03/11/16 1:33pm
Help kids produce important work like "What Would Pizza Do?" by volunteering for 826NYC. Photo via Facebook.

Help kids produce important work like “What Pizza Would Do” by volunteering for 826NYC. Photo via Facebook.

We like to keep you posted on volunteer opportunities that are worthwhile, and one of our favorites is coming up tomorrow. If you’re a writer type looking to put some good into the world (besides your “Themes of intersectionality as seen in Fuller House” thinkpieceor just someone sitting on an English degree looking for some experience with real live humans, this may be for you. 826NYC — the nonprofit behind the Superhero Supply Company in Park Slope — is looking for new tutors for its after-school writing program in South Williamsburg.

You’ll help kids ages 7-12 with their homework in addition to daily writing and reading exercises. These might be the future St. Mark’s Poetry Project members and New Yorker short story writers of America too: The kids put out a quarterly chapbook with their favorite pieces, so they’ll be published before they hit middle school. There’s a training session at the library tomorrow you should check out if you’re interested.  (more…)

07/08/13 12:30pm
Yeah, you wanna keep this open

Yeah, you wanna keep this open

Like green space in Brooklyn but don’t quite have it in you to create your own community garden? Makes sense, that’s really hard work. However, now there’s a chance to get involved in one that someone else put together, and all you need to do is point out a sign. The Narrows Botanical Garden (Shore Road between Bay Ridge Avenue and 72nd Street, Bay Ridge) needs greeters on weekends to welcome people and make sure they know not to step on plants. (more…)

05/09/13 2:43pm
Want to bring it back to these days? Grab a shovel.

Want to bring Tilden back to these days? Grab a shovel. via @iamkellymurphy

We were all bummed to learn that Fort Tilden would be closed this summer because of that dickhead hurricane Sandy, and further bummed to learn that restoring and re-opening it was low down on the National Park Service’s to-do list. But instead of moping about it, one enterprising Brooklyn resident has organized a federally-sanctioned clean up effort, Clean Up Fort Tilden, that starts this weekend. So let’s help her out! (more…)

03/26/13 1:00pm
They want you

They want you

Out on these hard streets, there’s no better way to earn cred than talking about books, giving away literature and reading to children. If this sounds like your kind of hustle, then maybe the Volunteer Library Brigade, a project of Urban Librarians Unite, is your kind of crew. They’re looking for new members for this coming season, and maybe it’s about time you respond to the call. (more…)

03/25/13 2:00pm
Volunteers cleaning up Sandy Hook Beach (via Facebook)

Volunteers cleaning up Sandy Hook Beach (via Facebook)

We’re pretty bummed that Fort Tilden will be closed all summer, but while lots of beaches were devastated during Hurricane Sandy, there are still plenty of volunteer opportunities available to get local parks back in shape. Every Saturday, the crew at the Gateway National Recreation Area has been holding clean-up events to help clear up debris and other damage beaches and parks like Floyd Bennett Field and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Reserve sustained during the storm. (more…)

You can't Celebrate Brooklyn without a clean park. Via Sha Rocks the Blogspot.

You can’t Celebrate Brooklyn without a clean park. Via Sha Rocks the Blogspot.

Don’t let the blizzard-y snow fool you, get you down, or instill apocalyptic climate change thoughts in your head – its time for spring cleaning! No, not time to clean that scary part of the kitchen you’ve been ignoring since you signed your lease. Time to clean up our local parks in anticipation of an entire season of Brooklyn frolicking. It’s time to get your mulch gloves on and join the 2013 Prospect Park Volunteer Corps! As a reward, you get a free brunch with the Borough Prez! That’s right: free brunch. (more…)

12/13/12 2:00pm
Some get this girl some Ugg boots!

Gellete dreams big: get this girl some Ugg boots!

Get ready to tear up. Brooklyn’s Catholic Charities is collecting Christmas gifts for school kids in Red Hook affected by Hurricane Sandy. Here are some of the letters from 13 children. They’re asking for things like some kids are asking for Uggs and Hello Kitty merch, but some are asking for skinny jeans and paint sets, so we have some future Williamsburg residents in the mix obviously.

If you’d like to help out this holiday season, info is after the jump.