Your new best friend, after the Earth of course

Your new best friend, after the Earth of course

On Earth Day (April 22), you can celebrate the Earth, celebrate sustainability and celebrate yourself all at once: Babeland in Park Slope is giving away free Solar Bullet vibrators to the first 25 people who walk in the store! Doors open at noon, so take an extra long lunch if you need to rush down to Babeland door for your free sex toy. And don’t forget to properly recycle  your old battery-powered devices so you do something good for the Earth while doing something goof for yourself.


prospect park west bike lane

Maths say these people aren’t causing more traffic. via Flickr user

Since it was dropped on to the poor disenfranchised people of Park Slope, the Prospect Park West bike lane has been a contentious battleground of the city’s transportation policy. And because they’re here to use math to tell us all what’s what, the nerds at FiveThirtyEight took a look at how bike lanes affect traffic patterns around the country, including the PPW one. Their conclusion based on data from the city government? Traffic hasn’t become significantly worse since the bike lane opened. (more…)


Imagine this, but on a sultry nuit in Paris

Brooklyn isn’t just a place, it’s a state of mind. You can already drink a “Park Slope Collins” at Bar Brooklyn in Sweden, get a Brooklyn-style haircut at Chop-Chop salon in Moscow and soon, there’ll be another target on the BK invasion: a market modeled after the Park Slope food coop in Paris. Grub Street reports that two American ex-pats Tom Boothe and Brian Horihan are opening “Coopérative La Louve” in Northern Paris, the latest stop on Brooklyn brand’s world tour.


lulu's toys and cuts

No anal bleaching here, no sir. via Facebook

You guys put a lot of thought into your WiFi name? Obviously it can be fun to name it after an inside joke or after your favorite canceled sci-fi show (miss you, Firefly). That being said, we’ve never heard of someone launching a campaign of psychological terror with a WiFi name, like a neighbor of Park Slope children’s hair salon Lulu’s Cuts and Toys has, by naming their WiFi “Lulu’s Anal Bleaching.” Oh Park Slope, never change. (more…)

Babeland puts the fun back into sex.

Your high school “health” teacher doesn’t know these tricks.

Everyone could use a new bedroom groove now and again, whether you’re paired off or still playing around. Why not bone up on your skills at Babeland? We’re giving away two pair of tickets (normally $20 a piece) to Babeland‘s newest workshop, Hot Tips for Bedroom Bliss, taking place March 19. Spend an hour picking up new tips on female pleasure, including oral sex, bedroom toys and other ideas for getting the most out of every romp.

You gotta be an e-mail subscriber to win. Sign up here and click the link in tomorrow’s e-mail to enter. That’s it! We’ll pick two winners next Monday, March 17, at noon.

Babeland is also giving all Brokelyn readers a $5 discount to the workshop. Just visit the event’s Eventbrite page and enter the code “broke” to get the discount.

Keep an eye out for the newsletter every Thursday in your mailbox. Lots more getaways to come.

franny's mushroom pizza

For some Brokelyn staff, anything with mushrooms is a controversial pick for the tournament. via Facebook

If you aren’t a college basketball fan, you probably didn’t realize that March Madness is right around the corner. If you are a college basketball fan, you already know that, since you’ve chewed off your fingernails from nerves in the march towards the tournament. But fan or no, the one thing we can all agree on is that pizza is great, but none of us can agree on which kind of pizza is the best. Park Slope fancy pizza place franny’s is bringing cold hard economics into it though, with a sales-based Sweet Sixteen tournament starting next Monday. Will Dick Vitale be there to howl while you try to eat? Maybe! (more…)

park slope food co-op

There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday night, probably. We just can’t think of any. via @miriamkrule

Yesterday, while the more sane among you were live-tweeting The Bachelor (or live-tweeting NHL players’ live-tweeting it), hugging your families, making not very good pasta sauce or working, the Park Slope Food Co-op debated whether or not they would stop giving out free plastic produce bags. Slate’s Miriam Krule is a member, and being a journalist, decided to do some citizen journalism by live-tweeting the entire meeting. Krule’s tweets are the final chapter in the story of the last famous blow by blow account of a PSFC meeting, that also happened to be about plastic bags. (more…)

four & twenty blackbirds

There’s a rumor the cafe will come with a “Pie in exchange for overdue books” program. Photo by Marcus Nilsson, via Facebook

Going to the library is great way to get educated and and a geat wat to stay involved in your community. And once March comes around, it’s gonna be a great place to eat delicious pies, because Melissa and Emily Elsen of Four & Twenty Blackbirds are taking over the cafe in the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Because pies, like reading, are fundamental. (more…)

park slope united methodist church book sale

People at last year’s book sale looking for good books to give a good home to. via Facebook

If there’s one thing I envy about Christianity, it’s that churches know how to party. After seeing a thrift store underneath one, a pop-up restaurant inside another one and an NYU dorm disguised as one, and I’m officially jealous. And starting Thursday night, the Park Slope Methodist Church’s annual book sale is all set to be another must-attend event for socialites, Brooklynites, and neophytes alike—not to mention people who still read hard-copy books. (more…)

park slope

What kind of longing for something new exists behind these brownstone doors? via Flickr user Wally Gobetz

A couple summers ago, we had some fun at author Amy Sohn’s expense, after she wrote a rather tame article about how all of her Park Slope friends were sluts and dope addicts, despite a lack of much sex or drugs. But, if the New York Post, is to be believed, Park Slope really is full of slutty spouses, because the neighborhood leads New York in most members registered to married person affair website Ashley Madison.  (more…)