04/28/16 3:40pm
Get ready to Get Summered: Your beach party this year is getting the Brokelyn treatment. Via Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

Get ready to Get Summered: Your beach party this year is getting the Brokelyn treatment. Via Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

We’ve been gleefully beating the drums of the coming summer for weeks already but this is one of the announcements we’re most excited for: The Riis Beach Bazaar is coming returning this year! The inaugural Bazaar (an offshoot of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar) last summer brought music, great food, vendors and a chill party vibe to an underused stretch of beach and making Jacob Riis Park in Queens rival any beach town in California. Now it’s back for 2016 with a new the lineup of music, parties, volleyball tournaments and events — and us! Brokelyn and our colleagues at QNS.com are presenting some of the Get Summered dance parties throughout the season, so you’ll catch us down there on a handful of weekends (and a lot of other weekends too honestly, becuase the beach is best — there’s even campfires this year!). See the full lineup below: (more…)

04/28/16 10:46am
Tour the borough with a gaggle of smart insiders.

Tour the borough with a gaggle of smart insiders (photos by Earl Maldoun)

Hey Brokesters! Your humble events editor here — the one who brings you burlesquers and dance parties and endless free comedy shows every week. Now I want to bring you something else: on a bike ride.

For years I’ve been chronicling Brooklyn’s cultural and artistic life, both online and in a book. Now I’m taking the idea IRL, bringing people to awesome spots to see what goes on behind the scenes and hear from the people making all the magic. I’m working with my pal Jonah, tour-guide progeny and native New Yorker, and we’re basically curating a day full of awesome that includes stops at a Civil War–era warehouse turned art collective and a store for superheroes. (Plus there are snacks!) (more…)

04/27/16 2:00pm
Free outdoor movies in so many parks, bars and backyards it'll make your head spin. Dan Nguyen / Flickr

Free outdoor movies in so many parks, bars and backyards it’ll make your head spin. Dan Nguyen / Flickr

I just watched the Game of Thrones pilot (late, I know) and Ned Stark keeps saying that “winter is coming.” I’ve inferred that since Westeros must be some kind of fortressed land off the coast of Australia, what he actually meant by this was that “summer is coming.” And boy, is it ever! Don’t let this week’s lower temperatures fool you; the countdown started long ago, and the Gowanus Yacht Club just declared outdoor drinking season officially open. It’s time to get outside and get lit, not to mention start racking up those demerit badges.

I’m not sure where I was going with the elegy to summer above, but it eventually leads us back to free outdoor movies. Because yadda yadda “nothing says summer like” yadda yadda. So here’s a massive list we made of all the free outdoor movies playing in Brooklyn this summer. We’ll keep adding to this list as more and more free outdoor movie schedules come out because trust us, there’s plenty more to come. Screening series will soon be announced at Coney Island Beach, Red Hook Park and at various other bars we love in the borough. Some series are more weather-permitting than others, and some make better dates than others. But don’t worry: as you’ll see from the list below, you’ve got more than enough chances to catch Purple Rain this summer.  (more…)

04/27/16 8:46am

Auction for the “Slut” hat, featuring (from left) Heidi Glüm, Untitled Queen, Alotta McGriddles. Photos by Gabrielle Westfield/Brokelyn.

As I blissfully watched a drag queen, a petite 20-something blond and my boyfriend aggressively trying to outbid each other for a satin Michael Jordan jacket, I knew I’d found NYC’s most lit thrift store and my new only-way-to-shop. This party/auction/drag show/event has everything I want from shopping (and life?): drag queens, celebrity drag queens, gorgeous cheap shit, disco balls and booze. Alotta Stuff Live Auction is celebrating its fifth-year anniversary this August and that means I’ve wasted five years of my life shopping alone in dingy thrift stores when I could have been partying with friends and letting smart, tasteful queens act as my stylists.

Alotta McGriddles is giving thrift store realness to the people of Williamsburg’s Metropolitan bar every third Thursday, and if you’re not eating up what she’s serving, then you too are shopping wrong. The auction offers a range of hand-selected thrift and vintage clothing. The event is sponsored by Out Of The Closet Thrift Stores and Life Boutique Thrift and is hosted by the inimitable Alotta McGriddles. And if you felt a way about Thorgy Thor’s gone-too-soon exit from Rupaul’s Drag Race, FEAR NOT! Thorgy, everyone’s favorite fashion clown, co-hosts and co-curates the auction. Items (personally selected by both hosts) come in all sizes, in “men’s, women’s and questioning’s” and bidding starts at $1 for most items. It also taught me the proper way to thrift shop finally (hint: it involves shots).  (more…)

04/21/16 4:02pm
So this is what it feels like, when doves cry.

How can you just leave us standing, alone in a world that’s so cold?

The Purple Reign ended today. It’s a shock to fans of Prince that someone so funky and seemingly full of life could die so young (he was 57, but looked ageless, as always). It’s tragic and it’ll be awhile before we know the full story of what happened. But out of tragedy we’re reminded about one of the great things about living in New York City: We really know how to respond to losing a musical hero. Prince tributes, dance parties, Purple Rain screenings, bike rides and other appreciations are already being planned around the city. We’ve started collecting them here: we’ll keep updating this post as more come in over the next few days so stay tuned.  (more…)

04/20/16 1:00pm
Chairlift playing Treefort fest earlier this year. via Treefort on Flickr

Chairlift playing Treefort fest earlier this year. via Treefort on Flickr

Happy 4/20, everyone. Well hey, you’re probably already greening out to chillwave anthems in Prospect Park and ducking behind trees and/or dogs to avoid cops and/or aliens, but we have some exciting news! You can be high while we tell you about it, we’re not judging.

This morning SummerStage announced its 2016 programming, and it includes a glorious month-long music festival spanning Brooklyn’s parks top to bottom. It may be “presented” by a big bank (coming soon to replace an everything near you!) but the lineup says nothing about the corporate goons that are funding it. In fact, the SummerStage series is jam-packed with diverse voices and musical styles, and shows are decently spread across the borough. And there are pleeeenty big names to get excited about — Public Enemy, Angie Stone, Chairlift, Lisa Simone and Blonde Redhead, just to name a few. Not to mention the GrandWizzard Theodore, who to this day I maintain spun the best DJ set that I have ever experienced.

This schedule isn’t even the half of it; Summerstage has a whole season of events that includes dance, theater, film and family-friendly affairs. We just wanted to pack all the Brooklyn music into one post, because we know how you kids like to party. So you know the drill: mark down your favorites from the dates below, and let the summer countdown continue. (more…)

04/14/16 2:00pm

The author circa 2003, as if those frosted tips beside him didn’t already let you know.

Whether you spent your prom night home alone watching Carrie on loop or obsessively matching your dress to your butterfly clips to the elastic on your braces, chances are you wish you could have done a few things differently. And this Saturday, our friends at the skint are giving you the chance.

The Dancing On My Own 80s-00s Prom at Littlefield is your official prom do-over replete with an attractively-lit photo booth, drink specials to not stain your dress with and a playlist that’s completely danceable without a date. In fact, they recommend you don’t bring one! Even so, we don’t think you should be too embarrassed about your own prom history; it’s an inherently ludicrous tradition. A sweaty banquet hall or high school gymnasium stuffed with horny teenagers rubbing their Men’s Warehouse-clad erections on some Alfred Angelo chiffon? Good riddance (Time of your life) to that.

In the spirit of moving past your pre-millennium or early millennium prom mortification, we’ve rounded up some cringe-worthy high school tales from our favorite Brooklyn-based comedians below. This writer added his, too. So spike your daytime punch, leave your own horror stories in the comments section, and we’ll see you this Saturday night.  (more…)

04/13/16 4:36pm
Get your popcorn, this is gonna be good. Image via Halyards Bar.

Get your popcorn, this is gonna be good. Image via Halyards Bar.

If you thought you’d have a chance to see the first presidential primary debate to happen in New York City since gosh knows when, too bad! Basically no tickets were made available to the public for Thursday’s Sanders/Clinton debate at the Navy Yard’s Duggal Greenhouse. But there is still high anticipation for the debate that leads into the April 19 New York state primary, not only because it’s happening here, but because it’s moderated by NY1’s Errol Louis, who might actually ask questions about things that matter to New Yorkers. And it’s about time someone acted like New York matters to the rest of the country. Anyway, if you can’t go to the Navy Yard, here are some debate watch parties at bars and elsewhere across the borough — you’ll need to drink as you watch and remember that somehow there are still 300 months of this election left. (more…)

03/31/16 11:00am
Hurry, summer. Photo via SummerScreen.

Hurry, summer. Photo via SummerScreen.

Summer is charging full steam ahead and all the wonderful free events it brings are already starting to eat up your calendar. Save those precious Wednesday nights if you like free movies in in McCarren Park because the lineup for the 11th annual SummerScreen is here! The movie series stuck to its tradition of including some 90s classics and also some good movies to get stoned during.  (more…)

03/15/16 3:00pm
Don't let them catch up to you. Melody Joy Kramer / Flickr

Don’t let them catch up to you. Melody Joy Kramer / Flickr

Oh no. It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day again.

One of the most reviled day-long bar crawls in recent human history (second only to SantaCon), St. Patrick’s Day can only be a source of ire for us New Yorkers, who suddenly have to contend with the bridge-and-tunnel population getting sloshed and vomiting onto our neighborhood streets, or with our favorite bars getting mossed in green-clad revelers, or with the bros thinking that it’s okay to just come out in broad daylight like the rest of us.

In an effort to counter the St. Patrick’s day mayhem, our friends over at satirical women’s webmag Reductress are putting together a Wellness Retreat at the Bell House on St. Patrick’s Day to “rejuvenate, revitalize, reproduce” and “refill” the spirit with comedy, life advice, Sixpoint draft specials and period panty giveaways. Performers include Michelle Wolf, Lane Moore, Akilah Hughes and Julio Torres, the space prince himself. And since these self-proclaimed wellness coaches already seem to know what they’re talking about, we asked some of the show’s performers and comedians to offer up their tips on how you, too, can avoid having a horrible St. Patrick’s Day.

(Your number one tip being, of course, to actually attend the event.) (more…)