07/22/16 4:44pm
You can keep your leaning benches, MTA, but we'll take the countdown clocks.

You can keep your bright lights and leaning benches MTA, but we’ll take the countdown clocks.

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The Hubble Cantata, a virtual reality trip to the cosmos, is coming to Prospect Park.

We ranked the MTA’s 15 new proposed subway improvements.

We told you which BK restaurants vegans and carnivores will both enjoy.

A BK expat realtor thinks you should leave Brooklyn and join him in Philly, aka Brooklyn 2.0.

We went camping via Tentrr, which sets up your whole campsite for you.

VinePair, Alamo Drafthouse, BRIC Arts Media and more BK spots are hiring.

We rounded up Brooklyn’s best dead zones, where you can disconnect from your phone.

If you volunteer to pick up trash at Panorama, you can get a three-day ticket for almost free.

We decided which summer Blockbusters are worth the price of admission.

There’s now a Pokemon Go dating app, because of course there is.

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07/22/16 3:40pm
Heat dome a comin', keep it cool this weekend, even if you're covered in fur. Photo via @samsonthedood

Heat dome a comin’, keep it cool this weekend, especially if you’re covered in fur. Photo via @samsonthedood

Gothamist would like to see a pic of your tricked out fire escape  [Gothamist]
297 affordable housing units opened up in Prospect Heights [BrickUnderground]
NYC Pokemon Go winner lost 10 pounds, logged 95 miles to catch ’em all [NY Daily News]
The Secret Lives of Real New York Pets [NY Times]
There’s an anti-gentrification and displacement forum Sunday at Brooklyn Museum [Bushwick Daily]
Got a Girl Crush zine has a new 95 page issue out, includes interview with Jessica Williams  [Brooklyn Paper]
Ask a Swole Woman how to get, well, swole [The Hairpin]
And finally, What your eyebrows from different phases of your life say about you [Manrepeller]

07/20/16 4:23pm
Finally there's a Pokemon dating app if you want to tap dat Ash.

Finally there’s a Pokemon dating app if you want to tap dat Ash.

The rule for movie sequels is the longer they go on, the probability the franchise ends up in space approaches 1 (see: Jason X, Leprechaun in Space, Fast and Furious and Also In Space, etc.). The new rule for social trends should be that the longer they persist, they’ll eventually end up as a dating app: See the Ayn Rand dating app, Trumpism, every and any animal-based subculture of gay life. So now we have reached that point with Pokemon Go, which went from not even existing to being mentioned in the presidential campaigns in under a week.

Today PokeDates, a dating app aimed at Pokemon Go trainers was released, promising to match up Pokepeople and find a good Pokestop for them to meet. This means the Pokemania has officially gone too far: not because of the popularity of Pokemon Go itself, which is fine and fun and anyone who tells you otherwise is an Old who surely would have raged against the rampant spread of terrifying baseballs everywhere had they been born in the 1910s. No, the reason it’s gone too far is the dates cost $20 (twenty real dollars) to set up. When the scavengers of capitalism come in, you should be wary that a trend is under attack.  (more…)

07/19/16 11:41am
The interior of the proposed new subway cars. Via the governor's office.

The interior of the proposed new subway cars. Via the governor’s office.

Yesterday the MTA unveiled the ~~subway cars of the future~~ and no, they don’t have cool future tech like “hover cars” or “trains that aren’t so packed at rush hour you have to wait for three to go by just to go one stop.” Instead, they have a bunch of aesthetic and amenity upgrades that the governor and the agency seem to think New Yorkers want instead of improved service: Wifi, USB ports, new color schemes and this crazy cutting edge technology called “maps.” Gov. Cuomo’s office said these will help ease congestion and cut down on delays.

The agency this week will begin soliciting bids to build the 1,025 new subway cars with the goal of having them finished by 2020 or sooner: The first three stations planned for renovation are in Brooklyn: Prospect Avenue, 53rd Street and Bay Ridge Avenue. Are these upgrades actually good or just a fine coat of polish on a woefully neglected turd? Here’s our ranking of the proposed upgrades: (more…)

07/15/16 5:13pm
Pokemon fever — and Pokemon backlash — were rampant this week. Via @montaukbrewco on Instagram.

Pokemon fever — and Pokemon backlash — were rampant this week. Via @montaukbrewco on Instagram.

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Pokemon Go bar crawls, and general hysteria, became a thing.

As did selling your professional Pokemon services on Craigslist.

Uber tried to undercut the subway, and we told you not to fall for it.

We listed where to rent cheap camping gear in Brooklyn.

We showed you the free way to turn your A/C into a smart A/C.

Getting on a boat became easier with these under $50 options …

… And these free kayaking, canoeing and rowing spots.

Jess shared her quest to find the perfect vintage summer dress.

City biking got less scary thanks to these gear tips.

The Brokelyn ice cream bracket concluded with a final frosty champion.

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Dog owners are recruiting their dogs to hunt for Pokemon with them. Photo via Twitter @CooperDowell

Dog owners are recruiting their dogs to hunt for Pokemon with them. Photo via Twitter @CooperDowell

On Tuesday, an animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana put out a Facebook ad calling for Pokemon Go players to volunteer walk their shelter dogs, which has since gone viral. The shelter director Paul Peckinpaugh got the idea after seeing hordes of folks out and about all over the city chasing Pokesmon.

“It would be great if every one of those individuals had our dogs with them,” he told the Huffington Post.

On the one hand, it makes sense to merge the two — dog walking and Pokemon hunting. If Pokemon Go players are logging so many steps on the hunt for Pikachu anyway, why not give them something real to accomplish while they’re at it, like contributing to the greater good by getting a shelter dog some exercise? Dog owners who play Pokemon Go are constantly bragging on Twitter about taking their own dogs on frequent and longer walks to track down invisible monsters, as though their pets were their prized crime-fighting sidekicks.

But, with leash in one hand, phone in the other, eyes squinting into the screen, head in a virtual world, they may actually be putting their own dogs at risk. And it’s certainly not smart to give a distracted, game-crazed novice responsibility, albeit temporary, over a vulnerable, anxious shelter dog, veterinarians and dog experts told us.

“In general, people don’t spend enough time looking at their dogs when they’re walking them, so it would be hard for me to wholeheartedly get behind something that distracts people from their dogs,” said Anna Jane Grossman, founder of the School for the Dogs  in Manhattan. “When you’re walking with dogs, you have to always be braced for the worst case scenario.”

Grossman had another good point: “Shouldn’t walking a dog be fun enough? Do we really have to add in Pokemon?” (more…)

07/13/16 3:32pm
Uber commuting: It's like the subway, but much slower and less efficient! Via Gilt City.

Uber commuting: It’s like the subway, but much slower and less efficient! Via Gilt City.

I have heard tale of mysterious creatures of New York, the privileged souls who refuse — actually refuse! — to take the subway under any circumstances. I knew of one lady who called a car every morning from her Manhattan apartment and waited for it to take her to the other side of Manhattan. These folks shun the subway, a goddamn miracle of civil engineering that’s basically a warp tunnel installed below ground that can shoot you from one end of the city to another in an hour or two for under three bucks. Instead, they rely on the lowly car, that crass and inefficient means of transport we associate with the suburbs, where people exile themselves on population islands far away from all the stores, food, hair salons and Pokemon they need to survive. Even when driven by a professional, a car is still a car.

This week, Uber, the car service company with the vaguely fascist name, announced a plan to start selling “Commute Cards” that you give you unlimited uberPOOL rides in Manhattan during rush hour. They cost $79, which works out to $2/ride, cheaper than the $2.75 subway fare. This is all part of Uber’s war against any other means of transit, and their effort to get you take a car to work every day instead of a subway, bike, skateboard or anything else. Don’t buy it: The Uber Commute Card is a trick that will only clog our streets, take money away from our much-needed subway system and still make you late for work. (more…)

07/12/16 3:55pm

This level 15 Pokemon Go master is for hire, and is not messing around. Photo via Craigslist

Pokemon Go-themed bar crawls are popping up all across the city like a sickness, Twitter is inflamed with screenshots of the little virtual buggers, and now poke hustlers have taken to Craigslist, hoping to make a buck from their Pokemon Go related services. Oh Pokemon Go, when will you go away? It’s only Tuesday, and there are already enough fed-up bystanders that someone developed a Chrome extension called Poke Gone to block Pokemon chatter from our feeds.

Here’s what we found offered on Craigslist so far: (more…)

07/11/16 11:35am

Yup, a Pokemon Go bar crawl is already planned for Brooklyn [UPDATED]

Gotta drink them all! Via Jeff Ramos.

Tons of video game fans accidentally got exercise this weekend thanks to the release of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that uses your phone to reveal just how monster-infested your neighborhood really is. It’s only been out a few days and yet already over the weekend, the streets were turned into living video game boards as hordes of people with phones glued to their faces, tried to capture another Zubat or Poliwag. It is truly one of the most unique and quickly spreading phenomena of modern gaming — it seemed to be the only thing anyone on the street was talking about or doing in my neighborhood yesterday.

Whether it’s a preview of an ominous future where all augmented reality will become our new reality (you still can’t afford to be a place in AR, probably) or a nice way to get people off their asses and out into public, it’s too early to say (it’s almost more popular than Twitter already though). But the speed at which it’s caught on among people of all age groups in Brooklyn means that yup, someone has already organized a north Brooklyn Pokemon bar crawl. (more…)

07/08/16 5:00pm
Avengers, assemble the picnic baskets. Via Marvel.

This Captain America statue is coming to Prospect Park next month. Via Marvel.

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We considered moving to Maine.

The NYPD asked for feedback on outfitting officers with body cameras.

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