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Via Bushwick Daily.

Via Bushwick Daily.

The phrase “in a warehouse in Bushwick” has gone mainstream [Bushwick Daily]
How to get a sweet rooftop cabin in NYC [BrickUnderground]
Activists are planning a massive women’s strike on inauguration weekend [Gothamist]
Here’s where to find the latest wave of filthy rich in Brooklyn [DNAinfo]
I paid off my student loans and I feel nothing [The Billfold]
Finally, a 30 under 30 list you might be on [New Yorker]
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Via Flickr user leyla_arsan.

The stars at night, are big and bright … Via Flickr user leyla_arsan.

The new year is the time to finally get your art projects off the ground or to at least cut off your man bun. Maybe it’s also a time for you to give up on your New York City dreams and move somewhere less existentially painful all the time. While we’re NYC loyalists through and through, we get that chasing low-paying jobs to cover your high-cost apartment may not be for everyone. But where else should you go?

Financial advice site Nerdwallet has released its 2017 list of the best cities for job seekers and New York is …. 78th, which yeah makes sense. The actual No. 1 best city to move to for jobs is sunny, taco-filled, pun-loving Austin, according to their data. Hey Austin is pretty cool! And being rapidly gentrified, so you’ll feel right at home. Following Austin are Denver, Nashville and Seattle, all which have some pretty good qualities (legal weed, legal drinking in the streets) of their own. Shit wait, should we all leave New York City this year? (more…)

12/30/16 12:41pm

Even without the whole election thing, 2016 would have been a terrible year in America, what with the picking off of cultural icons like some kind of sick Hunger Games. And notwithstanding the human casualties of the year, there’s yet more eulogizing to be done, so we made this video in tribute.

We lost more than 30 venues, bars and beloved businesses in Brooklyn this year— to rent hikes, code violations, scummy landlords or heinous buyouts. Some went with a bang, others with a Facebook post; some simply closed under mysterious circumstances, leaving the rest of us to wonder what went wrong. (more…)

12/23/16 3:00pm
Vegan pizza made us grateful for 2016, but it can daiya-lready. via Facebook.

Vegan pizza made us grateful for 2016, but it can daiya-lready. via Facebook.

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2016 was hell for everyone, but in Brooklyn it was truly the year we worshipped seitan.

An NYC-based listserv made waves for women in entertainment.

We gave you a rhyming review of the year in NYC comedy.

We also looked back on a year of BK bar culture and ‘drew some conclusions’ on a year in cartoons.

You got an opportunity to broke in to the editorial biz by getting a job with us.

Black-owned businesses got a boost with a cool interactive map that helps people find them.

Death even came for the death experts themselves: RIP, Morbid Anatomy Museum.

In search of a little guidance, we rounded up the best Brokelyn guides of the year.

Somehow watching drag queens read stories to kids made us all a little more hopeful.

BookCourt spilled its guts onto Craigslist, selling its bookcases off to the highest bidder.

Give us your holiday scoops! Just don’t send us on a Christmas goose chase: tips@brokelyn.com

12/23/16 12:00pm
If you need us, we'll be hiding in this Greenpoint igloo for all of 2017.

If you need us, we’ll be hiding in this Greenpoint igloo for all of 2017.

Oh 2016, how do we describe you? You were the stinky person at the end of the empty subway car we got on before realizing too late why it was empty; you were the rent increase that came just a month after our health insurance cost increased, you were the vomit that fell from the Cyclone directly into our ice cream cone, you were the year we had to keep attending dance parties for beloved musical icons who kept dying and you were the year we had to deal with the alt-right and literal effing skinheads in Brooklyn.

But for all it was, it was far from all bad, especially here in Broketown: in 2016, our friends behind Brooklyn’s beloved Punderdome created a home game that became an instant best-seller, we saw New Yorkers rise up in righteous, protective indignation at terror attacks and people who would narc out bodega cats, and we saw some canny Brooklynites use the blizzard as an opportunity to become amateur igloo hoteliers. We may have played our meanest April Fool’s Day prank yet, but at least know that we trolled Donald Trump’s phone number for a solid day. Here are the top 10 most-read Brokelyn stories of 2016: (more…)

12/22/16 2:07pm
Still need a ride to DC for the anti-Trump Women's March? Here's how to find one

Want to make your voice heard? Get on one of these Women’s March buses. via IG

Nov. 8 decided it, and this past Monday confirmed it: Donald Trump is going to be the 45th president of the United States. The inauguration on Jan. 20  is going to be largely impenetrable by the disgruntled genpop of America, but one day later, on Jan. 21, women (and men) from around the world are coming to D.C. to march against Trump. The Women’s March on Washington has secured a permit and starting location at Independence Ave. and Third St. SW, and is slated to begin at 10am.

If you were planning on taking part in what might turn out to be the most momentous protest in the recent history of America (not counting the collective roar of all the protests around the country on Nov. 9) but you haven’t booked a ride to get there yet, you might want to do it soon. Tickets on Megabus and Amtrak are already selling out, and the cost of a Rally Bus, one of the main charter buses to DC for the rally, originally $65 roundtrip, has jumped to a price tag of $120 and up.

What’s an anti-Trump activist to do? Well, there are a couple of organizations and local people stepping in to help the cause and organizing their own trips: (more…)

12/21/16 11:17am

Living room decor, anyone? via Craigslist

The announcement earlier this month that BookCourt was closing its doors after 35 years in business came as a blow to book lovers and Cobble Hill residents alike (and a lot fit into the center of that Venn Diagram). But all hope of retaining a piece of the beloved bookstore’s history is not lost, because they’re selling their shelves on Craigslist! For a sizable sum of money ($500), you could be the proud owner of one of BookCourt’s commercial grade bookcases. If you’re super wealthy and have a chateau or something, you could even buy ’em all. (more…)

12/19/16 12:42pm
We're actually morbid now. RIP Morbid Anatomy Museum. Via Facebook.

We’re actually morbid now. RIP Morbid Anatomy Museum. Via Facebook.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum was founded on the principle that death is a natural part of life that we should embrace instead of fear. Fittingly, the Gowanus oddities museum, event space, cafe and occasional taxidermy school abruptly closed its doors over the weekend, taking away a fitting place in Brooklyn to console ourselves about all the death and decay that has taken to consuming our lives this year.

The space, which grew out of a small library space in a shared building to its own massive street corner location two and a half years ago, didn’t make a public announcement of the closure, but a board member confirmed it to the Daily News today. It’s still unclear exactly what led to the closure, but it appears to be financial: last month, the museum launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $75,000 to stay open (it only got about $8,000). The closing comes amid a particularly tough moment for the Gowanus arts scene, which has seen a rash of studio closures this year due to rent increases and new development.

We reached out to founder Joanna Ebenstein for more info so we’ll update if we hear back and if there are any future plans for the museum. Meanwhile, we mourn another New York City space for the strange and obscure and wonder, with morbid curiosity, when death will finally come for us all.  (more…)

12/16/16 5:00pm
Been reading the news this week like:

Been reading the news this week like. via Single Blonde Failure

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UberPOOL kindly asked you to stop flirting with your fellow passengers.

An old Christmas poem got a Brooklyn update in ‘A Night Before Crisis-mas.

You got the chance to realize your comedy dreams by working for Stephen Colbert.

The photos for the No Office holiday party came out, and we saw just how drunk we all got.

We rounded up a list of yoga studios where you can take free classes in exchange for work shifts.

The DOT offered you $12,000 to build a sculpture for the Coney Island boardwalk.

Greenpoint restaurants innovated a new program to reduce food waste.

A new BK-based web series reminded us that social media isn’t real life.

We suggested over 30 places to party on New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn.

The potential BYO dog café opening in Brooklyn offered to give us all a new leash on life.

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12/16/16 3:15pm
The Experiment Comedy Gallery has been shut down, and supporters fear the alt-right is to blame

The Experiment Comedy Club was forced to close its Grand Street location last night. Via Facebook.

Williamsburg’s eclectic comedy venue the Experiment Comedy Gallery was permanently shut down for safety reasons by the New York Fire Department last night, displacing dozens of performers in a move supporters worry is tied to an alt-right campaign to shutter left-leaning venues. The surprise inspection came from a tip to the fire department that led to the discovery of a lack of proper fire exits. But fans and regulars point to a campaign by on sites like 4chan to shut down “radical left” and DIY spaces in the wake of the deadly Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. Fathelbab said he suspected the tip was made by a comedian he had banned from the venue who is known in the comedy community for being a right-wing agitator.

“The Trump supporting comic and I got into [it] on Facebook the other night about us being a SJW venue,” Fathelbab told us in an email today. “Vowed to see us kicked out onto the streets. The next day, marshals get an anonymous call and then we’re shut down that night. Don’t have a smoking gun, only a suspicion because of the coincidence in timing.”

The venue is vacating its home at 272 Grand St., and is working on finding a temporary home for shows, plus a new home for the Fuck Donald Trump Marathon(more…)