01/08/15 9:47am
You never know if you'll run into Hilary Swank in a dark alley

You never know when you’ll run into Hilary Swank in a dark alley

1. Help singer-songwriter Alex Calder release his new record by partying at Cameo Gallery. (Friday)

2. Hopefully this exhibition featuring works exploring the nature of transformation don’t trigger an existential crisis for you. (Friday)

3. Honor democracy by voting on the movie selection at this free indie film screening at Georges-André Vintage Cafe. (Friday) (more…)

01/06/15 11:21am
ilana glazer

Look how happy making you laugh makes her!

We might be just starting the hopeless slog that is January, but there’s reason for optimism: the second season of Broad City is just days away (January 14, though no one’s counting). Still, season previews and wacky clips of the stoned adventures to come can only tide you over so much. Good thing for you then, that Ilana Glazer will be live and in person making jokes at the Cake Shop tonight. And you’re invited, and it’s free. Man, what a day this is. (more…)

01/05/15 10:21am
MakeDamnSure you're there

MakeDamnSure you’re there

1. BookCourt launches The Boy in the Black Suit, an uplifting tale of a teen who starts working in a funeral home after his mom dies. (Monday)

2. Of all the times to talk about race and politics, now seems like as a good a time as any. So see author Jason Sokol talk about the Northeast’s struggle with racism with New York Times reporter Brent Staples at Greenlight. (Monday)

3. Run From The Police isn’t just terrible advice if you’re not white, it’s also a free comedy show at Muchmore’s! (Monday) (more…)

01/02/15 1:55pm
Start the year off strong

Start the year off strong

1. See garage punk band Motel Pools at Baby’s All Right and wonder where 14-year-old you’s music dreams went. (Friday)

2. Stop beating yourself up for never seeing Led Zeppelin live and check out Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience live at Brooklyn Bowl. (Friday)

3. Hear 50 shiny brand new punchlines at The 9th Annual 50 First Jokes at The Bell House. (Friday) (more…)

12/29/14 1:01pm
zack morris phone

Just a matter of time before this kind of phone is in style again anyway.

1. Hear some Czech folk jazz with Martina Fiserova at The Way Station. (Monday)

2. Make your Monday soulful with Reverend Vince Anderson and the Love Choir. You can tell yourself this makes up for all those bottomless brunches you’ve had on The Lord’s Day. (Monday)

3. It’s almost 2015 and it’s time to think differently, so get a head start on that with comedy show Fresh Perspectives at Muchmores, with the likes of Michael Wolf and Eliza Hurwitz (Monday) (more…)

12/29/14 8:45am
perfect pussy

Make it a perfect New Year’s with Perfect Pussy. Or do 39 other things, it’s up to you! via Facebook

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and you still don’t have plans! Your friends aren’t throwing their killer party this year, no one really feels like making an effort, and you want to avoid Manhattan on New Year’s at all costs because, well, you’re not a masochist. That’s a very smart choice, because right here in Brooklyn, there are so many New Year’s parties to choose from, there’s no excuse to miss out. From affordable prix fixe meals to dance parties galore, karaoke to uh, meditation, there’s a Brooklyn New Year’s Eve party for everyone. Plus don’t forget this is the first year we steal Manhattan’s ball drop thunder with our own Coney Island version. Take that, Seacrest! (more…)

12/26/14 3:06pm
Well, maybe not THIS offensive

Well, maybe not THIS offensive

You there, do a bunch of spending on Christmas presents for your ungrateful friends and family, and are now looking for a quick way to replenish that bank account? There’s always the blood bank, but we’ve got another idea for you: sitting through some of New York’s best comedians doing the most boring and offensive comedy they can think of for a soul-crushing five hours on Sunday. If you survive it, there’s a cash prize waiting for you. (more…)

12/24/14 11:46am
This is just the life in Fear Town, USA

This is just the life in Fear Town, USA

1. See Ducktails (woohoo), Julian Lynch and Family Portrait perform at one of Glassland’s last shows ever. (Friday)

2. Go see Prodigy of Mobb Deep drop a gem on ‘em at the Knitting Factory.

3. Gather your Christians and your pagans to see Dar Williams at the Bell House. (Friday) (more…)

12/23/14 2:35pm
shilpa ray

If your friends are home with their families, it means they can’t see Shilpa Ray at Glasslands tonight. But you can! via Shilpa Ray

So it’s the day before Christmas Eve, or as it’s popularly known, Christmas Eve Eve. If you’re still in town and at work, you’re not doing anything besides reading Brokelyn dot com and telling people how wrong their year-end lists are, and when you leave, you’re facing the bummer of a situation that all your friends have gone to see family for Christmas.

Well, don’t just stay home and drink and leave angry comments on more year-end lists. While your friends are stuck with their terrible, loving families, it’s time for you to go out tonight and make some new friends, on the cheap, because Brooklyn is still full of awesome things to do when half the city empties out. (more…)

12/22/14 10:52am
You probably don't want to bring little kids

Little kids would sure love this

1. Sing some spirited karaoke at Glasslands Holiday Party before it’s no more. (Monday)

2. This Christmas comedy spectacular is gonna be one Cool Show. (Monday)

3. Eat free pizza as you watch the citizens of Whoville teach the Grinch a lesson, then see Tim Burton make Christmas all dark and spooky. (Monday) (more…)