07/31/15 4:13pm
Hang out in a dark theater watching porn, and have it be totally cool. via Facebook

Hang out in a dark theater watching porn, and have it be totally cool. via Facebook

Hey there, person who misses the Old New York. We know you miss the cheap rent and Ed Koch looming over your bed every morning to scream “How’m I doing?” as a wake up call. Do you also miss watching porno in a movie theater with other perve- uh we mean “sex positive humans”? Great, because you’ve got a chance to do that soon, as Dan Savage’s ordinary folks porn film festival HUMP! is coming to Brooklyn in August. Even better, if you use our new cheap tickets portal that we have on the top of the site, you can even get tickets to it cheaper than usual. (more…)

Just tell everyone you caught a mermaid. via Instagram

Just tell everyone you caught a mermaid. via Instagram

We’re super bummed to see Shwick Market closing. The organizers were genuine, they hired Richard Burroughs (of Dick & Dave fame) every weekend for their musical needs, participated in Bushwick Open Studios and the goods were a cornucopia of strange, random, delicious and useful. But now they’re closing, and part of that involves trimming the fat by selling off a bunch of stuff they don’t need anymore.

Don’t think of it as a yard sale, consider this a fundraiser as the organizers affable Christopher Carew and his wife are looking for another venue to keep the market of makers alive. Help jumpstart their relaunch by buying the random trappings of a Brooklyn-born flea market. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate, because we can’t imagine this stuff will be available all that long. Shwick’s Facebook page has a list of what they’re selling off, but we picked our favorite things we think you should grab at their closing sale, like a mermaid cutout, a Ms. Pac-Man machine and even a bouncy castle: (more…)

You're not too proud for free stuff, are ya?

You’re not too proud for free stuff, are ya?

It’s a magical time of year. No not just summer, but Brooklyn Pride Week, where Brooklyn’s LGBTQ community and their pals celebrate the fact that they can be out and proud and valued members of the community. Unsurprisingly, Park Slope’s Babeland location,as accepting and chill a place in Brooklyn, is celebrating the occasion. How? The best way they know how, by giving away vibrators! (more…)

05/28/15 3:59pm
This could be us but you playin

This could be us but you playin

Tired of the same old bullshit chairs in your apartment? Looking for something that will be unique AND bring the childhood traumas of your guests up to the surface? Look no farther than Bushwick, where for the price of a truck big enough to transport them, you can have these two electric dental chairs. They’re perfect for reenacting that cinematic classic The Dentist or even its sequel, The Dentist 2. (more…)

05/04/15 3:07pm
The backyard at j'eatjet, your new summer hideaway.

There’s a drink on the house waiting for your mom at j’eatjet.

Do you hail from Long Island? Is your Mom just across the Hudson? Maybe you’re a local, born just around the corner. Maybe you’re even married to a mom and you haven’t become a shut-in yet. No matter which reluctant train ride you’re all-too-familiar-with or which sad excuses for last-minute gifts you usually scoop up at the bodega, we’re here to save your Mother’s Day weekend.

The dream of the perfect Mother’s Day is alive in Brooklyn: Pick up a Brooklyn Cocktail Book for only $20 and pair brunch with 2-for-1 cocktails at bars and restaurants across the borough! Order by Wednesday, May 6, and we guarantee you’ll have it in your mailbox by Saturday afternoon.

Picture this: it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re kicking back at your favorite neighborhood cocktail barYou’re enjoying an oh-so-spicy margarita or the perfect Greyhound, basking in having not left the city, and Mom is reveling in adult time with her favorite offspring (and finally being invited to hang with you). The best part? You’re buying, but Mom’s drinks are free.

Bonus? You’ll keep the rest of the vouchers, just in time for summer drinking. It’s the gift that gives back! To you!

Castello Plan. via Facebook

Drinks for two at the Castello Plan. via Facebook

Find picture-perfect cocktails and bangin’ brunch at the below bars, just a few of the spots featured in our Cocktail Book:

Abilene • The Castello Plan • Fort Defiance • The Great Georgiana • Hunter’s • J’eatjet? • Lea • quarter Bar • The Saint Catherine • Sea Witch Tavern 

Alternately, maybe you’re, like, 30-ish. Maybe a fair number of your lady friends fill your Facebook feed with shaky videos of giggling babies in place of the bar bathroom selfies of yesteryear. If you’ve got a gal who needs a drink (or 40) in your life, why not gift her with half-price cocktails that the two of you can enjoy together? There’s nothing like a sweet gift that prompts endless opportunities for BFF-dates.

What are you waiting for?

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You have to do the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done at some point in your life. May as well be today. via Facebook

Despite all the damage George Lucas did to the mythos by introducing things like midichlorians, child actors and Jar Jar Binks to the universe, people still love Star Wars. And why not, it’s great! People also love memes and wordplay, so May the 4th (see it sounds like “May the Force”) has become an unofficial holiday on the internet and in real life. If tweeting “May the 4th be with you” isn’t going far enough for you, might we suggest getting one of the special Star Wars tattoos being offered today only at Tattoo Wonderland. It’s easier than making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, we know that much. (more…)

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Set a good example for the children. via Facebook

Riding a bike in the city is one of life’s great joys, provided that you can deal with the drivers and the potholes and the police. Yes, even with all that it’s still very nice, but it should be noted that the drivers and the potholes could help give you some serious brain damage or even kill you. Get some protection for that skull of yours (it houses your brain, after al) without having to pay for it this Thursday when the Department of Transportation gives out free helmets at the Brooklyn Public Library’s main branch. You can use the money saved to buy yourself some tubes for the inevitable pothole-caused flat tire. (more…)

04/30/15 9:35am
carvel free cone day

Yours, all yours, for nothing. via Facebook

Whether you fall on the side of liking Ben and Jerry’s or like Tim, think it’s “the Huffington Post of desserts,” the one thing we can all agree on is that their free cone day doesn’t always come at the right time. Early April just isn’t always a time when people think of ice cream and shorts and warmth. Luckily, there are other free cone days to take advantage of, like Carvel’s free cone day that’s happening today from 3pm to 8pm. More luckily, there are plenty of Carvel locations in Brooklyn (and incidentally none in Times Square), so getting your free ice cream doesn’t mean extra time in Manhattan. (more…)

04/28/15 2:34pm
bartolo colon

See smirking baseball demon Bartolo Colon and the rest of the Mets for so cheap you’ll be able to afford two beers at the game. via Facebook

Well, it finally happened. After years of posts about cheap Mets tickets talking about how maybe if everything went right things could okay, or at least justifying bad baseball with the fact that it was affordable, the Mets are good. The Mets are so good in fact, that they’re currently the best team in baseball, both on the field and on Twitter. Fortunately, their newfound success hasn’t meant tickets are more expensive (yet), and the Mets’ latest ticket deal has managed to lower prices for Thursday night’s game against the hated Washington National to an astounding $4 in some sections. We’re not talking cheap seats either, we’re talking seats so close that you can holler at the coward Bruce Harper and he’ll hear you. (more…)

04/20/15 4:13pm
It's not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.

It’s not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.

Ah, the old “pool on the roof” bit. Great way to trick freshmen and other newcomers, but would also be nice if there really was a pool on the roof in some buildings. Oh hey, look at that, there are and even though it’s buildings in Manhattan, you can get some deals that allow you to swim in them for as low as $15. Looks like you’ve got a new place to workout this summer, if that’s the kind of thing you do. (more…)