12/05/16 1:37pm
Remember the kneady.

Remember the kneady.

$230, if this report from the NY Post today is to be believed. The Post’s Brad Hamilton went undercover at a suss new “massage parlor” on tony Smith Street in Cobble Hill. He confirmed it was “a bordello barely masquerading as a massage spa,” with several online sex-seeking ads that also pointed to the location. Hamilton paid $50 for an hour-long massage, and then $180 for the, uh, bonus service that involved nudity, breast touching and a condom. At least it’s not another bank? (more…)

10/17/16 3:00pm
Nets gain: Your IDNYC will get you 25 percent off Barclays Center tickets

25 percent off this expensive haus? Not bad. via Flickr user Adrian Kinloch

If you haven’t got your IDNYC card yet, now’s as good a time as any to make the schlep. It’s barely a schlep, anyway; the ID is free, and there won’t be long lineups to get one since you’re so late to the party yourself.

Why now? Well, IDNYC has always boasted discounts at a number of cultural institutions — free one-year memberships at the Botanic Gardens, BAM and the Brooklyn Museum, for example — but now, your IDNYC also makes up for in sports game discounts what it lacks in sensible function. You get 25 percent off Barclays Center tickets! (more…)

09/14/16 3:40pm
Stacks on stacks on stacks. Via Verso Books.

Stacks on stacks on stacks. Via Verso Books.

In the midst of all this political razzmatazz where Hillary is tripping (literally) and Trump is mongering (lying) you know what Brooklyn needs? Socialism! Or at least a jolt of philosophical thought from the mother of all leftist political book-sellers, Brooklyn’s Verso Books, which is holding a huge 50 percent-off sale right now. You can get books that are 100+ pages of feminist thought, social critique and architectural analysis for as low as $5. Are we lighting your liberal arts souls on fire yet? (more…)

09/02/16 11:41am
Okay, you win this round, Uber. via Gilt City

Okay, you win this round, Uber. via Gilt City

If you read us, you know we spend a lot of time railing against our least favorite Not Car Service, Uber. And for good reason: they’re more expensive than yellow taxis, soft Brooklyn depends on them like whiny babies, and most recently, they’re poised to drive up MTA fares like crazy.

But we also can’t resist a good deal, so begrudgingly we share the following news: Starting Friday, September 2 at 8pm until Monday, September 5 at 11:59pm, you can take a shared Uber anywhere in Brooklyn for $5 flat.

Yes anywhere, and yes $5. Sadly there’s no catch, besides the silent demerit points you rack up with us every time you take an Uber. You’ve gotta share the car with total strangers, sure, and it’ll take you an extra hour to get home if you end up riding with someone going to the opposite end of Brooklyn, but these are the small concessions we make to get in on cheap cab fare. If you absolutely neeeed a pal with you in the car, additional riders are $1.

Happy Labor day riding, folks. We’ll see you in the regular subway system on Tuesday morning.

08/17/16 3:21pm
It's National Thrift Store Day! Make like Macklemore and pop some tags. Photo by Jess Keefe.

It’s National Thrift Store Day! Make like Macklemore and pop some tags. Photo by Jess Keefe.

It seems like every day there’s a new made-up holiday. Some of them, it’s hard to figure out the motivation behind why they exist, like, National Middle Child Day, for example, which apparently was on Aug. 12. Others, it’s obvious were created with the intention of getting us to buy shit. At least today’s fake holiday, #NationalThriftStoreDay, is in the name of a good cause, encouraging the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

And in New York, donateNYC has taken the reins, partnering with dozens of secondhand stores around the city where you can either donate goods or purchase them used. Today’s efforts are also in support of the city’s 0x30 initiative, which sets the goal that by the year 2030, New Yorkers will contribute zero waste to the city’s landfills.

If the mission behind #NationalThriftStoreDay isn’t enough to incentivize you, there are a few deals to get you out there thriftin’ and giftin’. And hey, today could be the day you finally find that perfect vintage summer dress. (more…)

07/12/16 2:28pm
If only Biggie were still alive today to see these BIG discounts. via screenshot.

If only Biggie were still alive today to see these BIG discounts. via screenshot.

Amazon Prime Day is today and it’s the most nakedly modern holiday, in that it’s entirely built around separating you from your money as you buy crap you probably don’t need (and it skips the pretenses of being tied to religion or appreciating your mother). The day is filled with deals if you’re an Amazon Prime member, and the deals this year seem to be actually decent compared to last year’s yard sale of trash. Do we like Amazon, they of the war against publishers and awful work conditions? IDK any more but it is my no. 1 place to get episodes of The Flash so maybe it’s a little ok.

So we’ll let others point you to the best deals overall: You’re here because you’re asking yourself: How can I use my membership to this internet superstore to get crap that shows how much I love Brooklyn? Well here are the best (relatively) Brooklyn-related items to spend your money on. (more…)

06/24/16 1:04pm
Transmitter Park in Greenpoint is one of the places to catch free outdoor yoga this summer. Via goodyoga.

Transmitter Park in Greenpoint is one of the places to catch free outdoor yoga this summer. Via goodyoga.

It’s a stressful time in the world right now, what with a Brexit shaking up the world economy and a somber Pride weekend kicking off, not to mention the overstuffed man suit alien Men in Black currently running for president as a Republican. On top of all that, you have your job, which maybe doesn’t give you as much outside or active time as you’d like to have this summer.

The good news is you can de-stress yourself for free before, after and during work all summer long thanks to a big selection of free yoga classes around Brooklyn, most of them outdoors too. You can get up early to do a lotus pose in Prospect Park, pop by BRIC for a free lunch stretch accompanied by music or check out the Navy Yard’s new boardwalk/landscape to do some downward facing dog after you clock out. Here’s how to do free yoga nearly every day of the week this summer. (more…)

06/23/16 1:50pm
Cyclone: You don't look a day over 80. Via Luna Park.

Happy birthday, Cyclone:! You don’t look a day over 80. Via Luna Park.

Few beloved things in this city can turn 89 years old without fear of being replaced by a bank or turned into a condo. Luckily for us, the Coney Island Cyclone is protected from such a fate: The iconic wooden roller coaster has been a New York City landmark since 1988, meaning it’s not going to be replaced by a White Castle any time soon. The ride, one of the Truly Best Things in Brooklyn, turns 89 on Sunday. To celebrate, Luna Park is giving out free rides.  (more…)

06/16/16 11:31am
James Hook, a dad, wants to iron your clothes, just like your real dad. Via Pete's Candy Store.

James Hook, a dad, wants to iron your clothes, just like your real dad. Via Pete’s Candy Store.

At the intersection where performance art meets downright helpful chore-doing we find this new installment/service at Pete’s Candy Store. Pete’s is known for its cool events, its diabolically difficult trivia night and for having a nice backyard in which to hang. Now it’s the place to get your clothes ironed, for free, while you drink. Greenpoint dad James Hook told the Brooklyn Paper he loves ironing so much he wanted to bring it into a public forum, and is offering to do it for free every Tuesday night in July, from 9pm-midnight.

“I love ironing, I really do,” Hook, who works at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden when he isn’t ironing for his three kids, told the paper. “I feel in order to perfect it, I need to bring it into a public forum — I feel you need to have people judging your work beyond your friends and family.” (more…)

06/08/16 1:44pm
Show off your tattoos to get free drinks at this new East Village bar

Black Rose love tattoos, just like bartenders worldwide (this pic is from Spain). Via Flickr user jclabarca.

Tattoos are great for scene cred but that and a bag of nickels still aren’t enough to buy you a tube of Bacitracin to take care of your ink. They can cost a lot but they’re also a way to shortcut your fear of commitment and do something you’ll be forced to live with for the rest of your life, however long it will take to explain that Mooninites tattoo to your grandchildren. So to celebrate the body-art-positive people of New York City, newly opened East Village spot Black Rose is offering a “free drink with your ink” tattoo tuesday specials.  (more…)