09/16/14 12:00pm

Happy Birthday, The Power Broker! [The Daily Beast]
Secrets secrets are no fun, especially when it means an NYU student gets doxxed [WSJ]
East River Gondola will allow rich people to literally float above all their problems [Crain's]
The New York State governor’s race is already incredibly fucking idiotic [Business Insider]
Idaho drivers are ruder than you, NYC [CBS2]
Daniel Pantaleo is a pretty average cop when it comes to the era of Broken Windows [WNYC]
Mayor Tall, Mayor Rich fighting it out through flacks [New York Times]
Lena Dunham book tour tickets are going for big bucks [Gawker]

09/16/14 9:57am
nyc smoking rate

It’s all…it’s just too much, man.

Despite the fact that they know, they know, it’s bad for you, they’ve heard it all, more than a million New York City residents are self-reporting smoking cigarettes for the first time since 2007 according to findings in the city’s 2013 community health survey. Years of anti-smoking efforts seemed to have hit a wall, with the number of smokers in the city steadily rising since 2010, despite again, yeah, we heard all about how it’s bad for you. (more…)

09/15/14 4:04pm
Oh. Hey.

Oh. Hey. via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

Remember when the R train would go straight from Brooklyn to the Financial District instead of stranding all its riders in Downtown Brooklyn, where they’d have to grope their ways onto 2 trains and 3 trains with packed, sweaty and grumpy commuters? Yea, our answer is “We mean, we guess…” too. It’s been 13 months since the Montague Street tunnel shut down for post-Sandy repairs, and today it opened up again. But are we ready to open up again for the R train? (more…)

09/15/14 1:16pm
brooklyn lounge

An ace place to go chuck a wobbly mate! via Facebook

If there’s one business plan people seem to think is foolproof, it’s slapping “Brooklyn” on a thing and then waiting for the money to roll in. So, in the grand tradition of the Brooklyn Athletic Club, Bar Brooklyn and Sbarro Brooklyn, welcome Perth, Austalia’s Brooklyn Lounge. We guess this is pretty good retaliation for making three (THREE!) Crocodile Dundee movies and never apologizing. (more…)

09/15/14 12:03pm

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: How dense is dense enough [Crain's]
Surge is coming back, because we’re all idiots. Thanks, 90′s kids [BuzzFeed]
Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks took Brooklyn Heights back to a time before gentrification [Gothamist]
That modular construction that was gonna save money for Atlantic Yards? Yeah, no [AY Report]
Big idea: Turn parking lots into housing [New York Times]
Hannibal Buress, talking Hannibal Buress stuff [Observer]
It’s Big Straight Ice Cream, because it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Or something [Eater]
Batman, Spider-Man team up to fight handsy heckler in Times Square [New York Post]

09/15/14 10:19am

Don’t walk around like you own the place…unless you’re Charles Bronson. via Flickr user aliabdallah

So you’ve just invested in your million-dollar Bed-Stuy dream townhouse. Wait, sorry, let’s try that again, in a more realistic way. So you and your 2 roommates just signed a lease for a $3200 2-bedroom in Bed-Stuy or Bushwick, and you’re excited about your cool new neighborhood and its uh…bright future. That is until you read the Post this morning and found out that despite what that friendly real estate agent told you, crime still exists in Bed-Stuy and Bushwick. “But they told me all the crime was gone!” you say to no one in particular in your suddenly unsafe apartment, as you prepare to become just another statistic. (more…)

09/14/14 6:00am
Screen shot from "STREETS - NEW YORK CITY" by Tim Sessler

Screen shot from “STREETS – NEW YORK CITY” by Tim Sessler

On Dope: “It’s so sad that Bruce Wayne died, isn’t it?” [The Toast]
On Wetware: “Love is a rose, but you better not pick it…” [Chronicle]
On Motion: No editorializing on this one. This is just worth it. [Vimeo]
On Stature: “All of a sudden, I was very aware that I was different…” [NYMag]
On Speed: “…the protected bike lanes … actually improved travel times …” [Citylab]
On Black Markets: “Is there even such a thing as double-never-ending?” [GrubStreet]
On Adulthood: “… the man-boys simply refused to grow up, and did so proudly.” [NYT]
On Chance: “I have no desire … to go to war with people I have nothing against.” [Narratively]
On Dives: “I am not saying that Cheers is the closest we’ll come to Plato’s Republic…” [Newsweek]
On Soul: “You would have thought that, 13 years after the attacks of 9/11, the outcome of the largest and most closely watched building project in the United States would be clearer.” [Guardian]

09/12/14 4:57pm
umi nom

Go eat at Umi Nom this weekend, and bring your drink of choice. You can do that. via Facebook

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-At Brooklyn’s best BYOB restaurants, you make the booze pairings

-The Brooklyn Book Fest is coming

-Bed-Stuy’s future sure was white

-The library had jobs for you

-So do these other, less reading-focused places

-It was never too late to learn, at least with these cheap or free classes

-Death By Audio was at death’s door

-At least Junior’s stuck around

-Vogue didn’t think Bushwick was cool last year, but changed their tune

-We lovd Hamilton’s, we loved Brouwerji Lane, so check ‘em out

09/12/14 1:56pm
rocka rolla

What’s a little listeria between friends though, really? Photo by David Colon

It’s not every day that Williamsburg gets an awesome new bar, especially since these days Williamsburg is fast becoming the domain of complete fucking assholes. Still, we were heartened to see the appearance of Rocka Rolla (486 Metropolitan Avenue), a rock and roll bar with a party vibe and gigantic beers for not much money. Sadly, the squares at the Health Department didn’t seem to share our love of the new bar and slapped the food truck in the back with a violation. This also supports our theory that the bar is clearly on a cursed corner. (more…)

09/12/14 12:00pm

Instagram is the key to unlocking Crown Heights today [Tablet]
A look inside the Newtown Creek poop eggs [Gizmodo]
No drivers are being charged for killing pedestrians under a new Vision Zero law [Streetsblog]
Here’s a time-lapse video of One World Trade Center going up [City Lab]
Citi Bike is making bank from late fees [New York Post]
The next, booze-filled Williamsburg Starbucks hits a roadblock [Eater]
Fake dentists: The perfect crime, until they were caught [Sheepshead Bites]