09/03/15 4:15pm
The MTA has worked on Borough Hall, but somehow it still sucks. via Flickr

The MTA did track work on Borough Hall, but they forgot to take care of how shitty the station itself is. via Flickr

Sorry to break it to everyone who lives off of the 2/3, but Borough Hall just sucks. The Citizens’ Budget Commission released a study qualifying the MTA’s state of disrepair as ‘Sisyphean,’ and listing about two dozen stations whose structural components are in poor shape. And it turns out that Borough Hall, which ranks 6th on the list, has 25 of its 37 major structural components not up to snuff. Yikes, and that’s in addition to it being the hottest station in the borough.

09/03/15 12:01pm

The summer’s NYPD crime statistics are here, for better and worse [Daily Intelligencer]
The Warriors, IRL: Coney Island criminals sentenced for gang violence [Sheepshead Bites]
Enter this lottery for a chance to meet the Pope in Central Park [News12]
This robbery caught on tape in Carroll Gardens is actually kind of meditative [DNAinfo]
Business Insider is still hiring a paid social media intern. Wanna to get paid to tweet? [Business Insider]
Progress, thy name is China approving a gay love story in movie theaters [Vulture]
Someone is legitimately taking the MTA’s longest possible subway ride, just for kicks [WNYC]

09/02/15 12:06pm

Chatting with an upstate secessionist about their plans [Gothamist]
If you borrowed money for a taxi medallion, you just might be effed [Crain’s]
The LIRR had some hiccups this morning [Observer]
Subway stations will finally be fixed up by 2067 [POLITICO]
France just importing Brooklyn wholesale now [Brooklyn Paper]
Generation X is moving back in with their parents now, too [CityLab]
Improv Everywhere is coming to Prospect Park, if you’re into that [South Slope News]

09/01/15 4:22pm
Better start tiny-furniture shopping. via NYC Mayor's Office

Better start tiny-furniture shopping. via NYC Mayor’s Office

Hey guys, remember when micro-apartments were just a tack on Bloomberg’s vision board, a haze on the small-batch horizon? Well, the ex-mayor’s dream has finally become a reality, with My Micro NY, an entire apartment complex of tiny apartment units measuring 360 sq. feet or less now taking applications for its affordable housing units. (more…)

09/01/15 2:53pm
Your bike here. via Facebook

Your bike here. via Facebook

Just in time for the school year, public transit is finally getting its sh*t together. The MTA, long notorious for disallowing bicycles on city buses, is changing its tune (up) by testing bicycle racks at the front of buses on two of its routes! The routes are just Staten Island-Brooklyn for now, but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes abundantly clear that they should’ve been doing this all along, and the MTA expands the program onto the B-buses in the borough.

09/01/15 12:03pm

It takes a lot of effort to make one of those West Indian Day parade costumes [DNA Info]
The city’s making a push to get more people within a 10-minute walk to a park [WNYC]
Man alive, these are some huge fuckin’ rats [Bowery Boogie]
Cooooooop fiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhtttttt [Daily News]
Frozen food is having an identity crisis caused in part by…millennials [New York Times]
Atlantic Yards’ big giant modular building is having some problems [City Limits]
Who had it easier moving to NYC, millennials are everyone else? [Brick Underground]

09/01/15 10:11am
Think how lucky they are to only live in the second-most expensive city to raise a family. via Flickr user Veronica ML

Think how lucky they are to only live in the second-most expensive city to raise a family. via Flickr user Veronica ML

If you ever stop to talk about the future with your friends, some of them might say something like “Well I love New York City, but I can’t see myself raising a family here, it just seems so hard.” Next time that happens, tell them to quit their bitching, because a new report from the Economic Policy Institute (via the Wall Street Journalsays that New York City is the second-most expensive city in the United States in which to raise a family. Doesn’t seem so bad when we put it that way, does it? (more…)

08/31/15 12:05pm

Undercover work as a painted, topless Times Square performer reveals it’s not so bad [NYP]
Mayor Tall went to a Mets game and sat in the cheap seats [AP]
Who the Hudson Yards 7 train extension will help [Medium]
There’s a lot of potential for solar panels on New York City’s roofs [Untapped Cities]
Manhattan condo takes bold anti-billionaire, pro-merely wealthy stance [The Real Deal]
Whither the Brooklyn bungalow? [Curbed]
Meet the legal minds who want to roll back The New Deal
[New Republic]
The city’s income-poor,transit-poor neighborhoods needs public transit too [Streetsblog]
Who knew that quitting your job and traveling the world would make you poor!? [AdWeek]

08/28/15 4:12pm
Good dog. Photo by Scott Lynch

Good dog. Photo by Scott Lynch

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08/28/15 12:00pm

What’s the fate of Willets Point? [New York Times]
NYC cabs are rolling out their own dang app [Crain’s]
WeWork’s union busting is going swimmingly [DNA Info]
The 7 line extension is finally opening on September 13 [Second Ave. Sagas]
More bike lanes will solve the problem of rude cyclists [New York Magazine]
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