10/18/16 1:52pm
Suck it, Chicago! via Flickr user cdk

Suck it, Chicago! via Flickr user cdk

New York City’s rodent population has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. The rats that run this town will do anything for a headline, from carrying pizza down the subway steps to eating one another for sport.

But a new report — released by the popular pest control company, Orkin — that ranks the most rat-infested (or “rattiest”) cities in America has ignored our rats’ efforts to pervade the media. Their findings show that New York City isn’t the No. 1 rathole in America, after all.

You wanna know which city is?  (more…)

10/17/16 9:06am
Brooklyn, by Chloe. via @jackyfalkenberg on Instagram

Brooklyn, by Chloe. via @jackyfalkenberg on Instagram

Vegan paradise By Chloe is opening up in Brooklyn [Well & Good]

Rockaway’s Playland Motel is shutting down at the end of the month [Gothamist]

Trump couldn’t handle this week’s SNL cold open [Washington Post]

Get yourself a nice novelty tee: it’s 50 percent off all Threadless clothing! [Threadless]

Here’s every haunted house in the Tri-State area where you can spook yourself [NBC New York]

The election is so bad that Canadians are now telling America it’s “already great” [Fast Company]

An Arizona magazine faced death threats (with grace) after endorsing Hillary Clinton  [AZ Central]

10/14/16 5:00pm
Now all you need is a bike map for fish. Via NewYorker.com.

NYC, city of women. Via NewYorker.com

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10/14/16 11:59am
Ride the party bus for Hillary Clinton.

Ride the party bus for Hillary Clinton.

Election activism comes in all forms, and once you register to vote (today’s the last day!), it’s the best thing you can do to stay involved until that fateful polling day arrives. Maybe phone banking is your thing, or you do door-to-door canvassing in your own neighborhood. Those are both great!

But if you haven’t found your “thing” yet or you’re too broke to take time out of your work schedule for the above, then consider this neat weekend opportunity to help Hillary Clinton that comes with lots and lots of freebies. Pennsylvania’s Working America, in league with local workers’ unions and radio stations, has partnered up with The New York State Assembly to offer FREE bus rides from New York City to Philadelphia every weekend from now until election day. Bonus: two free meals included.

Along with members of the PA labor unions and other community groups, you and your fellow blue NYC voters will get to spend a Saturday knocking on doors in the working-class neighborhood of Germantown, Philadelphia to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in the coming election, “so as to send a message that candidates like him have no place on the political stage, unless it’s for comedy.” (more…)

10/13/16 3:38pm
You might be paying way more than you should be. via flickr user {jeannine}

You might be paying way more than you should be. via flickr user {jeannine}

Brooklyn may already be the most unaffordable place to own, but many renters are still holding out for a better future. They’re not wrong to do so— there is certainly a possibility that the rental boom in Brooklyn reaches its glut in the coming years, and simmers down to provide more affordable housing options.

But what if, unbeknownst to you, you’re not subject to market fluctuation? What if you’re just being flat-out gouged on rent?

Here’s the deal: Market value has little to no bearing on what you should be charged if your apartment is rent-stabilized. But it’s easy for landlords and management companies take full advantage of how little research you’ve done on their property’s history. They might be overcharging you on rent by the hundreds, or even thousands.

But this time next week, you can start fighting back. On Oct. 20 at 7:30pm at the Central Library (10 Grand Army Plz.), the Brooklyn Public Library and ProPublica are co-hosting a forum called “How to Fight Back if Your Rent is Illegally High.” Oh, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  (more…)

10/13/16 2:12pm
Via Flickr user Urban Bohemian.

Actually, millennials are very engaged in this election. Via Flickr user Urban Bohemian.

Tomorrow, the almost-spooky date of Friday the 14th, is the last date to register to vote in New York state for the presidential election on Nov. 8. Odds are you’re a smart, civic-minded New Yorker who has long been registered, and good for you! But hey, everyone gets busy, maybe you let it slip your mind by now, maybe you didn’t know how to do it and at this point were afraid to ask. It’s ok! Registering to vote is easy: Google even made a shortcut for you showing you the ways to do it online, in person or through the mail.

As long as you register by Friday, all is forgiven. But you might face some social stigma from your fellow Brooklynites for having waited so long, so just in case you need more backup, we have created a convenient list of excuses for why you haven’t registered to vote yet. Use them with more discretion than the current Republican candidate has ever shown around women. (more…)

10/11/16 4:05pm
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.48.20 PM

Free yourself from these chains of loan debt.

Student loan debt isn’t a new issue, but it seems to have hit the millennial generation especially hard. The rising, near-prohibitive costs of a college education have gotten so absurd for folks aged 18-35 that big media is actually analyzing the cost/benefit of a degree. And with increasingly grim prospects of ever paying it off, student loan debt can feel like a terrible life sentence.

But if you’re a millennial Brooklynite burdened by loan debt, then chin up, sport, because someone is throwing you a party to erase it that comes with free snacks and cheap drinks and legal assistance! On Wednesday, Oct. 12, from 6 to 8:30pm, the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) and Bridge Street Development Corp. partner up to host an “Erase the Millennial Debt” party at Bed-Vyne Brew (370 Tompkins Ave.) with the tagline: “The Thirst is Real.” (more…)

10/11/16 1:03pm
Via imgur.

Thompson Chemists, Via imgur.

For every step forward in gender equality — like eliminating the tampon tax — there always seems to be a step backward right around the corner, like making a joke out of putting birth control in vending machines. So we know pay gap didn’t budge much even under the Obama administration, and maybe President Hillary will be able to do more about it when she’s finished sentencing Donald Trump to the Phantom Zone, who knows. But one New York City pharmacy is taking the issue into their own hands. The Daily Dot reports that Soho’s Thompson Chemists has enacted a “man tax,” where anyone carrying the Y chromosome has to pay 7 percent more, while women shop tax free.

“We thought it’d be a great idea with all the political things going on — with Clinton being such a woman and the other guy and his womanizing,” owner Jolie Alony told the site. “We wanted to share that women deserve to get a break, and men deserve to be charged 7 percent more. Women are spending more in general and we make less, so we deserve to have a break.” (more…)

10/07/16 5:00pm
Rachel Kremidas will make your pets live forever in her art. Via Instagram.

Rachel Kremidas will make your pets live forever in her art. Via Instagram.

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10/06/16 4:15pm
The pool will get at least one more summer. Via Yelp Inc. on Flickr.

The pool will get at least one more summer. Via Yelp Inc. on Flickr.

The pop-up pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park will get at least one more summer [DNAinfo]

French-fry stuffed burritos in Bushwick? Sure why not [Gothamist]

A slasher film set in Bushwick? Sure why not [DNAinfo]

How not to get screwed on Amazon [Fusion]

Read what it’s like to be a hated street canvasser [Bedford + Bowery]

3 Ikea alternatives to save your sanity [Brick Underground]

You can now get buried with your dog in NYC [NYT]