10/31/13 2:41pm
bike-powered generator

You laugh, but you also want to binge on Walking Dead while society collapses

Whether we get another huge hurricane or not, eventually society will blessedly collapse, freeing us from the bonds of rapacious capitalism. But also potentially plunging us into darkness. So if you want your collapsed society but still want the ability to listen to Velvet Undergound records, something like a bike-powered generator could really come in handy, couldn’t it? So someone made a YouTube video showing you just how to do that. (more…)

10/25/13 2:00pm
It could maybe happen, potentially

It could maybe happen, potentially

At the moment you’re broke as hell slaving away at some barely above entry level job, so you live where you can afford and you like it. Someday though, you might actually be looking for a nicer place to live or even a place that’s brand spaking new. Plus given the fact that new housing in Brooklyn is going to keep going up, your chances of landing in a new building are higher than they might seem. But new buildings come with new questions, so Brick Underground answered some of them. Here are the ones we found most interesting. (more…)

10/08/13 10:03am
It doesn't look like much, but let's see you look this good in your 50s. via Flickr user Mike Knell

It doesn’t look like much, but let’s see you look this good in your 40s. via Flickr user Mike Knell

With a 4-year reign as the Straphangers’ “Worst Train Service in NYC”, it’s not easy to understand why anyone would want to live off the C train. And when I first moved from living off the L to living off the C, I thought I knew what I had coming: mechanical breakdowns and long waits. Loud, rickety commutes populated by the fringiest of neighbors. Businesses I would only frequent out of necessity. But after 8 months of calling this little caboose and its territories home, I’m inclined to set the record straight. The C is AWESOME. (more…)

09/23/13 12:16pm
Oh the things you'll learn at the Brooklyn Kitchen. via Facebook

Oh the things you’ll learn at the Brooklyn Kitchen. via Facebook

Remember how cool you used to feel singing along to Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” at the end of the school year? It’s not cool in retrospect, right? What, with all the awesome knowledge out there. Don’t worry. Brooklyn is stuffed full of classes you can take this fall if you’re feeling the back-to-school itch, but didn’t get accepted into that Twitter undergrad program you were so excited about. We’ve gone through those classes on your behalf to get you the low-down on some rad things to learn, like becoming a master chef, producing web casts and even faking your own death. (more…)

09/13/13 2:27pm
If you squatted here, you'd be home by now. via Flickr user NCinDC

If you squatted here, you’d be home by now. via Flickr user NCinDC

New York has high rents. This is a thing we’re all aware of. Another thing that New York has (although not as much as it used to) is vacant property. And if no one is living in abandoned, vacant buildings, why don’t you just do it? Better you fix it up and live there than some bank just sit and let it rot, right? That’s the philosophy one group will be advocating tonight, and you can learn all about it if you stop by their class that will teach you the squatting skills you need to make it in NYC. (more…)

07/25/13 4:55pm


Brooklyn alumna and published author Meghan Doherty has a new book coming out in September entitled How not to be a Dick, which says it all. It’s got some great insight and pretty sweet artwork. In pure Brokelyn style, if you preorder, you get a reduced price! To promote her book, she recently took to the epicenter of dickery, Times Square, to dish out some much-needed but oft-unheeded  advice. Take a look in the video below. (more…)

07/19/13 3:41pm
One of these guys is doing this wrong. Do you know which one? via Flickr's Kilgub.

One of these guys is doing this wrong. Do you know which one? via Flickr’s Kilgub.

Despite the heat wave that makes this feel like living in the hell’s new bbq restaurant, and the Royal Baby fever that is making it feel like we never won our independence from those Brits in the first place, this is still gershderned America. And in America, in summer, you want to be drinking outside, all the time every day. That is of course not legal, and there’s nothing like an open container ticket to ruin an otherwise great summer vibe.

BUT … did you know there is an incredibly easy, two-step process to avoid getting busted by Sgt. Buzz Killington? It’s true! Follow this guide below to power up your summer, smartly: (more…)

07/12/13 8:38am
Always wear a helmet. And a Knicks jersey. Photo by Mary Dorn

Remember: always wear a helmet. And a Knicks jersey. Photo by Mary Dorn

So we’ve had Citi Bike for a little over a month, and we’ve seen people call it a communist/Muslim plot against New York, offshoot Hasidic Jews ask for it, people protest the aesthetics of a moving ad, jerks dump garbage on it and oh, almost 100,000 people sign up for memberships. But, how does the damn thing work as a bike, as opposed to a political football? Great question! The answer is…it’s alright, kind of. If you don’t have a bike. (more…)

This block could be your life. Photo by Charlie Russell

This block could be your life. Photo by Charlie Russell

Sponsored By Ideal Properties Group.

Nobody is better equipped to help you make your messy roommate history than Ideal Properties Group

Moving, be it from out of state or while you’re already living here, can be a real pain. What makes Brooklyn’s neighborhoods different from each other, aside from different levels of being expensive? Well, we’ve got people who’ve lived all over this borough and are more than happy to share their insider neighborhood knowledge with you. First up: the bucolic brownstone streets of Fort Greene! (more…)

07/10/13 9:39am
You could make an awesome piece of art like this. If only you had some money! Via BAC Facebook page

You could make an awesome piece of art like this. If only you had some money! Via BAC Facebook page

Admit it, you’re broke and don’t have the funds for your experiential light installation, audio masterpiece or (insert awesome art form here). You can lighten the burden by doing things like making your own canvasses and printing out giclees yourself, but getting a budget that doesn’t include the money from your three or four day jobs is helpful. Brushes, paint and equipment (or rehearsal space for the Mark Morris aspirants) costs moolah and grants can lighten that load. How do you go about getting one though? We spoke to a couple of experts about navigating the world of applying for grants. (more…)