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Enter the contest for a chance to leave your paw print on a neighborhood sign  image via Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

Enter the contest for a chance to leave your paw print on a local business. Image via Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

Do you share an equal love of dogs and design? Cats and calligraphy? Well, here’s an opportunity for you: Who’s Your Doggy, the popular Brooklyn pet shop with locations in Bed-Stuy and Fort Greene, is seeking a creative individual to design a permanent sign for their recently opened storefront at 354 Myrtle Ave. Last week, the pet supply and grooming center put out a call for submissions for the design; the winner, besides getting the opportunity to leave a mark on the neighborhood, will receive a $50 gift card to any business on Myrtle Avenue between Classon and Flatbush Aves (which makes up the Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District). (more…)

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brooklyn dog runs

Your pup will jump for joy when you bring her to one of these dog runs or off-leash areas. All photos by Kirsten White

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You and your mutt can only play fetch for so long in your apartment’s 10 feet of common area before you’ll both literally run into the wall. Now that it’s summer, you’ve got no excuse not to get off your haunches and bound into the great outside! Whether catatonic in the coffice or comatose on the couch, you’ve both been cooped up for too long and are in great need of some Vitamin D(og). Don’t despair, we’ve made a list of seven of our favorite North Brooklyn dog runs and off-leash areas where you both can run around free.  (more…)

That suitcase could be your keyboard, but only when you really need to use it.

Are YOU the future owner this cat is ignoring? via Craigslist

Update: The Craiglist poster says she found homes for both this cat and a second one that magically appeared where she had found the first one. If you were ready to welcome a new cat into your home though, check out places like Brooklyn Animal Action or Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition. They’re almost always overflowing with pets looking to be your new owner.
Someone with terrible cat karma abandoned an adorable kitty after moving out of a Lefferts Gardens apartment last week. Shannon, a resident of the building, created a Craigslist ad hoping someone will help kitty out after she found her in the lobby. Shannon the Cat Rescuer called animal control but was told the cat would have to be euthanized within 72 hours if she wasn’t adopted. There’s no room in any of the city’s no-kill animal shelters and Shannon can’t keep a pet in her apartment, so things are getting desperate.

This is where you come in. We know you need someone to watch the Girls premier with this Sunday, and this cat needs someone to snuggle with and ignore simultaneously. The Craigslist post describes the cat as super affectionate, so she might not openly resent you for speaking to her in a patronizing baby voice while making her wear little hats. A cat that doesn’t bite you for dressing her in dumb outfits is pretty rare, so this master-human relationship is alive with pawssibility. Email Shannon the Cat Rescuer if you’re ready for a new best friend or have any ideas of how to help out.

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Make sure your dog is comfortable wearing this

Make sure your dog is comfortable wearing this

You’ve got a dog, and having a dog costs money. And time. And while having a dog provides you with companionship and something laugh at while high that won’t get it’s feelings hurt, doesn’t it ever feel like your dog could be doing more for you? Well now, thanks to a mysterious Craigslist offer asking to rent your dog, it can do more for you. (more…)

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There’s nothing like a good cat lady joke, but behind the laughter, there can be a terrible truth: hoarding cats isn’t just gross and weird, it’s cruel to the cats. How is a a person supposed to legitimately take care of ten, fifteen, thirty cats in even the best conditions? You can’t, and it only gets worse when something like Hurricane Sandy comes along. The ASPCA rescued thirty cats from a hoarder in the wake of Sandy, and after giving them the proper medical care, the cats are ready for someone nice like you to take them home this weekend. Won’t you help? (more…)

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Today we name our pets "Pasta Batman," tomorrow, our children. Via TVRefill.

Today we name our pets “Pasta Batman.” Tomorrow, our children. Via TVRefill.

Coco, Jackson, Ripley, Phoenix, Atticus, and Prince. These aren’t names taken from a Park Slope first grade roster, they’re among the most popular dog names in New York. Just in case you were wondering how original or unoriginal your totally creative historically referenced dog name is, Dogs of NYC has sifted through the city’s dog license data to bring you the top ten dog names in various categories. (more…)

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Open your hearts for a girl and her dog. via Gayla Kitaro

If you find yourself literally unsettled in Brooklyn and in need of a couch to crash on, not to be confused with surf on (because this wave of misfortune has already toppled you) how do you impose upon your friends without irrevocably damaging relationships?

My roommates and I were running from a roach-infested apartment still harboring the remnants of recently evicted hoarders one flight down and a landlord who was far from sympathetic.

How did we end up in this situation? After all, two of us graduated from Oberlin! Our first mistake was signing on the place the day we saw it. Hasty and foolish, yes, but after an exhausting (two day) search, this was the best four bedroom we’d seen, and right in the heart of Bedford Ave’s commercial district in Bed-Stuy. (more…)

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FOUND: The chicken on the left. Though we haven’t ruled out that this is a ploy to show off the finder’s garden.

Apparently, raising chickens has become such a thing in Brooklyn that now there are lost chickens. Either that or this one moved here to try out for the red hot Brooklyn Nest. (Rim shot!) This daring rescue of an extremely free range chicken is just in from the Flatbush Family Network:

Anyone lose a chicken?
Hey all, a friend called me since I have a chicken and I went and picked up a very sweet and beautiful lady off of 18th ave and 8th st. She has a string tied around her leg, and part of her top beak is broken. She is very very friendly. She is hangin out in my coop having a snack and clucking with Penelope. Let me know if she flew your coop! -Jenn

To reunite with your runaway bird, email Jenn and just be glad one of our charming foodies didn’t find it first or this might have happened instead. And in case you missed our very subtle attempt to seed a “Why did the chicken move to Brooklyn” joke genre, the best answer  in the comments wins a Brokelyn t-shirt.

Photo by Andrew Bardwell

Photo by Andrew Bardwell

If you’ve been neglecting some basic four-legged-friend maintenance, Saturday is your chance to make good. The ASPCA is hosting a block party and a day of free animal care in front of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza. There will be neutering and spaying for all pets, free micro-chipping & vaccinations for pit bulls and pit bull-mixes, and a chance to talk to pet-care and pet-behavior experts. And the fun doesn’t end with humane sterilization. (more…)

chickprofileSee an ad for “BROOKLYN CHICKS/ eggs eggs eggs” in a classified section, and you might assume it’s a call for NYU fertility subjects. Or maybe that was only back before big-city backyard farmers started landing top-name book deals. These days, you might well see the ad for what it is: an offer for a locally-laid breakfast. Urban chicken-keepers are hatching from their shells all over Brooklyn. What’s the draw? Some surprisingly likable pets and, of course, those incredible, edible eggs. Here’s a look at how one Brooklyn chicken-keeper does it. (more…)