07/07/15 8:00am
Life uh, finds a way to put you in a position to watch people run from dinosaurs. For free.

Life uh, finds a way to put you in a position to watch people run from dinosaurs. For free.

Hello there and welcome to the Tuesday after the Fourth of July. Today’s the day that your post-holiday hangover bullshit won’t work at all, so if you’ve got a regular hangover, you better just hide it like you’re used to doing. Also be sure to drink plenty of water or Brawndo or Pedialyte, because you’re gonna want to feel ready, or at least hydrated, for any of these incredible events we’ve pulled from the Brokelyn Events Calendar, whether it means taking advantage of cheap alcohol or cheering on the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park. (more…)

07/06/15 2:44pm
beyonce brucie

Put “Vernon Keenan” in your spelling vocabulary, as he designed The Cyclone, a roller coaster Beyoncé once rode

For any competitive spellers with aggression to burn off, the Williamsburg Spelling Bee at Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer Street) is your shot to do so, since you’ve aged out of the Scripps Spelling Bee. Who needs those nerds though, when you can drink while you try to spell? Tonight’s spelling bee is an especially big one, because it will be entirely Beyoncé-themed, giving you the chance to spell “Giselle” (as in her middle name), “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie” (who was sampled on “Flawless”) and “Hone” (the woman held hostage by Beyoncé on the Wonder Wheel) to a roaring crowd. Maybe you can celebrate correct spellings by doing a piece of the “Single Ladies” dance. (more…)

07/06/15 8:21am


1. Get a triple-word score at Freebird Books’ unique Books Beneath the Bridge evening, featuring an outdoor Scrabble competition on a 15-foot-square board. (Monday, FREE)

2. Be a part of the rhythm nation at Friends & Lovers with LIT: A Music & Reading Series, celebrating Janet Jackson in verse and song. (Monday, FREE)

3. Strike a blow to gender inequality at the Way Station, where women pay only 77% of their total bar tab all night long, since women earn only 77¢ for every dollar a man earns. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

07/03/15 9:48am


1. Get some global culture at the 44th annual International African Arts Festival, with world, soul, and reggae music, a craft bazaar, a youth talent show, and a lot more. (Friday through Sunday, FREE)

2. Take in a huge amount of independent music at the Julybalaya festival, created by indie artists, for indie artists. (Friday & Saturday, $25/day)

3. Dance your butt off at Dark Disco on the Roof, featuring Galcher Lustwerk, Young Male, DJ Richard, Morgan Louis, and Alvin Aronson. (Friday, $15) (more…)

07/02/15 3:11pm
Gooooooal! via DUMBO BID

Góoooooooool. Via DUMBO BID

Remember, kids, July 4th is only 24 hours long. After that it’s gonna be July 5, and you’re going to have to quiet down and expand your cultural horizons all over again. A great place to start is with the Women’s World Cup, since the championship final is happening this Sunday: USA v Japan!

Now all you need is a place to watch the game, and here we are bringing you news of one. The Dumbo BID is bringing back its free World Cup viewing party, at the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge. Since one of the teams is ‘Murrica, you’ll no doubt be among plenty like-minded fans in attendance. (Hey, so you might not have to expand your horizons, after all.) (more…)

07/02/15 1:11pm
Like this, but minus baseball plus bands. Via Flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

Like this, but minus baseball plus bands. via Flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

There’s no shortage of summer concerts to while away your summer evenings on a blanket in the park or on a pier by the sea. But here’s just a few more gigs you can get excited about! Now in its 35th year, the Seaside Summer festival in Coney Island will bring an eclectic roster of live music to MCU park, otherwise known as the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

It’s a short little festival happening Wednesday, July 22 through Friday, July 24. But it’s managed to squeeze in sounds for every taste. Oh, and enjoy this #tbt: the first performance is by JT Taylor, formerly of Kool & the Gang.  (more…)

07/02/15 9:19am
Go wreck it, for America

Go wreck it, for America

Congratulations to everyone reading this, you made it to the end of the week. We know what you’re thinking, about how it’s Thursday and not Friday, but given time’s fluid nature and more importantly the fact that the working week will more or less stop tomorrow in order to let people get a head start on screaming “Wooo America!”, we’re calling it today. Before you either go out of town or step away from your computers for a long weekend, you should let the Brokelyn Event Calendar point you to some cool things to do tonight. (more…)

We can assure you, The Cylclones are not pimps. Image via Brooklyn Cyclones

We can assure you, The Cylclones are not pimps. Image via Brooklyn Cyclones

Once again, 90’s nostalgia rears it’s spiky head. However, this time it’s about something we actually enjoy. After the rousing success of last year’s “Salute to Seinfeld,” the Brooklyn Cyclones will once again pay tribute to the greatest and most timeless of American sitcoms with  “Salute to Seinfeld Night 2: Bigger, Better & Bania” on July 5. Last year’s event at MCU Park was a huge success, so this year, the Cyclones will have to try and top themselves, something the cast of the show about nothing has failed to do post “Seinfeld, with the exception of Julie-Louis Dreyfuss (or should we say President Meyer). (more…)

07/01/15 12:54pm
She wants you! Ok, maybe she doesn't, but you should still go.

She wants you! Ok, maybe she doesn’t, but you should still go see Wassbasco on July 4th for some sexy freedom. Image via Facebook

Independence Day is almost here. It’s that special time of year where we get to celebrate all things Americana, like BBQ, things that  go boom, Instagram and gay marriage. We’re sure you have your 4th of July outfit ready (which has at least one item covered in stars and stripes), but what’s this? The 4th of July Brooklyn rooftop party you were expecting suddenly got cancelled? What is a patriot to do now that their plans of watching enough explosions to give Michael Bay a full on orgasm have been dashed? Fear not fellow American citizen, because we have for you, a listing of parties happening in Brooklyn that will have you celebrating this glorious country the way our forefathers always intended us to; drunk, filled with red meat and listening to great American icons like Katy Perry blasting off someone’s weak stereo system.  (more…)

07/01/15 10:00am
macy's fourth of july fireworks

The fireworks are back where they belong, but where will you be? via Flickr user Ann Althouse

For the second year in a row after five years away from it, the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks will be blowing up above the East River. Woo! Whatever (HIGHLY ILLEGAL) July 4th show you thought you had planned, you know it’s gonna look rinky-dink compared to the barges full of explosions that Macy’s is rolling in between Brooklyn and Manhattan, so save them for another day and get yourself as close to a front row seat for all the explosive action that you can.