09/22/15 11:10am
Aw. Photo via Craigslist

Aw. Photo via Craigslist

What price can you put on memories and life lessons, when those lessons are things like “never to try and pinch a fat skinhead’s nipples, and always get under a short ex-con when stopping him from throwing a cue ball at his girlfriend”? The more sentimental among you probably think memories are priceless, but hey, this is Hypercapitalist New York City, so your priceless memories of say, The Trash Bar could be preserved. Provided of course, you have $20,000/month. Damn you Cuba Gooding Jr.! (more…)

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09/15/15 4:30pm

You know the rest

Pot and movies go together like cookies and milk. For instance, just look at the works of Messrs. Cheech and Chong, Kevin Smith or Jim Breuer, much of which wouldn’t be possible without the magical powers of pot. Surprisingly though, Brooklyn’s first pot film festival, happening September 26 at the Wythe Hotel, isn’t about the pleasures of staring at your fingers until you see them fing. According to what organizers told the Village Voice, the point of Sunday’s New York City Cannabis Film Festival is to “elevate cannabis culture.” (more…)

09/15/15 12:24pm
This adorable photo is actually part of the Self Portrait Project, a unique photobooth at Passenger Bar. via Facebook

Aubert, showing off the Self Portrait Project photobooth at Passenger Bar

For some of us, the start of the academic year means trading in towels for textbooks, and happy hour cocktails for by-the-hour class schedules. For others, this time of year is just an excuse to take advantage of the deals at Staples. But whatever our respective Septembers hangup, we can all agree on one thing: weekends. Yes, those glorious two days where you have full license to ignore emails, laze around the house, and eat meals at odd hours year-round.

And we’re here to help the cause. It’s time for another installment of Perfect Summer Sundays, the Brokelyn profile series in which we bring you a local personality from the borough who shares how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. This week, we’re talking to Melissa Aubert, a Jill-of-all-trades in Williamsburg.

In addition to owning the popular Passenger Bar, Aubert also runs a music management company, and does licensing music for film & TV with Playup Music. But her bar is her real crowning achievement. “I’ve worked in the service industry since I was 14. I always wanted to open a bar, as far back as I could remember. I’ve had so many themes and ideas over the years! I settled on this one for Passenger, but I want to open another one.” (more…)

09/14/15 3:00pm

Morty...Morty...calm down, don't worry it's gonna [BELCH] it's gonna be great

Morty…Morty…calm down, don’t worry it’s gonna [BELCH] it’s gonna be great

We’re living in a pretty great age of cartoons for adults at the moment, and while there’s obviously always room for argument, we think that Rick and Morty is at the top of the mountain of great animated shows. Adult Swim’s tale of a drunken, drug abusing mad scientist and his grandson’s travels through the universe and multiverse manages to be weird and touching and hilarious all at once. It comes as no surprise to us that the folks at Videology’s great taste extends to this show as well, so tonight they’re devoting an evening to watching AND drinking along with Rick and Morty. Wubba lubba dub dub yeahhhhh! (more…)

09/09/15 1:16pm
Will Cross be decked out for the Pope's upcoming visit to America? Maybe!

Will Cross be decked out for the Pope’s upcoming visit to America? Maybe!

We know everyone’s all excited about Stephen Colbert’s late night TV re-debut and they’re trampling their own mothers for a shot at tickets, but before joining the stampede, allow us to remind you that Brooklyn has some late night shows of its own that draw great guests and are free. For instance, The Corrigan Show, which has brought your free shots to see people like Steve Buscemi, Kim Gordon and Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, is back at Over the Eight (594 Union Avenue) this Sunday with another free lineup of famous interview subjects, highlighted by David Cross. (more…)

09/08/15 11:45am
Have your cake and learn about it, too. via MOFAD

Have your cake and learn about it, too. via MOFAD

With all the meshugaas about New York’s food scene dying out, we were a little worried that Brooklyn’s culinary reputation might get wiped off the map. But now that’s definitely not going to happen, because the Times reports that a museum dedicated entirely to food & drink—called the Museum of Food and Drink, unsurprisingly—is opening its first ever brick-and-mortar location right here in our very own borough! (more…)

09/04/15 10:00am
Photo by Dave Colon

Photo by Dave Colon

Rocka Rolla
486 Metropolitan Ave. at Rodney St., Williamsburg

Facebook • Instagram

What it is: A rocker joint with loud music, cheap beer and ample seating inside and out back.

Why we love it: The music is loud, the bartenders are friendly and the cheap beer comes in a chalice.

What to order: It’s hard to pass up a $3 Bud in a goblet, so go ahead and get that out of the way. Pickled eggs are a customer favorite and a nice (albeit somewhat strange) alternative to pretzels.

Regular tip: The Endless Summer truck may not be in the backyard any longer, but you don’t have to worry about going hungry at Rocka Rolla. The bar serves up savory pies from Dub Pies, including a pie/mug of beer/chips deal for $9.

09/03/15 9:13am
The only catch is you have to have fun, because they're filming you. via Facebook

The only catch is you have to have fun, because they’re filming you. via Facebook

The Brooklyn Comedy Festival wrapped last week, but we’re sure as heck not done laughing at the world. And hopefully neither are you, because this afternoon a list of household names in Brooklyn comedy are taping a comedy show, and they want you (you!) to be in the audience. Best of all, in exchange for your time spent watching free comedy, you get free pizza.

Performances at the taping will include Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight), Aparna Nancherla (Conan), Shalewa Sharpe (Shake), and Halle Kiefer (Friends of the People). With a list like that, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be an extremely enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Much better than your day job, anyway. (more…)

08/19/15 11:24am
It provides artful photography, but these empty coffee cups belong in the trash. via Flickr user Paul Kelly

It provides artful photography, but these empty coffee cups belong in the trash. via Flickr user Paul Kelly

When the first Starbucks in Williamsburg appeared, plenty of people grumlbed about trash coffee. What they hadn’t counted on was coffee trash being strewn around the neighborhood, although let’s be honest you should always expect more trash in New York City. Sick of seeing it pile up on the streets around her business, the owner of Williamsburg coffee shop The West is offering a discount on their coffee if you bring in a picture of yourself throwing away Starbucks litter. Good troll or great troll? (more…)