10/22/14 12:00pm

City Hall journalist has boyfriend [Daily Beast]
Just a guy, walking down the street, on fire [Daily News]
If you think NYC’s housing problem is bad, try reading about San Francisco’s [Vox]
The Statue of Liberty could have wound up in Central Park [Failure Magazine]
Woman steals watch, hides it in her vagina, still gets caught [DNA Info]
Here are the most Instagrammed restaurants in the city [Refinery 29]
MTA fare hikes could get even hikier [Daily News]

10/21/14 12:30pm

Greenpoint Landing just keeps on happening [Brownstoner]
Domino Sugar just keeps getting torn down [Curbed]
El-P tries to find some cat collaborators at a Brooklyn animal shelter [Pitchfork]
Hudson Yards will be a data city [City Labs]
Papaya King is starting a hot dog cart turf war [Daily News]
Former lunatic John McEnroe afraid of bikes [New York Post]
Sheepshead Bay buildings hosts suicide pact [Sheepshead Bites]

10/21/14 11:26am
glasslands gallery

Vaya con dios, Glasslands. via Facebook

As venue after venue closed around Williamsburg, the common refrain became “Huh, Glasslands is still there.” Well, that refrain is now over, because they posted a message to their website today announcing that their last show will be on New Year’s Eve this year. According to the prophecy, it’s going to become “condos that you can’t even look at if you don’t make 6 figures per year.” Which is actually a pretty accurate guess, we think. (more…)

10/21/14 9:59am
crown heights armory

Plans don’t include changing this rendering. via The Daily News

When we last checked in with the Crown Heights armory, the plan was for it to become a community recreation center, like the Park Slope armory. Turns out that developers weren’t chomping at the bit to build the lovingly rendered sports complex seen above though, since at a meeting to discuss what residents wanted from the armory, the city’s Economic Development Corporation said that developers had submitted ideas for housing, office space, a ticketed event space and a hotel, according to DNA Info. (more…)

10/20/14 4:07pm
But can they afford to buy newspapers on those earnings?

But can they afford to buy newspapers on those earnings?

Jobs in the service industry aren’t easy, what with the need to deal with whiny people all the time, and having to make a living off what’s often a pretty meager wage can get really tough. A new report by the Community Service Society finds that New York’s tipped workers, like those working in the service industry, are twice as likely to live in poverty as non-tipped workers. They’re also much more likely to receive food stamps and Medicaid, which the CSS says marks the weight of labor costs being placed on the public. (more…)

10/20/14 2:03pm
Because being a starving artist is never as cool as it seems in the movies

Because being a starving artist is never as cool as it seems in the movies

Brooklyn’s a great place to be an artist until you remember living costs money. You can put away your box of tissues and Rent soundtrack, though, since it is possible to survive here as an artist or other variety of broke person. Aside from hosting performances, this week’s Actors Fund Community Arts Festival includes workshops to help you tackle some of your money woes. (more…)

10/20/14 12:30pm

Bad rich man doors cyclist and runs away [Complex]
De Blasio administration arresting more non-white pot smokers than Bloomberg [Drug Policy Alliance]
Here’s the plan for Ebola landing at JFK, if it comes to that [Runnin' Scared]
The historical ground zero for American bohemians was a downtown bar [Bedford + Bowery]
Trying to duck out of rent regulation in Crown Heights could cost Astoria Cove developers [DNA Info]
The cat and mouse game of illegal cigarettes [New York Times]
Suspect nabbed in Ditmas Park home invasion murder [Ditmas Park Corner]

10/19/14 6:00am

Shots fired across the bow in Crown Heights. [via the Village Voice]

Shots fired across the bow in Crown Heights. [via the Village Voice]

On No Duhs: “There is no shortage of Starbucks in New York City.” [VV]
On No Exit: “When he was finally released, he wrote: ‘I’m free.’” [Guardian]
On Displacement: “…a group of cyclists recently donned car costumes…” [LS]
On Stardom: “But I saw your map. Are you here in search of gems?” [Appendix]
On Dumb Overreactions: “…at least one student was already worried…” [WaPo]
On Standard Deviation: “But what, really, does it mean to be Brooklyn?” [Atlantic]
On His Majesty: “…you’ll find that “‘czar” … is a relatively meaningless term.” [Verge]
On Noms de Guerre: “Basic rolls beautifully off the tongue. It’s a useful insult.” [NYM]
On He Is Us: “I’ve been known to travel great distances for well-prepared grits.” [NYT]
On Models: “I joined, out of a pitiful vanity and because I thought I would get laid.” [Billfold]
On Simon Says Clap: “The world of audience work is hierarchically organized…” [Narrative.ly]
On Plights: “The life of the humble biomedical postdoctoral researcher was never easy…” [BG]

10/16/14 3:35pm
That guy on the end must be from Brooklyn, not expecting WiFi or anything. (via imgur)

That guy on the end must be from Brooklyn, not expecting WiFi or anything special. (via imgur)

Today, Governor Cuomo introduced Phase II of his world yogurt domination scheme Transit Wireless Wifi plan, a seven-part process to equip all 277 underground subway stations with WiFi by 2017.

Starting today and through November, 40 more stations will be wired for  subway WiFi service. 11 of these stations are in Manhattan (including 42 Street Bryant Park, 34 Street Herald Square and Grand Central 42 Street) and 29 will be in Queens (including Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue Station, Jamaica Center Station and Court Square Station). (more…)

10/16/14 12:32pm

South Williamsburg is getting a crapload of apartments [DNA Info]
Guy’s American Kitchen has all of the money, all because you ate there ironically [Gothamist]
AG says AirBnB is mostly illegal in New York City [New York Times]
The Astor Place Cube is now the cube in the box [Bedford + Bowery]
200 people got killed by cars in New York City so far this year [WNYC]
Pratt student kills herself by jumping off a terrace at a residence hall [Daily News]
Here are some real old graffiti pictures [ANIMAL]