01/26/15 12:00pm

Here’s the East New York rezoning plan [New York YIMBY]
Shelly Silver will still kind of be around [Capital]
Scenes from this year’s stupid fun Idiotarod [Bedford + Bowery]
Police ticket straphangers fleeing the bum car smell [Queens Crap]
Orson Welles: Failed Post columnist [New York Post]
People are either happy or sad about Continental closing [Grub Street]
Your friend might be a snob, but should you be a jerk about it? [The Awl]

01/25/15 4:30am
Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

On Bubbles: “$100.4 Million” [NYT]
On the Clock: “Time no longer seems unlimited…” [Nation]
On Goals: “So, you want to be a professional adventurer?” [AH]
On Similarities: “‘It isn’t just chasing clicks,’ she says.“ [Gigaom]
On the Rocks: “…Death Valley is one giggle after another.” [LAT]
On Rebuilding: “Overgrown lots and stray dogs remain in the area.” [Curbed]
On Concerns: “Our concern is not with the proverbial “few bad apples…” [Medium]
On High: “…with Steinmetz and his camera hanging out of the open door.” [New Yorker]
On Landscapes: “I suspect people are starting to notice that I have lost my mind.” [Berfois]
On Demon Rum: “That’s 5,554 deaths and 157,132 hospital admissions a year…” [Guardian]

01/23/15 4:29pm


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-We were unimpressed with SNL’s trip to Bushwick

-Here’s all you need to know about doing music and comedy PR

-The MTA fare hike got here

-Adult preschool showed up too, and it’ll only cost you $333. What a bargain!

-Peak-say ood-gay pig latin? A fancy Cambridge study wants you

-We searched from the top (Greenpoint) to the bottom (Bay Ridge) of BK for cheap apartments

-The girls from Broad City focused on leaning in for episode two

-We met the lawyer who’ll rescue your security deposit

-An expert had advice on how not to die falling through a sidewalk cellar door

-We loved Lock Yard enough to make it our back yard and we loved sitting and sipping at Sayra’s Wine Bar

01/23/15 2:40pm
bushwick street art

WAR! via Instagram user Zexo

Bushwick might be hot enough to be the world’s seventh-coolest neighborhood, have shitty hotels “inspired” by it and get SNL and SantaCon to take a look at it, but that doesn’t mean it’s Park Slope. Bushwick can still be ravaged by WAR, although in this case it’s a graffiti vs. street art civil war that ANIMAL found, as spray paint can holding brother is turning against spray paint holding brother in a defacement battle over authenticity and gentrification. We haven’t enjoyed a Bushwick story like this since the one where Droid907 was interviewed sitting in a ditch and waiting to hop a freight train. (more…)

01/23/15 12:03pm

It’s taking the MetroCard forever to die [The Atlantic]
R.I.P. Continental, maybe [Eater]
Here are the NYC restaurants where rats like to eat [Vocativ]
Oh what a surprise, the Lyceum is being turned into condos [DNA Info]
Tenant groups want to kill off the 421-a affordable housing tax abatement [Capital]
Walk a mile in a dead man’s skin [Dangerous Minds]
Teen in trouble for alleged emoji-made police threat [Daily News]

01/23/15 11:27am
bad landlord

You’ll be safe, maybe

Remember the “tenant blacklist,” the list that companies made using publicly available information on tenants who went to Housing Court, that landlords then used to figure out who they wouldn’t rent to? We could see why you might forget, it was a few months ago, so go and read about it and then come back here and be enraged. Or maybe not too enraged, because just as you start to bellow “Won’t someone do something?” we will let you know that yes, someone is doing something. According to Gothamist, four City Council members have sponsored a bill to make the tenant blacklist just another useless collection of pages. Like SkyMall! (more…)

01/22/15 12:47pm
mta fare hike

FEED ME. via Flickr user Eric Fischer

We’ve known for a couple of months now that a fare hike was definitely coming this year, and we’ve also known for sure that it would mean a monthly card was going to be $116.50. Whew that’s a lot of money. Almost enough to buy a bike, hint hint. The one thing we didn’t know for sure whether the base fare for a ride on the train would run you $2.50 or if it would go up to $2.75. Now we know though, and surprise surprise, the MTA picked the more expensive option. (more…)

01/22/15 12:03pm

Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver finally arrested [New York Times]
Meet Preet Bharara, the man who nailed him [BuzzFeed]
Even Anne Hathaway has been affected by all those Brooklyn venues that closed [Page Six]
Death to the indie dramedy [AV Club]
City Hall Park has some different squirrels [Runnin' Scared]
That LaGuardia AirTrain wouldn’t be faster than other ways to get to the airport [Streetsblog]
Oregon’s secret history as an attempted racist utopia [Gizmodo]
Here’s a look at a donut shop in a car wash [Untapped Cities]

01/21/15 4:28pm
preschool mastermind

These are presumably from adults. via Michelle Joni

Perhaps 2014 was a little bit too stressful for you. Perhaps you’ve been disappointed as you struggled to navigate adulthood, constantly set back by various breakups, heartbreaking news stories local and abroad, a lack of anything resembling baller status and one too many goddamn train delays. If this is you, someone is finally giving you the chance to relive your days in preschool, thanks to Preschool Mastermind. And they say millennials are too immature to handle the real world. Wait a second… (more…)