07/19/16 2:58pm
The trippiest event of the summer is coming to Prospect Park: A free VR concert in space

This is an actual picture taken by the Hubble telescope. Via NASA.

We’ve all searched for a few “trippy” experiences in our lifetimes, and they all usually seem to involve space and lasers. Maybe you’ve smoked a blunt in the parking garage of the Boston Museum of Science before seeing the Pink Floyd laser light show AND the Aqua Teen movie (as I’ve heard some people have done), maybe you go to the planetarium at the Natural History Museum when you want to remember just how little your life matters to the whole universe, maybe you just lie down in an empty field any time you leave the eastern seaboard and remember, oh shit, stars!

But planetariums and laser shows are high school crap: You’re an adult now in the year 2016 and you can get your trippy experiences in a virtual reality setting, in a beautiful park accompanied by a live orchestra as you gaze into the deepest secrets of the universe discovered by the Hubble telescope.

On Aug. 6, the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival is premiering the free Hubble Cantata at the Prospect Park bandshell, featuring a 20-piece ensemble, a 100-person choir, two Metropolitan Opera stars and a virtual reality experience complete with 360-degree sound that takes you up close and personal with the cosmos as seen through the Hubble telescope. And you get a free cardboard virtual reality headset you get to keep after the show. Trippy! (more…)

07/06/16 5:29pm
Beach + games + you + prizes = a perfect summer day. Via The Push.

Beach + games + you + prizes = a perfect summer day. Via The Push.

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to get yo’ ass to the beach every damn chance you have. Brokelyn is helping kick off The Push, the brand-new games area at the always-hopping Riis Park Beach Bazaar, this Saturday UPDATE: Due to the hater known as weather, we’re moving everything to Sunday! with games, a cornhole tournament with sweet prizes and discounts on Brokelyn summer swag that you can’t get anywhere else.

Come out for a day of music, drinks, fun and your chance to win some summer prizes in our cornhole tournament. We’ll also be selling our sexy new summer tank tops at a special beach discount (just $15!). Plus, you can get your hands on one of our coveted Brokelyn beer koozies too (pictured below).  (more…)

06/17/16 8:00am
Meet Greg Hanson, founder of Pizzafest, a music fest by and for people who reeeally love pizza

Greg Hanson, the “Big Cheese” at King Pizza Records, at the first Pizzafest two years ago. Via Facebook.

There are pizza parties, and then there’s Pizzafest. To celebrate a triple tape release (yes, cassette tapes are coming back) for Coach N Commando, LUMPS and Heavy Flow, King Pizza Records is throwing its third annual Pizzafest next weekend: a festival full of rock n roll, cheap beer, and of course, a ton of pizza.

We chatted with King Pizza Records’ founder Greg Hanson to find out more details about the fest, his favorite pizza places, and more importantly, what exactly “pizzafisting is.” The record label and festival started as places for punky, grungy and garagey musical outcasts who didn’t feel “comfortable” trying to get in on other scenes so started their own, Hanson said. Highlights of the fest include pizza temporary tattoos, a sleeve-cutting station to get you ready for summer, pizza caricatures, custom artwork on display, Sixpoint beer and enough pizza that “you won’t leave searching for more slices.” For a full list of bands, and to purchase tickets, you can check out the event’s Facebook page; all the shows are $10 and under. (more…)

06/09/16 2:00pm
Boy, do we love that sash on Mayor Tall. Todd Crusham / Flickr

Boy, do we love that sash on Mayor Tall. Todd Crusham / Flickr

Fire up Grindr, HER, Scruff, Growlr and 3nder, because it’s Brooklyn Pride weekend! Manhattan may be the center of the movement that started it all, but our borough boasts a bevy of ways to celebrate, starting tonight. Whether you’re into parades, festivals, comedy, live music or dominating the dance floor, there’s a place for you to party. Come out for comedy shows featuring all-stars like Kevin Allison and Julio Torres, an open vodka bar, a gay-for-days singalong and plenty of booty-bouncing beats from Gowanus to Bushwick.

Put your face on and show your pride, Brooklyn, because we’re all hashtag blessed to live in a city where there are almost no rules about where any and everyone can pee. #sorryhaters (more…)

06/07/16 4:09pm
Tonka and the truck. via Youtube

Tonka and the truck. via Youtube

Horses are a rare sight in this concrete jungle where memes are made of. One of last summer’s hottest news stories was that of the mysterious “Franklin Avenue Horseman,” and when the TODAY show brought in that same Brooklyn horse to meet Terry Crews on live television, we went wild all over again. Suffice it to say, Brooklyn should be as proud of its equine citizens as it is of its human ones.

This weekend, the New York Transit Museum is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a free all-day, all-ages block party on Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn. And guess who’s going to be in attendance? Yep, that’s right — besides the transportation games, live entertainment and vintage buses to board and explore, you too can now meet the blog-famous Brooklyn-trotting horse that once terrorized our streets and touched Terry Crews.

Heck, if you shake the horse’s hoof, it’s as though you met the man.  (more…)

06/07/16 1:00pm
Just like Audrey 2, the movies are doubled. via youtube

Just like Audrey 2, the movies are doubled. via Youtube

Summer in New York is a season of rituals, from the first backyard barbecue in June to the last hooky beach trip in September. Among the greatest of these rituals is the much-beloved outdoor movie, a ritual that has become something more of a rite of passage here in Brooklyn. If you haven’t been to one then you haven’t lived. At least, not by our standards.

In fact, the only thing that could beat a rooftop movie in Brooklyn in our books would be two rooftop movies in Brooklyn, screened one after the other, while taking a never-ending stream of tacos and beer to the face. And hey, would you look at that? Our Wicked Lady, the recently-opened bar and venue in Bushwick, is happy to oblige.

Tonight, the bar is kicking off a summer-long weekly series of double features on their rooftop (recently deemed one of New York’s 10 best rooftop bars in the city by no one we know) with a creature double feature, screening Little Shop of Horrors, followed by Gremlins. And all the while, you can nosh from a donation-based menu of pulled pork or sweet potato and kale tacos. (more…)

06/07/16 7:55am
The ultimate summer movie guide: All the free outdoor movies you can see in Brooklyn in 2016

Free outdoor movies in so many parks, bars and backyards it’ll make your head spin. Dan Nguyen / Flickr

I just watched the Game of Thrones pilot (late, I know) and Ned Stark keeps saying that “winter is coming.” I’ve inferred that since Westeros must be some kind of fortressed land off the coast of Australia, what he actually meant by this was that “summer is coming.” And boy, is it ever! Don’t let this week’s lower temperatures fool you; the countdown started long ago, and the Gowanus Yacht Club just declared outdoor drinking season officially open. It’s time to get outside and get lit, not to mention start racking up those demerit badges.

I’m not sure where I was going with the elegy to summer above, but it eventually leads us back to free outdoor movies. Because yadda yadda “nothing says summer like” yadda yadda. So here’s a massive list we made of all the free outdoor movies playing in Brooklyn this summer. We’ll keep adding to this list as more and more free outdoor movie schedules come out because trust us, there’s plenty more to come. Screening series will soon be announced at Coney Island Beach, Red Hook Park and at various other bars we love in the borough. Some series are more weather-permitting than others, and some make better dates than others. But don’t worry: as you’ll see from the list below, you’ve got more than enough chances to catch Purple Rain this summer.  (more…)

05/25/16 12:23pm

And all you gotta do is hand out programs and crack a smile once or twice.

I bet you’ve been reading our posts about summer for the past few months and thinking, why does Brokelyn love suummer so goddamn much? Well, besides all the obvious reasons I’ll tell you another one, which is that summer favors the broke. It’s one of the few times in the year when you can save on gym memberships by exercising outdoors, when you can find social activities under the stars that don’t cost a dime, and when you can actually fathom sleeping in parks if turning your entire life into a performance art piece doesn’t pan out.

And on this, the nicest day of the year so far, here’s yet another opportunity to claim summer 2016 as the Season of Not Paying for Stuff: BRIC’s Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival is looking for volunteers to help run their summer programming, which includes over 25 concerts featuring the likes of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Violent Femmes, Jon Batiste and the Stay Human, and includes Benefit shows with Tame Impala, Ray LaMontagne, Beirut and Herbie Hancock.

In exchange for volunteering your time, you get to see every show, even those fancy paid shows, for free. Bet you’re starting to love summer even more now, huh?  (more…)

05/23/16 10:42am
4 awesome New York music festivals that won't rip you off (or force you to go to an island)

Started from a house party now we’re here. Via Henny Palooza, one of the music fests that won’t rip you off.

It’s day party season in New York City! Not to mention outdoor drinking season, day drinking season and the season of free outdoor movies. I guess it’s just everything season. The point is, there are plenty of excuses to party in the outdoors with a drink in your hand this summer. But none of those excuses are as notorious, or as consummate, as the Music Festival Experience™. What is the M.F.E.? It’s paying upwards of $200 to gain entry to an open field of music and skunk haze where you will spend another $200 on food and alcohol in the course of three days. It’s hating everyone while you’re sober and loving everyone once you’re not. It’s something you’ll swear never to do again, until you do.

Now, I love music as much festivals as the next person. But am I really trying to spend hundreds for GA tickets or thousands for VIP tickets to see them? All things considered, probably not. Sure, Governor’s Ball and the Panorama Festival always look great if you have that kind of cash, but 2016 is the summer of woke wallets and mine is telling me to sit this one out.

That said, it’s summer and we all want to party. So, here’s a list of far more affordable festivals and day parties worth checking out. They’re mostly in Manhattan, but their ticket prices are Brokelyn-approved. Besides, you were going to go all the way to Randall’s Island or Battery Park for those other festivals anyway, right? (more…)

05/19/16 11:02am
House of Vans is adding movies to its free show lineup this summer. Photo by Bryan Derballa, via Facebook.

House of Vans is adding movies to its free show lineup this summer. Photo by Bryan Derballa, via Facebook.

How’s your summer calendar looking so far? If you’re keeping track with Brokelyn, it’s already got lots of free outdoor movies, Prospect Park concerts, Riis Beach parties, SummerStage shows and Northside Fest concerts. Now add to that now the House of Vans, which is back for another summer of free shows at its brand extension huge warehouse on the Williamsburg waterfront. The shows kick off tonight with Jon Hopkins, Black Madonna and The Field and continues through July with shows by Neon Indian, Battles, DIIV and more; plus, the venue has partnered with Rooftop Films to hold a few movie screenings this year too. You have to RSVP and the shows are first-come, first-served so expect to wait in a line for the more popular shows. Here’s the full schedule: (more…)