07/30/14 4:05pm
Make sure your application game is on point, so you can snag an affordable apartment

Make sure your application game is on point, so you can snag an affordable apartment

Hey, remember how whenever there’s an affordable housing lottery people FREAK OUT? Over the next three years, that’s gonna keep happening in Downtown Brooklyn as over 1,000 affordable units are going to hit the market. It turns out that even with the lottery system having been in place for awhile, the application process confuses a huge number of applicants, who wind up automatically disqualified. So, in order to try to avoid that when Downtown’s affordable housing lottery starts, the Brooklyn Downtown Partnership is holding free classes to walk people through the application process. (more…)

07/30/14 1:01pm
2 train

No one cares for you, 2. via Wikipedia

Here’s a quick question: What’s the worst subway line in New York? The answer is usually, “Whichever one you have to ride with a self-styled Lloyd Dobler making eyes at you,” but today we have a different, more scientific answer courtesy of the Straphangers Campaign’s State of the Subways report card. That answer? The 2 train is 2014′s worst subway line in New York. Come on down, 2 train and get your crown made of dead rats, puke and various pieces of garbage! (more…)

07/30/14 12:00pm

Here comes a Prospect-Lefferts Gardens rezoning fight [Brownstoner]
Economy allegedly grows [New York Magazine]
Massachusetts grocery chain torn apart by attempt to keep treating employees as humans [Esquire]
Rikers guards indicted for smuggling drugs into jail. No drugs allowed in jail [Runnin' Scared]
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07/30/14 11:01am
tip bombing

Some tippers, getting ready to unleash a money bomb on a subway busker. via Facebook

New York City is so tremendously competitive, even the street performers are have to jostle for a decent (and harassment-free) spot to set up and strum or drum or dance. Artists and performers in every genre who flock to NYC try starting with the subway as the place for their big break, to make their craft a career. Some of them actually do pretty well for themselves, but a group of young creatives who work in the advertising industry in Manhattan recently decided they wanted to help them do better and show their appreciation, with what they call a “tip bomb.(more…)

07/29/14 12:00pm

Of course New York would get a Chinese panda in the “Red” Bill de Blasio era [New York Post]
Hey, TV on the Radio is coming out with a new album [BrooklynVegan]
Finally, private interests insufferably monetize public parking [The Awl]
Looks like it’s old C trains until 2017 at least [Daily News]
Private pre-school wants to alter landmarked theatre, for the children [Brownstoner]
Jimmy McMillan came to Ditmas Park [Ditmas Park Corner]
Who will fill, then be indicted in, these empty Brooklyn state legislative seats? [DNA Info]
Trees allegedly good for you [Atlantic Health]

07/29/14 10:21am
metrocard machine

This thing (which uses an ancient Windows platform?) will still only take 4% more of your money next year via Flickr user Salim Virji

One thing that happened when Mayor Bloomberg left town and Mayor de Blasio took over is that de Blasio didn’t act like unions were a thing not to be bothered with or y’know, negotiated with. So that meant subway and bus unions got new contracts, and people started worrying that the MTA wouldn’t be able to stick to their 4% fare hike for 2015. Well good news, we guess, because they’re doing just that. (more…)

07/28/14 2:17pm

Now for some celebratory free games for everyone, right guys? Right? via Facebook

As you know, alcohol and skee-ball combination Brewskee-Ball had recently been in a copyright fight to the death with the originators of Skee-Ball over whether or not Brewskee-Ball could use “skee-ball” in their name. The fight dragged on long enough that Brewskee-Ball had even started a “Skee the People” legal defense fund. Well, good news, because Skee-Ball and Brewskee-Ball have settled out of court, according to the New York Post. Everybody wins! Except for maybe a lawyer looking forward to a big payday. (more…)

07/28/14 12:00pm

Rich traveling businessmen discover Not Manhattan [USA Today]
A guy in an “R.I.P. Eric Garner” t-shirt dunked over a cop car in Staten Island [SI Live]
NYC’s illegal cab stings have snagged a lot of wrong guys [DNA Info]
The National Enquirer tries to get back to respectability [Capital]
What you should ask potential roommates, instead of just getting high with them [BrickUnderground]
Spider-Man punched a cop. Not in the comics, in real life [New York Post]
“Broken windows” policing can lead to broken bones [WNYC]
Williamsburg has a juice bar. God, finally [Bedford + Bowery]
Finally, someone comes out against beaches [New York Times]

07/28/14 10:24am
citi bike

Just think, we could all be riding Mike. Ew. Photo by Mary Dorn.

One of the first big conflagrations that blew up when the Citi Bike program started was that people didn’t like the idea of one of the banks that had just recently helped blow up the world economy getting a slew of advertising with the bikes. It remains kind of annoying to see it, but it could have been worse. According to the beginning of this New York Times story about the deal for REQX to expand and prop up Citi Bike, Bloomberg administration aides wanted to call the bikes “Mike’s Bikes” or “Bloomberg’s Bikes.” Just jump on and ride a Bloomberg girl, come and jump on it. (more…)

07/28/14 9:27am
brooklyn brewery

Garret Oliver making his best “Brooklyn Brewery ain’t nothin’ to fuck with” face. via Facebook

As we all know, Brooklyn Brewery has made a splash by expanding its operation to Sweden, where they love Brooklyn so much they named a bar after us. One expansion into foreign territory wasn’t enough for the brewery though, because according to Crain’s, Brooklyn Brewery is looking to expand their operations to the shores of Shaolin. Or as non-adherents to the Wu-Tang way call it, Staten Island. (more…)