04/29/16 6:00pm
Should this color festival be for everyone? Photo by Maria Travis/Brokelyn

Should this color festival be for everyone? Photo by Maria Travis/Brokelyn

-Was Bushwick Holi a harmless hippie fest or cultural appropriation?

-Harley Quinn beat up the hipster mafia at Smorgasburg.

-We said goodbye to Supercollider and hello to more condos.

-We put all this summer’s free outdoor movies in one handy list for you.

-A Crown Heights condo held a steampunk/vaudeville party to attract some buyers.

-We rounded up the 10 best free literary reading series in Brooklyn.

-A garden designer helped us save our garbage backyards.

-Summer drinking season officially returned.

-We told you about NYC’s most lit thrift shopping experience.

-Scott showed us even 27 year olds can learn how to ride a bike.

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04/29/16 2:00pm
A pizza in a box ... made of pizza. Via Vinnie's Instagram.

A pizza in a box … made of pizza. Via Vinnie’s Instagram.

The internet can’t get enough of this pizzeria’s inventions [DNAinfo]
Prince has become the new Freebird in Brooklyn [DNAinfo]
IMAX found a way to make spin class even more expensive [Brooklyn Paper]
Video shows just how many oblivious double parkers cyclists deal with [Gothamist]
Apply for these new affordable apartments above a bad basketball team [FG Focus]
Did you know everyone in NYC used to move on May 1? [BrickUnderground]
What’s the deal with rent-stabilized housing anyway? [Brownstoner]
You can now take a cannabis cooking class in Green(nice)point [Greenpointers]

04/26/16 4:28pm
Is Bushwick's Holi festival a harmless hippie celebration or cultural appropriation?

Yes, there were flower crowns. Maria Travis / Brokelyn

Droves of Brooklynites lined up outside an abandoned lot at 485 Johnson Ave. in Bushwick for the Festival of Colors this past Saturday. Some wore GoPros, others wore Rastacaps. Everyone was dressed in white, eager to have their clothing stained with the throwing of brightly colored powder. This activity has come to represent the entirety of the Indian rite of spring, also known as “Holi,” for young people in America.

In South Asian countries with Hindu populations, particularly India and Nepal, Holi is observed religiously over a two-day period. Here in Brooklyn, it was celebrated non-denominationally over an eight-hour period — one consisting largely of playing with powder, eating from food trucks and drinking Tecate tallboys, at that. This weekend’s festival was predominantly white, with a vibe that felt more Coachella than New Delhi.

Naftai, 24, a first-time attendee, told us she saw an ad for the festival on her Facebook feed and recognized it instantly as the Indian ritual she’d once seen in a movie.

“I saw it on Eat Pray Love and I was like ‘I gotta go to this,'” she said. “I thought I had to go all the way to India to do it, but then they did it here.”

The event’s organizers claim that their festival is a positive way to bring Hindu culture to a wider audience. But can the commodification of this religious ritual be a positive thing? Or was this simply yet another example of cultural appropriation in Brooklyn?  (more…)

04/26/16 1:35pm

We don’t know exactly what, we don’t know exactly when, but some time in the near future, the L train is going to really screw up your life in some ways. And yes, this means even you, person who doesn’t ride the L train and makes fun of people who do — because all those people, the young tattooed folks, the people who’ve lived in Bushwick for generations, people in hats, ya uncle from Canarsie, are gonna dump into the rest of the MTA system and cause ripple effects all over your commute. We know so far the MTA is thinking of shutting down the L train completely for 18 months or partially for a few years to repair damage from Hurricane SAndy, but nothing is going to happen until 2019. So while you’re debating whether you can get to work via tugboats or hovercrafts, you can actually go talk to the MTA to give them your feedback on the L train plans and maybe get some more info on what the L is going on. (more…)

04/25/16 12:24pm

Maybe Harley can fight those Williamsburg condos next. Via screenshot.

We all occasionally feel ripped off by Brooklyn’s notorious profligation of artisanal foods. You can pay $15 for a jar of pickles or $27 for a crust of bread smeared with the liver of a chicken that studied abroad in Portugal and leave feeling a little dumbstruck, no matter how many times the word “organic” appears on the label. Does that make the occasionally overpriced food purveyors actual criminals?

That’s the jokey conceit used to kickoff the new DC title, Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys, where Harley, the famously psychologically disturbed anti-hero, gathers up a Harley squad for some vigilante justice around Brooklyn. They start by beating up some food vendors at an obvious stand-in for Smorgasburg on the Williamsburg waterfront, and make lots of hipster jokes you’re probably sick of by now, but Harley is a Brooklyn native, so we’ll give her a pass. (more…)

04/22/16 6:00pm
Long may purple reign. Via Twitter.

Long may purple reign. Via Twitter.

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-Some math whiz figured out how long you should wait before giving up on your train.

-The death of Prince made everyone want to get out and dance.

-Summer creeped closer with the release of Habana Outpost’s movie schedule.

-For 4/20, we asked: Is the one hitter dying out?

-Greenpoint and Dyker Heights really felt the Bern, but it wasn’t enough to win Brooklyn.

-But before that, 28,000 people rallied for Bernie in Prospect Park.

-We learned 11 surefire ways to piss off your brunch server.

-SummerStage announced plans for free Brooklyn shows.

-Eric told you why the Five Boro Bike Tour is a waste of money.

-Kimmy Schmidt did a great job taking on NYC’s gentrification.

-A Passover expert explained to us: What’s the deal with Manischewitz?

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04/20/16 10:50am
Bernie speaking in Transmitter Park earlier this month. Via Facebook.

Bernie speaking in Transmitter Park earlier this month. Via Facebook.

Greenpoint, you were truly feeling the Bern. The north Brooklyn neighborhood was where Bernie Sanders won the largest percentage of the vote in New York City during the statewide primary yesterday, with 64 percent voting for the Vermont senator over Hillary Clinton, according to this New York Times neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown. Sanders, as you know, lost to Clinton in the overall statewide primary, a heartbreaking defeat to supporters who had packed rallies in Prospect Park and Transmitter Park in the past few weeks hoping he could unseat the frontrunner.

The election was also plagued with major polling place problems, with 100,000 people mysteriously disappearing from the voter rolls. But get ready for hack analysts making trite jokes about Bernie’s supporters living in the “hipster corridor” or some dumb shit (like THIS): In addition to Greenpoint, Bernie also won part of Bushwick, East Williamsburg and Ridgewood just across the Queens border. Clinton barely beat Sanders in Williamsburg. Clinton’s No. 1 neighborhood in the city was the Upper East Side.  (more…)

04/19/16 4:22pm
Mister Sunday, coming to Ridgewood this summer. Via Facebook.

Mister Sunday is moving from Industry City in Sunset Park to Nowadays in Ridgewood this summer. Via Facebook.

Ridgewood, just across the Queens border, keeps becoming an extension of Bushwick, and we’ll leave it to you to figure out if that’s a good or bad thing. But it’s certainly going to be a lit place to party under the summer sun this year. First, the neighborhood is getting what’s being billed as NYC’s first pop-up beach bar: a 5,000-square foot lot that will be covered in 140 cubic yards of sand and outfitted with beach chairs, umbrellas, these things, volleyball courts, BYO food grilling stations and kiddie pools for cooling off, according to our colleagues at QNS.

On top of that, Mister Sunday, one of summer’s most popular (and longest reigning) outdoor dance parties, is moving to the neighborhood. QNS also reports the organizers of the weekly party are relocating from Industry City in Sunset Park to Nowadays, the new bar they opened last summer. That space is itself like a big swath of public park you can drink in, with picnic tables, games and grassy knolls for lounging. Is Ridgewood the new Rockaways? (more…)

04/18/16 1:00pm
Who's the most New Yawk?

Who’s the most New Yawk? Photo illustration by Sam Corbin.

For those less informed than the Trump Kidz, the New York presidential primary is on Tuesday. Sure, we always see ourselves as the center of the universe, but both races are still surprisingly close and this time around there are three candidates trying to cash in on a supposed New York hometown advantage. So while Ted Cruz is busy matzo-ing his way out of that “New York values” comment and Kasich does whatever Kasich does, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are honing their liquid r’s and watching this video on repeat.

Just how legitimate is each candidate’s respective New York-ness? Brokelyn’s basement politifact department is here with a breakdown of just how Sanders, Clinton and Drumpf Trump’s histories stack up in authenticity. Or, at least, in as much authenticity as one can glean from sporadic SNL appearances, conjecture and perceived ability to ride the subway. (more…)

04/18/16 9:41am
via jsigharas on Instagram.

via jsigharas on Instagram.

Thanks to a perfect storm convergence of a 15k race, nice weather, Smorgasburg and a huge Bernie Sanders rally, Prospect Park was a sight to behold yesterday. The Sanders rally drew an estimated 28,000 people, according to amNY, the campaign’s largest rally yet. It’s no surprise Bernie fandom is high in certain parts of Brooklyn, his hometown, and he hammered home his trendy appeal by bringing Grizzly Bear as his opening act and appearing with fellow hip old guy Danny DeVito (who introduced Bernie as “our Obi-Wan”) and human MacBook Justin Long. It was a colorful event, full of lots of artsy expressions of #feelingthebern. Sanders himself addressed healthcare, the environment and the wage gap. Here’s what the scene looked like:  (more…)