01/26/16 9:49am
The roads are clear but trying to get to the subway? Good luck. Via @RegoParkQueens.

The roads are clear but trying to get to the subway? Good luck. Via @RegoParkQueens.

A blizzard is the great equalizer in the city. It covers all and makes surfaces equal, swallowing trash piles and parked cars in the same anonymous white mounds. It shuts down traffic and turns the streets back over to pedestrians who can walk down the middle of side roads and main avenues. What’s not equal, however, is the snow removal process. While plows worked the streets all day Saturday and into Sunday, some of the sidewalks still aren’t cleared, and a lot of those that are cleared are cleared with only a one-shall-pass narrow alley. More sidewalks are bordered by huge snow banks that make crossing the street impossible or are met at the end by the dreaded NYC slush pile, threatening to replace the Gowanus as the city’s most infamous body of water.

After this latest blizzard, New Yorkers have clearly become fed up with it. Why does the city prioritize snow removal for cars in a city where most people don’t drive? New York lives and dies by the sidewalk, yet a lot of the walkways are still hard to navigate, while cars are whooshing past my window as I type this. There are lots of reasons behind it, but calls for a pedestrian revolution are stirring.  (more…)

01/25/16 3:27pm
Roger That Community Garden is fighting for its life. Via FB.

Roger That Community Garden is fighting for its life. Via FB.

Residents of Crown Heights have been fighting for years to save a community garden between Rogers Avenue and Park Place from turning into another real estate monstrosity. They now have some political backers in the form of Rep. Diana Richardson and New York State Sen. Velmanette Montgomery, who have introduced legislation that would grant the Roger That Garden eminent domain to make it a park, and save it from development. It’s good to have political muscle, but it’s the voices of the people that politicians also needs to hear. You could email them, but it’s easy for anyone to ignore emails. What people can’t ignore, however, is a huge pile of letters arriving at their desks. Even if they all don’t get read, the group is hoping that the sheer size of the pile will likely grab the attention of state lawmakers.

So tomorrow night (Jan. 26) head down to the Two Saints bar to meet your fellow garden-lovers and have a letter-writing party. From 7-10pm grab some paper, a pen and a drink, and write an old-fashioned letter to state legislators, letting them know how much you’d rather have this garden than more condos in Crown Heights. (more…)

01/25/16 12:55pm
This person's saving up for their spring wardrobe. Image via Brooklyn Baby Social.

This person’s saving up for their spring wardrobe. Image via Brooklyn Baby Social.

If you survived the first blizzard of 2016, by not dying of alcohol poisoning or murdering the person you lived with because they just wanted to watch Narcos all weekend, congratulations! The work however, is not done. The city is still covered with snow that has filled up many stairways and street corners. And you can make some extra money helping them out.

The Sanitation Department needs people to help shovel the streets of the city we all pay too much to live in. Of course, no one wants to spend their entire day shoveling snow, seeing as it’s what a lot of us left the suburbs to avoid. Unlike your childhood home however, the city will pay you for the work, with actual cash, not “moral responsibility” or whatever shill your parents try to pull to avoid opening their wallets. Details below: (more…)

01/25/16 12:03pm
Prius, defeated by the very environment it was trying to save.

Prius, defeated by the very environment it was trying to save.

Somebody in Greenpoint is (probably jokingly) selling their snowed-in Prius [Craigslist]

New York’s animal shelters are doing great [NYT]

Moving to the suburbs will literally kill you [Brick Underground]

Michelle Williams might force this woman to move to New Jersey [Curbed]

David Bowie got his own NYC street during the blizzard [Bowery Boogie]

Snow cocktails, candy and ice cream: Creative ways to use snow [DNAinfo]

ATM skimmers target cash-only restaurant [Gothamist]

Finally, a perfume for us [Reddit]

Their number got called: A new generation takes over Sahadi’s [NYO]

How Bushwick is fighting back against developer harassment [Bushwick Daily]

01/22/16 6:00pm
It's coming .... Via Flickr user Eric Leo Kogan.

It’s coming …. Via Flickr user Eric Leo Kogan.

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01/22/16 10:21am
No more sitting around the Barnes and Noble forever. Via Flickr Lloyd Fuller.

No more sitting around the Barnes and Noble forever. Via Flickr Lloyd Fuller.

“You’ve got to read this story!” Your friend yells at you through the internet, only to send you a link that’s blocked by a paywall, leaving you forever wondering ugh will I ever get to know if Obama is going to close Guantanamo or what? As writers and journalist types, we’re required to tell you that you that subscribing to your favorite magazines is a good way to support, but we know you’ve go to make tough financial choices sometimes, and there’s just so much to read.

But now you have a way to read almost every magazine you’d want for free, from the New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Adbusters, The National Review, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Sports Illustrated to Yachting Monthly, Primitive Archer Magazine and Australian Dogs & Pets. And it’s all through an app from the Brooklyn Public Library.  (more…)

01/21/16 9:04am
Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea.

Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea.

After months of freakishly unseasonal warmth that had us hoping maybe we would be able to sneak by another year without buying a real winter coat, winter, as they say, is a’comin. The blizzard about to hit the city Saturday through Sunday could be a doozy, and the Weather Service issued an official blizzard watch this morning. Like most weather and all things in life, it will probably be a big huff of disappointment, and we’ll go yet another year without testing the limits of our drunk sledding skills. But in the meantime, everyone should probably panic. Here’s how Brooklyn is preparing for this winter storm. And if you don’t like the Weather Channel’s chosen “Jonas” name we offer an alternative: DAVID SNOWIE.  (more…)

01/20/16 1:30pm
Via Flickr user Eblake.

Via Flickr user Eblake.

A lot of us entered college after being wooed by pamphlets full of carefully chosen diverse stock actors promising an engaging academic environment. You certainly at some point were treated to success stories of graduates who went on to do great things with the same education you’re about to get and thought, hey, I want to do Great Things! Maybe you even went to a prestigious school to study a speciality like oh I don’t know, journalism, and were treated throughout your four years to successful journalism professional professors telling you the newspaper industry would always be around to give you jobs and not collapse like the tiles from The Last Crusade the moment you stepped off the graduation stage.

Whether or not any of those promises came true, you’re likely still stuck with student loan debt, those seemingly never ending alimony payments to a brain child you made in between tailgates and Adderall binges. You might think your college swindled you — and if so, now there’s hope: proving your college lied to you about getting a well-paying career may be your ticket out of paying your student loans back, the Wall Street Journal reports.  (more…)

01/20/16 10:00am
Free! Free! Free! via Flickr user Kent Wang

Free! Free! Free! via Flickr user Kent Wang

Brooklyn is a land of so much culture, with the beating heart of it found in the Brooklyn Museum (seriously though, they don’t tell you this, but there’s a literal giant beating heart pumping culture into the borough in a secret sub-basement in the museum). All that culture takes money, but sometimes you don’t have the cash to see it. Well, leave your squeamishness about giving tiny donations at the door behind, because starting Jan. 21, every Thursday night at the Brooklyn Museum will have free admission from 6pm to 10pm, per a press release from the Museum. (more…)

01/15/16 6:20pm
Vinnie's Pizzeria, one of our 10 best Instagram accounts in Brooklyn, pays tribute to Dave Bowie.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, one of our 10 best Instagram accounts in Brooklyn, pays tribute to Dave Bowie.

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