08/21/15 5:37pm
You made it to the end of another week. Have a drink!

You made it to the end of another week. Have a drink!

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– Have you drunk any of these beer cocktails yet? You should

– This Bushwick artist invites you to play Sleeping Beauty with him

– Roller disco queen Lola Star is here to show you around Coney Island

We’ve got jobs for you, so you can fulfill your summer resolution of winding up employed

– Starbucks is serving beer now, but so are these 10 cool local coffee shops

– Surprise! (?) One-bedroom apartments in Brooklyn have gotten more expensive

– Brooklyn’s MPHO is mysterious, but their music is good, and that’s all that matters

– David Lynch had all his nightmares come true at the Grand Prospect Hall

– Switch from shampoo to natural DIY hair care and you’ll save enough money to afford a trip to New Orleans

-We love Alchemy, we love The Gate and we love Harp Bar

08/21/15 4:09pm
When did the left become more acceptable than the right?

When did the left become more acceptable than the right?

When you woke up this morning, you probably thanked your lucky stars you made it tor Friday, took a pull from your bedside whiskey bottle and lurched to your job, like you do every Friday. The fact that it didn’t rain buckets like it was supposed to at seemed like a pleasant surprise, but we’ve got bad news for you: the reason it didn’t rain is because a wormhole opened and deposited us in a separate timeline, one where something called bonnetcore exists and elected officials lose their goddamn minds seeing people without shirts on. (more…)

08/21/15 12:09pm

Mayor Tall’s struggles in historical context [POLITICO New York]
David Stern being urged to run for mayor, institute dress code in NYC [New York Post]
All the while, Mayor Tall ponders ripping up Times Square to thwart naked ladies [NYM]
Brooklyn Heights library developers accused of housing segregation [Brooklyn Paper]
These bears frolicking in a pool are living your best life [Gothamist]
Bushwick’s Colony 1209 is no longer a colonizer, by name at least [The Awl]
Eric Adams says Brooklyn got some affordable housing fun money [DNA Info]
Bronx’s John F. Kennedy High School severely damaged by an explosion [CBS2]

08/20/15 12:00pm

They found a dead guy in Prospect Park Lake [Ditmas Park Corner]
A harrowing first-person account of BK’s float spa that might dissuade you forever [NY Mag]
Sinkhole causes months of 5th avenue closures, leaves resident “red with fury” [DNAInfo]
Been wanting to start homebrewing? Here’s the guy who literally wrote the book on it [Eater]
Deez Nuts 2016: a faux presidential candidate from Iowa bringing us all to our knees [Daily Beast]
Ah, crap, even public schools are basically private schools now [The Billfold]
Now it’s really your last chance to catch Hedwig and the Angry Inch [Vulture]
Bernie Sanders was all feels in the 1960s, released a folk album [Dangerous Minds]

08/20/15 10:52am
Looks like you'll have to make concessions. via flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

Looks like you’ll have to make concessions. via flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

When you’re shelling out upwards of $12 for a movie ticket, spending an extra $7 on popcorn just doesn’t seem reasonable. That’s why most of us do the smart thing and bring our own candy, popcorn and beverages, sheathed neatly in our purses and bags. Today, Consumerist reports that due to an upswing in movie theater crime around the country, Regal’s security measures may tighten to include routine bag-checks for moviegoers upon entry.

The real question is: does this mean we can’t get away with outside snacks anymore? (more…)

08/19/15 12:01pm

Donor to Mayor Tall pissed he’s governing how he said he would [New York Post]
Never, ever bump into someone outside Pumps [Brooklyn Paper]
Oh suddenly it’s not cool to panhandle with babies [NBC4]
The Landmarks Commission isn’t cool with the Park Slope Pavillion conversion [YIMBY]
Coney Island has a bike riding chain snatcher on the loose [Bensonhurst Bean]
Give these developers a 44-story building, they’ll give you 30% affordable housing [The Real Deal]
There might be more Summer Stroll in our future [Brooklyn Eagle]

08/18/15 3:19pm
If you can get this hyped at 7am, we've got a party for you. via Instagram

If you can get this hyped at 7am, we’ve got a party for you. via Instagram

Last year, we marveled at the fact that early morning, drug-free raves existed and people were into going to them. Even in the face of light mockery, the early morning rave isn’t going away, and now activists are using its siren song to raise money for anti-police brutality efforts next month in Bed-Stuy. Is 7am too early to listen to “Early” out of a sound system designed for loud concerts? Guess there’s only one way to find out. (more…)

Can you outgrow this hairy gents?

Can you outgrow this hairy gents?

Beards! People are fascinated by them, many folks throughout history have grown them. Maybe even you have one, and you’re thinking you should get around to shaving because it’s so freaking hot out. Before you do that though, consider how long it takes you to grow something weird and award-worthy, because glory and a trophy fez await you at the upcoming Coney Island Beard and Moustache Competition. (more…)

08/18/15 12:03pm

North Brooklyn is about to see a lot of new neighbors [Crain’s]
Wes Anderson looks like as much of a jerk as anyone riding a Citi Bike [Gothamist]
NYC high rises have their own private version of Craigslist now [TechCrunch]
Finally, some stock photos that really speak to New Yorkers [WNYC]
Take a trip through JFK’s old jet terminals [Untapped Cities]
Long arm of the law catches up with BK Bridge trespasser, even without a selfie stick [NY Mag]
Having a nightmare neighbor can at least be a learning experience [Brick Underground]