video gallery

Goodbye to all this. via Facebook

One of the drawbacks of living in an age where we can all binge watch Netflix without pants or forced social contact is the disappearance of video shops. Park Slope Stoop reports the pantless Netflixing that defines our era has likely claimed Video Gallery (316 7th Avenue), Park Slope’s last movie rental store, after 15 years in business. (more…)

lefferts community food co-op

Thrill to the minutiae of running a grocery store…but not in Park Slope! via Facebook

If there’s one thing that Park Slope has been lording over us for lo this many years, it’s their fancy food co-op, full of Daily Show segments, ridiculous arguments, celebrities skipping work shifts and low prices on food, that last one being most important of all. People in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens got sick of Park Slope’s shit though, so they’re opening their own food co-op this year, the Lefferts Community Food Co-op, according to DNA Info. (more…)

freddy's bar

Bring some meat, it’s welcome here. via Facebook

Look, this Monday’s Labor Day, and we get it; for most people, this means that it’s time to regret that you once again called it the “Summer of YOUR NAME” and didn’t actually go skydiving, learn to play an instrument, or get anywhere near sculpting that beach body. It’s also the time of year when you’re likely to walk into your local pharmacy and see decorations for Halloween and beyond for sale in the seasonal section which goddamnit, already, really? That’s okay, because Freddy’s (627 5th Avenue, South Slope) is here to help, with a free Labor Day BBQ. (more…)


Roundy bartooned our own Tim Donnelly at our Beer Book release party at The Graham earlier this year

Some bars just look better on paper. Without the sticky floors, rowdy ex-frat boys and frustrated bartenders, your favorite bar sounds so much more idyllic. Bar Scrawl illustrates Brooklyn bars in their most perfect states, in a series of comics that bring you to your favorite drinking establishments without the tab.

Bill Roundy, also known as the artist behind Bar Scrawl, will be exhibiting his drawings at South Slope bar Supercollider (609 4th Avenue) for the month of September! Head out on Friday, September 5 for the opening reception, where you can drink a selection of 18 beers, the taps of which have already been illustrated by Roundy himself. (more…)


Keep calm, please don’t break our door down you maniacs. via Instagram

We don’t know what it is about Nutella that makes people INSANE for it (is it the Kobe endorsement?), but that’s what it does, and we can live with that. What we’re unsure of is whether Nutella fans in Brooklyn will be able to keep it together now that the word is out, courtesy of Park Slope Stoop, that a Nutella bar is going to open in Park Slope soon. (more…)

boing boing park slope

No longer at your cervix. via Facebook

Hey, remember Boing Boing, the Park Slope breastfeeding boutique that offered discounts to lesbian couples and whose owner wrote about the possibility of being priced out of Park Slope? That possibility has become a reality it turns out, because according to Here’s Park Slope, owner Karen Paperno is closing Boing Boing’s doors in order to focus on a charity trip to Haiti. (more…)

monro pub

Just imagine there’s an audience there, and then imagine them in their underwear if you’re nervous. Photo by Dominic Perri, via Facebook

Are you the resident cutup at parties? Do you have ideas for great stories kicking around in that noggin of yours, aching to be freed? Have you lost the attention of all your friends and are just desperate for an audience, any audience, because you have things to SAY damnit, and people have to hear those things?

You’re in luck because, starting tonight, The Monro Pub (481 5th Ave., South Slope) is starting a storytelling series, and they’re looking for a few good (or at least brave) yarn-spinners to come on by and share their stories with their fellow booze hounds. (more…)

arcade fire

They’re ready to party. Or at least as ready as the Arcade Fire can be to party.

So you missed the Arcade Fire when they played Bushwick, and you’ve been regretting it ever since. Good thing you can see them at Barclays Center, huh? Why pay full price though, when you can use this Groupon to pay 50% less for tickets to Win Butler and pals wear giant paper maché heads? No seriously, we’re asking why you’d do that. (more…)

freddy's dog fashion show

Can you dress your dog better than this? Can you dress YOURSELF better than this? via Freddy’s Bar

Remember that thing about loving dogs and hating people who mistreat them? And how sometimes, drinking beer can save them? Well, on Friday, July 18, you get another chance to help pups in the pound when the holy trinity of awesomeness – beer, dogs and a bar – band together for a dog fashion show at Freddy’s (627 5th Ave., South Slope). (more…)

eden foods park slope food co-op

Hmmmm….why would they do that though? Photoshop (IT’S A PHOTOSHOP IT’S NOT REAL) by Salon

We’ll give this to the Park Slope Food Co-op: they really commit to their crazy experiment with retail democracy, whether it’s their giant arguments over stocking Israeli goods or their giant arguments over providing plastic bags, no issue is too big or small for the co-op. It sounds like they’re wading into another heated fight this month, according to a Fucked in Park Slope mole who leaked plans to debate a boycott of Eden Foods, who are seeking a Hobby Lobby-like birth control insurance exemption. (more…)