10/16/14 12:03pm
morning-after pill

You can avoid this scene for half the price now

Have you ever had a great night of fucking and then when you wake up realize you didn’t use a condom? Ever have a mediocre night of fucking and have that realization? Do you live in Greenpoint, the land of no condoms? Well good news! A new website is offering to sell and deliver you emergency contraception for $25 total, which is half the price you can get it at a pharmacy. (more…)

10/15/14 2:00pm
hbo go

Dance on cable’s grave! via Facebook

It’s a rite of passage for the young and broke and internet-connected: You want to watch the True Detective or Girls or Game of Thrones premiere so you can understand what the hell Twitter is talking about, but you don’t have cable. So you bother your friend who bothers their parents with cable and you get their HBO Go password. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have an HBOGo account of your own though? Good news: HBO is sick of us “borrowing” passwords, so they’re releasing HBO Go to the entire internet in 2015. (more…)

10/15/14 12:00pm

Hailo, out! [Bloomberg]
NYPD enforced a new pedestrian-friendly law [Streetsblog]
Huge fire on Washington Avenue [DNA Info]
Neighbors allegedly happy with new building on their block [Brownstoner]
Vice Versa moved, which is better than closing forever [Bushwick Daily]
Human filth attacks transgender woman with a 2 x 4 in Bushwick [Gay City News]
New York is America’s snobbiest city, apparently. Great [Travel and Leisure]

10/14/14 12:00pm

Rachel Noerdlinger also has a bunch of unpaid parking tickets [DNA Info]
Your life might be bad, but at least you aren’t signing fast food employee non-compete clauses [HuffPo]
Rats have a whole bunch of diseases [New York Times]
Williamsburg has a new living room. We mean, The Living Room is opening in Williamsburg [Free Williamsburg]
Here’s a video of a guy crawling out of the sewer of tossing a smoke bomb in Manhattan [ANIMAL]
New York is the third-most expensive city in America. Works for us [Daily News]
The story of Pappy van Winkle whiskey [Grub Street]

10/13/14 2:38pm
Hey, it worked for this guy. Kind of.

Hey, it worked for this guy. Kind of.

Scraping together enough money to pay rent in this city is no fun, especially if you don’t have the highest paying job or if you travel around a lot. Some creative folks, though, have gone back to economic basics and are ditching the whole currency thing in favor of bartering with their landlords(more…)

10/13/14 12:00pm

Scandal as bag of drugs is found in Kensington [DNA Info]
The city sucks at rat control [Crain's]
Guess we’re all flipping out because there’s not enough Brooklyn in the SNL opening credits now [WSJ]
Unlike California, anti-vaccination dummies have a tough time of it in New York [New York Times]
Lousy teens in NYC can bring their cell phones to school now [AP]
Cyclist in Crown Heights shot in the head and killed [Gothamist]
If only police understood that teens of all races are lousy and should be chased [Brooklyn Paper]

10/13/14 9:50am
chuck schumer bike

Keep that phone in your pocket, senator. via Paul Steely White

Senator Chuck Schumer loves riding his bike, and he really opened up about it to the Daily News this weekend, telling the paper it’s a good way for him to clear his mind and see the city from  the ground floor. Good for you, Senator Schumer! Riding a bike is healthy and relaxing, at least when you aren’t dodging vans speeding through red lights as if they don’t exist. Still, despite a video that features him saying he obeys every traffic law, New York’s senior senator commits one glaring jerk move during the profile, and it seems like it’s something he does all the time:

“As he biked through Brooklyn with a Daily News reporter last week, Schumer answered his flip phone without slowing his roll. ‘What’s up? I’m on the bike!’ he said, making his way along Bedford Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant.”

Senator, it’s not alright to talk on your phone while you ride your bike. (more…)

10/12/14 6:00am
Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)

Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)

On Where the Heart Is: “I guess you could call it urban camping.” [NYT]
On Reality: “A trip into Real America is above all a test of faith.” [Gawker]
On Being Out of Our Depths: “Higher sea level leads to higher tides…” [NR]
On Last Rites: ”It wasn’t just over there. I brought it back here with me.“ [FP]
On Tags: “These communities gave an insider feel to graffiti culture.” [Dissent]
On Appellations: “The name doesn’t have some clever double-meaning…” [Awl]
On Paradise Lost: “…she fell like a sack of flour dropped from a truck.” [Longform]
On Wait Watchers: “They tend to … seize opportunities that come up.” [Atlantic]
On Nothing to Lose: “Like many of her peers, Andre wants more than a job.” [NPR]
On Pings: “There was only one instruction: ‘Avoid missing ball for high score.’” [Slate]
On Reflexive Actions: “…many revealed secrets that they had never told anyone…” [NYMag]
On Street Smarts: “City raccoons also appear smarter than their rural counterparts.” [Nautilus]

10/10/14 5:00pm
man spread

Do something, MTA. via Saving Room for Cats

-We asked the MTA to help fight man spread

-Studios at Domino will run you $553/month

-Here’s how to improve your chances at getting one

-“God’s wrath” was promised for Carroll Gardens gentrifiers

-The city’s worst landlords were named and shamed

-Brooklyn’s worst behaviors on Tinder, catalogued

-Rent in Crown Heights just kept going up

-A Gowanus walking tour can put the “fun” back in “Superfund”

-We had plenty of affordable Halloween options for you

-The Department of Sanitation has sweet benefits and was hiring

-Brunch Bad, claimed man

-It’s not warm out anymore, but you can stay fit until it’s outdoor weather again at these Brooklyn spots

-We loved both bars at Sweet Science and Featherweight and we loved rolling into Full Circle Bar

10/10/14 12:15pm

The Statue of Liberty, but turned into condos [ANIMAL]
A developer is planning something big in Bushwick, something $53 million big [The Real Deal]
First Atlantic Yards apartment building: Still not being built [WNYC]
Are these the five best comic shops in New York City? Sure, why not [Untapped Cities]
Here’s a condom tied to a pole on the F train. That is what you will see if you click this [Gothamist]
Brooklyn’s evolution on the silver screen [Slate]
Meet Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate running against Andrew Cuomo [Capital]