01/26/15 9:37am
You've got feels, so take 'em out dancing

You’ve got feels, so take ‘em out dancing

1. Learn how best to slay your enemies as Brooklyn Public Philosophers discuss why metaphors make good insults. (Monday)

2. See films about protecting elephants, the Galapagos, and pronghorn migration at Videology’s Wildlife Conservation Film Night. (Monday)

3. Get a Fresh Perspective on comedy with the likes of Anna Drezen, Aparna Nancherla and Tim Racine at Muchmore’s. (Monday) (more…)

Disney's version of Br'er Rabbit and Uncle Remus. What you'll see at BRIC is probably a little more intense

Oh no, don’t open your coffee shop in Williamsburg, it’s way too dangerous there

Hey so, remember how when we first told you about BRIC House’s exciting spring line-up of performances and events, we mentioned that it was pretty much impossible squeeze all their upcoming shows into a single post? Well, we definitely left out a pretty damn interesting show about Brooklyn gentrification. It’s called “Brer Rabbit,” and it’s only playing tonight and tomorrow! Hopefully you’re reading this post in time to cancel any other plans you might have for the evening or the weekend and catch this funky performance while you can. (more…)

01/22/15 8:47am

Celebrate this. Well, not just hers, yours too.

1. You know you do it, we know you do it, so just wall twerk already at Asslands, a booty + bass dance party. (Friday)

2. Concreatures is releasing their album Pretending to Swim, so wade over to Union Hall to hear some indie lo-fi. (Friday)

3. See some superheroes and supervillains superstriptease each other at Wasabassco Burlesque’s Super 2 at The Bell House. (Friday) (more…)

01/20/15 9:29am
Don't touch the floor, because the floor is lava

Don’t touch the floor, because the floor is lava

Admit it, you’ve totally watched Ninja Warrior (or the watered down American version) on cable and thought, “I could tooootally do that.” Well now’s your opportunity to try it and be humbled as an audience of actually fit people look on, because this weekend Brooklyn Boulders will be hosting their own Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course, Lava Monster. Oh, now that you’ve got the chance to prove you’re a ninja warrior you’re suddenly busy? Convenient. (more…)

01/19/15 11:00am
Study up

Study up

1. Celebrate MLK Day by being a decent human being and volunteering. (Monday)

2. Sneakily learn about human evolution with the help of some cocktails and paleontologists with the Secret Science Club at The Bell House. (Tuesday)

3. Win some uh, helpful equipment, at Sex Toy Bingo at Trash Bar. (Tuesday) (more…)

01/16/15 11:18am
sex toy bingo

Finally, bingo that speaks to your needs

Bingo, for all of its many charms, isn’t really seen as a very sexy thing to do if you’re looking to go out and have a good time. Which we understand, since so much of it involves listening closely to people calmly calling out letter-number combos and then hunting around to see if you got it. A bingo game coming to Williamsburg next Tuesday is ditching the retiree air attached to it though, because in this particular game of bingo, you’ll be competing for sex toys. (more…)

01/15/15 12:30pm
Take a break from stonecutting this weekend

Take a break from stonecutting this weekend

1. If you’re too lazy to get your passport renewed, know The Blue Dhalia will be at Bar Chord blending just about every popular world music genre out there. (Friday)

2. Have a splen-diddily-endid time at Videology’s Simpsons Party! (Friday)

3. Laugh in the face of death at I’m Afraid of Dying comedy show. (Friday) (more…)

01/14/15 11:00am

We hope you’re ready

Ah, the ass. It’s kind of having a moment, whether it’s the “Anaconda” video or the “Booty” video or someone shoving their face in Allison Williams’ butthole or your racist uncle making references to twerking. And hey, why not, asses are great. If you agree (and we don’t see why you wouldn’t), we’ve got great news for you: the same people behind the Robyn dance parties (R.I.P.) are having a dance party celebrating all things ass. Better get your booty in shape quick. (more…)

01/14/15 10:16am
Get on the bus. Via FB.

Get on the bus. Via FB.

Whether you grew up skiing every weekend or sitting at home and wondering why the hell kids in your school were coming in on Monday mornings with doofy tags on their jackets, there is one indisputable fact: skiing is some expensive ass shit. By time you pay for lift tickets, snow pants, a real jacket and gloves that weren’t purchased at the bodega, you’re deep in the financial winter doldrums.

That would be enough to keep most of us indoors until summer comes back. BUT … our friends at the NYC Snow Bus are back with an even better deal this year: not only are they offering cheap bus trip deals to two new mountains this year, now they’re also offering you clothing rental, so you don’t even have to buy your own jacket!  (more…)

01/12/15 9:56am
Fun fact: matching outfits are how people found each other in clubs before cell phones

Fun fact: matching outfits are how people found each other in clubs before cell phones

1. See what X-ACTOly the Brooklyn Collage Collective has been up to at their exhibition Volume 002 (Cut & Paste). (Monday)

2. Sharpen your No. 3 pencils and learn how standardized tests are melting students’ brains from the author of The Test. (Monday)

3. Tie your hair in its first Side Ponytail of the year and hear some comedy at Over the Eight. (Monday) (more…)