit that photo. via Flickr user Kyle MacDonald

With the advent of selfie sticks, drones, and GoPros, not to mention countless apps to filter and edit photos on the go, there’s really no limit to what you can capture on camera. Sure, you’ve probably got Instagram-worthy pics galore from your vacations. But maybe you’ve also got some breathtaking shots from your travels that you want to share with the world on a more professional level.

Well, kid, here’s something for you: according to Greenpointers, Paper Magazine’s editorial director is curating a travel-themed art exhibition at a studio in Williamsburg! And it could feature you! Or your photos, anyway.  (more…)

The Sandwich Shop-Grand Street Restaurant Week-Brooklyn-Brokelyn-Cheap Eats-001

Looks good, huh? Image via The Sandwich Shop

Grand Street Restaurant Week has returned! After a very successful restaurant week this past February, the Grand Street Business Improvement District is setting up a summer week for you to fill those bellies with great deals on delicious food from various Grand Street restaurant in Williamsburg. From August 3-9, you can visit anyone of the 16 participating restaurants for lunches as cheap as $10 to dinners that will only run you about $30. We know, you’re probably drooling all over your phone, keyboard, or stranger on the train while reading this. So much so, you don’t know which ones to choose. You can’t go wrong with any, but let us offer some recommendations to help you out. (more…)

pie corps


Take a stroll down Driggs Avenue — past McGuiness Boulevard and the entrance of McGolrick Park — and you’ll find an unassuming storefront under a chocolate brown awning. Its name, Pie Corps, is emblazoned in white; its windows provide a glimpse into a sweet and savory world beloved by neighborhood foodies since its debut in 2012.

As it turns out, Pie Corps’s is a story that nearly didn’t happen. “I had been a chef for 30 years before opening the shop,” says Cheryl Perry, who co-founded the bakery alongside Felipa Lopez, an acupuncturist who brings a medicinal philosophy to the company’s culinary approach. “I’d had a restaurant in Manhattan, and when we closed, I swore I’d never open another business. But there was something about pie. I was intrigued by the sweet and savory possibilities, and the idea of using fresh, local ingredients. Pie is sculptural. It’s something you build, and I like that. That’s where Pie Corps started.” (more…)

06/29/15 10:11am
If you lived here, you'd be home by now. And it would be 2016. And you'd be able to afford it. via Greenpoint Landing Associates

If you lived here, you’d be home by now. And it would be 2016. And you’d be able to afford it. via Greenpoint Landing Associates

Greenpoint Landing, the multi-tower development coming to Greenpoint that’s so big they had to name it like a new neighborhood, is definitely coming to Greenpoint, whether you’re ready for it or not. The project wasn’t all that popular when it was announced, so now there’s a sweetener to the development, with some front-loaded affordable housing on the first buildings going up, according to DNA Info. So on the one hand, you’re getting those big towers, but on the other hand, there are going to be $400 and $500/month apartments ready for you by 2017.  (more…)