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Lady Aiko finishing her Art Wall for 2016. Photo via Facebook.

Lady Aiko finishing her Art Wall for 2016. Photo via Facebook.

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PowerHouse Arena announced they’re closing next month, and told us why.

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The NY “tampon tax” went into the garbage where it belongs.

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05/27/16 2:13pm
Powerhouse Arena, home to stadium-style book readings with plenty of room for browsing, is closing in June. Via Facebook

Powerhouse Arena, home to stadium-style book readings with plenty of room for browsing, is closing in June. Via Facebook

You know this script too well by now: beloved New York City neighborhood staple announces it’s closing, there’s much hand wringing about “there goes the neighborhood” and everyone gets sad. This one feels a little bit different though: Dumbo bookstore staple powerHouse seemed as ingrained in the neighborhood as the cobblestone streets themselves. Watching readings from its huge concrete seating steps made cozy book readings feel like the high artistic combat of a Roman coliseum, and we were all better for it. The 10 years it’s been open have seen dramatic change (and increasingly expensive rents) in the booming neighborhood. Today the huge bookstore and event space announced via email that it’s shutting its doors at the end of next month after landlord Two Trees wanted to increase the rent to more than twice the $20,000 per month they were already paying.

But it’s not gone for good: Owner Daniel Power told us they’ll move to a smaller pop-up location a few blocks away this summer and open it as a full bookstore soon after, but gone will be the 10,000-square-foot “arena” space. Nothing is planned to move into the space after they leave, Power said.

“We’re not paying that,” Power said of the rent. “I can understand if it was someone coming in but personally would rather stay there until they had someone.”

05/26/16 2:43pm
Whichever editor eats more pancakes wins the title.

Can Brokelyn editors consumer this many pancakes in one sitting? Tune in and see!

Even if you read Brokelyn every day, there are things you might not know about the two tireless editors who make it happen. Tim has two career-related tattoos, for example. And Sam is secretly Canadian, though maybe you knew that already. But the other thing you almost definitely didn’t know about your editors is, they’re vegan.

Yep, both Tim “No Beef With You” Donnelly and Sam “Does My Cat Feel Sadness” Corbin attempt to live lives of non-harm, opting for Trader Joe’s soyrizo and vegan queso instead of bacon and cheese on their nachos. We know way more about being vegan than BrooklynVegan! We also know that our lifestyle comes with a whole host of haterade, since no one really gets the whole vegan thing. People always wanna know where you get your complete proteins, or how you deal with pizza, or whether “you miss it.”

Well hey, we wanna answer those questions. So tomorrow (Friday) at 10am, Tim and I are going LIVE from Brooklyn on Facebook Live for a vegan Q&A. Ask us your questions! Maybe it’s stuff you’ve always wanted to know from a vegan but were too scared you’d offend them to ask. Maybe you’re vegan-curious and want to know about making a smooth transition without losing your BBQ-loving friends. Or maybe you’re also a vegan (nice) and you just wanna know where to eat in NYC without having to “just get sides.”

No matter the question, these hungry editors can handle it. We’ll be answering your questions while doing something else pretty excellent: trying to consume as many vegan pancakes as humanly possible. For a good cause, too, at vegan restaurant Champ’s Diner in Bushwick. Don’t worry, no one’s gonna vomit. That would be a gross thing to do on live television. (more…)

05/26/16 11:24am
Save your summer day by not paying a woman tax on a thing.

Save your summer day by not paying a woman tax on a thing.

The state assembly voted yesterday to toss the tampon tax — an unfair holdover from an era of creaky patriarchy that is fading out of view — into the trash bin, and the governor has pledged to approve it. It’ll take effect next tax quarter, so that means as soon as June 1, the 4 percent tax for regular things a human body does once a month could be no more. Here’s some things that were exempt from the tax already btw, according to the Daily News: Rogaine, foot powder, dandruff shampoo, ChapStick, facial wash, adult diapers and incontinence pads.  (more…)

05/25/16 4:00pm
The Art Walls are returning to Coney with new artists this summer. Photo via Facebook.

The Art Walls are returning to Coney with new artists this summer. Photo via Facebook.

If you are currently sitting comfortably or reading this on your phone while standing in one of NYC’s famous cold brew lines, take a second to stretch your free hand around and pat yourself on the back. There, you deserved that, reader, because despite all odds, you did it: You made it to goddamn summer. You survived being snowed in with your sexy roommate, you considered fleeing to New Orleans, maybe you even thought about leaving the country, but you didn’t and now Memorial Day weekend is here and you can finally live your best Brooklyn life again (by that we mean the one that’s outdoors and in jorts, of course).

It also means it’s time to get down to Coney Island if you haven’t already. Coney Island’s renewal has been a mixed bag in the past couple of years: for every cool new ride or bar, there’s a tacky chain restaurant. But this summer sees the addition of lots of new things to be excited about, including a new beer garden and a huge outdoor concert venue where you can see the Beach Boys on July 4th weekend or Vanilla Ice in September, if you’re into that.  (more…)

05/20/16 5:44pm
Trump is definitely a manspreader. Via @

Trump is definitely a manspreader. Via @MajorBigtime.

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He's probably expecting a yuuuuuge tip. Via MajorBigtime.

He’s probably expecting a yuuuuuge tip. Via MajorBigtime.

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05/13/16 6:00pm
Why is Detroit so thirsty for Coney Island?

Why is Detroit so thirsty for Coney Island?

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05/12/16 11:25am
Review: Does the workout match the view at Dumbo's new outdoor climbing gym?

In the words of Miley Cyrus, ‘It’s the climb.’ via Instagram user @waji_h

Living in NYC as a person who loves the outdoors can sometimes be challenging, which is why I’m always on the lookout for activities that give this concrete jungle some semblance of the actual “jungle” part. I was insanely excited when I heard that the city’s first outdoor rock climbing facility was opening in Dumbo. A lot of people use the city’s indoor rock climbing gyms as a way to get their faux nature fix, and the arrival of The Cliffs’ new DUMBO Boulders facility may have brought our fair city one step closer to that illusion by letting us climb fake rocks outside. Progress!

Now, the only question remains: is this rock climbing spot actually worth your time? Bouldering gyms can be restrictive in their costs, questionable in their cleanliness, and crowded to the point of turning what was supposed to a quick workout into a half-day excursion. So, do the new bouldering walls Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (Dumbo, duh) rise to the occasion? We got a chance to check them out this past weekend, and here’s what we think. (more…)

05/04/16 2:00pm
This sign means trouble.

This sign means trouble.

Moving to NYC is to be in a relentless state of attack, to have your credentials questioned at every turn, both literally and existentially, and to constantly be slapped with the question: Do you belong here? You could spend your whole life in New York City defending yourself against territorial natives, who, to be fair, have plenty of cause for concern that every day a new 23-year-old from somewhere else hatches in Chelsea or Bushwick, ready to overwrite the source code of the city. One of the most common tropes is that Ohioans and other midwesterners are the culprits — they borne of the land of SUVs and McMansions, chain stores and chicken fingers and whiteness, who flee to the city in search of something interesting without bringing anything to the table themselves.

Well, according to this chart culled from census data, that perception is all wrong: It’s those lousy New Jerseyans who are coming to Brooklyn and NYC more than anyone else, according to this map from wonderful data viz blog Very Small Array. (more…)