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Mention Brokelyn through May 15 for 20% off a cut and/or color at Beehive Salon in Williamsburg

Spring in Brooklyn is about drinking outside, in as little clothing as possible, charged with a sense of renewal and possibility about life. Especially after all these rough winter months, we might need a little more than cold beer and sun on our faces to recover. Brokelyn is here to help by offering three springtastic Wiliamsburg beauty deals between now and May 15. Here are three spots to freshen your skin, brighten your hair, and soothe your muscles before venturing out and attempting to mingle with other humans again. Starting today through May 15, first time clients can mention Brokelyn at Beehive Salon, Massage Williamsburg and Skin by Molly to receive big discounts.

The Beehive Salon
115 N. 7th St. (between Berry St. and Wythe Ave.), Williamsburg
Appointments only
Deal: 20% off haircuts and color treatments for new clients who mention Brokelyn through May 15

This Williamsburg hair salon for men and women has a retro rocker vibe that translates into hair cuts that are sassy and skillful. Owner and “Queen Bee” stylist Maleina is as down to earth as she is experienced, with more than 20 years working in NYC salons. Many of the stylists have done hair for fashion shoots and Broadway productions, lending an added flair and a bit of glam to their cuts. Curly-haired girls will be happy with stylists Carla, Li and Eileen who are all Devachan certified. The salon’s open space with high ceilings and ample windows letting in natural light opens up into a backyard where you can relax while you’re waiting for your highlights to set. On Thursday nights, the ‘hive offers complimentary drinks, which have ranged from beer and wine to pina coladas and pomegrante margaritas. Check out the Beehive’s Down Time Spa downstairs, where you can book a facial, wax, massage and mani-pedis.



Yes, please. photo via Massage Williamsburg

Massage Williamsburg
169 Wythe Ave. (between N. 5th and N. 6th Streets), Suite 202
By appointment only
Deal: $20 off any massage for new clients who mention Brokelyn by May 15

This therapeutic massage studio offers Swedish massage, deep tissue, prenatal and a signature one hour back, neck and shoulder massage, so you can select which type to best target your sore spots. For each one you can choose between lavender aromatherapy oil or unscented grapeseed oil. The impressive team of NY-state licensed massage therapists has worked with physical therapy clients, cancer patients, dance companies, and has training in practices like acupuncture, reiki, yoga and pilates, in addition to their range of individual specialties. Clients cite their personable and knowledgable approach as reasons to keep coming back. It’s a good idea to get there a little early to talk with your massage therapist about what in particular ails you so he or she can tailor the massage accordingly. Owner Rachel Beider says one of her favorite parts about her job is seeing a client who comes in cranky or stressed but leaves smiling and relaxed. That could be you!


Let Molly clear out those pores so the sunlight can get in!

Let Molly clear out those pores so the sunlight can get in!

Skin by Molly
169 Wythe Ave. (between N. 6th and N. 7th Streets), Suite #107
By appointment only
Deal: $30 off any facial for new clients who mention Brokelyn by May 15

Founded by Molly Lamb, an Atlanta native with a great smile and a warm presence, Skin by Molly is the spot for a personalized, laid-back facial. Inspired to be an esthetician from her own struggles with her skin, Molly will listen to your concerns, without judging, and tailor treatment to your specific skin needs. All of her facials are conducted with natural-based peels and scrubs, like the “Radiance Facial” which employs a tourmaline-charged (mineral-based) mask or the “Back Facial” which implements a clay mask to exfoliate clogged pores. The “anti-aging facial” removes dead skin cells with a plant-based peel and re-moisturizes with a blend of herbs and oils. Edison bulbs and hard wood floors create an intimate setting for therapy with a skin expert who feels like an old friend. You’ll be in good hands at Skin by Molly. Think about it like this: if you can’t be nice to your face, how can you expect anybody else to be?


Are you a  beauty venue with a deal to offer Brokelyn readers?  Contact Kate at mooney.katharine@gmail.com for more information.

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Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a non-profit arts and media cultural organization. BRIC's brand-new 40,000-sq-ft cultural complex opened October 3, 2013.

Created By BlankSlate

How great would it be to have your own TV studio? Unfortunately, unless you suddenly inherit one from an eccentric billionaire uncle you never knew you had, it’s probably not going to happen. Don’t let that bum you out, though: the folks at BRIC are using the facilities at their brand new BRIC House to start a local cable channel. It’s called Brooklyn Independent Media, and it’s your very own cable channel.

Well, not just yours. You’ll have to share it with your 2.5 million neighbors. But BRIC is committed to democratizing mass media, and they’re ready for you to tell them what should be featured on New York’s first Brooklyn-centeric cable channel. There is a flagship news show, local music acts performing in-studio, local filmmakers showing off their latest works, partnerships with groups like StoryCorps, and… well, that’s up to you!


02/19/14 2:38pm

brass taxes

Sponsored By Brass Taxes.

Brass Taxes was created to make taxes suck less for freelancers, artists, and other nice people.

Created By BlankSlate

Rus Garofalo is on a mission to help you feel better about yourself come tax time.

“Everyone thinks they suck at money things,” says Garofalo, the president of Brass Taxes. “85%–95% of people who come into my office apologize for not knowing any of this stuff, for being ‘a mess’ or ‘my worst client.’ I tell them not to worry, that almost everyone feels that way.

“Statistically,” he adds, “a lot of those people that think they suck at money have to be wrong.”

Garofalo tells his clients that needing help with their taxes doesn’t mean they suck at money. It means taxes are complicated. That’s why the accountants at Brass Taxes explain what they’re doing, so clients understand what they can do to make the process easier. They want their clients to be less stressed, more in control, and better prepared.

Taxes can be especially complicated for freelancers, as many younger people are today. They get out of college and suddenly they are a business without a support staff, responsible for keeping track of their expenses and paying taxes out of the checks they’ve been given.

Garofalo believes that a little financial education goes a long way.

“Your parents probably didn’t sit you down and tell you to save 25% of your profits for taxes,” he says. “Or to keep receipts organized by tax category so you can lower your profit margin on your tax returns. And most colleges don’t teach these practical concepts to anyone, even though their students are increasingly likely to need them.”

Garofalo started Brass Taxes with the goal of getting artists, freelancers, and “other nice people” comfortable with thinking about their money. He believes that it’s better to learn what you need to know and prepare for it than let taxes be a scary unknown that haunts your thoughts.

Brass Taxes has an extra incentive for you to get started on your taxes today: discounts for scheduling appointments before March 20. To get started, estimate your services here.

“Most of us don’t really like thinking money,” says Garofalo. “But when we have to, it might as well be
productive and useful. That way we can stop worrying about it and start thinking about more interesting things.”

02/10/14 12:31pm

ny mug

Image courtesy of Jennine Jacob via Flickr

Sponsored By Gotham Brokerage Co.

Gotham is a family run business that specializes in apartment and homeowners insurance coverage for co-ops, apartment, rentals and all types of homes in New York City.

Created By BlankSlate

Renting is a lot less stressful than buying, right? Something breaks, you call your landlord. But what if something goes wrong and it is your problem? Like…

1. A pipe bursts in the wall, ruining all your belongings and making the apartment uninhabitable. How will you replace your Wilco vinyl? Where will you live?


Image courtesy of Bart Everson via Flickr


12/23/13 12:00pm

Sponsored By NY State of Health.

Find the best low-cost quality plan that fits your life at NY State of Health, the Official Health Plan Marketplace.

Created By BlankSlate

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Make sure you’re free to enjoy every moment of it by taking extra care of yourself as the weather changes, the relatives visit, and the calories increase. Cold weather alone can pose a number of health risks. Not only that, but chances are you’ll be traveling to visit friends, family, and loved ones, which means coming in contact with millions of germs. Here are five easy ways to prevent getting sick over the holidays.

Get yourself the gift of sleep

Get yourself the gift of sleep

1) Get plenty of rest – During this time of year there are many activities and events that can put a lot of stress on the body and mind. A tired person is more likely to play host to the flu virus, so ensure you’re combating its advances by eating full meals and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Managing a routine sleep pattern will keep your body on a cycle and minimize symptoms of exhaustion.

It'll pay off when you're not sick

It’ll pay off when you’re not sick

2) Stay hydrated – Drink up! Water, we mean. Drinking plenty of water is critical during the holiday season to avoid dehydration and flush out any viruses that may be taking a toll on your body. Your body wants to get rid of all those toxins and viruses, so give it an extra boost by consuming plenty of water throughout the day.



3) Wash your hands – Hopefully this comes as no surprise, but there are germs everywhere. To avoid transferring them to your nose and face, keep your hands away from both. When traveling, keep your hand contact to objects to a minimum and seize every opportunity you have to wash them.

Know your enemy

Know your enemy

4) Watch Your Sugar Intake – We all love to gorge on seasonal sweets, but limiting your sugar intake can be helpful in two ways: (a) maintaining insulin levels, and (b) protecting your stomach. Sugary meals increase a rapid rise of insulin, which over time wears away at your immune system. Likewise, the bacteria in your stomach that suppress your immune system feed on sugar. Don’t give them an extra hand by over doing it with too many slices of pie.

Stay fit, like these guys

Stay fit, like these guys

5) Stay Fit – Keeping to your routine workout schedule of moderate exercise ensures your body produces an increase in macrophages – a key type of immune cell responsible for defense against bacteria and viruses. In addition to increasing whole-body circulation, regular exercise during the holiday season means your immune cells are pumping freely and thoroughly through your system. Stay happy and healthy this holiday season! Where there’s a will there’s a way, and when it comes to your health, or the health of your family, now there’s an easier way to shop, compare, and enroll in a quality health plan with NY State of Health, the Official Health Plan Marketplace.

NY State of Health is an organized marketplace designed to help people find the health insurance coverage that’s right for them.

NY State of Health can also provide information about the types of financial assistance available to help applicants afford their health insurance plan.

Get started today by visiting: https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov/.

12/16/13 1:00pm

Sponsored By New York Lottery.

This year make Holiday Scratch Offs from the New York Lottery one of your holiday traditions.

Created By BlankSlate

Your New York lifestyle probably results in all sorts of kooky holiday traditions, whether it’s stuffing an eight-foot-tall tree into a crowded subway or jumping into a freezing lake. Why not make Holiday Scratch-Offs from the New York Lottery one of your rituals? At just $1, $3, $5, and $10 a ticket, this is one tradition that can pay off big and actually fits inside a stocking.

Check out this video and visit http://nylottery.ny.gov/wps/portal to learn more about New York Lottery’s Holiday Instant Scratch-Off Games.

12/05/13 12:30pm


Sponsored By Make Your Money Matter.

Make Your Money Matter is a grassroots campaign that educates a new generation of consumers about the benefits credit unions provide over big banks.

Created By BlankSlate

These days, it can be hard to imagine that there are still alternatives to big corporate banks in New York City. The architecture of our main thoroughfares speaks to the large presence of these giants. On Broadway alone between 59th Street and 72nd Street, there are 14 big bank locations—that’s more than one per block. And it doesn’t count the large number of ATMs in pharmacies.

Greenpoint-TD Bank-HSBC-Manhattan Avenue-NYC_1

Image by Michelle Young/Untapped Cities

But when millions of New Yorkers deposit their money into a big bank, do they actually know where it goes? Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profits where the members themselves own the credit unions. This means that the financial profits go back to members and the community, rather than to shareholders. With regular banks, 97% of the money you deposit can leave the community but credit unions last year distributed over $5.3 billion back to members.

The first credit union in North America was started in 1901 with a 10 cent deposit by a reporter in the Canadian parliament who was shocked by the exorbitant interest Montreal residents were paying on loans from moneylenders. Credit unions have certainly grown since then, but have retained their focus on the neighborhood level.

This video has a quick overview about the difference joining a credit union can make:

Last year, credit unions provided more than $630 million within local communities to support commercial, residential, and industrial development.

Credit unions also provide the ability and know-how for residents to make informed financial decisions through hosting financial literary classes. They’ve have also helped members refinance debt, extend mortgage credit, and access private student financing.


On a personal level, credit unions can offer lower interest rates on loans and also higher return on investments on average compared to banks. Fees for things like checking accounts and ATM surcharges can be lower too. If you want access to cash machines, credit unions have over 100,000 ATMs that can be used without fees in their shared network.

And what about the security of your deposits? They’re insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the same amount as the FDIC.

You can help change the banking industry simply by choosing where to put your money. Credit unions are one way to bring banking back to the community level. Learn how to switch to a credit union at makeyourmoneymatter.org.

12/03/13 12:30pm

Image via Flickr by cumi&ciki

Sponsored By Gotham Brokerage Co.

Gotham is a family run business that specializes in apartment and homeowners insurance coverage for co-ops, apartment, rentals and all types of homes in New York City.

Created By BlankSlate

1. At $5 The Cronut Costs 12x More Than A Day Of Renter’s Insurance

I got a cronut postcard
Image via Flickr by roboppy

2. At $8 The Ramen Burger Costs 3x More Than A Week Of Renter’s Insurance

Ramen Burger-Smorgasburg

Image via Flickr by ManEatManila 

3. At $53 Tuthilltown Baby Bourbon Whiskey Costs 4x More Than A Month Of Renter’s Insurance


4. At $150 Omakase At Nakazawa Costs 5x More Than Three Months Of Renter’s Insurance

Nakazawa Sushi
Photo by Han C. on Yelp

5. At $635 A Dinner At Per Se Costs Up To 5x More Than A Year Of Renter’s Insurance

Per Se
Image via Flickr by by roboppy


While your building itself is protected by the landlord’s insurance, your belongings aren’t. Renter’s insurance can protect against loss from fire, theft, certain types of storm damage, and other unexpected events.

You can request a free insurance quote from Gotham Insurance. Renter’s insurance rates start at around $125 per year, and condo and co-op insurance start at around $260. Get in contact with Gotham by emailing info@gothambrokerage.com or calling (212) 406-7300.

Photo by Rachel DeLetto

Down the rabbit hole! Photo by Rachel DeLetto

Sponsored By Ideal Properties Group.

Nobody is better equipped to help you make your messy roommate history than Ideal Properties Group

Created By BlankSlate

Moving, be it from out of state or while you’re already living here, can be a real pain. What makes Brooklyn’s neighborhoods different from each other, aside from different levels of being expensive? We’ve got people who’ve lived all over this borough and are more than happy to share their insider neighborhood knowledge with you. Today we take a trip to land of food and more food, Carroll Gardens and the Columbia Street Waterfront District. (more…)

10/07/13 12:30pm

Brooklyn Poster by Blankslate in Mouth Office

Sponsored By Brooklyn Poster.

Brooklyn Poster is brought to you by BlankSlate. BlankSlate helps companies connect with targeted audiences thru the largest network of websites in Brooklyn.

Created By BlankSlate

You have a big blank space on your wall, and it’s starting to get to you. You need something to put there, but what? Fortunately for you, BlankSlate, the company behind Brooklyn Poster, is giving away posters to five lucky winners. Don’t sit around thinking about it though, because today is the last day to enter the contest!

The grand prize is a a 24″ x 36″ giclée print with a $150 retail value. This giclée print is individually printed in Bushwick, offers super high-resolution, and is printed on a high quality matte paper. Second prize is a 18″ x 24″ giclée, $70 retail value, also printed on a high quality matte paper. Three runners-up will get a 24″ x 36″ offset poster printed in Park Slope, printed on 100-lb 55 percent recycled paper.


If you haven’t already entered the giveaway contenst, what are you waiting for? You can’t win if you don’t enter! Increase your chances of winning by sharing the news on Twitter and Facebook. Want to see the illustration on a t-shirt? Tweet at @BrooklynPoster and let us know. Sign up for the Brooklyn Poster newsletter to stay updated about our news, promotions and more merchandise, like our new Brooklyn notecards.

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