07/01/15 11:00am
Luckydog photo via Facebook

Luckydog photo via Facebook

303 Bedford Ave. between S 1st and S 2nd Streets,


What it is: A favorite dog-lovers’ spot in South Williamsburg loved by locals for its cheap drinks, back patio and dive vibe.

Why we love it: Luckydog was loved most of all for its dog-friendly policy, but even after the health code crackdown, its customers remain loyal. Why? Because, like man’s best friend, you can rely on Luckydog—it’ll fetch you drinks, quell your loneliness and lower your blood pressure* while slinging a well-rounded selection of inexpensive drinks, guitar-heavy Jukebox songs and DGAF attitudes from the staff and regulars.

*this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

What to order: A Brooklyn Lager and shot of well whiskey.

Regular tip: The bar’s interior is relatively small and gets packed on weekends, so go early or prepare to practice patience when ordering your drinks.

06/26/15 4:26pm
There's something fishy about this play...

There’s something fishy about this play…

It is probably safe to say that the only thing playwrights enjoy more than writing about sex is the act itself. A true statement for every kind of writer, really, but it’s all so much spicier in the performance world, isn’t it? Writing a novel, after all, is solitary, introspective, often a pinnacle in the art of self-abuse.   A play is collaborative, exhibitive, and has a whole culture of fucking as its subtle perfume.   Theater can be masturbatory, sure, but at least it’s a circle jerk. And that’s to say nothing of the voyeu…I mean the audience. Conflict, sweat, hot lights, sexy French words like ingénue, and it’s all right there.   You see the actor playing Oedipus and the actor playing his wife-mother. You see Othello atop his doomed Desdemona in her bridal bed. You wonder about the writer who’s putting these people through this. You ponder the director who’s blocking the scene. You imagine things about the actors who are wrestling each other. Walk around any university drama department for a week, and you realize that the question is never “Will They Or Won’t They” but always “Are They Or Aren’t They…And If Not, When?”

I don’t have to pique your interest; you’re already interested. It’s sex.   And for the next week at The Brick in Williamsburg, well, it’s a F!CK FEST. (more…)

06/26/15 1:00pm
Northern Bell.

Northern Bell.

Northern Bell
612 Metropolitan Ave. (Lorimer and Union), East Williamsburg

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What it is: A Southern/BBQ-style restaurant and bar with a handsome beer selection.

Why we love it: This isn’t your typical Southern BBQ joint. With two chefs hailing from different regions and cooking backgrounds, the dishes take on a classic style in a new light.

Food highlights include Fat Boy Fridays, burgers of the week, a recently revamped wing recipe and meat smoked in-house in some seriously rare varieties (more on that later). The atmosphere is sophisticated and friendly, the beer list impressively long, and the whiskey selection worth the time for more than a few tastes.

What to order: Signature classics like the pulled pork sandwich and mac and cheese are always good options, but if you’re looking for a unique experience, try the Boar Belly Platter, Stuffed Bison or Spicy Elk. The availability of these is limited, so call ahead to see what’s in season. For vegetarians, the tofu burgers and salads are undoubtedly tasty, too.

Regular tip: The “secret sauces” are not to be missed among hot sauce junkies; “The Scorcher” and “The Sweetie” are equally daring additions to your wings, burger or fries.

06/24/15 4:00pm


Over the Eight
594 Union Avenue (at Richardson), Williamsburg
No phone


What it is: Modern public house and event space catty-corner to McCarren Park; comedy hotspot and all-around creative event hub.

Why we love it: There’s something fun and engaging happening nearly every night of the week, whether it’s comedy nights “The Tuesday Special” and “Hot Crowd” on Wednesdays, “The Kings of Karaoke” every Sunday night, or a totally awesome one-off of live music, a literary reading, a movie screening—anything goes.

What to order: Have one of eight rotating craft beers on tap, or select from the menu of classic and signature cocktails. To eat, don’t miss the “Perro con todo” from the food truck Santa Salsa out back, named “Best Hot Dog” by the Village Voice in 2014.

Regular tip: Oh, and it’s also a great sports bar—with five projector screens, two HDTVS and NFL, NBA and NHL packages.

06/23/15 3:50pm
Upvote, or better yet, go see the show

Instead of commenting ad infinitum on threads like this, go see a live show.

It’s a telling refrain: you just stopped at home to answer some e-mails, and suddenly found yourself flaking on night plans with friends in order to troll reddit, or some such online time-sucker of a website, right? Right. We’re all guilty of sending that “sorry, I’m the worst” text so we could just watch Netflix, stalk an ex on Facebook, start a Twitter war, etcetera.

Hey, no shade intended. In fact, there’s a new bi-weekly comedy show at South 4th Bar and Café that might do just the trick to cure you of URL, IRL. (more…)

06/22/15 4:30pm

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 12.15.08 PM

Passenger Bar
229 Roebling Street (Corner of S. 3rd)

What it is: An artist-haven in a prime South Williamsburg location, Passenger Bar evokes the collaborative spirit of New York in its 1970s creative heyday.

Why we love it: Cool without trying, Passenger Bar is as much of a bar as it is a community. Weekly comedy shows, burlesque performances, and a rotating cast of psychedelic DJs offer way more than just a pit-stop to grab a quick bite and some brews. We’re also partial to their monthly “Sunday Social,” which features 100s of used records and and a selection of bespoke baubles for sale, along with drink specials and yummy Porschetta sandwiches. Last but not least, be sure to check out the Self-Portrait Project — a permanent free photobooth tucked away in the back corner that will instantly become your go-to for a new Tinder default.

What to order: Passenger Bar offers a top-notch draft selection, including old standbys like Captain Lawrence and Sixpoint, for $7 and under. You’ve gotta wash your beer down with a spinach & cheese empanada or a Sigmund’s Truffle Cheese pretzel. Top either with their homemade hot sauce and you’ve been transported to bar-food heaven.

Regular tip: Ask Ryan to make you a jalapeno margarita. Trust us, just do it.

06/19/15 11:45am
How about not getting drunk at an art gallery for once? Image via Flickr user spAvAAl

How about not getting drunk at an art gallery for once? Image via Flickr user spAvAAl

A formerly private art space located on 269 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg will open its door’s to the public for the first time this Saturday, from 3 to 6pm. Instead of serving ice-cold, cheap and terrible tasting beers like PBR or Coor’s Light to visitors, Ran Tea House will be serving traditional Chinese tea.”We use tea as a starting point to try to communicate,” Director Jenny Zeng told DNAinfo about the unique alternative offered to people who visit the gallery instead of alcohol. (more…)

06/16/15 8:40am
jon snow memorial

Brooklyn is weird. via Instagram user dortreport

The world just finished a (possibly draining to the point of exhaustion) season of Game of Thrones, where plenty of dying and not a lot of winning happened. One of the people of Westeros who shuffled off the mortal coil was Westeros’ favorite bastard, Jon Snow. This was, as it turns out, a very unpopular direction for the plot to go in, and the collective body of the internet has spent the hours since either wailing about it or covering its eyes and yelling “NO SPOILERS.” Williamsburg resident Matt Doherty was so upset he made the street memorial you see above, complete with novena candles and snow, and left it out on Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street in Williamsburg. (more…)

06/09/15 3:21pm
joe's pizza

Will you eat at Joe’s? via Flickr user Adam Kuban

Hey, you know the old saying, “When it rains pizza news, it pours pizza news”? That phrase is as true as a trusty compass, because hot on the heels of Pizza Moto’s move into Red Hook and Artichoke’s planned expansion into Park Slope, comes the news from Eater that beloved Greenwich Village slice spot Joe’s Pizza is opening a new location in Williamsburg(more…)

06/08/15 2:07pm
Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

You know what no one ever says? “Oh man, MORE free outdoor summer movies that also come with bands and food options? Enough, we don’t want any more.” In the spirit of that question that’s never asked, we have good news for you: Nitehawk is bringing two more free outdoor summer movies to the people this summer, with screenings of Mallrats and Billy Madison at 50 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. (more…)