04/17/15 4:48pm
Before you do this, be prepared

Before you do this, be prepared

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-Everything you need to know about going on a cheap-ass tour with your band

-$1,000/month two-bedrooms in Clinton Hill? It’s no dream

-Of course, if you don’t get one of those, we have other cheap apartments for you

-Here’s some important things you should know about your student loan debt, but might not

-Talking with two Brooklynites who just said “Fuck it” and stopped filing taxes

-Brooklyn Brewery’s building is on the market for $50 million and that’s just great

-The MTA’s new service interruption announcements are…aggressive

-Brooklyn now has “No Catcall Zones

-Pinball laundromat Sunshine Laundromat could get even better by adding beer and wine

-Send us a picture of Brooklyn’s worst pothole and you could win a fancy new bike tire!

-Hang around with Heliotropes, just don’t call them a girl band

-Big news: Brokelyn is hiring

-Save our fire escapes!

-How you can get your awkward life lessons published, according to memoirist Una LaMarche

-We love Sycamore, we love Skylark and we love Lowlands

04/03/15 4:35pm
He fits right in

He fits right in

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-America’s sweetheart, Jeff Goldblum, is getting a big tribute at Nitehawk

-You can take a class in Greenpoint about Britney Spears as a feminist icon

-We took some time to remember John Loscalzo, king of the local bloggers

-No joke, we found you plenty of cheap apartments

-A herald of summer: The Brooklyn Bridge Park dance party schedule is out

-Go get your NYC ID, it’s worth it

-No TV? You still don’t need to miss the last season of Mad Men

-Punch life in the nose with the Desert Sharks

-Want to be a camera assistant on SNL? Here’s how you can make it happen

-We feared Brooklyn’s 10 plagues

-Are these Brooklyn gangs from the 70s or Brooklyn bands from today

-Bushwick. Artisanal spam. Of course.

-We loved Brouwerji Lane, we loved the Pickle Shack and we loved The Emerson

03/20/15 5:05pm
Happy spring! Here's more snow. via Flickr user Several seconds

Happy spring! Here’s more snow. via Flickr user Several seconds

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-We will miss filthy, beloved Trash Bar

-We made you the ultimate brokester playlist

-Use your MetroCard by March 29 or the MTA wins

-You can now rent production equipment real cheap

-We rode the music bus with Field Trip

-Kimmy Schmidt writer tells all

-In fact, Kimmy is the anti-Taylor Swift we’ve been waiting for

-Rent was a lot nicer in 1940s–or so you’d think

-Good luck ever owning a house in Brooklyn

-We loved Greene Grape Annex and Halyards and George and Jacks

03/13/15 4:59pm
Did you vote? What are you waiting for?

Did you vote? What are you waiting for?

-The King and Queen of Brooklyn runoff was here! Did you vote for a free party or free baseball?

-It finally happened: You were slated to be replaced by luxury condos

-We had all these new jobs for you to spring into

-And once you get one, you can stop siphoning your parents’ retirement like this awful Brooklynite

-”DNC in Brooklyn” talk rose from the grave

-Clinton Hill is getting a Biggie mural on a Key Food

-Abbi and Ilana explored new girl crushes on Broad City

-Want a whole Maine inn? Write an essay and it can happen

-Listen to Torres and feel and the feels

-It was your last chance for $13 Friday the 13th tattoos until November

-We loved Happyfun Hideaway, we loved Buschenschank and we loved Abilene

02/27/15 4:45pm
We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

-Brooklyn already has a mayo store, so sure, a Greenpoint hot sauce store with a hot sauce sommelier

-Brooklyn, still affordable (if you’re a star of House)

-Abbi and Ilana took a booze cruise and hung out with bros

-The Gotham roller derby girls made their case for royalty

-It’s not too cold to start thinking about working at Coney Island

-Or at Brooklyn Bridge Park (but fine, there are some indoor jobs too)

-Oh, it’s also not too cold to talk about Rockaway getting new surfing beaches

-Tipped restaurant workers are getting a big ol’ raise all the way to $7.50 an hour

-They might have better luck with the tooth fairy though, who allegedly gives out $13/tooth in NYC

-Female and/or a minority? HBO wants to take you to sunny California for an intensive writing workshop

-We got news of the Williamsburg and Greenpoint Citi Bike expansion

-We love Beer Street, the Boobie Trap and the Irish Haven

02/20/15 5:00pm
cool baby

This baby could change your life.

-We met The Cool Baby, the secret flask shaped like a baby

-ClickHole’s Matt Powers told us how to get a job writing internet nonsense

-Manhattanites were thirsty for Brooklynites, as we’ve always suspected

-This map showed affording a one-bedroom apartment is an impossible dream

-There’s always this (fake) listing for an $800/month room in a Williamsburg luxury building

-Or these real, cheap apartments we found for you

-A funky herald of summer: Chaka Khan is playing the first Celebrate Brooklyn show

-Beer Week, the best of all weeks, is here and we know how to celebrate

-On Broad City, Abbi and Ilana went off the grid and one of them falls in a ditch because of it

-The MTA had new, much more judgement PSAs about more issues than subway courtesy

-It might be cold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on cool dates

-Sugar High: Rough Trade is being physically transformed into Empire Records this spring

-We love renewing ourselves at Reclamation and we love following the Left Hand Path and we love the bottles at Covenhoven

02/13/15 4:50pm
grand prospect hall

It’s the weekend, make some of your dreams come true! Photo by Madelyn Owens

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-We met Michael and Alice Halkias, who want to be King and Queen of Brooklyn

-Here were some weird Brooklyn-branded Valentine’s Day gifts no one should receive

-The news broke that Philadelphia gets to uh, enjoy, hosting the DNC instead of Brooklyn. We’re crushed

-A prophetic map claimed Sunset Park will one day be beachfront property

-Young women in New York vaulted over the pay gap and now make more than their male peers

-Finally, a landlord told Starbucks she didn’t want them

-Observations about dating Brooklyn dudes were shared

-Broad City broke down the dangers of friends-with-FOMO

-Grand Street Restaurant Week is coming, so you can eat in Williamsburg like a rich person

-The Meat Hook Sandwich Shop needed a sandwich wizard, but there were more jobs if you don’t have magic powers

-Trying to get away? You can hike, see empty beaches and eat tacos at these affordable winter day trips to summer spots

-Valentine’s Day was on deck, so we went over our worst dates ever

-We loved the wurst of Schnitzel Haus, busting a move at Bean Post Pub and eating the rice balls at Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe

02/06/15 4:59pm
The great debate rages on. Photo by Jeni Magana

The great debate rages on. Photo by Jeni Magana

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-The great debate was had: Stick around the next morning or vanish like a ghost?

-Fucked in Park Slope said goodbye, and we had some thoughts about it

-We had candidates for a new King and Queen of Brooklyn

-Brooklyn starte getting ready for Hillary (maybe)

-Budweiser fired shots at craft breweries, craft breweries fired right back

-Cheap apartments wre waiting for you in Kensington, East New York and more places

-Broad City explored the world of pegging (with just the right dildo)

-If you wanted to get fit with ClassPass, these are the 10 best workouts you could pick from

-It’s alright, the Cyclones were saved by the bell

-Joey Bada$$ provided some throwback tunes for the future

-Mayor Tall wanted a $13/hour minimum wage and affordable artist housing

-We loved being merry at Pippin’s Pub and getting a Chi-town fix at the Windy City Ale House and Kettle Black’s wing heaven

01/30/15 4:00pm
l train shutdown

Well, this emptoness will be familiar soon. via Flickr user Sean ‘O Sullivan

-The L train made plans to make your life hell this spring

-Braising lessons helped you turn your cheap meat into a royal feast

-Brooklyn Bowl’s main booker Lucas Sacks dished on how you too can have a cool music industry job

-You might scoff at regular yoga, but heavy metal yoga saved our writer’s soul

-Here comes Ponycon

-At least it’ll have fewer STDs than the adorable Gowanus rabbits

-The Snowpocalypse was a bit underwhelming, but if provided some pretty pictures

-Brooklyn Brewery was hiring, MTV was hiring, a bunch of places were hiring

-From kitty litter boxes to garbage can lids, the best DIY sleds sitting around your apartment were ranked

-Mike Pace and the Child Actors provided some tunes

-We love waving the flag at Red, White and Brew, tacos at Ho’Brah and footy at Longbow Pub & Pantry

01/23/15 4:29pm


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-We were unimpressed with SNL’s trip to Bushwick

-Here’s all you need to know about doing music and comedy PR

-The MTA fare hike got here

-Adult preschool showed up too, and it’ll only cost you $333. What a bargain!

-Peak-say ood-gay pig latin? A fancy Cambridge study wants you

-We searched from the top (Greenpoint) to the bottom (Bay Ridge) of BK for cheap apartments

-The girls from Broad City focused on leaning in for episode two

-We met the lawyer who’ll rescue your security deposit

-An expert had advice on how not to die falling through a sidewalk cellar door

-We loved Lock Yard enough to make it our back yard and we loved sitting and sipping at Sayra’s Wine Bar