11/20/14 9:12am

There’s still a lot of conspiracy and mystery as far as we’re concerned. via Flickr user Dave Bledsoe

There was gnashing of teeth and plenty of protest, and in the end it turned out that Bushwick is maybe more of a Chrimbus town than a Christmas town, because SantaCon organizers officially announced that they weren’t converging on Bushwick for New York City’s most hated bar crawl. If it was ever really showing up there to begin with… (more…)

11/19/14 3:35pm
bushwick santacon

Look, we’re just asking questions here. Photoshop by Curtis Glenn

As you all know, Bushwick, and Brooklyn in general, has been freaking out since the news broke that SantaCon was puking up on the neighborhood’s shores. In fact, since the announcement, Bushwick bars have been falling all over themselves to let it be known that SantaCon isn’t welcome in their establishments. It’s understandable, given that even in the gentrified state it’s in now, Bushwick doesn’t seem like prime bro stomping ground. Given this predictable reaction, and other information that’s been collected since the announcement was made, we have to start asking if there was ever any plan for a Bushwick SantaCon to begin with. And if there wasn’t, who benefits from the chaos this has caused in Bushwick, in Brooklyn and beyond? (more…)

11/19/14 1:18pm
nick gilronan

Will this be the person delivering your package? Sadly, probably not. Photo by Mary Dorn

Hey you, with the out-of-town friends. Expecting some lovely Christmas gifts but can’t ever be home to sign for the UPS packages? Why don’t you just get your doorman to get it? Oh right, this Brokelyn, you don’t have a doorman. Well, don’t worry about it, because remember how we told you about Parcel earlier this year, that service that holds your packages for you and delivers them when you’re home? They’re launching the service in Brooklyn tomorrow. (more…)

11/19/14 12:02pm

We can do congestion pricing the easy way, or the hard way [City & State]
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11/19/14 11:26am
c train

One of the MTA’s many modern C trains that everyone hates for some reason. via Flickr user Mike Knell

Given how tired everyone is of making G train jokes, because come on that’s so 2006 (and the MTA has finally committed to doing something about it), it’s time we all get tired of another train. The Riders Alliance suggests we focus our demands for better service at the city’s second-worst train line, the C train. Obviously some Brokelyn writers might object to the idea, but for the rest of us who’ve stared down the tunnel wondering “Where the fuck is this thing?” as four A trains zoom by on the express track, it seems like as good a time as any to ask the MTA to fix the C. (more…)

11/19/14 10:16am

Neeeeeeeerds. Photo by Elena Olivo, via NYU Photo Bureau

‘Sup nerds. Seen all the bad press Uber has been getting the last couple days and figure you can disrupt them out of business? Or are you fixing to end up as rich and amoral as Travis Kalanick? Well, you’ve got a chance to get your app off the ground with a team of nerds, because a free hackathon is coming to Bushwick on December 6. Beats SantaCon, yeah? (more…)

11/18/14 12:01pm

The Times has become self-aware about their weird Brooklyn fetish [New York Times]
Sandy survivors keep getting denied by the insurance industry [WNYC]
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The city is investing a bunch of money in revitalizing the Navy Yard [Wall Street Journal]
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Think Brooklyn takes whiskey seriously now? Pff, check out the Whiskey Wars of the 1870s [Smithsonian]
“Vape” is the word of the year, and that’s a perfectly fine choice [Jezebel]
Uber would like to dig up dirt on journalists, announces plan in front of journalist [BuzzFeed]

11/18/14 11:35am
link nyc

Ooh, future-y

You might remember a couple years back, New York was trying to figure out what to do with our payphones, since everyone has spacephones now and nothing every goes wrong with those. Well, we have our answer as to what’s going to happen to our poor neglected payphones now: they’re going to become kiosks offering free high-speed Wi-fi. That sounds cool, as long as Time Warner and Cablevision never have anything to do with it. (more…)

11/18/14 9:04am

Coming soon to the subways: Posters telling you this isn’t cool. via Saving Room for Cats

We’re all angry at the MTA for our looming $116.50 monthly MetroCard that’s coming for us in March next year, but today, we come not to bury the MTA but to praise it. We all complained about man-spread on the subway, and they’ve listened, telling the press that next January they’re rolling out an “awareness campaign” dedicated to telling people not to take up two seats by either spreading out or putting their backpacks on seats. Well, with these PSAs out of the way, Philadelphia once again has nothing to lord over us. (more…)

lefferts community food co-op

They’re breaking out the balloons for you and everything. via Facebook

Park Slope’s low-price deliciousness monopoly is getting shaken this Sunday. A couple months ago we told you Prospect-Lefferts Gardens would be getting a food coop this year. Well the day has come and you no longer need to schlep all the way to Park Slope and use a stroller as a shopping cart just so you feel like you fit in, because the Lefferts Community Food Co-op is opening Sunday with an open shopping day for everyone. (more…)