09/04/14 2:27pm
caco prieto

Have you visited Cacao Prieto, yet? Well get on it. Photo by Karen Yau Østensjø

Hey, remember the Brooklyn Spirits Trail, the self-guided tour of Brooklyn’s booze makers that gets you a look at Brooklyn’s thriving alcohol industry? The spirit trail now has a spirit guide, our own Fikriyyah George, who’s set up a tour that will get you a guaranteed spot on a tour of four of the locations on the trail in Red Hook, along with lunch. Which you’ll need, because of the booze. Man, she thought of everything. (more…)

09/04/14 10:54am
The Brooklyn Wildlife Festival makes sure you see green somehow

The Brooklyn Wildlife Festival makes sure you see green somehow

1. Voodoo Boogaoo describes themselves as what you’d get if you gave “Mary and Joseph 20 hits of acid and a MacBook.” See them at Freddy’s Bar to check if they match your exact image of that description. (Friday)

2. Spoke the Hub has free exercise classes during their fall registration event this weekend. (Saturday-Sunday) (more…)

09/03/14 3:00pm

Looks just like your life. via ARTCRANK

Ever think that you’re a work of art when you’re on your bike? Well then hop on that sweet ride of yours on Thursday and cruise on down to Brooklyn Brewery (79 N 11 Street, Williamsburg) for ARTCRANK a bike-themed art show, featuring posters that celebrate bikes and the people who ride them. (more…)

09/03/14 1:35pm
dumb and dumber

Dress in your finest attire

Dumb and Dumber might be on your radar for a couple reasons at the moment. For one, there’s that sequel, which we will henceforth never mention again. Also, it’s a comedy classic so you probably think of it more than you’d admit in public. Here’s another reason to be thinking of the movie right now: tonight at the Trash Bar, you can see a band that’s devoted themselves to only playing covers off the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack. Bring your new age girl, she’ll like it. She’ll like it a lot. (more…)

09/02/14 1:20pm
We can't promise you won't end up at the bottom of a human pyramid, but it'll be worth it.

We can’t promise you won’t end up at the bottom of a human pyramid, but it’ll totally be worth it.

There’s no scarcity of comedy shows here in Brooklyn, which could make you think you’ve filled your laugh quota. No. You are wrong. Stop being wrong. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is back for its 7th year and once again it’s got some pretty funny names, or rather some normal names that represent funny people. (more…)

09/02/14 9:28am
dirty dancing

Table 87 won’t put summer in a corner, they’ll show you Dirty Dancing outdoors

1. BookCourt releases Cold Type, a Death of a Salesman-esque father-son tale. (Tuesday)

2. It might be past Labor Day, but there are still outdoor movies to enjoy, like Dirty Dancing at Table 87 in Gowanus. Have the time of your life. (Tuesday)

3. Voodoo Boogaoo’s eccentric neo-soul is sliding over to The Way Station. (Wednesday) (more…)

09/01/14 7:00am
grove alley party

The Grove Alley party looks bright and summery, and it’s happening in September. So summer is still alive. via Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Damn, it’s September already, which unfortunately means the summer is coming to a close and the return to a depressing life of sweatshirts and flannels and bundling up. Let’s not focus on that though. Let’s focus on squeezing the last bit of life out of this summer, which lasts until September 21, and enjoy it instead of being sour and admitting the defeat of the winter’s return. So because we know you don’t want to give up just yet, here’s your final installment of 93 Days of Summer. (more…)


Roundy bartooned our own Tim Donnelly at our Beer Book release party at The Graham earlier this year

Some bars just look better on paper. Without the sticky floors, rowdy ex-frat boys and frustrated bartenders, your favorite bar sounds so much more idyllic. Bar Scrawl illustrates Brooklyn bars in their most perfect states, in a series of comics that bring you to your favorite drinking establishments without the tab.

Bill Roundy, also known as the artist behind Bar Scrawl, will be exhibiting his drawings at South Slope bar Supercollider (609 4th Avenue) for the month of September! Head out on Friday, September 5 for the opening reception, where you can drink a selection of 18 beers, the taps of which have already been illustrated by Roundy himself. (more…)

habana outpost

Habana is the place to ha be at. Sorry. via Facebook

Procrastinated on buying notebooks for the upcoming school year? (Hint: a stack of post-its works pretty well in a lecture). Need some stilt walkers, rowdy children, and arts and crafts to get you psyched about starting a new semester? Good news, students! Habana Outpost (757 Fulton St., Fort Greene) is hosting its annual back to school bash on Monday, September 1, from 11am-3pm. (more…)

08/28/14 9:17am
west indian day parade

Leave your normcore at home for this one. Photo by Madelyn Owens.

1. Folks from the Upright Citizens Brigade will be at Videology to tell us all what the characters on Friends and Cheers were really thinking at Live Dubbed Sitcoms. (Friday)

2. Hounds Basket and SLAVVE  are rocking Cameo Gallery. (Friday)

3. Wassabasco is kicking it olde school at with their latest burlesque show. Really old school, like when people thought the world was flat and witches were burned at the stake old school. (Friday) (more…)