09/26/14 12:20pm

OK fine, Derek Jeter’s Yankee Stadium goodbye was very nice [Deadspin]
State senator is a goddamn sociopath [DNA Info]
Downtown Brooklyn is getting a 65-story tower [NY YIMBY]
The Williamsburg J. Crew is open now [Brownstoner]
Garbagemen really don’t appreciate your dogs pissing on garbage bags [New York Times]
Why everyone wants to build big on 57th Street [Curbed]
Here’s a threatening letter from a landlord sent to a “20″ resident of an 80/20 building [BU]

09/26/14 12:01pm
roger that garden

You get to paint this, again. via Facebook

When we last heard from Roger That Community Garden, they were getting boarded up and the developer who owns the lot was asking for a million dollars for it. Still, the gardeners who turned a gross garbage lot into a nice garden aren’t giving up yet, and are inviting people to re-paint a mural outside the garden washed way by rain, to fight what a garden founder called “community terrorism,” in an interview with DNA Info. (more…)

09/25/14 12:00pm

People are upset they can’t look at porn in public on the iPhone 6 Plus [NYM]
Here’s a crazy-looking office building coming to Williamsburg. Stare at it [NYYIMBY]
Mayor Tall killed a groundhog [New York Post]
Why bodegas switched to coconut water and kombucha [New Yorker]
People certainly hated that ridiculous column crying about the subway [Runnin' Scared]
The potential re-zoning of Empire Boulevard enters its “parliamentary insanity” phase [DNA Info]
Williamsburg is getting more Maison Premiere [Grub Street]
The work life of an obituary writer [Paris Review]


This should go over well. via Sheepshead Bites

Man, when it rains developer chutzpah, it really fucking pours. Fresh off the news that some brilliant real estate minds are too busy destroying shit to be bothered to prove they own it, word comes down from Sheepshead Bites that a piece of land previously targeted for a 22-story development that opposed because of its enormity is now being fitted for an even larger building coming in at thirty stories. (more…)

09/24/14 12:03pm

What’s the fight over AirBnB is about [New York Magazine]
Trying to swim north to south in every public pool in Manhattan [New Yorker]
80′s New York: The Haunted House! [DNA Info]
The construction company putting up the first Barclays apartment calls it quits [WNYC]
NYC will name, shame and fine the shit out of bad landlords [Gothamist]
Vaya con dios, Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club [Bedford + Bowery]
Here are maybe the 10 best ‘hoods in NYC to raise kids (if you can be trusted with them) [BU]

09/24/14 11:41am
Possibly the brilliant legal mind who came up with this argument.

Possibly the brilliant legal mind who came up with this argument.

Well, we did it, we finally did it. All the joking about “X is the new Brooklyn” just because someone with a RIDICULOUS beard was spotted in a coffee shop or someone made some art is finally having real world impacts beyond disdainful eye-rolling among New York media types. TWO recent separate legal cases in New York and Detroit have featured involved parties arguing that they can be or are known as “the next Brooklyn,” so their side should come out triumphant. (more…)

09/24/14 10:15am
maple street community garden

The garden, in better times. via Facebook

If you make the decision to evict a community garden (may we ask you please don’t do that?), you need to make sure you have your house in order. You need your backhoes and your trucks and your constitution that allows you not to listen to people’s pleading. Oh! And you gotta bring some proof of ownership, or else the police will bounce you, as two jokers learned recently when they started tearing up Prospect-Lefferts Gardens’ Maple Street Community Garden. (more…)

09/23/14 12:00pm

Nets attempting new “focus on basketball” strategy for 2014-15 [Daily News]
Giant baby hates subways because of colors [The Guardian]
A chat with a broad from Tacocat [Broadist]
Happy 17th birthday, “The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson” [Gothamist]
The MTA’s capital program needs a crapload of money [WNYC]
Let’s tax the shit out of some pied-á-terres [Capital]
There was a second, less lovey dovey climate march on Wall Street [DNA Info]
If only every traffic death was treated like this one involving a cyclist [Streetsblog]

09/23/14 11:01am
space ninety 8

You ever get the feeling…you’re being watched? via Facebook

You probably would never have guessed Williamsburg is a stomping ground for the Illuminati, but the bro-heavy neighborhood has taken a turn to the spooky. Not only is it the stomping ground of disgraced, war-happy, human rights-violating ex-presidentsCrain’s reports today that the corporate mega-chains moving in see Williamsburg as a “secret lab,” in which they can jot down the shopping habits of the urban elite and learn to craft the aesthetic for Middle America. YOU’RE BEING WATCHED BY LULULEMON, SHEEPLE! Which, along with Helmut Lang apparently has plans to come to Williamsburg. (more…)

09/23/14 9:36am
subway delayed

If it felt like it came to this more often than usual last year, that’s because it did. via Flickr user Gene Han

While you were standing on the hot, gross subway platform peering down the tunnel and wondering where the motherfucking cocksucking train was over the past year, you might have wondered if the goddamn train taking so long was merely in your mind. Well, the good news is you’re not crazy, but the bad news is that there was an increase in trains running behind schedule since last August, according to amNewYork. (more…)