02/18/15 4:28pm
Just look at the joy Belle & Sebastian brought to Prospect Park in 2013. Via Celebrate Brooklyn.

Just look at the joy Belle & Sebastian brought to Prospect Park in 2013. Via Celebrate Brooklyn.

This is it, folks: the absolute worst time of year. The holidays are long gone, summer is way off and even the hope that you might get some desperate sad lonely person to take you home on Valentine’s Day has passed. You are desperately in need of a beacon of light at the end of this long, negative-wind-chill, slush flooded tunnel. You need a dose of spring. Failing any actual warm weather (though we might see a practically balmy 45 degrees this weekend!), try this recipe instead: take 1 part Scottish indie pop, mix in a heavy cup of twee, run it through a filter of sunny disposition and shake your booty vividly.

We’re recommending Saturday’s cheap Belle & Sebastian dance party from our friends at Feeling Gloomy as the perfect antidote for the seasonal blues. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and you can win prizes too. It beats spending your weekend sleeping the clock around. And, as explained below, it’s possible the band might actually control over the weather. (more…)

02/18/15 9:08am
jon glaser

Glaser studies up on his lines. Photo by Mindy Tucker, via Facebook

One great thing about the Brooklyn comedy scene is that you’ll come across TV-famous comedians doing weird things at an affordable price. Case in point: Jon Glaser, who you might know from Delocated or Parks and Recreation or Girls or even as the voice of Oog from Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be at Shea Stadium this weekend to do a live reading of an unproduced screenplay written by the Macaulay Culkin Show’s Brett Davis, called “Whenever Possible Forever.” It’s like TV, but you’re right there and can touch the actors (please don’t touch the actors). (more…)

02/17/15 3:08pm
sean donnelly

Sean Donnelly summoning all his funny friends to stampede down to Videology this weekend.

New York’s a competitive place. Brooklyn and Queens are fighting over who gets to be more overpriced, old man winter keeps trying to outdo his latest disasterpiece, and at any given moment there are probably four different groups howling “SHOWTIME” in your face. We really appreciate those rare moments when people engage with the city’s excess in a way that doesn’t make everyone horribly miserable, which is why we’re pretty excited for Comedyology’s standup marathon this weekend. After all, what would this city be without its decadence and what is decadence if not the chance to see 40 comedians for absolutely no money? (more…)

02/17/15 12:02am
black gold morbid anatomy

Celebrate getting a downer with your upper. via Facebook

It is cold out, so cold that the glimmer of hope in your eyes is starting to fade. Still, it’s best to get out of the apartment this weekend, and we’ve got a party where you can immerse yourself in death and still have some fun. The Morbid Anatomy Museum has an outpost of coffee shop/record store Black Gold (home of the crazy $1 record sales) and they’re officially welcoming it with a free party on Saturday night at 7pm. Even better? The weekend also comes with free admission. (more…)

02/16/15 9:49am
issa rae

Just a little awkward though. via Facebook

1. Your fate doesn’t have to feel so bleak thanks to the comics at We’re Going to Hell Comedy Show at Bar Chord. (Monday)

2. Issa Rae from the web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl will be launching an eponymous book at powerHouse Arena. (Monday)

3. The panelists at Kickstarter’s Talking Shop: How to Pay Your Writers will help you keep your publication from becoming a writer sweatshop. (Tuesday) (more…)

02/12/15 12:42pm
Finally, a chance to wear that unicorn onesie!

Finally, a chance to wear that unicorn onesie!

1. Make this Friday the 13th worth remembering with a $13 tattoo from any of these fine tattooerys. (Friday)

2. Side Ponytail will get a little help from Matteo Lane of Comedy Central and Christi Chiello of Girl Code to make sure you do your Friday the 13th-Valentine’s Day mashup right. (Friday)

3. Bitches Brew Comedy has music by Reformed Whores, so we’re sure there won’t be any potty mouth from the comics to worry about. (Friday) (more…)

02/11/15 7:00am
montauk winter

Looks pretty peaceful out in Montauk, huh? via Flickr user Jeff Weston

It’s that time of winter where the piles of dirty snow and slush make us think that maybe those sweltering, smelly dog-days of summer weren’t so bad after all. But just because it’s February doesn’t mean we have to wait until Memorial Day to take a day trip to our favorite summer spots. Obviously, making a date with your bed and Netflix is the easier, warmer option but you’re better than that. You’re young and wild, so do some cool stuff! Look at some art! Catch a show! Eat some tacos somewhere new or even get out into nature! We’re here to help with a few good, cheap day trips that are accessible by public transportation. (more…)

02/10/15 1:27pm
Too bad he won't be there to let you know how they're doin'.

Too bad he won’t be there to let you know how they’re doin’.

Everyone loves a New Yawk accent (we don’t care if you actually don’t like it), but beyond Fred Armisen doing riffs on them at comedy shows, it’s becoming a bit of an endangered species. It’s not totally gone though, and thank goodness for that, because it means that Thursday night you can see four native New Yorkers flex their accent muscles to see who has the best one at the NYC Accent Slam. Winner gets to be the new automated voice of the subway (not really, but that’d be great). (more…)

02/09/15 7:00am
Like this, but less abs

You said you cared about theatre, didn’t you?

1. Franklin Park Reading Series: Novel Night features two-time Booker Prize winner Peter Carey along with four other authors. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to listen to them read their entire books. (Monday)

2. Sing your Monday blues away at Canal Bar’s Karaoke Mondays. (Monday)

3. Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) has a new novel and he’s talking about it at BookCourt, and while it’s not Trainspotting it is sadomasochistic tale of shared psychosis, so it’s clearly still weird. (Monday) (more…)

02/06/15 3:53pm
Because making movies is cheap and easy anyways, right? Via Disposable Film

Because making movies is cheap and easy anyways, right? Via Disposable Film

Movies are great, but you know what sucks about them? That they pay people to make them! I know, insane. If you want to help keep the money out of movies, then come over to Videology tonight at 8:30 for the Disposable Film Festival, a film fest made entirely from amateur filmmakers in it for nothing but the bragging rights. (more…)