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Tap that. via NYC Beer Week.

The craft beer scene is exploding in New York City. It seems like every week there’s a new brewer in town and a new alehouse with 30 taps. The nonprofit New York City Brewers Guild, which started with just five member breweries a few years ago, has expanded to almost 30. They brew everything from single-batch beers to internationally-appreciated ales. All this diversity in the fermentation ecosystem is good news for us hop heads, but it’s easy to overlook some terrific beers. To stay on top of the burgeoning beer scene, head to the upcoming Eighth Annual NYC Beer Week.

From Feb. 24 until March 5, venues all over the city will be holding craft beer events, including parties, tastings, tap takeovers, and brewing demonstrations. We’ve highlighted the must-see feature events below, organized by the New York City Brewers Guild, with a sampling of other events to whet your palette. So let’s grab a pretzel necklace and check them what’s in store! (more…)

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Don't let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.

Don’t let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.

Typically, Brokelyn would be the first to decry the rampant corporate nonsense driving up M&M prices at Duane Reade every February, but these days, Valentine’s Day is looking like a welcome distraction. What’s a better way to let loose than treating yourself and your significant other/possible Tinder date to a fun outing? Sure, it can be hard to plan with how unexpected the weather has been (insert reminder that climate change is real here). There are lots of things to take into consideration when it comes to Date Night (outfit choices, location, travel times). Hopping over 5-ft deep slush pools can be treacherous (especially in heels), so walking is out, leaving you with the subway and buses. Nothing kills *the mood* faster than the smells, mysterious moisture, lack of seats, delays and the dreaded “It’s showtime!” we encounter on the MTA every day.

But! What if we told you there’s was a new option when it comes to travel, without public transportation or weathering the weather?

Enter ReachNow, a new-car sharing network from BMW that’s recently come to Brooklyn. This free-floating car service gets you from Point A to Point B with their one-way rentals and without the usual hassle of car rentals. You’ve got your choice of ride from the BMW 3-series or the MINI Cooper depending how cozy you want to get. Right now you can waive the membership fee and using the code “BROKELYN” and you’ll get $15 driving credit. (more…)

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Beat the winter blahs with a spicy food tour via ReachNow.

Beat the winter blahs with a spicy food tour via ReachNow.

The holidays have passed; that February malaise is upon us. Now your daily burden is trudging through rain and sleet that same half mile to the subway, 30 minutes on a stuffy, damp train, from the station to work, and back again. You make the trip so often the sidewalk is covered with a thin layer of shoe rubber, and you recognize the morning AND evening conductors’ voices.

You need to break the routine, get out of the tunnels and off the beaten path. Somewhere … warm. Since most of us can’t just hop a plane to Cuba, we’re going to have to some find heat in our own backyard — namely some of the spiciest foods found in the outer boroughs. We’ve put together a road trip guide that will take you to new and exotic places right here in the city.

The places below would take years (OK, hours, but still …) to reach by train from Brooklyn. Instead, we’ll be traveling in style with a ReachNow, a new car-sharing network from BMW now available in Brooklyn. Unlike some other car sharing services, you get your pick of two sweet cars: the BMW 3-series and the MINI Cooper. Free-floating service allows you to pick-up and return the vehicle from anywhere in the home area. Round-trip and one-way rentals — perfect for a trek to IKEA or a quick ride home from the grocery store.  Plus if you need to make a couple of short stopovers, park the car and keep it reserved at a discounted rate. For a grand adventure, the day rate can be less than Hertz and Enterprise without the hassle of picking up and rushing back to drop off at the lot. (more…)

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Via Tender Trap.

Via Tender Trap.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love with pink hearts and flowers and little cards that have pictures of a trains on them. That’s all kids stuff though. Skip the candy hearts this year and celebrate Valentine’s Day the proper adult way by taking in erotic dancing, shopping for sex toys and enjoying an open bar, all in one place.

So ditch the cute cards and give up on trying to get dinner reservations and instead check out Dirty, an erotic exhibit of photographs, paintings, sculpture, performance, vendors and video happening at Tender Trap in Greenpoint on V-Day. This year, Brokelyn is happy to help present Dirty, which is brought to you by our friends at Get Summered, who are proving an wild and sexy way to spend a day of art, music and dancing. It all starts at 7pm with a one-hour Lagunitas open bar; and we’ve got a special discount for you, because we ❤️ you! (more…)

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Greenpointers Holiday Market 2016

Greenpointers holiday market in 2016. Via Greenpointers.

The world is a cold, dark, place with months till summer but that’s not stopping our friends at Greenpointers from throwing their annual holiday market this Valentine’s Day weekend. They’ve gone with a ye old-timey theme this year, complete with Prohibition-era cocktails, vintage jazz tunes, and most importantly lots of amazing local vendors, ’cause nothing is more timeless than independent businesses.

The old times-inspired market will be happening in real time next Sunday (Feb. 12), from 1 to 7pm at the Greenpoint Loft (67 West St.). RSVP here.  As always, there’ll be oodles of free shit, including tarot readings and, if the future stresses you out, complimentary Valentine’s-themed cue cards with astrological pickup lines. (more…)

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bric brooklyn

Photo via BRIC

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media cultural organization that presents free and low-cost programming to the community.

Created By BlankSlate

There’s plenty of comedic fodder to be found in rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn, as ably demonstrated by Brooklynification, a scripted TV series that recently debuted from BRIC TV. A brownstone version of Portlandia, the six-episode first season pokes fun at mommy-and-me yoga, red-state transplants, real estate envy and the thirst for prewar molding, among other things. (more…)

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Be a bud to your friends who love Bud. Screencap from Bad Santa.

Be a bud to your friends who love Bud. Screenshot from Bad Santa.

You’ve read enough Encyclopedia Brown to be able to figure out that the likely culprit in The Case Of The Disappearing Alcohol, including even your peanut butter cheesecake flavored vodka from 2013, is the person who lives in your apartment with you. This is probably the same person who still uses those hideous glass marble bongs and still values their flip-cup trophy. They might never outgrow their frequently intoxicated state of being, but at least you can steer them from beer pong to beer flights. Help them put the high in high brow with these gifts from the unique vendors at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas, open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 7pm. (more…)

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For all those moms who aren't like regular moms, they're cool moms! via Mean Girls screenshot

For all those moms who aren’t like regular moms, they’re cool moms! via Mean Girls screenshot

There are moms who are fun, but then there are “Fun Moms.” We’re talking about the mom who does picklebacks at the bar, curses more than you and would never be caught dead making any dessert featuring breakfast cereal. She wants to rock the latest trends (often all at the same time). These gifts from the unique vendors at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas, (open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 7pm) will satisfy her desire to be “down” without completely embarrassing you in front of the new significant other you brought home for the holidays. (more…)

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Greenpointers holiday market in 2015. Via Greenpointers.

Greenpointers holiday market in 2015. Via Greenpointers.

Last week we rounded up some of the best holiday craft markets in Brooklyn this year; today we’re bringing you news about a market from our friends at Greenpointers that may help you shake off this winter chill. On Sunday, from 1-7pm, sleigh bells and palm trees, snowflakes and sunshine come together in the Greenpointers universe because they’re celebrating this holiday season with beachy cheer, at the Holiday Tropical Market.

Discover beautifully crafted high quality gifts from some of the most talented local artisans and makers while enjoying a day full of FREE fun activities, food, mojitos, mulled wine, and seasonal craft beer in the gorgeous Greenpoint Loft at 67 West St., 5th floor.  (more…)

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Eggnog is for closers. Via Flickr user globochem.

Eggnog is for closers. Via Flickr user globochem.

There are some people in this world who spend more time in the office than at home and know more about their coworkers than their roommates. These are people who actually enjoy using words like “synergy,” “webinar” and “circle back” in everyday conversation. These gifts are for your friend who will answer a phone call from their boss at a funeral. We figure that you might want to gift something with a little more cheer than a bag filled with Pepto Bismol and No-Doze. Here are some options to show them you care about their upward career trajectory from the unique vendors at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas, open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 7pm. (more…)