10/24/16 3:44pm
You don't have to pay to get into 30 rock just to have fun this weekend. Via Pinterest

You don’t have to pay to get into 30 rock just to have fun this weekend. Via Pinterest

Point of fact: Halloween is the best holiday in New York City. Why? First of all, it’s the only holiday whose sole adult purpose is partying. Second, it’s the most creative holiday. And since New York is a hotbed of creative energy, we get some wild instances of that. (Not to mention, New Yorkers are especially good at bringing getting their pets into the spirit.)

Our friends over at DNA Info agree with us — though  9/10 dentists may not — and that makes for not one but two reliable journalistic sources to back up the next argument you have with your friends about Halloween. Even if you don’t have a costume yet (here, let us help!) this weekend has tons of spook to keep you frightfully delighted, all the way through to the last trick-or-treater at your front door. We picked out our favorites:  (more…)

10/13/16 10:36am
The sun finally sets on the Pavilion Theater. via flickr user Eelke

The sun finally sets on the Pavilion Theater. via flickr user Eelke

Change is never easy. But if it means trading out a poorly-serviced and notoriously bedbug-infested kind of place for a shiny new version of the same, then it’s worth the slight pangs of nostalgia you suffer in watching it go.

We’re talking, of course, about the old Pavilion Theater in Park Slope. It’s time to pay your final respects to the soon-to-be extinct movie theater, which is set to re-open as a Nitehawk Cinema in 2017. At least Nitehawk is giving you a chance to do it in style, with a free sendoff party on November 1!

There won’t be any ceremonial flaming arrows, but there will definitely be beer. (more…)

10/10/16 3:30pm
Greenlight Bookstore pairs pages and pints.  Credit: Brokelyn

Greenlight Bookstore pairs pages and pints.

With fall back-to-school themes inundating all areas of life, October is that time of year to transition your outdoor drinking routine to something more erudite and sweater-worthy. But as working hours grow longer and daylight peters out earlier, making the time to explore new haunts gets harder. A local happy hour is always an option, but the potential for mind-expansion is limited when you’re downing well drinks while watching your buddy karaoke to Ariana Grande.

Enter book readings, the best cover for taking the edge off while engaging in light brainwork since trivia nights and nerdy bingo.

Our borough is home to both some of the best authors and independent bookstores in the country. You’ve Got Mail may have been set in Manhattan, but we have our own local Fox Books and Meg Ryans to root for. And since this is Brooklyn, after all, we show our support by pairing intellectual curiosity with alcohol (be it free boxed wine at the event itself, or a quick trip to the local wine store across the street).

Here’s a selection of boozy book events the month of October has in (book)store for Brooklyn readers: (more…)

10/10/16 9:43am
Time for some Bayou Bingo fun via. Instagram

Time for some Bayou Bingo fun. via Instagram

Ahh, bar bingo. It’s not just your granny’s game anymore. These days, bingo is just a great way to gamble, drink beer, and swear a lot when the person next to you screams out their win as if an alien is erupting from their chest cavity.

Bar bingo took Brooklyn by storm around ’08, but has sadly died down with new fads like bar trivia and the never-ending comeback of karaoke. And while many local spots like Union Hall and Bell House do host bingo-related events once in awhile, demonic websites like Yelp and other internet info sources are usually out of date.

Now B4 you freak out, we here at Brokelyn dug deep into the ball basket and found out where you can still feed your bingo addiction on a weekly basis! So grab your bingo markers and remember the ‘ole saying: Try not to take your bingo too seriously, because at the end of the day you will find that it’s just a load of balls. (more…)

10/05/16 11:40am
Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram

Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram

Throw on the Psycho theme, because we’re ready for the ultimate spook. You could stay in bed and watch a scary movie (probably with the lights on, wimp) but what will you do about the lingering shadows keeping you up at night?

If haunted houses aren’t your cup of blood, watching a scary movie in a theatre is the next best scare: that slight chill from the air conditioning, the hushed whisper and focus of everyone waiting for what happens next, the swell of suspenseful music that inevitably leads to someone starting to scream profanities at the screen.

In that spirit (get it?), here’s Brokelyn’s spooktacular roundup of scary movie showings all around the borough. We’ll keep updating this list with additional series as they are announced. In the meantime, head to these movies, and keep the creepy clown costumes at home (also burn them). (more…)

09/15/16 1:00pm
These guys never get old (even though they probably did age in real life)

These guys never get old (except for real life, they’ve definitely aged in real life).

Once a year, in an attempt to placate New York’s bike commuter population and keep its membership base intact after things like this happen, Citi Bike hosts a bike-in movie night in Prospect Park. It’s a real fun way to spend an evening, so long as you don’t mind a little spatial negotiation with all the other folks looking for prime picnic spots.

Next Thursday, September 22, you can bike yourself and your gear into Prospect Park to watch The Goonies — a somewhat uninspired choice, considering it’s a regular on almost every outdoor movie series in Brooklyn. But at least it’ll get you a dose of 80s nostalgia straight to the veins. And is it just me, or is there something about Sloth that eerily resembles Donald Trump? (more…)

09/14/16 10:12am
Photo by Cathleen Casacelli, via website.

Photo by Cathleen Casacelli, via website.

Healthy competition is good for all of us, and healthy competition among our city’s beaches only means we have more summery love to spread around to this city’s eight million people. Coney Island and Rockaway are very different kinds of places — the latter is of course more of a boardwalk amusement park, with amenities trending toward Times Square-ishness lately, while Rockaway is embracing its arty, grungy surf vibe. And now, as of last year, they both have parades featuring the march of sea creatures. Coney Island’s famous Mermaid Parade kicks off summer every June; now Rockaway has its own Poseidon’s Parade to close out the season in September on the boardwalk, which this year finally finished its post-Sandy rebuild.

The event, held this Saturday, is inspired by the peninsula’s annual in the Mermaid Parade, which means it’s a family friendly art-parade full of costumes, creativity and floats, and celebrates the Queens neighborhood’s resilience after the storm destroyed many homes (many of which are still not rebuilt btw). And since it’s a new event, it probably won’t be filled with #brands trying to get your attention just yet. (more…)

09/12/16 3:28pm
Do the write thing: 10 things not to miss at the Brooklyn Book Festival this year

Bring on the books! Via Flickr user Betty Tsang.

The Brooklyn Book Festival is necessary methadone that helps wean us off quitting summer cold turkey. The day-long event on Sunday reminds us why fall in New York is pretty great too, as we put away the tank tops and jorts and instead pull up our big pile of books and don our best reading flannels. The annual festival is Bonnaroo for Brooklyn book worms and Lollapalooza for lit lovers, an all-you-can-eat buffet of free readings, talks and author appearance that takes over downtown Brooklyn, jam-packed with stars and illuminati of the printed word. With dozens of events on the docket this year that include heavyweights like Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie and Jacqueline Woodson, it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re unprepared.

We made a guide to help you navigate the vast library of choices. Here are Brokelyn’s top 10 picks for what not to miss at the Brooklyn Book Festival this year so you can take in the best of the fest, from important discussions of gentrification and voting to a fun journey into the intersection of literature and comedy. All the events are free and entrance is first-come, first-served.  (more…)

08/31/16 1:26pm
Yas queen(s): volunteer at the Bushwig drag festival and see all the shows for free

A family photo from Bushwig 2013. via Facebook

At a Celebrate Brooklyn! show in Prospect Park last year, performance artist Taylor Mac described drag as “taking everything you feel about yourself and the world on the inside, and wearing it on the outside.” With Bushwick’s fifth annual Bushwig drag festival coming up on September 10, Mac’s definition feels 2016 essential. There has never been a more important time to watch New York’s drag artists wear and perform their respective worldviews.

Bushwig’s price tag is steep — even earlybird weekend passes are $40 — but if you’re still keen to see the queens, there’s a way to get into this year’s festival AND see all of the shows for free: volunteer! Bushwick Daily reports that Bushwig is still looking for a few able-bodied helpers to lend a hand next weekend.

If you’ve never heard of Bushwig before, here’s a taste of what to expect. It’s a raucous, two-day festival in Bushwick that draws attendees in the thousands and promises all kinds of wild, whoop-inducing drag performances. Due to re-location this year’s venue is, somewhat fittingly, in Queens. (more…)

08/22/16 1:00pm
Bard it all: Female Shakespeare troupe bringing a free, all-nude Tempest to Prospect Park

Naked actors from the Torn Out Theater troupe during a previous performance of The Tempest. Via website.

Shakespeare in the Park is a great free summer thing to do, but tickets are impossible to get and you’ve got to go all the way into Manhattan to sit in Central Park theater for hours, where you run the risk of losing you WNYC totebag among all the other WNYC totebags in attendance. Brooklyn has a few of our own versions; now we’re getting a new one that definitely feels more at home in our borough than tony enclaves of the Upper West Side.

A troupe of female actors is doing a run of all-nude performances of Shakespeare’s The Tempest starting Sept. 7. As the Brooklyn Paper reports today: “The show’s male director says that the stripped-down show is designed to promote body positivity — but he also knew that using unclad actors would create some conversation.” Director Pitr Strait told the paper: “We asked ‘How do we work nudity into the play so Shakespeare doesn’t get swallowed up and so the huge, distracting thing works for us?'” And while nudity is illegal in NYC (but not toplessness!), the city makes special exceptions for performance art. In short, these ladies will really bard it all for you. (more…)