07/19/12 11:26am

2BR in Kensington, $1650

Today’s edition of awesome, mostly cheap apartments begins in Kensington, described as “trendy” in this listing for a 2BR for $1,650. Maybe they’re thinking of the one in London? You won’t find picklebacks or J. Crew stores catering to the area’s Eastern Europeans, Orthodox Jews and young families, but for this price you can walk to Cortelyou Road for all the quadruple-malt whiskey tastings and pasturesmithed cheese you need. So what other treasures have we unearthed from our latest apartment search?  (more…)

Windsor Terrace (that neighborhood to the left of the South Slope as you’re on Prospect Park West facing the Verrazano) has two main things going for it: Prospect Park and cuteness. What it doesn’t have is groceries, since the nabe’s only supermarket is becoming a Walgreens. So maybe ask your landlord for a rent break, then take the new shuttle to Fairway? First up in our Extremely Cute Windsor Terrace apartment roundup edition: a $2,100 2BR with built-ins galore, high ceilings, and an eat-in kitchen with windows and a bathroom skylight. Plus some snazzy filigree detail: (That’s filigree, right, Brownstoner?) (more…)

Even though there are lots of fun things to do this Memorial Day weekend, wouldn’t it be great to just chill out at home and grill in your own yard? In today’s apartment roundup we’ve got private gardens, yard access, roof decks and terraces for your weiner-roasting pleasure. Be aware that outdoor space is a premium, and these are by definition not the cheapest places in our fabulous Brooklyn apartment listings. First up is a 1BR in Windsor Terrace for $1700/month. You’ll share the yard with the other tenants, but with washer/dryer, dishwasher and central air, sunbathing with a top on is a small sacrifice. (more…)

a 4BR in Windsor Terrace.

It’s moving season and Brokesters on the hunt for apartment deals should know that you can get way more space for less dough in better hoods if you’re willing to sacrifice no-pants Wednesdays, commit to a chore wheel and stick to a strict morning bathroom schedule — aka, have some roommates. In today’s roundup of apartment deals and steals from our Brokelyn Real Estate section, we’ve got some true bargains on three and four bedrooms for young families, post-collegiates nostalgic for the frat/sorority house, and other folks who are into the hostel-esque commune vibe of sharing living space with multiple (potentially awesome) roommates.

First up is this AMAZING two-story, 4BR/1.5 bath unit in Windsor Terrace. For $3,000/month you get an eat-in-kitchen, living room, dining room, den AND a lush lawn and garden area that are fully maintained by a wise old groundskeeper (I assume he’s wise; aren’t they always?). Only catch is that the house sits on old church grounds, so there may be some extra tenants floating around rattling chains and cutting holes in the sheets. But you can put all the dough you save on rent towards an exorcism. (more…)

05/04/12 11:36am

From today’s Featured Rental Steals: a 4BR apartment in Prospect Heights for $2,450. There was some commenter debate on a previous cheap apartments post on what actually is affordable in BK these days, but at just over $600 a bedroom, there’s not much to argue about here. Especially when you get:  (more…)

03/22/12 9:53am

Don't you wish this was your living room?

If your last six apartment moves have depleted the goodwill of friends and family, here’s a novel way to haul your crap that doesn’t involve Moishe: let a theater troupe do it for you. The Brooklyn-based actors of Rudy’s Meritocracy came up with this tasty little media biscuit of an idea when they realized they couldn’t afford to rent an actual stage somewhere.

So they thought, what clever gimmick will get us coverage in blogs and newspapers as well as a place to put on our play? Or maybe they had the idea to do a show in empty living rooms first and then wrote the play.

THISISMYREALLIFE  is a very meta 40-minute show about “the agony and ecstacy of moving.” According to a NYTimes stat we didn’t doublecheck, a third of 20somethings move once a year. (Granny moment: what is with you kids?) (more…)

Nails by Amy in Kensington

Yes, this is a terrible picture but you get the idea.

Unless you’re doing a rose petal hoohah at D’mai, Brooklyn nail salons can blend into one another, with better or worse colors, cleaner or crustier foot baths, more or less sadistic technicians. But here’s an inexpensive neighborhood place that deserves a Brokelyn shout out. A basic mani-pedi at Nails by Amy, a newish nail salon on Ft. Hamilton Parkway in Kensington Windsor Terrace, includes a foot massage to rival big-name Manhattan spas, all for the low low price of $19.99 Tues. – Thurs., and $21.99 Fri. – Sunday. Both times we’ve been, were assigned to Jimmy, Amy’s husband. That Amy is one lucky gal — this dude knuckles and kneads your feet into a state of higher being for nearly 20 minutes, and his other pedi skills are up there too. Word from the other massage chairs is that the ladies are just as badass. By the way, Nails by Amy is right around the corner from another Kensington Windsor Terrrace reader fave, Haircare by Yolanda.

Nails by Amy, 2907 Ft. Hamilton Parkway at East 4th St., 718-436-2898 


I can’t think of anything zippy and Brokelynish to tart this up with, so here’s the info straight up:

Saturday, November 5, 2011 from noon to 2 p.m.
Learn skills that can help when faced with a potentially dangerous situation from martial arts instructor Mel Ramsey.
Kings Bay Y at Windsor Terrace
1224 Prospect Ave. (at Vanderbilt)