04/14/15 4:00pm
Please don't make us call upon our cat army. via Feminist tk

Please don’t make us call upon our cat army. via Feminist Apparel

Catcalls are some bullshit. In addition to slandering cats, it should be pretty common sense that women (and unamused people of all unamused genders) aren’t into being yelled at from cars. Yet here we are, needing to give “how to be a person lessons” and remind slimy dudes out there that nope, sorry, street harassment still isn’t cool. The folks at Feminist Apparel launched a campaign for the most basic of this city’s citizenry this weekend by creating No Catcall Zones around with signs like the above one. (more…)

04/14/15 3:20pm
sunshine laundry

Beer here

We’ve talked a few times how much we love Greenpoint’s Sunshine Laundromat, because how could you not love a laundromat that’s as much pinball arcade as washery? Right, you can’t. We didn’t think that Sunshine could get any better, but it turns out we were wrong, because the Wall Street Journal reports co-owner Pete Rose wants to start serving beer and wine there, turning the business into a laundromat/pinball/arcade bar. Which would be in the running for best business in New York City, much less Brooklyn. (more…)

04/14/15 12:22pm

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04/13/15 2:41pm
Life is so monochromatic without them

Life is so monochromatic without them. Flickr user Poppy

A lot of New York icons have been vanishing lately, only to be replaced by condos and piles of artisanal spam. They took our Kentile Floors sign, our styrofoam containers (ok maybe we don’t miss those too much), even our shady but beloved Williamsburg White Castle. We’ve been trying our best to cope with this assault on our aesthetic, but we don’t know how we’re supposed to deal with this latest attack: they’re after our fire escapes. The Post reports the FDNY says fire escapes aren’t the most effective ways to escape an inferno and therefore are starting to be removed from buildings around the city. No, incorrect, cut that out. (more…)

04/13/15 12:01pm

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04/10/15 4:59pm
You don't need the L train to go to Manhattan to go to Los Hermanos via Flickr user Veronica

You don’t need the L train to go to Manhattan to go to Los Hermanos via Flickr user Veronica

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-Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave Brooklyn during the weekend L train shutdown

-You can finally work in a chocolate factory. Or a few other places

-Take a tour of Greenpoint’s best art galleries

-Live in Crown Heights? Apply today to sit for a free oil portrait of yourself

-Big bad news: One of Brooklyn’s best shows, Big Terrific Comedy, is calling it quits after seven years

-Go play punk rock dress up for Martin Scorsese and get paid for it

-Cool young metal dudes Unlocking the Truth are the highlight of this year’s SummerStage

-Adrienne Truscott wants to ban lazy comedy

-Finally, the truth behind those weird noses your upstairs neighbor makes

-Matt Bauer told us which robots masquerading as musicians he’d want to hang with ()

-We love High Dive, we love Fort Defiance and we love Project Parlor

04/10/15 12:00pm

Welcome the world’s littlest knight. [NYP]
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“Oh (expletive)…He’s going to lose his pension, lose his life, for $2,600?” [7Online]
You’re saying developer tax-subsidies are being abused? I’m shocked, SHOCKED! [DNAInfo]

04/10/15 9:00am
If you've got a fiancee and a Bevers, looks like you're gonna wind up married to both of them.

If you’ve got a fiancee and a Bevers, looks like you’re gonna wind up married to both of them.

Hey there struggling and even middle class Brooklynite. Ever think that following the societal imperative to marry a partner would free you forever from the shackles of roommates? After all, you’ve got two incomes instead of you, and you need just one bedroom for two people. Haha, whoops, according to a story in the Times, you’ve slipped on the banana peel of hope if you thought you’d just be living with your legally betrothed after marriage, because more and more married couples are living with roommates. Hey, look on the bright side: free live-in babysitter! (more…)

04/09/15 12:06pm

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04/09/15 10:32am
Wake up early after that night out dancing, or else.

Wake up early after that night out dancing, or else.

Hey there, Brokelyn fan. If you’re reading this, the odds are pretty good that you’re a young person or at least young enough to still be going out and enjoying Brooklyn’s finest bars and all the cool things we recommend you go see and do. We have some bad news though: according to the killjoys at the New York Times, sleeping in after a big night out at the Twin Peaks disco is apparently bad for you. No, not in a “casual alcoholism crossing into problem drinking way,” we’re talking more about things like diabetes and getting your metabolism out of whack. (more…)