10/08/15 4:44pm
Hungry March Band will leave you wanting more—much like hunger itself. via website

Hungry March Band will leave you wanting more—much like hunger itself. via website

Boy, oh, boy, October just keeps getting better. It’s as if the Fun Gods—I don’t judge your religion, so don’t knock mine—looked down at all the fun we weren’t having in September and said, “Oh, okay. Here you go. Here’s some fun.”

Next week’s fun comes in the form of HONK NYC!, a week-long street music festival extravaganza with an emphasis on brass and percussion. Bands from around the globe perform in parks, bars and other public spaces across metropolitan New York. And as luck—or the Fun Gods—would have it, we rounded all the performances that are happening in Brooklyn! (more…)

10/08/15 2:31pm
Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on these ladies

Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on these ladies. Photo via Facebook

Hey, remember when a group of dummies said we should defund Planned Parenthood? We sure do. Help smash the Patriarchy—and anyone else who says women shouldn’t get to choose what to do with their bodies—by heading into Manhattan tomorrow night, for Awkward Sex and the City, Natalie Wall’s recurring comedy show featuring some of New York’s best comedians retelling their most hilarious, interesting or just plain-old-weird sexploits inside of a sex shop. A portion of the proceeds from this show will go to Planned Parenthood.


10/08/15 11:31am
The Bushwick Notebook is back!

The Bushwick Notebook is back!

Looking for Bushwick in all the wrong places? Look no further, brokesters: Bushwick Daily just put out their second edition of their quarterly mag, the Bushwick Notebook, and it’s everything you wanted to know about Bushwick without having to ask: guides to the neighborhood, cheap eats, interviews with local entrepreneurs, and secrets of the dating scene.

The magazine is free, and that’s not even the best part. The best part is that you get first dibs on a free copy tonight, at a launch party with cheap beer and a live DJ.  (more…)

10/08/15 9:43am
clench and release

Maybe Charla will tell you about her struggle to live without arms

You made it to the unofficial end of the week, again! Congratulations, blast fax kudos all around. Your coming weekend will be full of New York Mets playoff anxiety (or at least it should be), so this is the day to get out there and really cut loose. Good thing the Brokelyn Events Calendar exists and has such great stuff listed on it. Pick a night out, any night out I’ve got for you below, you can’t go wrong. (more…)

10/07/15 9:11am

If you want to wear white after Labor Day, go for it. Just tell people Drake said you could do it

Wednesday is here and so is some more pretty pleasant weather. How long will it last though? Don’t think about that, it could lead to a bout of sadness. Instead focus only on these fun things to do that have been found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar and figure out which one you want to go to. Hell, you could probably even make it to two of these if you really commit to just being all hungover on Thursday. (more…)

10/06/15 4:21pm
Maybe you'll end up here one day? If you're lucky, of course. Image via Dr. Karl-Heinz Krauskopf, via OHNY

Maybe you’ll end up here one day? If you’re lucky, of course. Image via Dr. Karl-Heinz Krauskopf, via OHNY

New York City has plenty of secrets hiding behind the walls of its buildings and in its marshy areas where you usually don’t feel too much like venturing in deeply. For one weekend a year, Open House New York allows you to peek behind the walls and learn about some of the city’s most interesting buildings and landmarks. There are plenty of tours to see around the city on October 17 and 18, and plenty to see in Brooklyn, but you only have so much time. So, here are the tours we think look most interesting right here in BK (tours that require $5 reservations, which open October 7 at 11am, are noted as needing them). (more…)

10/06/15 9:18am
You were thinking it. via Fuck Yeah Legolas and Gimli

You were thinking it. via Fuck Yeah Legolas and Gimli

It’s Tuesday, it’s sunny and mild outside and the Mets playoff series that will turn you into a couchbound emotional wreck doesn’t start until this weekend. Even better than that, there’s so much good stuff going on today that picking just five fun things to do from the Brokelyn Events Calendar was hard. Not that I wasn’t happy to do it for you, because I want you to check out Sloane Crosley’s first novel or Running Late’s birthday or an erotic fan fiction competition that could awaken something deep inside of you. (more…)

10/05/15 12:23pm

Art that promises to make your eyeballs explode. (#9)

1. Find your own kind of strange spirituality at Modern Rituals, where comedians present their own bizarre personal ceremonies, like Julio Torres’ Sentient Gemstone, Lorelei Ramirez’ Shapeshifting Spectre, and John Swan’s Medicine Dance. (Monday, FREE)

2. The LIT Music & Reading series presents fiction, nonfiction, and poetry centered around a different artist each time—get delirious and go crazy, because this edition is all about Prince. (Monday, FREE)

3. Join the Brooklyn Paranormal Society (of course that’s a thing) on an investigation of Prospect Park, visiting the site of five known murders and possible a Quaker cemetery. (Tuesday, FREE; RSVP required) (more…)

10/05/15 8:36am
Get your Rick Dance on dog, it's a big night. A big night for the Rick Dance.

Get your Rick Dance on dog, it’s a big night. A big night for the Rick Dance.

Well, we made it, everyone. We were spared the wrath of Hurricane Joaquin, and not only that, our lack of total panic has been rewarded with some pretty freaking nice weather this week. How best to celebrate? Well, if you look at the Brokelyn Events Calendar, there are plenty of cool things to do. These five recommended here though, are the bonafide best things to do tonight in Brooklyn, so put on a light layer (without no rain boots) and haul yourself to one of them. (more…)

10/02/15 10:32am

Camping in Brooklyn

This post is brought to you by Sorta Outdoorsy, a weekly newsletter full of inspiration for outdoor adventures around New York City. Like what you see? Subscribe to Sorta Outdoorsy.

My friend promised his fiancé there would be no strippers at his bachelor party. Which is how I found myself sparking a campfire right here in Brooklyn.

While this might not be the perfect weekend for camping, it is possible to heed the call of the wild without leaving the borough of Kings. Or doing anything that might jeopardize your marriage.

And we aren’t talking some illegal overnight deep in Prospect Park. We’re talking about a Sorta Outdoorsy spot at New York City’s very first airport—Floyd Bennett Field. (more…)