09/30/15 12:00pm

Juice crawls are the latest thing killing New York City [New York Post]
Ahahaha people are STILL talking a Bloomberg presidential campaign [POLITICO]
Mayor Tall is having an Iowa candidates forum, which should make him popular here [WSJ]
How Donald Trump went from developer to loathed celebrity developer [Bloomberg]
Unsure of your life’s path? You could be an ISIS-fighting vigilante [NYT Magazine]
The Silent Barn is hoping they can survive their latest setback [Bedford and Bowery]
And New York’s most Jewish subway lines are… [Forward]

09/30/15 10:04am
Not pictured: Bro in neon pink tanktop climbing up the Unispehere. via Flickr user Wally Gobetz

Not pictured: Bro in neon pink tanktop climbing up the Unispehere. via Flickr user Wally Gobetz

Queens is having a moment, what with being home to the NL EAST CHAMPION NEW YORK METS and being the latest borough real estate’s eye of Sauron has fallen on. Now adding to that, Queens might get a huge infusion of leather fringe shirts, inappropriate Native American headdresses and dudes asking you where they can get some Molly, because the producers of Coachella want to have a three day festival in Flushing Meadows Park. Why it’s not being called “Queenschella” is beyond us, but then, we’re not marketing gurus. (more…)

09/29/15 12:00pm

Grinding fellow straphangers is always bad, but it’s stupid when it’s a cop [DNA Info]
Exploring BK’s creativity/corporatization duality is now sponsored content [The Guardian]
A fake laywer was busted Lionel Hutzing all over southern Brooklyn [Sheepshead Bites]
What has New York done to deserve a Will Ferrell character-themed bar? [Bowery Boogie]
Here’s what the Bernie Sanders fundraiser at Shea Stadium looked like [Gothamist]
New York has nine MacArthur “genius” grants. Suck it, everywhere else! [Crain’s]
These strollers will serve you best during your time in New York [BrickUnderground]
Whole Foods is providing severance packages, but they’re just okay [Gawker]

09/29/15 10:59am
You can't hug a tree if you don't have one to hug, right? Right! via Flickr University of Michigan's Flickr

You can’t hug a tree if you don’t have one to hug, right? Right! via Flickr University of Michigan’s Flickr

Trees do great things, like provide shade and a nice thing to look at while doing some pondering, and oh yeah, spewing out oxygen as a waste product in order to keep all life on Earth going strong. Wouldn’t you want a hardy, life-sustaining part of the planet in your backyard or community garden? Hey great news, you can have one, because this weekend is the first fall tree giveaway courtesy of the MillionTreesNYC project. (more…)

09/28/15 2:48pm
Hopefully it means more of this

Hopefully it means Jon Stewart gets himself involved in things again

Pro wrestling is about as hot as it’s ever been, what 3000-word guides on how to watch and understand it being thrown out onto the internet. Brooklyn has wrestling mumps as bad as anywhere else, as shown by the WWE selling out SummerSlam and their developmental league showcase NXT last month, but if you missed all of it, don’t worry. Everyone loves a residency, so for the next two years SummerSlam will be coming BACK to the Barclays Center. (more…)

09/28/15 12:01pm

Things get crazier at the Bushwick Flea, with an anarchist protest [Gothamist]
Mets rookies dressed as a veritable Justice League, but in their underwear [Daily News]
The TWU joins the fight over whether the city should pay more into the MTA [amNewYork]
Also if you can spare just $800 billion, we can fix and improve all our infrastructure [WNYC]
Man hates Hamilton [The Awl]
A look at the changes in West Oakland, which is having its own gentrification [CityLab]
The Manhattan Bridge has many secrets. These are 10 of them [Untapped Cities]

09/28/15 10:18am
The scene from Friday night's fire at the venue. via Facebook

The scene from Friday night’s fire at the venue. via Facebook

After being shut down by the city and then robbed on back to back days, Bushwick’s Silent Barn managed to rebuild at a new space on Bushwick Avenue. Now though, the venue will have to turn to rebuilding again, because it was suffered a fire in the third floor apartment space on Friday night. According to a Facebook statement put out by the venue, no one was hurt, but possessions were lost and shows will have to be relocated while the people who lived at and ran the Silent Barn figure out how to rebuild the space. You can help with that part though. (more…)

09/25/15 4:33pm
So long, see you next week. Photo by Maria Travis

So long, see you next week. Photo by Maria Travis

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-Here’s a guide to some lesser-known subway etiquette

-Sit down and we’ll tell you the tail of how things went down at the openng of BK’s first cat cafe

-Okay fine, there are actually some things to look forward to this fall, like soup dumplings and the 773 Lounge reopening

-If you think your only shot for finding love through a dating apps is Tinder, don’t worry, because we’ve got plenty of options to show you

-It’s a food spirit animal battle to see who reps NYC better: Pizza Rat or Milkshake Squirrel

-You can take the internet home with you from some Brooklyn Public Library branches now

-You can stop secretly hoarding your styrofoam, because it’s legal in New York again

-You need a job and we’ve got jobs, everywhere from Etsy to Ovenly

-For just $20,000/month, the old Trash Bar space could be yours!

Bright Smoke has some tunes that will help you feel at ease

-Things are looking really shitty for one Park Slope block

09/25/15 12:05pm

Another instance of Brooklyn going too damn far for someone’s tastes [Observer]
Why would you chew through a bike lock if you’ve got bolt cutters? [DNA Info]
Rentboy.com is gone, but the hustle continues [New York Magazine]
The man behind the styrofoam ban thinks restaurants won’t be going back to it [Crain’s]
How New York City is trying to deal with K2 [Aljazeera America]
Another community garden getting a shady eviction, this time in Bushwick [Gothamist]
We’ll say this much for this California bike lane objection: it’s certainly original [City Lab]

09/25/15 9:15am
via Facebook

A Downtown soup dumpling spot is just one reason to kind of be okay with fall arriving. via Facebook

Well, fall has finally arrived, and everyone is reluctantly sliding into their light jackets. I won’t lie, I’m sad. Summer in New York is my favorite, even if it does mean the city smells like boiling garbage and the subway is a direct conduit to the molten center of the earth. But don’t despair, fall has it’s upsides – like cozy sweaters, colorful foliage and pumpkin spice everything. There’s also plenty to do in Brooklyn in the fall and you can do it without back sweat! Here are just a few of the reasons to look forward to autumn in Brooklyn, like restaurant openings, craft beer festivals and a spooky theme park. (more…)