You'll have to drink a lot of wine to see any ghosts on this tour. Photos by Meghan Stephens.

You’ll have to drink a lot of wine to see any ghosts on this tour. Photos by Meghan Stephens.

You may have heard that just in time for spooky season, the borough is now home to the brand-new Brooklyn Paranormal Society — a group of ghost-hunters who advertise an enticing blend of drinking, paranormal history lessons and an investigation of the spiritual forces that may surround us. The mix of attractions for the first outing a few weeks ago was right up our alley: drinking on a weeknight, starting at a bar in Fort Greene, then moving on to boozing in the park and, most importantly, hunting for ghosts. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, hearing haunting tales while drinking outdoors sounds like a pretty fun free way to spend a fall evening.

These ghostbusters are hardly Peter Venkmans or Egon Spenglers, though. The group is led by an amateur foursome of Brooklynites who advertise the Meetup events as BYOB boos-and-booze bonanzas. They’re holding another one tonight in Prospect Park, which has already attracted lots of media attention. The organizers are enthusiastic, but if you’re expecting any ghost-hunting expertise, set your proton packs to “low expectations.” It felt a lot like what would happen if your high school friends got their hands on some “ghost-hunting” equipment and a box of wine.

Here’s how the first-ever outing of Brooklyn’s own artisanal ghostbusters went down: (more…)

10/05/15 1:23pm
No, just not. Go back to the drawing board.

No, just not. Go back to the drawing board.

As soon as websites started competing for EXCLUSIVES to determine how much pizza Pizza Rat actually ate and publications wrote highbrow thinkpieces about it and people hauled out cheap imitations like Milkshake Squirrel, you knew that Pizza Rat was an Official Thing of 2015. All Official Things of a given year wind up with Halloween costumes, and we don’t begrudge America’s cash-in costuming industry for grabbing at dollars. Still, a line has to be drawn somewhere, and we’re drawing it here, today. This Sexy Pizza Rat costume is all sorts of wrong, and it just needs to go. (more…)

10/02/15 5:36pm
Hang at Mission Dolores this weekend and work on that screenplay. via Flickr user kliff53

Hang at Mission Dolores this weekend and work on that screenplay. via Flickr user kliff53

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Cameo is closing!

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10/02/15 4:01pm
Whole lotta black and white on there

Whole lotta black and white on there

Look, we understand the Islanders’ move to Brooklyn was never going to be smoothest relocation imaginable, what with a devoted fanbase in the suburbs and cranky bloggers who allegedly know nothing about hockey throwing rocks at them. That being said, it hasn’t been made any easier by some self-inflicted wounds like hundreds of obstructed-view seats or a goal horn that the team’s existing fans immediately turned against or that boring black and white jersey. Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark went on the radio to defend the team’s choice of goal horn and alternate jersey color scheme, and while doing so, blurted out that everyone knows that Brooklyn’s official colors are black and white (they are not). Well, at least we know he has the same deep connection to Brooklyn history as he does to our country music scene. (more…)

Last week, we alerted you to the pissed off residents of a Park Slope block haunted by a mysterious person or persons dumping shit, piss and used feminine hygiene products all over the block. With police claiming they couldn’t do anything about it, we figured that was the end of the story, but then one of the residents on 17th Street and 6th Avenue reached out to us to let us know that it was widely known around the neighborhood who was engaging in this disgusting act. This anonymous resident shared a video with us that you can see above, a video he claims captured the neighborhood poop bandits who he referred to as “Stan” and “Nancy,” in the act. (more…)

10/02/15 12:00pm

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10/02/15 9:23am
You've seen Abbi destroy one grocery store, now see her try to work at one

You’ve seen Abbi destroy one grocery store, now see her try to work at one

Very soon (February to be exact so maybe not that soon), our long national nightmare will be over, and we’ll have more Broad City episodes. Until then, we don’t know, watch the shorts that are being slowly released before Season 3 starts. Or, you could get an up close and personal view of everyone’s favorite misadventuring Brooklyn girls by heading to Bed-Stuy on Monday, because the show will be filming at a food co-op in the neighborhood. NOTE: Do not actually try to get up close and personal, that’s creepy as fuck. (more…)

10/01/15 2:56pm
Cameo, we salute you. via Facebook

Cameo, we salute you. via Facebook

Well, it’s official. After a summer of rumors, Cameo Gallery has announced that it will close permanently on November 21. We kind of knew it was coming, and probably so did they, but it’s still no fun to hear.

The news comes as the latest in a slew of closures of BK event venues. Cameo has gone the way of Trash Bar, and dozens of other venues that suffered rent hikes and shuttered their windows. (more…)

10/01/15 12:05pm

If this tech trend keeps up, the ‘school field trip’ trope will die a sad death [Mental Floss]
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10/01/15 9:14am
Aw, pretty. How can we make it even prettier? via FGP

Aw, pretty. How can we make it even prettier? via FGP

Maybe you never pictured yourself as a budding urban designer, but Fort Greene Park’s pathways are getting a makeover, and you could be the Nick Arrojo to the Parks Department’s Stacy London. As part of the People Make Parks initiative, the Parks Department is committed to incorporating community suggestions about how parks should look, feel and move. FGP just got approved for capital funding, so there’s a meeting tonight to talk about those pathways.

Lucky for you, this meeting is about a public park, and not our ever-dwindling faith in the MTA, so it might be bearable—dare we say even productive? (more…)