11/30/16 11:31am
New etiquette rules now that you can watch Netflix offline on the subway

Via Flickr user randombydefinition

Today Netflix came to the rescue of people with long commutes who hate reading books (or are maybe too hungover to read on the way to work because girl we’ve been there) by finally letting you download videos for offline viewing. The streaming service now allows you to save certain episodes and movies on your mobile device (iPad or iPhone, for instance, but not your laptop). Now you can crush some eps of Stranger Things or the entirety of Minions while underground or on an airplane or at your weird relatives’ house that doesn’t have wifi over Christmas.

As with every new upgrade of commuter technology, we must embrace new etiquette rules for being a respectful subway rider while still enjoying your entertainment. Here then is your comprehensive etiquette rules for watching Netflix on the subway: (more…)

11/30/16 10:26am
A man swimming the Gowanus Canal in 2015, a simpler time in America. Photo by Dave Colon.

A man swimming the Gowanus Canal in 2015, a simpler time in America. Photo by Dave Colon.

Political news right now is a vast, flowing, torrid and seemingly neverending river of shit, so it only makes sense that our own river of shit in Brooklyn may only get worse under an upcoming Trump administration. From DNAinfo today:

The long-awaited federal cleanup of the Gowanus Canal could come to a near-halt during the Donald Trump administration, but state environmental officials vowed Tuesday that their agency stands ready to step in and fight for the blighted waterway.

President-elect Trump said on the campaign trail that he wants clean air and clean water, but also claimed that global warming was a “concept” created by the Chinese and vowed to dismantle the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

That last promise is one that has Gowanus worried.


11/28/16 11:39am
In the wake of the election, Seamless ads are really not helping

Sorry, how does this help anything? Photo by Sam Corbin/Brokelyn.

Have you been seeing more subway ads pushing food delivery on you lately? No surprise there. Every year as temperatures cool down in NYC, #brands can be relied on to swoop into our advertising spaces to 1) remind us that we are animal creatures born to hibernate, and 2) seduce us with modern-day arguments for never leaving the house.

We can easily point to Seamless in the police lineup as one of the most frequent offenders. It’s the food delivery company whose enabling convenience everyone loves to hate, and in a city like New York, where there are at least as many food options as there are pigeons, it’s insulting that Seamless has managed to sink its toothy cleats into our foodie turf.

But now, it’s a problem. Earlier this year, we pointed out how Seamless’ subway ads were turning New Yorkers soft by recommending they order in rather than engaging with the outside world or, god forbid, cook something. We’d hoped that a stern public censure, along with the horror of Donald Trump, might encourage these foodie tycoons to embrace our New York values and promote the city’s love of its own citizenry. Instead, much to our dismay, Seamless subway ads are worse than ever. (more…)

11/22/16 2:11pm
Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

New York City: The worst place to live, except all those other places that have been tried. From DNAinfo yesterday:

[A]lmost 40 percent of New Yorkers say they can’t afford to live here, the Quinnipiac University poll released Monday found.

Sixty-five percent of New York City voters said they’d rather remain here, while 32 percent say they would move out if they had the chance, according the poll.

…. Brooklynites felt most burdened, with 52 percent saying they can’t afford it here. In Manhattan, only 38 percent said it was too expensive.

So why do we stay? Oh right, because the rest of America is terrifying right now.


11/22/16 12:15pm
The final piece of Bushwick Inlet Park is in place. Via Flickr user Kbrinker.

The final piece of Bushwick Inlet Park is in place. Via Flickr user Kbrinker.

de Blasio says he’ll stand up to Trump in NYC [Politico]
The city finally acquired the final piece of Bushwick Inlet Park [Gothamist]
I can’t believe America is racist, says employee of all-white startup [Reductress]
Remembering the Queen of Bedford Avenue [Bedford + Bowery]
The city is getting ready to enforce Airbnb fines [Brick Underground]
The Gowanus rabbit abuse case ends in conviction [DNAinfo]
Four & Twenty Blackbirds is making a big expansion [Grub Street]

11/21/16 9:34am

The bubble of New York City is only as good as the latent racists who have always lived inside it, and we got a stark reminder of that Saturday morning. People in Brooklyn Heights awoke to find swastikas and “go Trump” spray painted on playground equipment at a park named for neighborhood hero and all-around good human Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, who died in 2012. The message was quickly painted over and the piece of playground equipment became a shrine of anti-hate messages. Yesterday morning, hundreds of people rallied at the park to denounce the message, including Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz) of the Beastie Boys, who gave an impassioned rebuke to Trump’s America and made a call for artists, writers and anyone with the voice, time or money to get involved.

“This is real, it’s happening at a rapid rate, we’ve got to stand up against hate,” he said into a bullhorn at the event. “If you’re a musician, write that anthem. If you’re a writer, write. Take what you’re good at and what you truly enjoy and lend your services to the causes you care most about because we can’t and we won’t and we don’t stop.” (more…)

11/18/16 5:00pm
As if you weren't drooling all over your laptop already. via IG user @madame.lamande

Nacho average week.

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11/17/16 12:06pm
Better than Generation Y(es to development) I guess. Via screenshot.

Better than Generation Y(es to development) I guess. Via screenshot.

Frankenwords haunt the New York real estate and only the torch-wielding hordes of angry internet townsfolk can truly keep new ones at bay. We already have to suffer through neighborhood monstrosities like DoBro, SoHa and ProCro, and we worry about the influx of Bobos  and Brobos. Here’s a new one the NY Post coined today we hope has a shorter lifespan than Trump’s Twitter hiatus: “Gentrilennials,” an unholy union of the nefarious forces of gentrification and the forever-maligned millennials, the boogey people of the everything. Gentrilennials are coming for you, Fourth Avenue!  (more…)

11/17/16 9:01am
At last, some light in all this darkness.

At last, some light in all this darkness. Credit: Shannon Kirkman, via website

Is Trump’s America going to make Tinder scary now, too? [Man Repeller]

Drool over hardworking taxi drivers in this sexy 2017 calendar [Curbed NY]

The new Broad City merch line makes for ideal NYC holiday gifts to bring home [Fab.com]

Here’s how Facebook decides what passes for “news” these days [NPR]

Brooklyn achieves the singularity with this mason jar-laden “whiskey festival for millennials” [Brooklyn Paper]

What you missed at last night’s “Let’s Get Organized” community meeting in Park Slope addressing Trump’s America [Bklyner]

Those post-its in the NYC subway are still going strong — for now  [WNYC]

Save yourself all that furious typing with this post-election social media etiquette guide [Observer]

11/16/16 4:16pm
Via Flickr user Joe Brusky.

Via Flickr user Joe Brusky.

Student loans are like faces: if you don’t have one, I’m really not sure how to relate to you. I would say bitching about student loan debt has become a lingua franca of our generation, but that’s not really accurate, because no one really bitches about it so much as they accept it as part of their lives, like the fact you have to own a computer if you hope to be considered a real person in the world today. For most of us, student loans are an uncontrollable expense, the end of which exists somewhere far out beyond the horizon that our imaginations can’t picture. It’s a debt that has tripled to $1.2 trillion in the last decade, a stunning financial burden saddled on an entire generation that is often told it has no choice but to go to college, only to graduate and face low-paying jobs in cities with high rent — prospects that look even bleaker under the upcoming administration of President Rich Lives Matter. So what can we do? Here’s one option: make student loan repayment a job perk, like health care.

That’s what Penguin Random House, one of the world’s largest book publishers, has decided to do this week, joining dozens of other companies who have pledged to help employees pay off student debt. The publisher didn’t say the decision was a direct result of the election, but CEO Markus Dohle told employees it’s aligned with “doing our part to tackle broader societal challenges by starting within our own communities.”

It might be catching on: Making student loan repayment a job perk could become a big workplace trend next year. (more…)