04/16/14 9:14am

Mention Brokelyn through May 15 for 20% off a cut and/or color at Beehive Salon in Williamsburg

Spring in Brooklyn is about drinking outside, in as little clothing as possible, charged with a sense of renewal and possibility about life. Especially after all these rough winter months, we might need a little more than cold beer and sun on our faces to recover. Brokelyn is here to help by offering three killer Wiliamsburg beauty deals between now and May 15.  Here are three spots to freshen your skin, brighten your hair, and soothe your muscles before venturing out and attempting to mingle with other humans again. Starting today through May 15, first time clients can mention Brokelyn at Beehive Salon, Massage Williamsburg and Skin by Molly to receive big discounts.  (more…)

04/15/14 4:21pm
tattoo removal

This will never wind up being a mistake!

Say, like New York Times executive editor Jill Ambramson or certain employees of Brokelyn LLC, you once went out and got a tattoo of the place that you work for. But then you end up getting fired in disgrace and you’re stuck with the tattoo forever, like certain employees of Brokelyn LLC constantly fear. What do you do? You get this Groupon for tattoo removal and fix your terrible mistake. We can’t help you with the rest of the ways you’ve screwed your life up, but we can at least help with this. (more…)

04/14/14 1:38pm
fit and flow yoga

You’ll be able to hear them now. via Facebook

The virtues of acupuncture have been extolled for centuries. Its healing properties notwithstanding, it’s even better with a discount, and that’s something to be happy about.

Every Saturday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm, Fit and Flow Yoga (65 Maspeth Avenue, Suite B) is letting you take advantage of  inexpensive ear acupuncture happy hour, which “sounds” painful but is really cool if you’re into non-traditional healing techniques. And at just $20, the happy hour experience is pointedly cheaper than their usual $80 -$90 service. (more…)

04/14/14 12:53pm
brooklyn game lab

Look how much fun these two are having! via Facebook

It’s spring, and you’re feeling a tingle in your loins that isn’t just Gold Bond. And sure you could just spend your days swiping right on Tider, desperately hoping you’ll find love that way. Or you could try for actual human contact, which is what you’re gonna have to do when you meet your Tinder date anyway. For instance, you could do a speed dating game night at the Brooklyn Game Lab in Park Slope on Thursday. And if you’re a dude, you can do it for free, because while women have signed up eagerly while men have not, leaving the organizers scrambling to get dates for these women. (more…)

04/14/14 7:53am
juan lagares

Brokelyn: Still your number one source for cheap lifestyle tips/Juan Lagares boosterism

It’s a young baseball season, anything is possible and the Mets are…not horrible. May as well celebrate that fact and watch Juan Lagares patrol center field like a boss then. And you can do it for less than five dollars this weekend, because the Mets are celebrating what would be the 50th anniversary of Shea Stadium (if it was still with us) with tickets priced like it’s 1964. What’s that mean for you? $3.50 cheap seat tickets for this weekend’s series agains the hated Atlanta Braves. Beer is still 2014 prices, sadly, but at least you can buy more with all the money you save on tickets. (more…)

04/11/14 1:14pm
nyc sword classes

They’ll never see it coming!

Despite the fact that New York City is historically safe, it doesn’t mean that there’s no danger around here. Someone might follow you home and punch you in the back of the head for no reason. Or you might get shaken down for just five dollars. Given all the danger around here, and New York’s strict gun control laws, you need to find a different way to protect yourself. Hey, how about swords? Don’t know how to use one? Now you can learn on the cheap, thanks to a Groupon for three samurai sword classes at Sword Class NYC for just $30. (more…)

04/09/14 3:13pm
execution rocks lighthouse

Possibly you’ll be haunted by vengeful Revolutionary War ghosts, but whatever, it’s just $300. via Lighthouse Restorations

Thinking of all the summer trips you’d like to take this summer before remembering that you’re poor as hell and you aren’t going anywhere? Us too. That could change though, because we’ve just been alerted (via Untapped Cities) to the Execution Rocks Lighthouse, a possibly haunted lighthouse in the Long Island House that you can stay in for just $300 per night. It’s like an island getaway, except you’ll be kept awake and terrified by the ghosts of executed American Revolutionary War soldiers. But hey, beats taking a Greyhound Bus to the Jersey sure, are we right?? (more…)

04/07/14 3:07pm
Looks nice enough to us

Looks nice enough to us

It’s the same story every time. You buy some toads to put in your fish tank because the guy at the pet store told you they were African dwarf frogs. But then time goes on and they start destroying things and raising hell and scaring the hell out of your fish and eating them sometimes too, and you realize you’ve been sold Hypnotoads. Erm, African claw frogs.

Well, maybe this hasn’t happened to you, but it happened to someone in Sunset Park, and you can reap the rewards of the situation by getting a couple of free toads for yourself. Seems like a good deal to us, provided you don’t have tiny fish the toads might eat. Or maybe you hate the fish, in which case hey, win-win.

04/04/14 2:46pm

Ain’t no party like a piñata party. Photo by Megan Lovett

You need certain things to have a really, really good party. A disco ball. A willingness for your party guests to take their pants off. Kickin’ jams. Tons of beers. Another thing that will help you achieve party success is a piñata, but how can you afford that if you’ve spent all your money on booze? Well, you can head to Manhattan this weekend, where someone is giving away hundreds of piñatas. Enough piñatas, in fact, to fill up three entire rooms. (more…)

04/02/14 2:10pm

Clinton Hill listing 4:2

Winter was a fucking downer but April is looking up. And if you avoid moving into a renovated high-rise, you can be, too! Opt out of the shiny-faucet condo life this spring and check out these lowdown townhouses up for grabs on the market today. Real estate is no stranger to the old saying that good things come in threes, it seems—most of the best deals from our real estate listings this week are on 3-bedroom apts. (more…)