01/17/14 12:43pm

Body found in Queens may be Avonte Oquendo’s [Village Voice]
NYC is losing its historic music spots [NY Observer]
Jezebel finally got the unretouched images of Lena Dunham they so desperately needed
Anthony Weiner keeps it sassy [NY Post]
The NYPD is having a naptime crisis [Animal]
Putin doesn’t want the gays gaying up Russia’s children [Guardian]
Skunks prove Central Park is smellier than Prospect Park [NY Post]

01/16/14 12:38pm

The Bowery Presents a 2000-capacity music hall headed to East Williamsburg [NY Daily News]
American Apparel mannequins are over waxing [Gothamist]
De Blasio takes on traffic safety [Animal]
Walmart accused of illegially firing workers [Salon]
Ain’t nothing like a Tupac musical [Brooklyn Vegan]
Clear your August, every Simpsons episode will be streaming online [Uproxx]
Is fighting the patriarchy too expensive? [The Atlantic]

01/08/14 12:20pm

Your parents won’t listen to your rap demo, but the NYPD might [New York Times]
Whole Foods’ knife-sharpening station is terrorizing customers [DNAinfo New York]
New York’s garbage mountains are ready to break your fall [NY Post]
We’ll never forget you, 285 Kent [Bedford + Bowery]
McDonald’s will maybe, someday, kinda serve sustainable “beef” [Consumerist]
Women still struggle with poverty disproportionately [The Atlantic]
Burrito vending machine cuts out middleman, taste [Gawker]

12/17/13 10:48am
Cannot kill the family; buttery is found in me

Cannot kill the family; buttery is found in me

As you surely know by now, Brokelyn has a pronounced pro-pun bias. What you may not know is that we are also in the pro-metalhead camp (as this reporter’s first, third and fifth concerts were all METALLICA). This is all why the tasty creations by Williamsburg’s Better Off Spread caught our eye: Not only are the names of each item infused with heavy metal themed punditry that would have Dimebag Darrell rockin and rollin in his grave, but the vegan, organic spreads themselves are pretty damn delicious. The sweet (Master of Peppermints and the pumpkiny Cashew the Bell Tolls) or savory (the spicy Jalapeno Be Thy Name or the peppery Ace of Spice), concoctions are good enough that they’re meant to be served as their own appetizers, but you can just as easily throw them on a sandwich. And you may have seen them in our raffle at last week’s No Office party too!

$11-$13 each, or get the Master of Peppermints two-pack for $20; available online or throughout NYC


How awesome the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club will look, if you donate.

Anybody can come up with an idea, but not everybody has the money to execute it. It seems you’re either blessed with one or the other. Think, for every five buck happy hour draft that’s inspired you with a half-buzzed idea you never saw to fruition, you can donate that money to some people who actually have their shit together, or who are at least good at faking it. Check out these five Brooklyn-based Kickstarters that you can help, well, kickstart. (more…)

09/03/13 11:14am
That could be the back of your head!

That could be the back of your head!

So you’ve been reading up on girls who are just killing it around here, and you’ve realized you should get off your butt and get hustling. We agree! And if you’ve been hammering away with attempts to break into the film world, your breakthrough could be just around the corner, because the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective has a few new membership spots open. (more…)

08/27/13 4:00pm
Just don't make it nice people crash their bike while admiring it. via NYC DOT Flickr

Just don’t make it nice people crash their bike while admiring it. via NYC DOT Flickr

Hey frustrated artists working at day jobs that are crushing your dreams, the city wants to hear from you. Well, to be fair, you don’t have to be a frustrated artist. But, the city is looking for artists to paint the traffic barriers separating bike lanes from car lanes, so why shouldn’t be you? (more…)

08/27/13 2:22pm
The good news is, there are so many liquor stores. via Flickr user Adam Jarmon Brown

The good news is, there are so many liquor stores. via Flickr user Adam Jarmon Brown

Everybody hates work. You work harder and harder and have nothing to show for it and you come home and your lousy kids are looking at you with those accusing eyes and your husband is more interested in Matt Harvey’s elbow than giving you a shoulder rub. If only you could worse less, you tell yourself, then everything would be great. Sadly, sociology is here to dispute that notion and inform you that working less won’t make you happier. Sounds like someone’s stopping at the liquor store on the way home from work! (more…)

08/20/13 3:07pm
Can you do it better? Than ESPN wants you

Can you do it better? Than ESPN wants you

Jobs. You need one, but you don’t have one. Or maybe you have one but you hate it, which is also unfortunate since you spend so much damn time punching the clock. And no one wants to be grumpy at work all the time, because it could lead to incidents of boss-punching, which like most punching is illegal. Instead, why not browse these sweet jobs we found for you, like a graphic designer for ESPN, a reporter, a staff writer who’s good at romance or even a model maker at Makerbot. (more…)

08/09/13 10:16am
Not that kinda toast, but definitely don't burn anything if you get the job. Via Flickr user Sheep purple

Not that kinda toast, but definitely don’t burn anything if you get the job. Via Flickr user Sheep purple

Are you just bursting with knowledge about WordPress and HTML and have nowhere to use it? Do you like upstart women-run blogs that aren’t afraid to rank Luke Skywalker’s girlfriends in the Star Wars Expanded Universe? Are you a Goth? If you answered yes to any (but especially the first) of those questions, new-ish blog The Toast is interested in paying you for your services. (more…)