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Even though the days are a little shorter, Extra Fancy's market will keep the holiday cheer alive. via IG

The days are a little shorter, but Extra Fancy’s market will keep the holiday cheer alive. via IG

In case you thought we were all done announcing winter holiday markets after yesterday’s bonanza of a roundup, we’ve got another one for you, and it features vendors you’re unlikely to have seen anywhere else. If the humdrum Etsy fare just isn’t doing it for you right now, come around back behind Extra Fancy (302 Metropolitan Ave.) in Williamsburg tomorrow, Dec. 3 and Sunday, Dec. 4 for a cozy little cloisters of jewelry, antiques, wellness products and children’s fashion.

Best of all? Drink specials for our readers! Read on to find out how to knock a few dollars off those Extra Fancy pints you’ll be drinking while you browse. (more…)

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Corporate livin' ain't easy.

Beware these office space cadets. via gratisography

What is it about the office that brings out the weird people and uncomfortable interactions? Perhaps it’s the mundaneness of the job or the sterile environment. Our parents’ generation put up with them for a guaranteed career and pension; but that’s all out the window now. We’re a generation of freelancers and entrepreneurs. It’s a lot of work, but a hell of a lot more fun. And you don’t have to put up with the strange and annoying denizens that roam the corporate halls. It’s especially true if you snag a sweet spot at Coworkrs.

Coworkrs delivers a hospitality-centric approach, with curated spaces and premium services, which means no cubicle farms or brown sludge coffee. It’s a chic place where everything is taken care of, allowing you to work, meet clients, and build your business in a professional-friendly environment. The company has five different locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn and offer co-working spaces, dedicated desks, and even private offices. It’s perfect for everyone, from the one-woman show that’s ready to move beyond the coffee shop to the startup that’s outgrown the living room. Plus, you’ll be in the company of people passionate about their work — unlike the following folk you’d have to put up with in the traditional 9-5. (more…)

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Slide something better under your favorite scholar's IKEA furniture this year. Image via Flickr.

Slide something better under your favorite scholar’s IKEA furniture this year. Image via Flickr.

As that one friend in grad school often tells you, the pursuit of knowledge often comes at the expense of self-care. If this year’s secret Santa exchange has got you asking “What do you get for the overachieving friend who has everything (and just enrolled in grad school, so is definitely not sleeping)?” we’ve got you covered. These gifts will be sure to soothe anyone who needs a little R&R, but is too zonked out (or broke) to make it happen.

Winter break is the perfect time to uncurl them from their 16-hour post-finals sleep. Let them wake up to your thoughtful gifts for relaxation and rejuvenation from these unique vendors at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas, open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 7pm. (more…)

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Park Slope Santa prefers gluten-free cookies and almond milk. Via Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID

Thinking about tree lightings in New York often triggers memories of that one time you intentionally (or unintentionally) got swallowed up by the tourist mosh pit around the Rockefeller Center tree. That’s not something you ever want to do again.

The Park Slope 5th Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) has the Brooklyn-based antidote. At their annual Small Business Saturday event, they will be lighting a (real) 22 ft. tall Christmas tree with yards on yards on yards of lights that you won’t need an electrical engineering degree to appreciate. The ceremony is from 6:30 p.m to 8 p.m. at JJ Byrne Park, at 5th Ave. and 4th Street, smack dab in the middle of events and discounts all up and down the avenue. And unlike a tree you keep in your fifth-floor walk-up, you won’t have to deal with mouse poop “presents” under the tree or thinking too deeply about the decaying object in your living room. (more…)

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Photo by dpb1183

Photo by dpb1183

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media cultural organization that presents free and low-cost programming to the community.

Created By BlankSlate

Think you’re the next Spike Lee or John Singleton? Here’s your chance —BRIC is having an open call.

“We’re asking filmmakers of color to create an episode of a sci-fi series that depicts Brooklyn between the present day and the year 3000,” says Kecia Elan Cole, BRIC TV senior producer, about the serial series called BK3K. (more…)

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Do you have a zest for life and passion for what you do? Do you want to date similarly oriented people? This new awesome dating app developed in Amsterdam might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The Inner Circle is a “selective dating platform” that vets all the newly registered users, and distances itself from apps like Tinder, Happn, and Once. (more…)

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Download the Nets app now for exclusive offers.

Download the Nets app now for exclusive offers.

The NBA season has kicked into gear and our hometown heroes, the Brooklyn Nets, want your support. We’ve teamed up with them and brokered (ha!) a sweet deal on tickets you won’t find anywhere else, exclusively available through the brand-new Brooklyn Nets app. Available now are special multi-game passes for upcoming games at the Barclays Center at incredible prices — and they’re only available right here! (more…)

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Via KnittingFactory.com

The front room of the venue is ready for your party, with a capacity of 100. Via KnittingFactory.com

Most of you know Knitting Factory as a staple of the New York music scene since the late 80s, hosting concerts by your favorite indie bands in one of the last real rock and roll clubs in the city. But we want you to know that the Williamsburg club is more than a music venue! It’s actually the perfect place for your holiday celebrations, along with its sister restaurant, The Federal. Whether you want to host the annual office party, a fundraiser for your nonprofit, or a large family gathering, the Knitting factory and The Federal will bring on the cheer for you and your crew. (more…)

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Greenpointers Holiday Market 2015.

Greenpointers Holiday Market 2015.

Cozy up and celebrate this Fall season, Urban Frightfest style, with warm libations, food, live music, FREE fun activities, while discovering unique locally crafted items this Sunday (Oct. 30th) from 1-7pm at the Greenpoint Loft.

Wind down from the weekend’s Halloween festivities or warm up before Trick or Treating by hanging out in one of Greenpoint’s most beautiful historic spaces, restored to its pre-war glory. The Greenpoint Loft was once the home of America’s largest rope manufacturer and is now a private event space with views of the East River and Manhattan skyline that is open to the public during our markets! (more…)

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bric brooklyn events

“Dad Day” photo via BRIC TV

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media cultural organization that presents free and low-cost programming to the community.

Created By BlankSlate

Ever wonder what it would be like if CBS comedy Two and a Half Men were set in Brooklyn? Dad Day, debuting this week on BRIC TV, will give you an idea as it follows an anxiety-ridden family man named James, his 5-year-old son Henry, and self-assured bachelor Craig as they navigate an ever-changing Brooklyn and the demands it places on friendship, career and fatherhood. (more…)