04/21/15 8:59am
swim with swain

Christopher Swain, before a terrible experiment turns him into something not quite man, not quite beast. via Instagram

Gowanus might be the night hot neighborhood in Brooklyn, but that hasn’t done anything to fix its Canal, previously seen being so poisonous an injured dolphin that washed up in it was left to die. A card that says “The Gowanus Canal is gross, don’t jump in it,” even comes in people’s Brooklyn Starter Packs when they move here. Everyone’s pretty much on board with the idea of not swimming in the Gowanus. Everyone except one man, clean waterway activist Christopher Swain, who’s planning to jump in and swim the length of the canal on Wednesday  in order to call attention to the fact that the canal is gross. Makes sense to us. (more…)

04/20/15 2:40pm
Hang around a while

Hang around a while. via Facebook

Back in November we told you about how The Muse, the last place in Williamsburg where unironic strong man mustaches thrived, was being kicked out to make room for the new strongman in town, Vice Media. The circus training and performance venue has since piled into an amusingly tiny car and moved on to Bushwick, where they’re ready to show off their circus school and theater. This Sunday you can help them celebrate their successful Kickstarter and renovation with a day of free classes, performances, and floppy shoes at their grand opening. It’s like clown college without the crushing student loans! (more…)

04/20/15 2:00pm
brooklyn feral cats

When reached for comment, other feral cats yawned and licked themselves. via Flickr user Anthony Fine

The MTA isn’t exactly on what anyone would call a winning streak. There’s the frequent train breakdowns and delays during rush hour, the weekend L train shutdowns, the fare hike and the sense that they’re an enormous faceless government entity that doesn’t care about puny human existence. Now on top of all that, the Brooklyn Daily reports that cat-lovers in Bensonhurst are claiming that the MTA constructed a wall in front of a feral cat colony, blocking the animal lovers’ attempts to feed and rescue the cats.  (more…)

04/20/15 12:02pm

Drama at the NYPD as they search for a new bee cop to replace “Tony Bees” [New York Post]
The City was slow to notice Russian hackers broke into their computers [WNYC]
What’s corporate communal living doing to NYC’s affordability problem? [BrickUnderground]
Pumpkin Peach Ale: From fake Budweiser thing to real-life beer [Chicago Tribune]
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Here are the renderings for the city’s new tallest building ever [New York YIMBY]
Legal weed in New York looks a little something like this [Crain's]
Gentrifying neighborhoods are selling diversity like a tchotchke [City Lab]

04/20/15 8:30am
nyc spring

Don’t do cherry blossoms. Find a woman hanging out of her apartment cleaning windows in a sundress. That’s spring in New York. via Flickr user Sheila Y

Finally, after weeks of false starts, it looks like spring has finally got to sprunging around here, and not a moment too soon, we say. Apparently the powers that be in the city (the Illuminati) are excited to have lived through the latest most awful winter ever as well, because they’re running a photo contest asking you to send in your best shots of NYC in spring. If you take the spring-iest photo out of everyone, and you’ll wind up being New York City’s official Instagram Ambassador. Which is a cool position, but sadly, has less power in City Hall than Taylor Swift’s cultural ambassador position. (more…)

04/17/15 4:48pm
Before you do this, be prepared

Before you do this, be prepared

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-Everything you need to know about going on a cheap-ass tour with your band

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-Here’s some important things you should know about your student loan debt, but might not

-Talking with two Brooklynites who just said “Fuck it” and stopped filing taxes

-Brooklyn Brewery’s building is on the market for $50 million and that’s just great

-The MTA’s new service interruption announcements are…aggressive

-Brooklyn now has “No Catcall Zones

-Pinball laundromat Sunshine Laundromat could get even better by adding beer and wine

-Send us a picture of Brooklyn’s worst pothole and you could win a fancy new bike tire!

-Hang around with Heliotropes, just don’t call them a girl band

-Big news: Brokelyn is hiring

-Save our fire escapes!

-How you can get your awkward life lessons published, according to memoirist Una LaMarche

-We love Sycamore, we love Skylark and we love Lowlands

barn yard flea

Your booth could be next to this adorable dog. via Barn Yard Flea

Summer is coming, and with the warm weather comes plenty of outdoor shopping opportunities. There’s obviously the Brooklyn Flea, and the new Bushwick Flea and the outdoor component to ‘Shwick and the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market. Now we have a new entry from one of our favorite bars, as Mary’s Bar emailed us to let us know that they’ve got a flea market opening up in the lot next to the bar, and that they want vendors. Vendors like you, maybe. (more…)

04/17/15 12:03pm

The city has more cyclists than ever [CityLab]
Racist NYPD message board is not helping things one bit [ProPublica]
2 of Brooklyn’s worst landlords arrested for making buildings inhabitable [New York Times]
The hacked Sony emails give us a look into Cuomo’s fundraising operation [Capital]
Parents don’t appreciate Brands being placed into state tests [DNA Info]
Sheldon Silver believes in his innocence [Bedford + Bowery]
Yellow cabs may not be as doomed as previously believed [Crain's]

04/17/15 11:02am
Goodbye, Beer Heaven?

Goodbye, Beer Heaven?

The pace of change in a city eventually destroys most of, if not everything there that you once loved. For many examples of this, see our “In Memoriam” video from last year. One place we hadn’t had a thought of putting in a video like that anytime soon was Brooklyn Brewery, seeing as how it’s an internationally beloved brand that was slapping the Brooklyn name on their products long before those jokers the Nets came along. Well, now Crain’s is reporting that the building the brewery is housed in is on sale for $50 million, and given the trajectory of Williamsburg the last few years, we can’t imagine potential buyers are looking at it just to collect beer-based rent. Is it too late to make Brooklyn Brewery an official landmark? (more…)

04/16/15 3:08pm
You could be a part of this. Via Facebook

Doesn’t this look like a good way to spend your summer? Via Facebook

Summer means sun, which also means boats. If you’re looking for a way to get out on the water when the temperatures reach sweat-stain level, look no further than the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, a volunteer-run organization that provides free 20-minute kayak rides around the harbor off Pier 2 during the summer months. This year, the BBPB wants to add a whole new fleet of kayaks and they need volunteers who can help run the program. No experience required, and the perks are well worth the labor. (more…)