03/06/15 5:00pm
vice levitation protest

Photo by David Colon

-Some protestors tried to dump Vice in the East River

-Lena Dunham fled for L.A.

-Lessons were learned at the NYC Porn Film Festival

-King Henry made his royal case

-Ilana Glazer can taught us about babysitting

-There are cheap and easy ways to upgrade your kitchen

-You could get out of the house, with this list of every Brooklyn coworking space

-Or get cozy with some roommates in a cheap apartment in Ditmas Park or Crown Heights

-We all had a bitter laugh as even real estate speculators were priced out of Bed-Stuy

-Here’s what it’s like to work at a sex shop like Babeland Park Slope

-There’s beer drinking and sandwich eating to be done in Ditmas Park this month

-We love The Saint Catherine and No. 7 North and Bar Chord

03/06/15 1:30pm
Better him as an occasional guest than having a roommate, we guess?

Better him as an occasional guest than having a roommate, we guess?

Living on your own: it’s the dream of real and fictional NYC residents. Unless you’re ludicrously rich though, it’s a dream that’s gonna be out of reach. That being said, if you find yourself facing the prospect of having to replace a roommate so that you can make rent, maybe instead you should take a page out of one enterprising Park Slope resident’s book and just open up a BDSM dungeon in your apartment. It’s either that or living with more people who drink your beer when they come home drunk, so it’s up to you. (more…)

03/06/15 9:56am

Pity the poor investors who can’t buy here now. via Flickr user Matthew Rutledge

It’s the same story we’ve read so many times before in New York City. A neighborhood finds itself being pitched as the hot new thing, newcomers rush to it looking for a profit, and before you know it, no one can afford the neighborhood anymore. It’s a sad story that’s come to Bed-Stuy now, as Brooklyn’s real estate investors can’t seem to make the gigantic profits they once made, and are leaving the neighborhood in droves according to the Daily News. We look forward to their “Goodbye to All That” essay. (more…)

03/06/15 7:00am
We'll take a funny guy like this at the helm any day.

We’d bow to this Cyclones all-star any day.

Editor’s note: When we heard that Jay-Z and Beyonce were packing it in for LA recently, we ran a post seeking a new king and queen of Brooklyn. This is clearly a topic that arouses our readers’ passions because, at last count, 1,666 people voted in this vitally important election, which is a very democratic way to choose a monarchy if you think about it. So after weeks of counting chads and paper ballots and weeding out dead people’s votes, we are down to two finalists, the Halkias, the owners of Grand Prospect Hall, and the “couple” (loosely) comprised of King Henry, the Cyclones’ mascot, and the lady on the logo for Gotham Girls, who is not technically human (though the Gotham Girls appear to be). There will be a runoff next month, after all parties have a chance to make their case. The Halkiases had their moment to tell readers why they deserve to be the next king and queen, and the Gotham Girls have spoken as one half of the opponent power-couple. Now, we turn to the Gotham Girls’ co-competitor, King Henry (aka Guy Zoda), to talk about what he could offer the borough as its official reigning monarch. Remember folks, this’ll be our final interview before the ultimate vote takes place—so be prepared to cast your ballot, oh, sometime really soon.


He may go by a royal title, but Brooklyn Cyclones’ King Henry has a lot of humility about this whole competition. “I was just honored [you] put me on the site with the others. The Grand Prospect Hall Couple has been around for years!” Well that may be so, but initial polling showed Henry and his lady of Gotham ahead of the Halkias by a landslide. “That’s why I thought the runoff was a joke at first,” the King confesses. “We were already winning by so many votes!” (more…)

03/05/15 3:11pm

It’ll be like this, but in an abandoned lot. So, more authentic. via Flickr user Steel Wool

This is how it goes. You give a neighborhood a market full of handmade and vintage goods, they’ll figure, “Hey, why don’t we also throw some food in this? People love food.” So, per that “give a mouse a cookie” logic, now that ‘Shwick has woven itself into the fabric of Bushwick, they’re interested in expanding it to include what’s being described as “a mini-Smorgasburg” by Bushwick Daily. Next up, ‘Shwick Philadelphia? (more…)

03/05/15 12:21pm

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03/04/15 12:48pm
run the jewels

Run the summer. via Facebook

You there, sadly looking out at window at the piles of slush and ice you were gingerly walking over today, stop doing that this instant. Instead, start cutting up pairs of jorts, get your Latrell Sprewell jersey out of the back of the closet and start thinking about how you’re going to complain about how hot it is in a couple months, because we bring you another herald of summer today. The Northside Festival just announced their headlining bands, and they somehow managed to get all of your favorites, like Run the Jewels, Built to Spill, Neko Case, Against Me! and Best Coast. (more…)

03/04/15 12:08pm

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03/04/15 9:51am

They came to levitate a building and chew bubblegum, and they were all out of gum. All photos by David Colon

As was promised yesterday, a group of protestors showed up in front of Vice’s Williamsburg headquarters, with the stated goal of levitating the building into the East River and sparking a creative rebirth in the neighborhood. Despite the goofy premise, despite the fact that it happened on a Tuesday and despite the snow that started falling about an hour before the attempt, a handful of spiritual activists (and their tiny children) showed up to try to dislodge 90 North 11th Street and lift it in the air with only their minds. Were they successful? Well, no.