07/24/14 4:17pm
confusing subway sign

#NotAllGTrains. Photo by David Colon

Remember that time you thought the G train was running between Brooklyn and Queens before midnight on Saturday but you couldn’t figure out if 12am meant Sunday or Saturday or which week you were even supposed to avoid the train and when and where the alternate shuttle service would run if it even decided to show up?  Yeah. Every. Single. Day. Well, someone has finally got around to studying the issue and turns out they agree with you, subway signs and announcements can be a little confusing! (more…)

07/24/14 2:14pm
silicon alley

New York City’s tech scene, basically. via Facebook

New York City’s tech scene is really booming, or so we’ve been led to believe, what with the coining of the phrase “Silicon Alley” and the whole Brooklyn Tech Triangle thing. Which is good we guess in the sense that it brings jobs, but it looks like it also brings some of the bad parts about the meritocracy that is tech, like the fact that it’s mostly a bunch of dudes in the boardroom yelling “DISRUPT” into their Google Glass or whatever. In fact, New Yorker’s tech scene is so good at excluding women in the boardroom that we lead the nation in it, with just 38% of NYC tech companies having a female executive on their board. (more…)

07/24/14 1:00pm
clothing donation bin

More of this, less donating to them. Photo by David Colon

Everyone hates those sketchy garbage donation bins that have been popping up more and more on our otherwise clean streets, but just because that particular way of donating clothes is a sham, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t donate clothes at all. The folks at WNYC crowdsourced a few ways to legitimately donate your clothes to people who aren’t just making a quick buck off of your big heart and good intentions. (more…)

07/24/14 12:00pm

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07/24/14 8:08am
deli grossery

Hell, they almost look appetizing. Photo by Michael Silber, via Deli Grossery

New York City, the advertising hub of the world. Everyone here is keen on the effectiveness of advertising, even so far down the line as bodega owners with those classic food posters with pictures of what’s supposed to pass for delicious looking food. They have become an unmistakable staple of delis and bodegas, and have become so ingrained in the city’s landscape that they’re one of the many awesome definitive characteristics of the city. So much so that one man has devoted his time to photographing and mapping out all these signs and posters on his Tumblr, Deli Grossery. Depending on your perspective, this could be art, but at the very least it proves to be interesting. (more…)

07/23/14 12:00pm

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sunset park ferry

It’s sailing away forever. via Facebook

It’s always a bad idea to give people access to things they might like, such as clean water, electricity and a myriad of transportation options, because then if you have to take it away, they’re gonna be pissed. It’s the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie lesson of government, and the people of Rockaway and Sunset Park are gonna start living it in November, because the commuter ferry that’s been running from the Rockaways since Sandy and Sunset Park since last year is going to stop for good in October according to DNA Info. (more…)

07/22/14 4:39pm
downtown brooklyn

Soon people are gonna be hanging out here, “learning.” BOOOOO! via Facebook

It’s summer! Time to turn off your brain, turn on the part of your brain that loves drugs and forget about learning anything as far as life or actual useful lessons goes! Of course, if you must insist on learning things like some kind of nerd, then we guess you’ll like this news: MetroTech Commons will host three free classes for useful life skills on three upcoming Wednesdays in July, August and September. We’ll be there, but only to walk by and shout “NEEEERRRRD” at you. (more…)

07/22/14 12:00pm

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07/22/14 11:00am
Good idea, Brooklyn Bridge. via Mark Weprin's Twitter

Good idea, Brooklyn Bridge. via Mark Weprin’s Twitter

Move over, brown goo in Gowanus, New York City has a new mystery to be collectively baffled by: Why has the American flag that proudly waves on top of the Brooklyn Bridge been replaced by the white flag of surrender? City Council member Mark Weprin spotted the flag and began asking questions this morning, and according to DNA Info, police are baffled and are looking at surveillance footage to see who could have pulled this off. Our theory? The Brooklyn Bridge, after standing tall for 131 years, is finally throwing in the towel. (more…)