12/04/14 10:31am
Toss the pigskin around before you see it, maybe

Toss the pigskin around before you see it, maybe

1. The Disposable Film Festival at Videology features movies made with everyday camera equipment that could be made by any yutz off the street, like you!  (Friday)

2. Or check out a film festival with work with fancier film equipment as the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective presents short films at Screen/Sounds (Friday)

3. You’re gonna be doing a lot of unhealthy eating this season, so it’s important to do things like dance like a lunatic at funk parties like The Mess Around (Friday) (more…)

12/02/14 10:35am
brooklyn rock lottery

And of course, with Tim Harrington as host, you never know what’s gonna happen. via Facebook

So you’re so cool and plugged-in to Brooklyn’s music scene that you went to every final show at 285 Kent and Death By Audio and have even predicted the exact day that Trans-Pecos will host its last show before being turned into a Starbucks. Great. Have you heard about the supergroup made up of members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bad Credit No Credit and the Fiery Furnaces? No? Oh right, because that band or some kind of permutation of it will only exist for one day this weekend at the Brooklyn Rock Lottery, an evening where 25 musicians will be thrown together in five bands at random and have to come up with sets for you. (more…)

woody guthrie

Learn how the guy all your folk artist friends want to be lived

Despite all of the happy talk about how America’s economy is improving, it doesn’t really feel like it when you get your paycheck. If you’re lucky enough to even get one that is. Brooklyn has a hunger crisis, wages are stagnant and everything feels like one bad economic quarter away from getting back to hobo-heavy times in America. So, what better time to learn about Woody Guthrie’s time in New York than tonight at the Brooklyn Historical Society? At the very least, it’s a chance to luxuriate in the era when a humble folk singer with a fascist-killing guitar could still afford to live around here. (more…)

12/01/14 10:47am
roast of santa

Dig up Santa’s past. Photo by Sarah Bibi

1. Singer/songwriter Mackenzie Shivers is powering through some ballads at Pete’s Candy Store. (Monday)

2. Start your week off with some dancing and bathtub liquere at Moonshine Monday. (Monday)

3. Jackknife Comedy brings some cutting jokes to Brooklyn Colony. (Tuesday) (more…)

11/28/14 10:08am
We always swipe right for a chance to judge people.

We always swipe right for a chance to judge.

1. Slope Wellness has 25% off deals on their gift cards so you can treat yourse someone to a chance to destress from Black Friday rage. (Friday-Saturday)

2. See Virginia, Rutgers, LaSalle and Vanderbilt play at the Barclay’s Center at BK Hoops Classic Mens Basketball nights. (Friday-Saturday)

3. The Last Robyn Party at Glasslands is coming up so dance out your sadness with every heartbeat you’ve got. (Friday) (more…)

11/24/14 3:54pm
He didn't even use a green screen for this one

Uncle Majic didn’t even need a green screen for this one

As everyone knows, the only thing more magical than pie and laughter is actual magic. Tonight the three are coming together for Night Train with Wyatt Cenac’s 2nd anniversary show at littlefield, and the people and pie lined up are pretty sweet. Oh, and as befitting a second birthday party, there’s going to be a magician too, so there’s your actual magic. (more…)

11/24/14 12:54pm
Time for some seasonal movies and bitter betrayal.

Time for some seasonal movies and bitter betrayal.

1. Go tell the folks at Brooklyn, Stand Up!! how thankful you are for their free jokes. (Monday)

2. Don’t forget to go to Brooklyn Public Philosophers’ talk Memory Holes, where they’ll be discussing memory manipulation and the self. (Monday)

3. Filthy Stinking Rich is Brooklyn’s most expensive free comedy show, so wear your good monocle to this one. (Monday) (more…)

11/20/14 10:59am
This, plus drinking games.

This, plus drinking games.

1. Soul Understated brings their soul-hip-hop-jazz sound to The Classon Social Club. (Friday)

2. The author of 33 Artists 3 Acts discusses her work on behind the scenes narrative studying artists like Ai Weiwei, Jeff Koons, and Carroll Dunham. (Friday)

3. Laugh, cry, make witty cultural references, and call your mom at Videology’s Gilmore Girls Party. (Friday)

4. See apolocalyptic art rock trio Bugs in the Dark and find out of that genre is as scary as their name. (Friday) (more…)

11/19/14 4:15pm
We love this body-inclusive fashion spread from Issue 01 of Golly Magazine (via @gollymagazine)

We love this body-inclusive fashion spread from Issue 01 of Golly Magazine (via @gollymagazine)

We’re at that magical sweet spot – the calm before the storm, the capitalist insanity that is the holiday season. Come Black Friday, it will officially be a present buying (or more likely, procrastinating) race against Father Time AND Father Christmas, which is enough pressure and daddy issues to make us want to crawl into bed with a month’s supply of eggnog and hope for the best.

Instead of making that slightly pathetic image a reality, why not get a leg up on the competition this year and casually peruse some great vintage and designer wares, sip on some free PBR, subscribe to a brand new magazine, and maybe get a hand poke by an up-and-coming, Insta-famous tattoo maven? All things you can do at Golly Magazine’s holiday pop-up shop Friday. (more…)

11/18/14 4:20pm
beat it littlefield

Hope you’ve been practicing. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Well, it’s holiday season, and with that comes holiday stress. Whether it’s having to cook for 15 people, dealing your drunk mom at Christmas, bitter family arguments of dreidel gambling debts that haunt your Hanukkah gathering, white people telling you Kwanzaa is fake or not being able to get enough drugs for New Year’s Eve, we all have challenges that freak us out during the holidays. Pint-sized pun genius Jo Firestone is here to help though it, with an invitation to come beat stuffed animals and piñatas at Littlefield for free on Saturday, at an event called Beat It: An Interactive Art Installation Where You Hit Things. All you need to do is bring your own bat. (more…)