02/24/15 12:00pm

Is NYC’s oldest bar in Queens and not Manhattan? Maybe! [Daily News]
Cop who hit and killed a civilian admits his emergency lights weren’t on [Gothamist]
Frost witch Taylor Swift holding out on NYC schoolchildren [Capital]
Let’s rundown the Vice v. DIY venues fight again [New York Times]
Well, a mentally ill person finally took that “zombie apocalypse” shit too far [DNA Info]
Mets GM Sandy Alderson was summoned to jury duty [Wall Street Journal]
Chicago has a domestic equivalent of Guantanamo Bay [The Guardian]

02/24/15 11:20am
tk via Racked

Bedford Avenue or strip mall in Topeka? via Racked

Look, we understand that change is intrinsic to New York, and we know we weren’t going to have all of our favorite places forever, because that’s just life. Still, even if we accept losing Spike Hill and the cheap/free music and performances it housed, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to quietly accept the awful, bland rendering that’s being proposed in its place. There’s no law against us sitting here and saying “Goddamn that building is so boring, it’s the architectural equivalent of a small Pinkberry in a cup, with no toppings.” (more…)

nostrand bingo hall

The place where some grown ups were allegedly doing bad. via Google Images

Adam Sandler, a Midwood bingo hall operator who thought he could play big daddy is finding out that he might not be bulletproof after all, with the Brooklyn D.A. accusing him and a gang of grown ups of reigning over a $4 million gambling ring that was run out of the Nostrand Bingo Hall according to DNA Info. (more…)

02/23/15 2:16pm
The new face of Brooklyn bargain hunters

The new face of Brooklyn bargain hunters

Despite its emergence as a real estate powerhouse that makes people openly weep as they look at the listings tacked up outside real estate offices, some people out there still look to Brooklyn as the affordable option for when you want to spread out and get a little room for your growing family. Of course, by “some people” we mean “high-wattage celebrity couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis” who have recently moved to Clinton Hill for more room for their family according to the New York Post. We didn’t mean Brooklyn is affordable for people like you or us of course, only an idiot would make that kind of statement. (more…)

02/23/15 12:06pm

Bushwick wants bike lanes [Streetsblog]
Feds say the city is dragging their feet with Sandy money [WNYC]
Marissa Paternoster of the Screaming Females hates “Ho Hey.” So do we! [AV Club]
Williamsburg’s oldest bar, Teddy’s, is sold to new owners [Brooklyn Paper]
Uber: still putting a pillow over the face of the yellow cab industry [Crain's]
A look inside the Navy Yard factory where NY’s teeny tiny microapartments are made [Curbed]
NYC bucks evolutionary trend to settle for “good enough” in a partner [New York Post]

02/23/15 10:59am
rockaway surfing

Show us in the rule book where it says a dog can’t surf. via Flickr user Nathan Rupert

It’s hard to think about right now, but we promise you: summer is coming. It might even warm you up just to think about the summer now, and to help that meditation along, here’s great summer-related news from DNA Info: the city is thinking of adding two more surfing beaches. (more…)

02/23/15 10:01am
The tooth fairy also has to gear up before coming to New York, what with carrying all that cash.

The tooth fairy also has to gear up before coming to New York, what with carrying all that cash.

Ah, losing a tooth, that childhood ritual that rewards kids with cash in exchange for accepting the pain and horror of watching your body fall apart in front of you. Never mind the existential lessons they’re supposed to learn from their teeth falling out, kids only care about that visit from the tooth fairy and the quarter or maybe dollar he brings as a reward. New York City kids are probably the most impatient of all when it comes to losing their teeth though, because a survey from an oral healthcare company, via Yahoo, claims that the tooth fairy gives out $13.25 (53 quarters) per tooth on average in NYC. We wonder if the tooth fairy takes adult teeth… (more…)

02/22/15 4:30am
Left in Las Vegas (via Medium)

Left in Las Vegas (via Medium)

On Support: “We ignore them to death.” [NR]
On a Roll: “Was it always this rough?” [Grubstreet]
On the Screen: “I’M LOVIN’ IT, I PROMISE I’M LOVIN’ IT!” [FastCo]
On Chasers: “…an unpaid speeding ticket can land you in jail.” [CNN]
On Ends: “And yet others pass by more quietly.” [Lapham's Quarterly]
On Long Shots: “Are you interested in keeping your child alive?“ [Reductress]
On Deaths: “Epically scaled neon signs and letters loomed over us…” [Medium]
On Lines: “The distinction between apostate and sinner may appear subtle…” [Atlantic]

02/20/15 5:00pm
cool baby

This baby could change your life.

-We met The Cool Baby, the secret flask shaped like a baby

-ClickHole’s Matt Powers told us how to get a job writing internet nonsense

-Manhattanites were thirsty for Brooklynites, as we’ve always suspected

-This map showed affording a one-bedroom apartment is an impossible dream

-There’s always this (fake) listing for an $800/month room in a Williamsburg luxury building

-Or these real, cheap apartments we found for you

-A funky herald of summer: Chaka Khan is playing the first Celebrate Brooklyn show

-Beer Week, the best of all weeks, is here and we know how to celebrate

-On Broad City, Abbi and Ilana went off the grid and one of them falls in a ditch because of it

-The MTA had new, much more judgement PSAs about more issues than subway courtesy

-It might be cold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on cool dates

-Sugar High: Rough Trade is being physically transformed into Empire Records this spring

-We love renewing ourselves at Reclamation and we love following the Left Hand Path and we love the bottles at Covenhoven

02/20/15 2:46pm
mr. lower east side

Start your week with a little man ass. Screenshot via Bomb Kreuger

Brooklyn has long been home to pageantry of all shapes and sizes, but this week we’re welcoming a contender from across the river. Bowery Boogie noticed that the 16-year-old institution “Mr. Lower East Side Pageant” was recently exiled from its usual Manhattan venue (the Cake Shop) for getting a little too raunchy. But hey, that means it’s just right for us! This Monday night, February 23, at Lucky 13 Saloon in Gowanus, you can watch as 10 men compete in a series of uber-femme categories like “Best Male Tits” and “Congeniality.” (more…)