09/30/16 4:00pm
Every debate is a chance to play.

Every debate is a chance to play.

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Brooklyn was declared the Most Unaffordable City in America.

Shots were taken (and taken again) in the Brokelyn presidential debates drinking game.

We told you about 5 cool jobs you could get in BK.

We introduced you to the six types of NYC cyclists you’d meet in a bike lane.

Some dummy paddle boarded the Gowanus Canal without dying.

Buzz off Lucille told us about landing their dream job making feminist comedy.

Local experts weighed in on how to lock your bike so it doesn’t get jacked.

The Bushwick Film Festival gave us cause for excitement.

We learned how New York’s laziest millennial voters were eating.

Ample Hills came out with Donald Trump-flavored ice cream.

09/30/16 12:00pm
Dogs light up your life, but the job isn't always easy. via IG user @the_dog_walking_network

Dogs light up your life, but the job isn’t always easy. via IG user @the_dog_walking_network

There are two relationships essential to every stressed-out New York City office drone: a reliable dog walker and a reliable weed dealer. In many ways, these services are similar: both provide invaluable peace-of-mind, both require you to allow otherwise total strangers into your home and both require a good referral from a trusted friend.

With so much overlap between drug dealers and dog heelers, it was only a matter of time before their worlds collided on television’s most incisive portrayal of contemporary New York life, HBO’s High Maintenance.

This Friday’s episode connects The Guy with a dog-walker whose passion for pooches rivals most folks’ religious convictions or bodega loyalty. It’s our favorite episode of television about walking dogs since Ilana nearly killed Judith Light in season one of Broad City.

Of course, walking dogs isn’t all leisurely strolls and puppy kisses. And in honor of tomorrow’s episode of High Maintenance, we wrangled a handful Brooklyn-based dog walkers to share stories of their job at its most, er, dogged. (more…)

09/29/16 2:10pm
30 years later, the film is getting a Netflix TV reboot.

30 years later, the film is getting a Netflix TV reboot.

“I hear Spike Lee’s shooting down the street!”

No really, Spike Lee is really shooting down the street. The actor and director recently announced a 10-episode Netflix update to his cult film She’s Gotta Have It on Instagram, with an open casting call this coming Monday, October 3 at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple (317 Clermont Ave.) from 5 to 8pm.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a Spike Lee movie, or you just vibe with his sharp views about gentrification, now’s your chance to get up close and personal with the auteur, and rack up a television credit while you do it. (more…)

09/29/16 10:37am

If all those morning coffees are burning a venti-sized hole in your pocket, then take today off of worrying about it and enjoy a freebie. Today is National Coffee Day, for those of you who didn’t know, and our friends over at Grub Street have rounded up all the spots in New York City where you can score a free or cheap cup o’ joe today. At some spots, like Krispy Kreme, donuts are included!

The list of participating shops includes Dunkin Donuts (66 cents/cup), Krispy Kreme (free + donut), Peet’s Coffee (free drink with any food item) and more.

Admittedly, free or cheap coffee means you might have to settle for crappy chain coffee instead of your usual third-wave espresso, as there aren’t so many indie coffee shops taking part in the holiday. But Toby’s Estate (125 N. 6th St.) is offering 20% off their Black and White pre-bottled cold brew, so hey, that’s something. And who wants to sit in one of those wifi-limited coffee shop libraries today, anyway! Grab yourself a shitty free coffee on the go, and save the extra few bucks for something better tomorrow. (more…)

09/27/16 4:27pm
A very disgusting thing somebody did — via @StandUpVirgin

A disgusting thing someone did — via @StandUpVirgin

Well, that’s one way to avoid the G train. Passersby in South Brooklyn spotted a man paddle boarding on the Gowanus Canal this week. That’s right, as in standing on a flat board with no shoes on in the notoriously disgusting Gowanus Canal, splashing water around with no protection against falling in.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the canal has all the diseasesno dolphins (R.I.P. Dolph Fun-dgren) and, if you’ve ever walked around the neighborhood after a rain, smells like sewage. But that didn’t stop one brave soul from Brooklyn by the name of Gary Francis from pursuing his dream of splashing garbage water all over himself for the sake of some political statement.

“Paddling the Gowanus Canal is beautiful & offers a great look at the underbelly of Brooklyn,” wrote Francis on his Instagram selfie, “as well as being prime protected water for training. I’ve seen ducks, geese, cormorants, big fish, little fish, crabs & herons, it is very much alive.” (more…)

09/27/16 11:11am


New York has always stood firmly apart from “the rest of America.” We dealt with last week’s terror scare like true New Yorkers, and when Trump’s phobic rhetoric during his campaign threatened to marginalize Muslim communities around the country, Brooklyn’s comedy scene rallied to the cause. But we still have a lot of work to do in a city where someone where a Muslim woman can be set on fire.

Today, Mayor De Blasio announced a new initiative called #IAmMuslimNYC, an ad campaign centered around promoting respect and diversity toward Muslim New York residents as well as other faith-based communities. In collaboration with the Office of Immigrant Affairs and the Commission on Human Rights, #IAmMuslimNYC aims to raise public awareness through the use of social media and increased outreach programs with the hopes of  bringing New Yorkers of all backgrounds together in the fight against xenophobia and Islamophobia.

Ad campaigns are something of an insular bid for attention, since it’s unlikely the hashtag will trend outside of NYC. But it rings out as a very clear rebuttal against a certain orange-haired man running for president — namely, that New York won’t stand for it.  (more…)

09/27/16 9:14am


I asked Giuliani if Trump is a feminist #DebateNight pic.twitter.com/xWvkgVuKXV

Last night, the world stood wide-eyed in front of their television screens as Sec. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took one another on in the first of many presidential debates that may help to determine the outcome of November’s election. The sane ones among us crossed our fingers that nothing would catch Hillary off-guard. We prayed that Trump would manage to cram enough stupidity into a 90-minute segment to put the rest of us at ease.

Sure enough, Trump garbled a bunch of stuff about 400 lb. hackers, claimed that stop-and-frisk was a “wonderful thing,” and made a spectacularly sexist closing remark about Hillary Clinton, saying “She doesn’t have the look” to be president.

Following the debate, former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani was approached by reporters to answer for his BFF’s comments in the debate. Elite Daily‘s Alexandra Svokos patently asked Giuliani whether Trump, who owns the Miss Universe pageant, harasses women and has a number of rape allegations to his name, is a feminist. You can watch Giuliani’s cogent response above. You can also pour acid into your own eyes, you know, either/or. 

09/26/16 2:41pm
Get yours before they're all sold out

Get yours before they’re all sold out. via Ample Hills / IG

If a drinking game wasn’t enough to sate your taste buds for the presidential debates tonight, then this is a sher-bet: Ample Hills just released two presidential ice cream flavors, Food & Wine reports: The “Madam President,” after Hillary Clinton, and the “Make America Orange Again,” after Donald Trump.

The Hillary flavor is spicy chocolate, and Trump’s is orange-marshmallow. Unsurprisingly, the second one sounds like a pretty disgusting combination. (more…)

09/23/16 5:30pm
Bill Murray makes the weather and the drinks. Via @thirstynyc.

Bill Murray makes the weather and the drinks. Via @thirstynyc.

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This one tweet perfectly captured how New Yorkers felt about this terror scare.

Bill Murray made his Greenpoint bartending debut.

We rounded up 19 places where you can watch the presidential debates this year.

We pointed you to 5 places with free and cheap therapy in NYC.

The rain reminded us that umbrellas are a scam.

The Bed Bug Queen of Brooklyn told us how to beat those little bastards.

The dictionary confirmed it’s ok to fuhgeddaboudit.

A new map showed us gentrification in action.

Coney Island’s Spookarama got slated for eternal life in virtual reality.

High Maintenance‘s HBO debut proved it may be the best show about NYC ever.

09/23/16 10:15am
The dapmap lets you see how bad things really are in each neighborhood.

The dapmap lets you see how bad things really are in each neighborhood.

Gentrification is New York’s white whale, and no amount of low-stakes ukulele songs about the issue are going to rein it in. Trying to determine who’s actually “part of the problem” is so 2015. Anti-gentrification sentiments are better put towards neighborhood engagement and community organizing to fight the thing, both of which are newly made easier with this ^^^ handy interactive gentrification map.

The Displacement Project Alert Map, a project of the Association for Neighborhoods and Housing Development (ANHD), lets you see where gentrification is doing its worst in the city. It’s web-based, so it updates frequently. You can search the map by council districts, community boards or zip codes. Buildings are colored along a gradual spectrum ranging from pale yellow to dark red, the darker colored buildings indicating a higher risk of its tenants facing displacement.