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Sponsored By 2016 NYC Dumpling Fest.

We return this year with the message: There's a Chef in EveryONE. Our 6th year is about more than dumplings, it's about you. Proceeds benefit Food Bank for NYC.

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Kids love dumplings. They also love learning new things and playing around in a kitchen. Here’s a chance to combine all three at the Chef One NYC Dumpling Fest, happening Sept. 24 from noon till 5pm in Sara D. Roosevelt Park (on East Houston Between Chrystie and Forsyth in Manhattan).

After all, the theme of this year’s fest is “There’s a chef in everyONE.” The cost of the event is $20, with 100 percent of those proceeds benefiting Food Bank for NYC, which provides 1.5 million meals to hungry New Yorkers each year. (more…)

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Drink like royalty in Queens at the first Queens Beer Fest.

You know by now the Queens beer scene is heating up. The borough is becoming a great destination for beer lovers thanks to its growing number of bars and breweries, and our own Queens Beer Book (still available!) that allows you to try a bunch of those bars and breweries for barely any money. Now you get to see the beer scene in action in a whole new way.

Queens’ first-ever beer festival will be hosted in Long Island City on Oct. 15 and Oct. 16 shining a light on the borough’s growing craft beer scene and all local craft breweries. From 12pm – 6pm, attendees get to sample all Queens-based breweries, plus additions from Brooklyn, The Bronx, Long Island and Staten Island. And we’ve got a special discount for you! Find out how to get it below.  (more…)

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Pratt alumni Kadir Nelson designed Drake's 2013 album art. Catch him in person Saturday. Via Pratt.

Pratt alumni Kadir Nelson designed Drake’s 2013 album art. Catch him in person Saturday. Via Pratt.

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn’s world-famous art and design school, has given us notable alumni in diverse array of fields, from Daniel Clowes, Robert Redford and Betsey Johnson to Stefan Sagmeister, Robert Mapplethorpe and Rob Zombie. The more recent alumni are out there in the world right now creating the next great wave of art, literature and entertainment. But you don’t have to wait long to see what their up to: This Saturday, Pratt invites you to enjoy a free day of festivities that will include an alumni exhibition showcasing the work of more than 65 graduates in galleries across Pratt’s Clinton Hill campus. It also features a conversation with alumnus and acclaimed artist/author Kadir Nelson, who designed the above art for Drake’s 2013 album Nothing Was the Same. We won’t say Nelson started from the bottom, but he’s definitely now here. (more…)

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Get stuffed at Taste WG for a good cause. Photo by Farrah Chamseddine;

Get stuffed at Taste WG for a good cause. Photo by Farrah Chamseddine;

Everyone in the borough knows that North Brooklyn is a hub for good eats and endless booze. Innovative cocktails and delicious food flood the neighborhood with festivals like Smorgasburg, boasting only the latest in culinary trends and taste stylings in the region. However, it’s not often that you get to exercise your stamina for food gluttony while feeling like you are giving back to the community.

The seventh annual Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint strives to do just that. Showcasing 40 of the neighborhoods’ best restaurants on the gorgeous frontier of East River Park on Sept. 18, Taste of W/G flaunts foods and cocktails to hungry patrons, while all proceeds from the festival go to the Firehouse North Brooklyn Community Center. So essentially you are satisfying your cravings while helping a local effort to promote community engagement (aka two birds, one biscuit). Nestled in Williamsburg, The Firehouse North Brooklyn Community Center is located in the former Engine 212 Firehouse at 134 Wythe Avenue and describes itself as “a neighborhood hub for civic and cultural engagement, community gatherings and original arts programming, and provides space for local social justice organizations.“

These neighborhood havens are obviously vital in instilling a stronger sense of community and fostering progressive social action. While funding may be hard to source for the upkeep of these centers, Firehouse North Brooklyn has turned to the area’s hip network of restaurants and bars to exhibit their delicious staples, while having ticket sales funnel back into the center’s development. The Firehouse is home to the Arts Happening Series that include exhibits from local artists from various disciplines, among other programs. And we’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway! Find out how to enter below. (more…)

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cyclones picnic

Families gather in the picnic area to enjoy a meal before the game. Photos via the Cyclones.

Summer in the city isn’t the same without a baseball game, especially making a day of it with a big group. But it’s hard to convince a bunch of friends to drop a month’s rent on Yankees box seats. And no one wants to sit in the nosebleed section of Citi Field. Luckily us Brooklynites have a better option: The Brooklyn Cyclones’ brand new Brooklyn Backyard Picnic area. The Cyclones removed one of their bleachers for the 2016 season and turned it into an events space groups can rent out before the game.

From the moment you enter the private entrance you feel like you’re visiting someone’s yard party, but on a Jay Gatsby scale. There are grills with dozens of dogs and burgers, buffet tables, coolers full of soda and bars dotted all around. But this isn’t just some isolated suburban retreat. You’re right next to the Cyclones outfield, at eye-level with the players. (more…)

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Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media cultural organization that presents free and low-cost programming to the community.

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“We don’t have anything like this in Italy,” filmmaker Marco Napoli said about the free media education courses offered by BRIC, the leading presenter of free cultural programming in Brooklyn.

Napoli, who recently relocated to New York from Rome, traveled from Long Island to the Brooklyn Public Library’s DeKalb branch in Bushwick last month to learn more about the courses. (more…)

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Reuben egg rolls at The Regal make for a heckuva post-bar snack.

Reuben egg rolls at The Regal make for a heckuva post-bar snack.

This post sponsored by The Regal

Amidst a sea of artisanal pizzas, ramen burgers, and gluten free chia bowls, Williamsburg has left few stones unturned when it comes to creative dining. Luck for you, you have us. And we are here to put you onto some otherworldly shit: the Reuben Egg Roll.

That’s right. A Reuben sandwich in. An. Egg roll.

If you’re an avid fan of the hot, melty American classic – often stuffed to absurdity with tons of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing — *ahem* we’re looking at you Carnegie Deli — the classic combo on Rye takes on a new form at The Regal Diner and Cocktail Bar and will absolutely give you life, even into the wee hours (serving food until 3am and cocktails until 4am on weekends) of some of your not so “pinky up nights. Just think about the handheld fried goodness coming your way after hitting local bars. (more…)

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Hot summer streets And the pavements are burning.

Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning.

Between the heat, the politics and the general crappiness of world news overall, summer has definitely been a cruel one. In times like these, it’s easy to give in to the temptation to stay inside, hugging your air conditioner dearly. But what we all really need sometimes is the chance to dance out our feelings. Your best chance to do that this week comes on Friday when our pals at the skint are holding their fourth annual Cruel Summer dance party that will lift you out of the problematic future and take you back to the breezy days of the 1980s, a simpler time when the tunes were cool and Pokemon weren’t around us at all times. It’s got a killer 80s cover band busting out everything from A-ha to Prince, a great DJ and more — and we’ve got a special half-price discount code just for you. (more…)

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A Tentrr campground, all set up for you. Via Tentrr.

A Tentrr campground, all set up for you. Via Tentrr.

The approach to the campsite was hidden in the woods of a remote Catskills neighborhood — we passed it at least once. When we discovered it, we turned our white minivan onto the dirt road and rumbled uphill through the trees. The road turned to grass, but we knew we were on the right track as we could make out two grooves that extended further through a grove of trees.

Beyond the trees was a large field on the crest of a hill. It was foggy and misty when we arrived — we could just make out the field’s size and shape by the line of trees that ran around it. At the far end the rough shape of a valley emerged from the mist. It was mysterious and beautiful, like something from an ’80s fantasy movie. Was all this ours? Yes, it was! At the field’s edge was what we were looking for: our own Tentrr campsite.

We pulled up to the site and hopped out to survey our new home in the wild. It was unmistakable: a handsome square beige canvas tent, like something out of a Napoleonic campaign, stood about three feet off of the ground on a solid wooden platform. Next to it was a custom wooden picnic table, benches and a little wooden cabinet. Nearby was a deep fire pit and a pre-cut pile of wood. Here was our weekend escape from the city, all set up and waiting for us. (more…)