07/31/15 5:28pm
Made you weekend a work of art. via Facebook)

Made you weekend a work of art. via Facebook)

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– If you’re a working artist, you’ll need this guide to cheap and free studio space in Brooklyn

Here’s how you rule every day in August

– Emily Elsen of 4 & 20 Blackbirds has a guide to what to see in Gowanus for you

– New map will show you the city’s most miserable subway stations

– Taylor Swift abandons her post as global tourism ambassador when we really need her

Jonathan Safran Foer and Michelle Williams have started dating and what?

– There are a whole bunch of great jobs for you to go out and try to get

– Go say goodbye to Montero’s while you can

– Whether they’re described as “indie R & B” or “pop”, Wet is fun to listen to

Another housing lottery opened, this one with cheap housing Downtown

– We love Nitehawk Cinema, we love Videology and we love Full Circle Bar

07/31/15 10:10am
red hook trolley cars

Maybe time to pull these off the scrap heap. via The Brooklyn Historic Railway Association

Time was, in the old Brooklyn, the really old Brooklyn, pedestrians didn’t just live in fear of being run down by horses or those newfangled electric horses that traitorous Hitler-lover and anti-Semite Henry Ford popularized. They also tried not getting run over by streetcar trolleys (this “trolley dodging” is where the beloved Brooklyn Dodgers got their name) that existed to move people around the borough.

As you know, we’ve got horses back on the street, so it makes plenty of sense to us that a coalition of transit advocates and developers now want to bring back our old-timey streetcars in order to bring more transportation options to the Brooklyn waterfront. After that? Maybe adding some pre-movie newsreels about our boys overseas and their brave fight against the hated Kaiser Wilhelm! (more…)

Medical marijuana still can't be smoked under our state law, FYI. via Flickr user Don Goofy

Medical marijuana still can’t be smoked under our state law, FYI. via Flickr user Don Goofy

Marijuana legalization in New York has been a long and absurd battle, tainted with restrictive legislation even as the state’s bans on medical use were slowly, haltingly lifted. Things are looking up, though, because South Slope News reports that pending approval, one of the state’s allotted medical marijuana dispensaries would be coming to the Slope, at 800 3rd Avenue. The news comes following a unanimous vote in favor of the dispensary’s presence, by the Slope’s community board.


07/30/15 12:00pm

Someone wrote an open letter to the 88th Precinct about crime in Clinton Hill [Brownstoner]
Karma comes back around and puts a dent in Whole Foods’ profits [Grub Street]
Hey you, tech-savvy! Turn that Twitter-trolling habit into a career [Business Insider]
Lousy millennials still comfortable living off their parents, study shows [NY Daily News]
Sigh, Hollywood just doesn’t “get” Staten Island [Vulture]
Oh great, another dating app trying to digitize serendipity [DNAinfo]
Are you one of the lucky few who experience “skin orgasms” from listening to music? [NYMag]
You’re going to have to stare your salt addiction in the face, come December [Eater NY]

07/30/15 10:08am
The lesson here is, stay above ground. via WNYC

If there’s anything you take away from this map, it’s to stay above ground. via WNYC

Let’s face it: in the summer, you should do everything you can to avoid going down into the subway. For some reason, subway stations seem temperature-controlled to feel like the inside of a dog’s mouth. But some stations are far worse than others, and it might behoove you and your sweat glands to know which ones before you head to that business meeting. Lucky you, WNYC went out and recorded the temperatures of 103 city subway stations, including a handful in Brooklyn. Then they made this nifty map with their findings.  (more…)

07/29/15 4:22pm


First, multiple Academy Award-nominated actress Michelle Williams moved to Ditmas Park, in an attempt to outrace or jump start gentrification, we’re not sure which. If that wasn’t trying to be Brooklyn enough though, Williams, who has shared the screen with modern Adonises like Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Peter Dinklage, has now started a relationship with a Brooklyn writer. And not just any Brooklyn writer, but the tweest of the twee Brooklyn Jonathans, Jonathan Safran Foer. According to premiere soccer mom tabloid Us Weekly, the My Week with Marilyn actress is seeing and sharing vegan meals with the author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. What? (more…)

07/29/15 12:05pm

There are boutique firms helping New Yorkers move to the suburbs [DNA Info]
Bringing kids to protests in New York: So hot right now [Capital]
Don’t let your boss pay you with a damn gift card instead of a raise [Washington Post]
Meet BK’s new Democratic boss, Frank Seddio [City & State]
Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” video is a time machine to 1980s DUMBO [Gothamist]
Remember the LaGuardia renovation timetable? Double the price and the time [Crain’s]
There was a Black Lives Matter protest in Williamsburg yesterday [Bedford + Bowery]
Should the Mets use a Kickstarter to get themselves an impact bat? [Vice Sports]

773 lounge

They’ll be back. via GoFundMe

Need more proof that Monday is the worst day everything? So check it out: On Monday we learned that Montero’s, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, was ready to sell to a developer who’d make their block a mall if any of the developers met their price. Booooo. Today though, on not-Monday, we learn that 773 Lounge, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, will be reopening in September. Just in time for a Mets playoff run! (more…)

07/28/15 2:55pm
city point

Okay, it’s time to try to live here. Photo by David Colon

You might remember last month when we told you about the 200 units of affordable housing coming to Downtown Brooklyn as part of the City Point project. Or maybe you don’t, a month is a long time and your brain melted in the heat. Anyway, they’ll be open to welcome you in to your affordable home any day now, so it means that the application process for these apartments has begun. Even if you hate filling out forms, we think you should pay attention here, because for $651/month studios and $655 2-bedrooms, most of us would probably fill out a Mount Everest made of forms. (more…)

07/28/15 12:02pm

The borough president has some thoughts on gentrification [City & State]
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