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Hmm, we can't tell. IS this kicking? Or is it actually just gently petting?

Don’t you dare call this a kick, says Andre Robinson’s lawyer.

One of the most notorious accused criminals of our era (253,000 Google results) is Andre Robinson, the man otherwise known as the Brooklyn cat kicker. For those who need a refresher, he’s a 22-year-old Brooklyn man who was accused of attempted animal abuse after a YouTube video surfaced showing him punting a kitten into mid-air, which is the exact thing you don’t want to see go viral if you don’t want to become known as the “Brooklyn cat kicker.”

Despite video evidence showing him giggling after he brings his foot full-throttle into a little gray kitten’s chest and sends it flying like a championship pigskin Robinson hasn’t gone quietly in criminal court, and just yesterday turned down a plea deal offered by prosecutors, according to the New York Post. We’re thinking it’s because of the expert defense attorney Robinson has, whose parsing of legal terms and the English language has us wondering, “What is a ‘kick,’ really?”


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figment nyc

D.I.Y. golf courses are no longer limited to Governor’s Island via Facebook

When you live in the city, you have to make the most of the environment around you. For instance, while there are a handful of mini-golf courses around here if you want to play them, they’re all in pretty far-flung corners. So let’s all toast to D.I.Y. champ Alfred Evans, aka Tiger Hoods, profiled in the Times for making a constantly changing mini-golf course out of trash from the nearby Farragut House projects. (more…)

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This is why you have to hit “Press to Start” on MetroCard machines [Next City]
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NYC’s government is finding illegal AirBnBs with fancy software [WNYC]
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Some lunatic bought a $100 million condo in Manhattan [The Real Deal]
Elected officials are fighting the concrete Coney Island boardwalk now [Amusing the Zillion]
Eric Adams came out swinging agains Pat Lynch for Mayor Tall [Observer]

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OK, we'd pay $99 for a ride in this

OK, we’d pay $99 for a ride in this

Ah getting to the airport, the bane of the modern traveler’s existence. Well that and the security line. And the waiting around the board the plane. And the plane seats themselves. OK maybe it’s all really bad, but one of those bad things is getting to the airport. One well-off man used to riding helicopters, inspired by the plight of his friend in Guns ‘N Roses, told the New York Post he’s bringing “affordable” helicopter rides to the airport to the masses. So now for $99, you too can pretend to be Mike Bloomberg for a few minutes. (more…)

01/20/15 10:14am

You might first look at this video of rats fighting in the subway tracks in Chinatown and think “Ew, rats, I can’t watch this.” Please do watch it though, because it’s the perfect allegory for the human condition, especially here in New York. One rat is a longtime native of his patch of subway track, defending it from the encroaching other who he thinks will bring weird changes and force him out of his sweet garbage pile. The other rat is young and just trying to make it in this crazy urban jungle and thought he found a pretty good deal. He isn’t gonna just walk away because he’s catching some shit from an older rat.

And as they fight and argue on the tracks of the subway to the strains of ethnic music, both rats are so enthralled with their fight that they can’t even think to look around them, at the dangerous ground they tussle over. They fight and fight, only to be minutes away from being ground up by a hyper-efficient capitalist machine rumbling over and crushing them, ferrying a species with no interest in a sticking around and putting down roots in garbage pile, just moving on to the next place the machine will take them. Both rats, vanished in an instant, with no record of their existence except this one grainy YouTube video.

[h/t Daily Intelligencer] (more…)

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This is probably not a good idea. (via Flickr user Steven Matthews.)

This is probably not a good idea. (via Flickr user Steven Matthews.)

Even though you probably refer to this city as your “stomping grounds” among friends, you might want to be careful where you stomp. Because sometimes ridiculous, only-in-New-York accidents happen, like a man falling to his death in Bed-Stuy through a commercial cellar door. Ugh. And while any instance of falling through the fucking floor is a real “freak accident,” we at Brokelyn wanted to know whether it was a preventable one — so we turned to an expert.


01/18/15 4:30am
A drone's eye view of Coney (via technical.ly)

A drone’s eye view of Coney (via technical.ly)

On the Screen: “…the unexpected virtue of ignorance…” [EL]
On Arms: “The recovered weapon had already been fired.” [7Online]
Off Piste: “An accepted risk is congruent with these places.” [Powder]
On Making It: “…we lose our context, and the urban fabric frays.” [Slate]
On Plants: “…the alleged snitch was either unreliable or non-existent. [NYDN]
On Deals: “Send your postcards from Paris to ECB chief Mario Draghi…” [WP]
On Rituals: “The study won’t be cheered by the booming wedding industry…” [CNN]
On Hygiene: “Danielle Lapico 36, of Manhattan, says she’ll take her chances.” [NYP]
On Wings: “…filmmakers are going ahead and putting the devices into the wild…” [technical.ly]

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Just because it's snowing doesn't mean you can't get in the ocean. Photo by Vince Catalanotto

Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you can’t get in the ocean. Photo by Vince Catalanotto

-If you’re gonna go to Rockaway in the winter, do it right

-If you’re enough of a hipster stereotype, you could be a model

-Although you also might be a brilliant thief

-We talk Broad City‘s return and swamp ass

-We asked for a Run The Jewels menu, and Brucie is making it happen

-Nickelodeon, among other places, is hiring, so you can work with Spongebob

-A dance party celebrating asses? This is something we can get behind

-That Brooklyn townhouse of your dreams is permanently out of reach. Sorry :(

-Get your NYC municipal ID, the official ID card of Real America

-Walk an orphan dog this winter and you just might go to Heaven

-Anyone wanna buy the Nets?

He's very passionate about the strollers

He’s very passionate about the strollers

He’s only lived in Park Slope for a couple years, but give Sir Patrick Stewart credit for immediately recognizing that you stake out one side or another in the Park Slope stroller battle. In his case, the good professor has taken a firm stand on the anti-stroller side, like any good neighborhood crank. And just like your classic neighborhood cranks, P-Stew is bothering public officials to do something about it, claiming that he’s sent Mayor Tall a bill that would create a specific lane for strollers in the baby-friendly neighborhood. (more…)

01/16/15 12:00pm

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