04/18/16 1:00pm
Who's the most New Yawk?

Who’s the most New Yawk? Photo illustration by Sam Corbin.

For those less informed than the Trump Kidz, the New York presidential primary is on Tuesday. Sure, we always see ourselves as the center of the universe, but both races are still surprisingly close and this time around there are three candidates trying to cash in on a supposed New York hometown advantage. So while Ted Cruz is busy matzo-ing his way out of that “New York values” comment and Kasich does whatever Kasich does, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are honing their liquid r’s and watching this video on repeat.

Just how legitimate is each candidate’s respective New York-ness? Brokelyn’s basement politifact department is here with a breakdown of just how Sanders, Clinton and Drumpf Trump’s histories stack up in authenticity. Or, at least, in as much authenticity as one can glean from sporadic SNL appearances, conjecture and perceived ability to ride the subway. (more…)

04/18/16 9:41am
via jsigharas on Instagram.

via jsigharas on Instagram.

Thanks to a perfect storm convergence of a 15k race, nice weather, Smorgasburg and a huge Bernie Sanders rally, Prospect Park was a sight to behold yesterday. The Sanders rally drew an estimated 28,000 people, according to amNY, the campaign’s largest rally yet. It’s no surprise Bernie fandom is high in certain parts of Brooklyn, his hometown, and he hammered home his trendy appeal by bringing Grizzly Bear as his opening act and appearing with fellow hip old guy Danny DeVito (who introduced Bernie as “our Obi-Wan”) and human MacBook Justin Long. It was a colorful event, full of lots of artsy expressions of #feelingthebern. Sanders himself addressed healthcare, the environment and the wage gap. Here’s what the scene looked like:  (more…)

04/15/16 5:00pm
These delicious salmon burgers were made just from bodega ingredients.

These delicious salmon burgers were made just from bodega ingredients.

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04/15/16 10:13am
Via @hunterschwarz.

Via @hunterschwarz.

Having a presidential debate come to town is apparently just like intense gentrificaiton: it makes your beloved borough look like anywhere else in America, and the people behind it act like they don’t give a shit about the people who already live there. Last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the Navy Yard was billed on CNN as the “Brooklyn Brawl” (though we preferred to call it the Thrilla in Clinton Hilla), but there was nothing remotely “Brooklyn” about it.

As WNYC’s Brian Lehrer tweeted, the debate had “no sense of place” — it felt like the same ol’ debate topics we always hear, trapped in the CNN echo chamber forever. It’s an extremely rare thing to have any candidates for president actually campaign in New York, let alone spend so much time in Brooklyn, but last night’s debate treated us to the debate standbys again: Social Security, campaign finance reform, what one candidate said about the other oh snap you gonna take that? Why didn’t the debate cover anything that might actually change New York voters’ minds? (more…)

04/13/16 3:14pm
Vote, you dummy.

Vote, you dummy.

The New York primaries are next week.And while we may not be endorsing a candidate 4 prez, we are most definitely endorsing two things: 1) the downfall of the GOP rat king and 2) the all-American act of “voting!” This ancient practice of ballot-casting to elect a leader dates back to many centuries B.C.E., and at least two centuries U.S. What’s more, as a New Yorker you’ve got it easier than most states (Arizona). It’s pretty easy to seek out your nearest polling station and cast your vote.

But look, Brokelyn knows that apathy is a vile seductress notorious for dulling your political senses. So we’re here to make it even simpler. Because “rocking the vote” is real. We actually get a say in the presidential race this year (by time the general election comes around, no one will pay attention to New York values again) so don’t let the opportunity pass you by.  (more…)

04/12/16 11:57am
Chillary NYC is a comedy rally organized by Heather Fink this weekend.

Chillary NYC is a comedy rally organized by Heather Fink this weekend.

Being a Hillary supporter in Brooklyn can feel a bit lonely these days. Bernie Sanders fans are attending waterfront rallies in Greenpoint, watching the candidate walk the boardwalk at Coney Island or hanging with his posse that includes the Hulk, the Night Nurse, the Penguin and the literal human embodiment of Apple. Back in February, we reported on the trend that NYC comedians were holding lots of fundraisers for Bernie Sanders, but none for Hillary.

Filmmaker and comedian Heather Fink noticed this too — and she noticed her friends were staying in the closet about their Hillary support, since everyone else had flocked to Bernie. So in response, she put together a late-night comedy show and party this Saturday, with a lineup featuring Jena Friedman, Liam McEneany, Mo Fathelbab and more. It’s partly to rally support ahead of the April 19 New York primary, and partly to tell others it’s OK to vote for Hillary.

“There are all these Hillary supporters online, a lot of them message me privately: ‘I don’t want to say anything publicly … I don’t feel comfortable saying it, all my friends are for Bernie,’ ” Fink said. “I was like fuck this, I just need to do this event. If I build it, they will come.” (more…)

04/12/16 8:48am
Bernie Sanders continues to rally support all around Brooklyn this week. Via Bernie Sanders Facebook.

Bernie Sanders continues to rally support all around Brooklyn this week. Via Bernie Sanders Facebook.

It’s a strange feeling, this being paid attention to by national politicians thing, isn’t it? It’s sort of like being the overlooked middle child in a family but suddenly you’ve got all the coolest Super Nintendo games and everyone wants to make nice with you and share. Or at least until the primary is over on April 19, then no one will pay attention to New York City any more. Anyway, this week is a big one if you’re a fan of democratic presidential candidates: Bernie Sanders is continuing to Bernstorm the borough with what is sure to be a huge, star-studded rally in Prospect Park on Sunday, featuring a requisite Brooklyn smattering of hip talent: Danny DeVito, Justin Long and Grizzly Bear. And, unlike the debate coming to the Navy Yard on Thursday, you can actually attend. Here’s how: (more…)

04/08/16 6:00pm
Don't passover these top Brokelyn stories of the week.

Don’t passover these top Brokelyn stories of the week.

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04/05/16 3:38pm
Debate after party at Hot Bird!

Debate after party at Hot Bird, anyone? Or is this more of a Franklin Park crowd?

After much back and forth, the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns finally agreed to a debate in our fair borough on April 14 at the Navy Yard’s Duggal Greenhouse, in advance of the April 19 primary vote. If you were hoping to snatch up tickets to the hottest thing to come to the Brooklyn waterfront since rampant overdevelopment … too bad! There’s none available, at least for right now. The campaigns and state democratic party HQ, which usually controls the tickets, haven’t released any information about it yet, and no one seems to know exactly what the deal is.

But we talked to Mary Lovci, the vice president of Duggal global events group, who said CNN told her to direct people to the candidates’ websites, which will be making announcements about the tickets shortly, so keep your eyes on the Hillary and Bernie sites. We’ll update this you/this post with more info when tickets do become available. UPDATE 4/6: We talked to a staffer at the state Democratic Party who said they’re accepting names for a list of people looking for tickets: they’ll email you when and if they tickets become available to them. The number to call is below. (more…)

04/04/16 10:08am
The Experiment was one of the few vestiges of 'weird' on the waterfront. Sam Corbin / Brokelyn

The Experiment was one of the few vestiges of ‘weird’ on the waterfront. Sam Corbin / Brokelyn

Many of us were lucky enough to drink in the emergent comedy scene at The Experiment Comedy Gallery, an awesome BYOB comedy venue formerly in residence at 20 Broadway. The Experiment rose to notoriety during the “Donald Trump Special” they ran last year, when owner Mo Fathelbab announced he was offering Muslims free admission to shows.

But as with most good things in Brooklyn, Vice bought it. Just kidding. But the Experiment was forced to cease operations last week due to conflicts with the housing board and management company. Comedian Elsa Waithe set up a GoFundMe page on Fathelbab’s behalf in order to bring back the Experiment, citing a deadline of May 1 to gather the necessary funds for relocation. “As a result [of the closure],” she writes, “many amazing shows have had to cancel, or be put on hold. Mo’s first concern in all of this was not for the financial loss of his business but the loss of stage time for so many terrific comedians.” (more…)