01/20/16 10:00am
Free! Free! Free! via Flickr user Kent Wang

Free! Free! Free! via Flickr user Kent Wang

Brooklyn is a land of so much culture, with the beating heart of it found in the Brooklyn Museum (seriously though, they don’t tell you this, but there’s a literal giant beating heart pumping culture into the borough in a secret sub-basement in the museum). All that culture takes money, but sometimes you don’t have the cash to see it. Well, leave your squeamishness about giving tiny donations at the door behind, because starting Jan. 21, every Thursday night at the Brooklyn Museum will have free admission from 6pm to 10pm, per a press release from the Museum. (more…)

12/21/15 3:32pm

Which chocolate passed the discerning taste test of our chocolate expert?

In case you hadn’t heard, the Mast Brothers were recently served with some pretty damning accusations of melting industrial-grade chocolate together to make their $10 bars of what has also recently been deemed “crappy hipster chocolate.” So-called chocolate experts and candy snobs have been conducting meticulous taste tests of the Mast Brothers’ bars and deeming them unfit to sell for a two-digit price tag.

In order to settle the chocolate debate once and for all, we conducted an exhaustive taste test of some other options you can go with now that paying $10 for a chocolate bar seems like even a more of an unhinged idea than before. And while they may not all lay claim to being bean-to-bar, their flavors are just as complex and worthy of review. Read on, as Brokelyn’s in-house chocolate expert weighs in on the flavor, texture and overall quality of each one.  (more…)

12/21/15 11:00am
Good god... via Dallas Food

Good god… via Dallas Food

Brooklyn is a place for many things, but most of all it’s been seen as a borough of authenticity and honesty being found in the hearts of its residents. Marty Markowitz might have made “Oh how sweet it is!” Brooklyn’s unofficial motto when he was borough president, but he could have also slapped “Brooklyn: To thine own self be true” on the welcome signs at the borough’s entrance. So it’s with great sadness we have to report that two famous Brooklyn residents appear to have been caught in a dreadful lie that strikes at the heart of who they told us they were. According to a bombshell new report circulating on the internet, the Mast Brothers didn’t always have hilariously huge beards. What’s next, ExxonMobil really did own Mellow Pages the entire time? (more…)

12/15/15 8:57am
Pix or it didn't happen, natch

Pix or it didn’t happen, natch. (This pic, and all the good ones, by Alix Piorun)

Like all the best adventures, this one started with a Facebook post. Quoth my pal Alix a week ago:

Who has an NYC ID and needs to get their free annual memberships at museums before the end of the year? Let’s go on a museum adventure ASAP!

She was referring, of course, to de Blasio’s aweseome NYCID initiative—the largest municipal identification program in the nation. In addition to its use as a citywide ID card, the NYCID confers a whole host of perks, including free memberships at 40 major cultural institutions across the city, from BAM to the Staten Island Historical Society. The catch is that many of the perks were only available for the first year of the program, and the memberships have to be activated in person before the end of this month.

Well—that was the catch when Alix, Andrea, Max, and I made this plan and took this adventure on Sunday. Hilariously, yesterday morning, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs announced that the memberships would be extended into 2016, with even more institutions added.

So you could say that we did this whole silly adventure for nothing. Or you could say that we got to spend a day way out in Queens and up in the Bronx, seeing big chunks of the city that most of us hadn’t spent much time in. In fact, I highly recommend you do the same thing! Grab some of your friends and your NYCIDs and make a game of it. Read on for some tips and tricks for tearing through a whole bunch of outer-borough cultural institutions in a day. (more…)

04/27/15 2:33pm
film biz recycling

Goodbye to all this. via Facebook

It was a final resting place for movie props instead of the dump, an innovative thrift store that instead of selling cast-offs from everyday people sold furniture, electronics, sports equipment and even a giant naked man statue that had been used on movie sets. Sadly, after recycling 600 tons of movie set waste and being recognized by the EPA for their efforts, Gowanus’ Film Biz Recycling has announced that they’ll be closing at the end of June due to an inability to raise money to cover their rent. Despite disappointment over having to close up shop, the non-profit’s founder Eva Radke told us she’s still proud of the work Film Biz has done in the past six years.

“My heart is broken, but I’m walking away with my head held high.” (more…)

03/06/15 9:56am

Pity the poor investors who can’t buy here now. via Flickr user Matthew Rutledge

It’s the same story we’ve read so many times before in New York City. A neighborhood finds itself being pitched as the hot new thing, newcomers rush to it looking for a profit, and before you know it, no one can afford the neighborhood anymore. It’s a sad story that’s come to Bed-Stuy now, as Brooklyn’s real estate investors can’t seem to make the gigantic profits they once made, and are leaving the neighborhood in droves according to the Daily News. We look forward to their “Goodbye to All That” essay. (more…)

12/10/14 1:03pm
brooklyn rent

Even our buildings are feeling this one. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

A popular refrain now that we’re coming to the end of this garbage year is “Well maybe 2015 will be better.” You probably said that about 2014 in December 2013 and so on back into the days when you were in college. Well let us be the bearer of the first piece of garbage news for 2015: A new report from StreetEast is predicting that it will take 60% of your income to rent in Brooklyn. May as well just sleep through to 2016 except THAT WILL ALSO BE A GARBAGE YEAR. (more…)

08/06/14 8:53am
n train

N for “Nope we’re never gonna beat bedbugs.” via Flickr user Brian

Hey, remember when you were all “WOOOOOO it’s V-B Day, we beat bedbugs!” and we were the insane paranoid in the corner talking about how that wasn’t and would never be true? Yeah, you’re gonna pretend you didn’t say that now, because the Daily News reports that bedbugs were found on three N trains this week. See that approaching train? It contains US BEING RIGHT and also the seeds of your destruction. (more…)

06/18/14 3:50pm
brooklyn summer movies

Yeah that’s cool, see movies indoors. We’re gonna hang out in Canal Bar’s backyard with Patricia Arquette and True Romance

It’s getting might hot out there, so you might be thinking all you want to do is hole yourself up in a dark movie theatre with its sweet, sweet air conditioning. The thing is, that costs money, and Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t come out until August. How do you entertain yourself until then and stay cool? When the sun goes down, these outdoor movies light up Brooklyn’s parks and bar backyards, so we think you should take advantage. After all, when it’s winter and there are no more outdoor movies for free, you’re gonna WISH it was 100 degrees out. (more…)

01/10/14 11:46am
mellow pages exxon door

When rebranding goes wrong. Photo by David Colon

The Brooklyn and internet literary scene was recently suckered (including Brokelyn) by a strange prank by a small member-supported library operating out of Bushwick. Mellow Pages Library claimed it had been offered a $50,000, no-strings-attached sponsorship from Exxon Mobil. So they turned to their members, and the internet as a whole, to ask whether they could ethically take Big Oil money in an attempt to keep the library from shutting down.

It seemed improbable, and it turned out it was: Exxon told the International Business Times yesterday that they’d never heard of Mellow Pages and certainly didn’t offer them money. The library is no stranger to to weird pranks: In June, they claimed Kanye West was shooting a video in the space, and dozens of people showed up to take part.

In an interview with Brokelyn, Mellow Pages co-founder Jacob Perkins admitted that he and co-founder Matt Nelson were behind the stunt, hereby known as #mellowghazi, but defended it as a performance art piece and an attempt to find a deep-pocketed donor to keep the library alive. (more…)