09/17/14 12:54pm

Perhaps you’ve biked past the gleaming, straight-out-of-Miami condo towers along Kent Avenue in Williamsburg and wondered to yourself: “Who the fuck even lives there? How do they live there?” You might not have had the time to find out, but Scott Rogowsky, host of Running Late decided to go quiz the front desk people working at and the realtors renting in Williamsburg’s luxury waterfront condos. It’s cathartic, in a class war kind of way. (more…)

09/12/14 1:56pm
rocka rolla

What’s a little listeria between friends though, really? Photo by David Colon

It’s not every day that Williamsburg gets an awesome new bar, especially since these days Williamsburg is fast becoming the domain of complete fucking assholes. Still, we were heartened to see the appearance of Rocka Rolla (486 Metropolitan Avenue), a rock and roll bar with a party vibe and gigantic beers for not much money. Sadly, the squares at the Health Department didn’t seem to share our love of the new bar and slapped the food truck in the back with a violation. This also supports our theory that the bar is clearly on a cursed corner. (more…)

09/11/14 3:33pm

A grass-fed bag, the perfect pairing for your grass-fed burger. via Marlow Goods

If the plastic bag ban and farm-to-table movement hooked up, this is probably what it would look like.

You probably didn’t pay much notice to the September 5th opening of Marlow Goods pop-up at the Wythe Hotel. With leather totes that start at $650, the luxury Marlow goods are a bit out of the Brokelyn budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eye them… Especially because they are reportedly made out of the animals you can eat at the Wythe Hotel’s restaurant, Reynard. (more…)

09/09/14 3:35pm
renegade craft fair

Retail rebels. via Facebook

You’re tired of the same old stuff in your apartment and your Pinterest board is so full of promise, but think about it. As great as DIY sounds, your feeble attempts never looks like the photos. Might as well save yourself the glue headache and leave it to the crafting professionals. Fortunately, there will be a whole street full of them at the free Renegade Craft Fair (50 Kent) September 13 and 14. (more…)

09/08/14 1:19pm
death by audio

Well, so much for this. via Flickr user Nev Brown

After 285 Kent closed its doors earlier this year, we were able to say, “Well, at least we still have Glasslands and Death by Audio.” We can’t say that anymore though, because Death by Audio just posted a note to its website saying that they’ll be closing their doors at the end of November. According to prophecy, it’s so that they can become The Andrew WK Center for Ear Drums Damaged By Partying, but we imagine it won’t be something that cool. (more…)

09/05/14 4:48pm
berg'n ramen burger

It’s the weekend, so maybe it’s time for ramen churros. Photo by Dave Rosado

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-Berg’n could be done for just und’r twenty dollars

-There were cheap, pet-friendly apartments to be had

-Free trees too

-Many things about NYC were learned on a Warriors-themed bike ride

-Prospect-Lefferts Gardens prepared for a food co-op

-Ronald McDonald was at the West Indian Day Parade, for some reason

-It was time for football, it was time for cheap wings

-Still, summer wasn’t over, so there was more to do before the equinox

-There were also these summer mysteries to figure out

-Joan Rivers met the Beastie Boys

-We loved the patchwork punky Project Parlor and the shabby chic Skylark

09/05/14 3:58pm
block bust

This robot will be there. Will you??

Remember the days of your wayward youth when you bought one movie ticket and hid in the back row so you could marathon every single movie on the schedule? It’s a sad state we’re in now that we can’t watch everything we want without going broke. We love options! We just wish our wallets could keep up with us. If you miss going to the movies and believe that you really can have it all, check out Block Bust, a pop-up film festival held September 7, 7pm at Williamsburg Cinemas (217 Grand St). (more…)

09/05/14 3:28pm
ny clown theatre festival

Clowns being hit by pies. What else do you need? via Facebook

Williamsburg, it’s nothing by clowns, amirite? While you bury your head in your hands at the utter staleness of that joke, the people who managed to get through it will be let in on a fun piece of news. Tonight in Williamsburg at The Brick Theatre (579 Metropolitan Avenue), there’s going to be a giant pie fight involving clowns, and if you want, involving you. Get that pie throwing arm ready! (more…)

09/03/14 3:00pm

Looks just like your life. via ARTCRANK

Ever think that you’re a work of art when you’re on your bike? Well then hop on that sweet ride of yours on Thursday and cruise on down to Brooklyn Brewery (79 N 11 Street, Williamsburg) for ARTCRANK a bike-themed art show, featuring posters that celebrate bikes and the people who ride them. (more…)

09/03/14 1:35pm
dumb and dumber

Dress in your finest attire

Dumb and Dumber might be on your radar for a couple reasons at the moment. For one, there’s that sequel, which we will henceforth never mention again. Also, it’s a comedy classic so you probably think of it more than you’d admit in public. Here’s another reason to be thinking of the movie right now: tonight at the Trash Bar, you can see a band that’s devoted themselves to only playing covers off the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack. Bring your new age girl, she’ll like it. She’ll like it a lot. (more…)