11/12/15 3:33pm
Ice, ice, baby

You should get one of these nice passes and skate all winter long, ya hear?

Nothing cures the seasonal blues like getting out on the ice and shredding a few laps with friends. Falling on your face in public also builds character. In any case, ice skating season has arrived! And it’s shaping up to be as wallet-friendly as it is fun.

The Lefrak Center at Lakeside is open for ice skating season thru March 2016, and their seasonal passes gives you unlimited skating until March 27, when they switch back over to a roller rink. And lucky you, the passes are cheaper than they were last year. Like, a lot cheaper. (more…)

11/12/15 2:06pm
No, thank you. via Flickr user Bonnie Natko

No, thank you. via Flickr user Bonnie Natko

Unbeknownst to you, moments after you threw off your coat in your new apartment and sank into the couch thinking, “This is the last time I’ll ever have to move,” Brooklyn’s luxury realtors were already planning their revenge. You thought no one could possibly hike the rent on your 5th floor walkup, a 20-minute from the nearest G train stop? Think again.

The very terrible executives-only brand RealInsight is hosting their 6th annual Brooklyn Real Estate Summit on November 17 at the Brooklyn Museum, where the elite retail, condo and multifamily brokers will gather to eat the bones of children discuss ways in which they can further capitalize on the booming market.

Now if, like us, you don’t want to keep seeing folks get priced out of their homes, and you’ve got a vested interested in not being priced out of one yourself, then check out Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)’s rebuttal: they’re picketing the event on November 17. And you can, too! Here are ways to get involved.  (more…)

11/12/15 12:40pm
Sure, it's tasty. But who really put their hands on your food? via Flickr user John

Sure, it’s tasty. But who really put their hands on your food? via Flickr user John

The delivery food empire just got served.

After conducting a lengthy investigation, NBC’s I-team released a shocking exposé today that outed fake Seamless and Grubhub listings posing as actual restaurants. In other words, if you’d ordered food from them, you’d still get it, but the business itself was nowhere to be found. 


11/11/15 2:08pm

For all their hokey two-toned subway ads and R.L. Stine-worthy PSAs, nothing the MTA has ever made has explained subway groping more effectively than this rap video about it by two Bay Ridge natives, who go by Bobo Touch.

In a mere two minutes of bass-heavy rap, ‘Subway Creeps’ covers everything from blatant masturbation to creepy subway stalkers to drive-by gropes. First it tells all the creeps to stop what they’re doing, then offers up better options for rubbing one out, and finally lets women know how they can document the incident, wrangle witnesses in the event of a trial, and seek help from nearby authority figures. It also says thing like “put your peesh away” and “go to jail, I hate you,” but that’s really just icing on the cake. (more…)

11/11/15 11:25am
brooklyn rent

Just keep the crying down, you’ll wake up your roommate that you’ll have forever. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

Ah, the dream of living alone. There you are, wandering around your apartment totally nude, not worrying about a roommate walking in and laughing at your awful, shameful body. There you are, not waiting for someone else to get out of the bathroom, or washing someone else’s dishes or just wishing someone else would stop talking. Well, keep dreaming we guess, because the dream killers at Trulia took a look at all the data and came out with the news that 51.3% of one-bedroom apartments in Brooklyn will cost you over $2,000/month. (more…)

11/10/15 2:27pm
Real, but also unreal

Real, but also unreal

We all had a good old time on the ol’ internet dot com yesterday laughing at or getting angry at purported reality show The Bedford Stop, a true life documentation of some 20somethings eating brunch and arguing and looking for husbands on a location-based sex app. “Is it real?” people wondered. Leaving behind the deeper philosophical notions of what reality truly is anyway, the answer is yes, the show and the people behind it are real, as revealed in this interview they did with Bedford + Bowery. B+B talked with the director and two cast memebers at length, but the biggest revelation is definitely the cast members insisting that just like you, they’re broke. (more…)

11/10/15 9:33am
Keep Slogans Boring. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

Keep Slogans Boring. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

I spotted this sign about two weeks ago under the BQE in Williamsburg, right down the street between Rocka Rolla and the Capital One bank. I don’t know how long it’s been there but I do know it’s the first time I can recall seeing the “Keep Williamsburg Weird” slogan on display in the neighborhood. This slogan, it needs to be said, is bad. It’s not interesting or unique or particularly helpful, and its arrival is more a sign of a neighborhood’s cultural weirdness entering hospice care than chemotherapy to save it.

Williamsburg is overall not “weird” these days. It is the land, as we learned yesterday, of blonde 20-somethings making reality shows about their brunch plans that seem even too mundane for the calmer quarters of Manhattan. It’s glass-window-lined megabuildings making way for Whole Foods on Bedford Avenue instead of new dive bars. The slogan makes the neighborhood seem desperate, clutching at a civic rallying cry already used in Austin, Portland and elsewhere, but its arrival is understandable.  (more…)

11/06/15 5:23pm
Drink to the weekend! via linkedin user Ruth Temianka

Drink to the weekend! via linkedin user Ruth Temianka

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-Trade in pumpkin beer for some hard cider at any of these BK bars with deep cider selections

-Want to make street art and not get arrested? We’ve got the lowdown on how you can do that

-You’ll have twice the amount of Greenlight Bookstore next year after they open their PLG location

-Don’t worry, even if you have no idea what 9/11 was, you can teach at the September 11 Memorial

-The leaves are changing, but your job prospects are evergreen, so apply to work at the Girl Scouts, WNYC or more spots

-Why do either of those when you could qualify to BE AN ASTRONAUT

Developers threw a gentrification party in the South Bronx that was either gross or wonderful, depending on whose account you read

-A 100% non-toxic affordable apartment is waiting for you in Gowanus, you just have to win the lottery

-Or take your chances with three guys looking for a woman to live in their walk-in closet in Clinton Hill

-Get lost in WASHA’s vivid intricacies

-November’s barely over, so make sure you catch the rest of the month’s best shows for under $10

-We love the Classon Social Club

11/05/15 1:47pm
Even Arnold knows how to treat the streets. via London Kaye

Even a stoop kid like Arnold knows how to keep it legal. via London Kaye

You see it everywhere. It’s that giant picture of the cute kid outside your yoga studio; it’s the graphic of the young activist throwing flower bouquet bombs on your walk to work; it’s that random square of kid faces and block coloring on the sidewalk outside of your coffee shop. Street art is one of the most pervasive forms of media in the borough. So pervasive that you’ve probably been tempted, at some point or another, to make your own. 

But before your inspirations run wild and you start painting your heart out onto a building wall, it’s important to consider whether what you’re doing is legal. We’re all for stunts and damning the Man, but nobody wants to get arrested. Brokelyn got hold of two elusive specimens from BK’s guerilla art scene: London Kaye (best known for that heavily controversial Moonrise Kingdom mural), and Joseph Meloy, whose art you definitely recognize from various blocks in the borough. Here are their tips to get your work out there, and keep it out there (barring a sudden whitewash—RIP Five Pointz). (more…)

11/04/15 2:38pm
Do you know why this is? It's okay if you don't. via Facebook

Do you know why this is? It’s okay if you don’t. via Facebook

Beyond being a place for questionable selfies, questionable gift shop items and a place to get a really expensive hot dog, the September 11 Memorial and Museum is the place where we mark a dark day in American history and teach what happened to people who weren’t around when it happened. You’d think that knowing about 9/11 would be a key job requirement at a teaching position at the memorial, but according to a job listing we came across today, you’re not required to have a basic understanding of the day in question if you want to lead field trips at the museum. (more…)