10/28/14 10:47am
clinton hill apartment

Just picture a Sims version of yourself right there, as a placeholder under 2017

So, you saw the Williamsburg affordable housing and decided that you’re too good for living in Williamsburg. Or more likely, you’re just feeling hopeless that you’ll win the lottery to get in, which makes more sense. Well, if you can hold on here for a little more than two years, you can start the teeth-gnashing process for an affordable apartment in Clinton Hill, with the Observer reporting that 20 percent of the 40 units in the above Fulton Street building will be affordable. Technically that means 7.6 units would be affordable, but we don’t see the developers rounding up, do you? (more…)

10/27/14 11:44am
crumbs bake shop

The new face of New York City. via Facebook

Well, we can’t say we never tried. Despite the fact that we were able to find many, many New York anthems better than “Welcome to New York,” Subway pitchwoman Taylor Swift is now New York city’s “welcome ambassador” for tourism. We’re not mad though. After all, who else was supposed to be named a tourism ambassador, Ed Mullins? (more…)

10/26/14 5:00am
Your new hip home. (via Village Voice)

Buffalo is so last year. (via Village Voice)

On a Roll: “Keep looking up!” [NASA]
On Ha Ha, No: “Why do the kids love Buffalo?” [VV]
On the Road: “‘Aamreeka?’ he asked gleefully.” [Narratively]
On Tips: “Top knots only look good on women and the samurai.” [BD]
On Dough: “…sometimes just having a debit card feels safer.” [Billfold]
On Word: “A document … is a container for other ideal forms.” [NYRB]
On Addiction: “That’s why … we call debt the ‘white man’s dope.” [NPR]
On Nomenclature: “The white racial slur we’ve all been waiting for.” [Medium]
On Weed: “…the centerfolds in High Times depicted feats of horticulture…” [NYT]
On Oh, Great: “We are absolutely committed to protecting our users’ privacy…” [WaPo]
In ID’s: “From the minute I saw him with that gun I thought, ‘let me survive this…’” [LVL]
On Duos: “…a tote bag you can take with you to a literary party and/or drug-fueled orgy.” [MH]
On Big Plans: “…we’ve set loose an obsessive perfectionist in the middle of a swamp…” [NatGeo]

10/24/14 5:12pm
brooklyn museum entrance

You had the chance to work at a place where everyone would assume you’re smart via Flickr user Kim

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-The Brooklyn Museum and the AP were waiting to hire you

-Though if you got one of those sweet jobs, you might make too much for these affordable Williamsburg apartments

-R.I.P. Glasslands

-If you followed Susan Shapiro’s good advice, you too could make it as a freelance writer

-Want romance for less? We had 20 Brooklyn dates for under $20

-Switchel was cool, then it wasn’t, so it got replaced by new old tyme drinks

-Tipped workers are poor as hell, according to a new report

-T. Swift had a New York City anthem, but we bet yours was better

-Maybe you’ll hear a new one at some free CMJ shows, which are still happening

-The BK address farthest from the subway came with a dock, at least

-If you had spirit, you could be a roller derby jeerleader

-We all made some lasting homecoming memories, thanks

-Ebola got here, but we had bedbugs to worry about, never forget that

-We love Bodega because wine is on tap and we love spending the day (and night) at South 4th Bar

10/24/14 2:00pm
59 frost street

Will Williamsburg still be standing when you get picked to live here though? via NY YIMBY

Rent! You hate paying it, but you have to if you’re going to keep legally occupying a residential space. So you suck it up and give half your paycheck to your landlord every month. Buck up though, because check it out: a new affordable housing development (59 Frost Street) is taking applications in Williamsburg and they have $640/month studios, $689/month 1-bedrooms and $835/month 2-bedrooms. Holy crap, that’s definitely worth living in Williamsburg, all things considered. (more…)

10/24/14 12:30pm

Lena Dunham: That kind of white girl [Gawker]
The Prospect-Lefferts Gardens rezoning study is happening [Brownstoner]
Give poor kids Halloween candy, you monster [Slate]
Man attacks cop with hatchet [New York Times]
Pat Kiernan wants Mayor Tall to come bowl at The Gutter with him [Bedford + Bowery]
Hit a cyclist on purpose and leave the scene? $250 fine [Streetsblog]
Meet some people who actually think their rent is reasonable [BrickUnderground]

10/24/14 9:48am


Confirming the fears of your grandparent or aunt who yelled “Don’t move to New York City!”, a Doctors Without Borders doctor who was treating Ebola patients in Guinea came down with the disease after he’d done things like go to the Highline, take the subway and roll a few games at The Gutter. The thing we’re most upset about here is that the Ebola patient, Craig Spencer, is somehow both a life-saving hero working with Doctors Without Borders and a cool enough guy to know that The Gutter is the most fun bowling alley in Williamsburg. He’s like the best parts of you mixed with the parts your mother wished you were. As for Ebola on the subway? We’re not freaking out that much. We’d still worry more about getting bedbugs on the subway rather than Ebola. (more…)

10/23/14 2:58pm

You wanna live in Bed-Stuy, you gotta get a pixie cut now

If your lease is up in Bed-Stuy soon and you like living there, you might wanna call your landlord and beg for a two-year lease. Hell, even if you just signed your lease yesterday, you might wanna take that tack because Bed-Stuy isn’t just being boldly re-imagined as the next Williamsburg, it’s apparently bewitching famous Hollywood types like Michelle Williams. Why doesn’t she just buy Zosia Mamet’s house in Bushwick though? Keep it in the famous person family. (more…)

10/23/14 12:00pm

Why “Welcome to New York” is bullshit [Sound of the City]
Here’s what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in Times Square [CBS2]
DIY Williamsburg dying isn’t your fault, it’s real estate’s fault [Flavorwire]
Jamaica is getting a mighty big luxury development [DNA Info]
Hero steals big rig full of High Life [Atlanta-Journal Constitution]
People have ideas about where to move MSG [Capital]
We’re all riding the subway, but the MTA is still broke [Gothamist]