09/19/16 9:32am
Via Casamigos on Instagram.

Via Casamigos on Instagram.

Did you miss Bill Murray bartending in Greenpoint this weekend? Probably! Murray was in the nabe on Friday and Saturday to help the opening of his son Homer’s new restaurant, 21 Greenpoint, and as far as opening weekend publicity stunts go, this one was a landslide victory. People went nuts at the news, and even when the event was announced to be invite-only, fans still lined up outside the bar in hordes. But don’t worry, just like every case of FOMO you’ve ever had in New York City, ample social media evidence exists to show you what you missed. Here are 15 things Bill Murray did while bartending in Greenpoint: (more…)

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via Wikimedia commons

Which of these slogans is the best? via Wikimedia commons

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Bill Murray picked up a bartending shift in Greenpoint.

Brooklyn finally got our own fancy vegan restaurant.

We ranked the Welcome to Brooklyn sign slogans.

We learned how to catch your own dinner in the waters of NYC.

Cinder Block comedy fest comics shared their bounce-back stories.

Brooklyn pros shared their Kickstarter success tips.

Eliot Glazer talked about making his own way in the comedy world.

Prospect Park announced a Goonies bike-in movie night.

NYC’s other mermaid parade got ready for a return to Rockaway.

The Get Down announced a casting call for its new episodes.

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09/15/16 8:40am
For relaxing times, try Bill Murray times. Via screenshot.

For relaxing times, try Bill Murray times. Via screenshot.

As far as opening weekend gimmicks go, getting Bill Murray to be your guest bartender is right up there with “handing out free rent-controlled apartments with every taco.” Yet when Bill Murray is your dad, that’s the kind of swagger you can pull off. So we learned yesterday from an Eater report that Homer Murray, Bill’s 34-year-old son, is opening a new restaurant called 21 Greenpoint this weekend and his famous Ghostbustin’ ass pop will allegedly be pouring the drinks on Friday and Saturday nights. We are slightly skeptical of this, only because having a Bill Murray encounter in New York is a famously chimerical and unrepeatable experience, like catching a shooting star or finding an empty subway car that isn’t possessed with the ghosts of heinous odors. But Homer says it’s real.

“We want people to come and have fun,” Homer told Eater. “People can walk in; just be nice. What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila.”

UPDATE 1pm: Due to overwhelming interest (obvs), the event is now invite-only. A rep told Eater: “For overall capacity reasons, this is not an open door event, there will be a guest list.” But ask yourself: Would Bill Murray let a guest list prevent him from attending a party like this? (more…)

09/13/16 12:03pm
The Get Down: Jaden Smith, the Bronx, and you? Via Netflix.

The Get Down: Jaden Smith, the Bronx, and you? Via Netflix.

Make sure your Pumas shine bright and your lyrics rhyme tight because here’s your chance for a role on Netflix’s The Get Down. The show, a hyper-stylistic and magical realism-tinged fictional take on the birth of hip hop in the Bronx in the 70s, released its first six episodes on Netflix this summer and new episodes are being readied for 2017. It’s gotten mixed reviews — while Nas is an executive producer, maybe Baz Luhrmann isn’t the guy you want telling your hip-hop origin story. But it’s certainly got plenty of cool elements based on the early days of the scene, with reverence for Grandmaster Flash and DJ Kool Herc, artsy shots of graffiti-covered New York of the era and a depiction of the Bronx that is somehow always burning or recently finished burning.

It’s also a great showcase for actors of color, and this casting call is looking for even more: the show is casting African American, Hispanic and Latino young males and females, young “wisecraking, street-smart” boys, plus rappers and hip hop dancers of all ages and types. (more…)

09/13/16 9:08am
Is it, though? via Pinterest user Kendra

Is it, though? via Pinterest user Kendra

If you’ve ever left or returned to New York by car, then you’ve seen the familiar “Welcome To” and “Now Leaving” signs that span all of Brooklyn’s entry points, on every bridge. No city has just one subheading – New York City alone has The City That Never Sleeps, The City So Nice They Named It Twice, The Melting Pot, and so on – but our borough received extra marketing attention under former borough president Marty Markowitz, who was determined to give Brooklyn so many slogans that it could one day pass for a #Brand (and lately, it has).

We’re all familiar with the “Now Leaving” signs, which bid “Oy Vey!’ and a hearty “Fuhgeddaboudit!” to those departing the borough. But what about the greetings on your way in? Which ‘Welcome to Brooklyn’ tagline embodies what we’re all about? And which ones fall short? The discerning Academy here at Brokelyn HQ pored over all eight of Markowitz’ slogans and brought us a definitive ranking, from worst to best, of every welcome sign:   (more…)

09/09/16 6:00pm
We went inside the new Brooklyn Bazaar. Photo by Photo by Emilia Aghamirzai/Brokelyn.

We went inside the new Brooklyn Bazaar. Photo by Photo by Emilia Aghamirzai/Brokelyn.

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Nitehawk Cinema took over the Pavilion, and saved us from more condos.

The MTA sought your designs for some sweet new subway art.

We looked at the strange case of Brooklyn Trump supporters.

The Stranger Things kids continued their victory tour in Coney Island.

The New Yorker tried and failed to do some Brooklyn humor.

Ample Hills entered a world of pure imagination with its Roald Dahl tribute.

We got a sneak peek at the new Brooklyn Bazaar, which has its grand opening this weekend.

You got your chance to run away with the (cat) circus.

You got a chance to punch Trump in the face while registering to vote.

A kid from Brooklyn became your new comic book hero.

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09/09/16 2:30pm
10-year-old's new comic series 'Kid Brooklyn' asks: What does a real Brooklyn superhero look like?

10-year-old Jaden Anthony, aka Kid Brooklyn himself.

In an age where Brooklyn mocking has become its own art form — rather poorly achieved, most of the time — it’s rare to see something that depicts Brooklyn with any sincerity, let alone accuracy. But in what reads as a pretty meta twist, this new superhero comic book series by a 10-year-old in Bed-Stuy is here to save the day.

Jaden Anthony is the kid from Brooklyn behind Kid Brooklyn, a graphic novel series that follows Jaden & friends as they are given the power to save the planet from evil aliens (disguised as corporations, obv) and environmental crises. So what’s the real life story behind the Brooklyn superhero? We chatted with Jaden and his dad Joseph to find out.

“Jaden is the physical embodiment of the kid from Brooklyn, and Kid Brooklyn promotes the borough’s principles of diversity, creativity, learning, education and technology,” Joseph told Brokelyn. “It created a perfect storm for us, because not only is there a literal kid from Brooklyn behind this, but also it’s a means of writing Brooklyn in metaphor, to drive home ideologies that we think the rest of the world should adopt.”

09/09/16 1:20pm
Sneak peek: Inside the new Brooklyn Bazaar, which opens tonight in a three-story punk rock funhouse

Private karaoke rooms make a nice addition to the new Brooklyn Bazaar. Photos by Emilia Aghamirzai/Brokelyn.

New York real estate is a life cycle: One business shutters and another comes in to take its place; a venue gets priced out and floats in the ether like a disembodied spirit until it finds a new host. The Brooklyn Bazaar has been homeless since last summer, when it was kicked out of its huge Greenpoint home to make way for, of all things, BMW. Its sister bazaar at Riis Beach Park has been going strong all summer, but tonight the original Brooklyn Bazaar returns in glittery style at its new home, the former Polonaise Terrace catering hall and event space at 150 Greenpoint Ave. Instead of a giant warehouse full of vendors, food, bars and a stage, the Bazaar is embracing its new location’s three-level layout for a more segmented experience. Paired with the mirror-covered walls, retro carpets and nook-filled layout of the old catering hall, it feels like hanging out at a no-adults-allowed bar mitzvah, or spending a night a punk rock funhouse that’s well stocked with food and booze.

Their grand opening is tonight, with a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show. Unlike its predecessor, the Brooklyn Bazaar (formerly known as the Brooklyn Night Bazaar) will be open seven days a week, and will add comedy, film and other events to its regular concert roster. It’s the rare case of a shuttered Brooklyn venue coming back from the dead, and Belvy Klein, who co-founded the bazaar with Aaron Broudo, considers the space an important part of the always struggling DIY community.

“A big reason venues like us need to survive is because New York is getting more and more generic and homogenous and boring,” Klein told Brokelyn at a special preview event Wednesday. “The thing with DIY venues and spaces is you can let artists be artists and musicians be musicians and chefs be chefs without having to fall under some horrible corporate umbrella.”

Here’s what to expect at the new Bazaar: (more…)

09/07/16 4:31pm
Overthrow's knockout Trump truck. Via Facebook.

Overthrow’s knockout Trump truck. Via Facebook.

Overthrow, the East Village spot that’s sometimes called the home of “hipster boxing gym” [falls to the mat in a TKO from groaning], knows you have frustrations with this election cycle. They also know that you probably sometimes want to pop Donald Trump right in his loose meat bag of a face or pop him, just one time, right in the racist mouth hole. That would probably be tricky to pull off, so instead they want to help you take out your aggression in healthy ways, and also to do the most important thing this election season: vote. So, according to Bedford + Bowery, Overthrow has created a “Knockout Trump” truck they’re touring around the city for the next few weeks, where you can both punch a Trump-faced punching ball AND register to vote.

“This might be a marketing stunt right out of Donald’s playbook,” Overthrow owner Joey Goodwin told the site, “but in terms of him actually being president of the most powerful country in the world, the United States of America, I think it would be a very scary situation.” (more…)

09/07/16 9:42am
Nitehawk is taking over the Pavilion Theater, giving hope not everything will become condos eventually

Via Flickr user stijnnieuwendijk.

We’re here this morning to celebrate the rare chance we get to report on something not becoming condos: The Pavilion movie theater, an aging relic on the edge of Park Slope that held some old-movie-house charm despite its disrepair, sewage-y bathroom smell and reputation for being a chill hangout spot for bed bugs, was potentially slated to close and be redeveloped into a five-story condo building. Neighbors and politicians rallied to save a theater on the site, and yesterday their wish, and then some: Instead of condos, they’re getting an even better theater. Williamsburg’s dinner-and-a-movie arthouse Nitehawk is taking over the space, according to a Times report yesterday. The story contains this quote from Steven J. Hidary, whose family bought the theater in 2006, which gives us hope for the future of a city full of art and life instead of Matrix-like vertical people farms without any amenities to serve them:

“Condos might have even made them more money, but ‘we had to decide, do we build condos or do we save Brooklyn?’ said Mr. Hidary, who is from Midwood. ‘So we saved Brooklyn.’ ” (more…)