06/01/16 3:06pm
Do you have the spine for this quiz? via Spoonbill & Sugartown on FB

Do you have the spine for this quiz? via Spoonbill & Sugartown on FB

Hardcopy books are becoming as obsolete as photo calendars these days, but our love for them is still rock steady. Nothing compares to opening a fresh new book that smells of photocopier and chlorophyll, or an old one that smells of grandpa’s silent regret. And much like the books themselves, the stores where you find each book you own bear distinct personalities. Some are musty-smelling and leather couch-adorned; others are minimalist and gleaming white; some feature cats.

Yep, a bookstore is like a snowflake: no two are alike. Just like people! We’re all so different!

So, which Brooklyn bookstore is most on-brand for you? Where should you do all your book shopping in the borough? Put simply, which store is your spirit animal? Find out, with this handy quiz. Remember that once you discover which bookstore you are, there’s no going back. You can never frequent any other bookstore ever again, and must pledge yourself unflinchingly to the store that chose you like Harry Potter’s wand chose him. (more…)

08/11/15 12:50pm
Yas queen, yas queen!

Yas queen, yas queen!

It’s Tuesday, which means with any luck you’re procrastinating all your obligations until later in the work week. Well, kids, have we got a “Yas Queen” of a time-waster for you: the season 2 Broad City soundboard is up, and we’ve clicked through it multiple times. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t get old. (more…)

02/28/13 9:53am
The cold, steely eyes of a killer

The cold, steely eyes of a killer

Brooklyn Heights resident and famous naked person Lena Dunham has been really, really busy lately. She’s got her television show, a book that she needs to finish and is presumably leaving until the last minute, a few more Golden Globe acceptance speeches to write and she’s ducking some nosy tabloid reporter skulking up and down Henry Street looking for her. So where she found the time to audition for Bin Laden-killing flick Zero Dark Thirty is a mystery to us. But, the voice of our generation has once again proven that Millennials, if nothing else, keep ourselves busy. (more…)

02/11/13 9:08am
Brooklyn we go hard

Brooklyn we go hard

If you’re one of the people who have been saying that you’re eagerly awaiting a new crime spree to hit Brooklyn, if you want to see how murdery authentic your new neighborhood is or if you’re just bored at work, good news: there’s a new time-wasting map out there for you. SpotCrime is a public crime map that uses data culled from the police, public tips and news reports and then maps the data on GoogleMaps. The result you see above is all the crime that’s occurred in Brooklyn in 2013. (more…)

01/22/13 9:00am
Look at all that potential love

Look at all that potential love

Ah, the Craigslist missed connection. Excellent time waster, last bastion of the socially awkward and the delusional. For as long as we’ve been reading these dispatches of one-sided romance, we’ve never been able to see exactly where they happened. But now, with Craigslist’s map view feature, you can see exactly where these are clustering. Sounds like we’ve got another awesome way to waste time at work. (more…)

01/11/13 4:00pm
For instance, watch with your kinda sorta definitely not boyfriend

For starters, watch with your kinda sorta definitely not boyfriend

Cosmopolitan recently threw together a few recipes to have, in their words, “the ultimate Girls viewing party.” That’s all well and good we guess, but who on the show ever cooked or baked anything? No, if you want to have a viewing party that really captures the spirit of the show, you should come to people who would know what it means to struggle and sacrifice your dignity to the internet. So here are some tips from our staff to help you truly enjoy the misadventures of BK’s comic foursome. (more…)

08/21/12 3:59pm

Have you checked out the Future-Jobs-O-Matic over at Marketplace yet? No, it doesn’t generate future jobs like we thought (bummer, Obama). It’s a neat little program that gives you cautiously optimist information about your career prospects in six years, which was just updated this week. Midtown-type jobs (surgeons, market analysts, meeting and events planners) have the best-looking prospects, while the future of Brooklyn-type jobs (bartenders, artisanal mayonaise ranchers, and Gowanus fishers) doesn’t look so rosey. (more…)

06/21/11 9:58am

Seems legrit, right?

What did people do before Craigslist, when you had to wander the dark streets looking at “for rent” signs or actually had to go and walk up and talk to that cutie you saw on the subway instead of waiting to later send a digital message in a bottle? How did people find jobs? How did people get scammed into doing jobs that require a lot of work and little pay (or “exposure”)? The answer: comic books! We found this ad in the back of a November 1979 Battlestar Galactica comic recently purchased at the Brooklyn Flea. “Remember how many times you felt left out because you were BROKE!” the ad asks/exclaims. So what did they have to offer? (more…)

02/02/10 4:38pm

julie_and_juliaWith the Oscar nominations announced this morning, and just over a month until the big show itself, that leaves little time to get through this year’s hugely long list of Best Picture nods from the academy. Since seeing 10 movies over 33 days in theaters is just several light years out of our price range, that leaves Netflix to help us cram in the viewing (legally) and stay culturally relevant in that Hollywood-centric sort of way. With studios now re-releasing faster than you can say “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” we figured a fair number of the top flicks would already be primed for the queue. Here’s what we found. (more…)

beth hoyt2

The author, bracing for battle. Photos by Eric Reichbaum.

The World Series is at 3-2.  Brett Favre just beat his old teammates on their home turf. And last night, 18 people saw victory over a seven-column, six-row vertically-suspended grid. The “game” we now refer to as Connect Four is centuries old, when Captain Hook used to play it so often with his fellow mates it was coined “Captain’s Mistress.” Well, last night was surely an affair to remember.

The checkers are no longer red and black like the Milton Bradley version most of us remember from our youth. They are now a cheery red and yellow. The Grid isn’t yellow anymore, it’s blue. Get over it, because it’s over you. The rules haven’t changed—get four of your color in a row, whether it be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Let your opponent do so and you lose.

At the Bell House around 6:30 p.m., 40 challengers gathered to play practice rounds and scope out their competition before the real rounds began at 7. Heather D, the coordinator of the tournament, insisted that I enter. It suddenly became more than just a “blog post” to me. I was going to win this bitch. The last time a Connect Four board was in front of me I was being baby-sat—but last night no one was looking out for me. (more…)