kings theatre brooklyn

Ooh, shiny. Photo by Matt Lambros, via Facebook

The curtain will rise again on Brooklyn’s historic Kings Theatre in January 2015.

Don’t remember seeing Arcade Fire perform there? The theatre on Flatbush Ave has been closed for 40 years, so the debut will be the first time in our lifetimes to visit the French Renaissance revivalist theatre, rumored to be spectacularly beautiful and lovingly restored to its original grandeur, according to a press release. (more…)

08/21/14 12:00pm

Man makes 400 fake 911 calls on Williamsburg bars [New York Post]
Woman posts sign in Crown Heights calling out modesty mavens [Disrupting Dinner Parties]
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Here’s a giant Palestinian flag on the Manhattan Bridge [CBS]

08/20/14 3:52pm
3rd ward

Do they owe you anything? Speak up

When the 3rd Ward went under last October, teachers, students, and members were all left holding the bag, with no refunds for members who spent up to $3,200 for lifetime memberships, no final pay checks for the teachers who had put in countless hours at the art space, and no consolation or explanation for the students who signed up for classes. So how much does 3rd Ward actually owe its patrons and participants? One writer is asking people to email her and let her know. (more…)

08/20/14 1:41pm

These homes are 30% richer than they were last year. Not you, though. via Flickr user Susan Sermoneta

It seems like it was just yesterday that Bushwick was kinda sorta a bargain price-wise, was full of people living on houseboats and hopping freight trains and was being described as an awful hellhole by the likes of Vogue. Turns out that train-hopping hobos and Vogue condemnation be damned, Bushwick homes also shot up 31.2% in value between 2013 and 2014. You were never gonna be able to own a home anyway, but now you can cross Bushwick off your fantasy list for good. (more…)

08/20/14 12:02pm

A look at the Zephyr Teachout campaign that freaks out Andrew Cuomo [Runnin' Scared]
Times Square characters are fighting back [CBS2]
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08/19/14 4:06pm
granola lab

Don’t settle for just any granola. Demand Gold certified Brooklyn Made granola from Granola Lab. Photo by Camille Lawhead

People in and out of New York love throwing the name Brooklyn on their cafes and bitters and moonshine and mall pizza, since it scores hip points, even if they have nothing to do with Brooklyn . The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce responded to that by launching the Brooklyn Made certification, a new initiative for products actually manufactured here. Today, they showed off the first 41 products that received a sought-after gold, silver or bronze “Brooklyn Made” label, with Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce CEO Carlo Scissura and Borough President Eric Adams making the announcement at By Brooklyn (261 Smith Street, Cobble Hill), the only shop that exclusively sells Brooklyn-made products. (more…)

08/19/14 1:48pm
biking nyc

You would be too if you ever saw one of NYC’s vicious bike bears take someone’s head clean off with one swipe. via Flickr user Michael Mandeberg

When it comes to the mean streets of New York City, we all know that the asphalt is harder than anywhere on Earth, and that our drivers are blinder and meaner than anywhere else. So it was a little baffling that we built a bike sharing service around the idea that tourists would use it, yet here we are, and they’re not using it. Why don’t they use it? According to a new poll, it turns out they’re all terrified of the idea of biking on our streets. (more…)

08/19/14 12:00pm

R.I.P. Jennifer Lopez’ Prospect Heights cell phone store [Observer]
The Post boldly comes out in favor of sexual assault [The Awl]
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Bill Bratton is PISSED that the City Museum has a graffiti exhibit [Wall Street Journal]
A Shepard Fairey mural is coming to the Bowery, like it or not [ANIMAL]
What the AFL-CIO not endorsing Andrew Cuomo means [Capital]

08/19/14 9:28am
kevin mcallister

And that’s before he turns your house into a huge game of Mousetrap

Can you put a price on a human life? In public, people will swear up and down you can’t, but get some academics behind closed doors and they’ll gladly do it for you. At least the USDA will, judging by the fact that they took a look at the cost of raising a child in America from birth to age 17, and came up with the number $245,340. So, that’s a quarter of a million dollars before college. This is why it’s so disappointing to your mother that you’re not a doctor. (more…)

08/18/14 2:13pm
will and grace

It’s just like that show that went off the air ten years ago!

New York! It’s big, and can feel kind of lonely when you just get here or if you’re not the type to wow the crowd at your local karaoke night. On the other hand, New York! You sometimes find yourself living with people who consider bed bugs a pet or keep half the dishes in your apartment under their beds with food stuck to it and don’t tell you. Given the choice, most people who need roommates would like to not have them. It turns out that the new trend among the rich and kinda lonely is living with roommates even if they can easily afford not to. We’re not angry about this (really we’re not), it just sounds more sad than anything. (more…)