03/27/15 12:02pm
Erica Flannes

Donate funds and drink free rum to help this rad tattoo artist pay her medical bills. Photo via Twitter.

We live in a town where people like tattoos, like, a lot. And if you’re one of the people that likes tattoos, you probably like a certain tattoo artist you always go to because of his or her kickass inking skills. Erica Flannes, an admired ink expert at Red Rocket Tattoo, unfortunately came upon some bad luck that no one likes: a tumor. To help defray the costs of having the thing removed, Flannes’ friends are having a benefit and reception tonight at Three Kings Studio in Greenpoint where you can donate funds, purchase art and yes, drink some free Sailor Jerry rum. (more…)

Delilah's Steaks

Delilah’s wants you to get your cheesesteak on, fo free. via Facebook

We’ve got to hand it to ‘em: Philly did a pretty good thing when they invented the cheesesteak. Thinly sliced beef, melted cheese, sauteed onions and peppers, if you’re trying to be healthy…you might even say it’s a sandwich worth celebrating. Luckily, the holiday fairies agreed when they created National Cheesesteak Day, and to tout the noble feast, Delilah’s Steaks is giving away their cheesesteaks for free all day on Saturday. (more…)

greenpoint gallery night

Get a look at this work from Jonathan Campolo, and more, as you stroll trough Greenpoint Gallery Night. via Facebook

Spring has just about sprung, and you’re feeling like you want to stretch your legs and get a good walk in. You can do that and get get your wine and cheese on at this Friday’s Greenpoint Gallery Night. The first Greenpoint Gallery event of the new year, this Friday’s art walk (weather permitting) promises a chance to hobnob with local artists and explore the environs of Greenpoint gallery scene.  (more…)

Mmm that fart seltzer. Image via.

Mmm that fart seltzer. Image via.

Remember the first times you tried beer? And it tasted like someone had just thrown soggy crackers and creek water in a blender? But you wanted to be cool and proudly downed that those Keystone Lights and Coors Lights and crusty solo cups of Natty Ice? Well if your palate has been refined to appreciate the nuance among some of the finest macro-brews out there, the ones we’ve done everything possible to avoid since college, your skills could come in pretty handy. The Diamond is hosting a chili cookoff this weekend, and if that’s not exciting enough for you, there will also be a macrobrew blind tasting where your high tastes could win you $20. (more…)

03/11/15 10:56am
greenpoint avenue bridge

Will another bridge fall to the bike lobby? via Wikipedia

With the coming of spring, a young woman’s mind turns to thoughts of bicycling. Even around here, where the simple act of riding a bike can be a nightmare of honking, exhaust fumes and cars swerving into you, it’s time to think more about bikes. So, just in time for that, Streetsblog reports the Department of Transportation wants to give us all new bike lanes, this time on the Greenpoint Avenue bridge that connects Greenpoint to Sunnyside. (more…)

Just look at how happy that tree has made her

Just look at how happy that tree has made her

Spring is on its way, sort of, which means bright trees and bunnies and joy and other things we forgot exist are slowing creeping back into our frostbitten hearts. While we can’t do much to provide you with more bunnies and joy than we usually do, we can help you get some trees. As part of MillionTreesNYC, New York Restoration Project is hosting a tree giveaway this weekend, where you’ll be able to get a tree to plant and hug and do whatever else the kid in The Giving Tree does (except at the end, that part was sad). (more…)

No. 7 North

Photo via Facebook

No. 7 North
931 Manhattan Ave.
 between Java and Kent St., Greenpoint
(718) 389-7775

Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Website

What it is: An outpost of Fort Greene’s No. 7 Restaurant in Greenpoint which recently revamped from sub shop to bar.

Why we love it: No. 7 North is the best of its own worlds. It combines No. 7 Restaurant’s sophisticated and enthusiastic food choices; No. 7 Sub’s (of Ace Hotel and Plaza fame) coveted sandwiches; inventive cocktails of its own rite; and a solid beer selection. What may sound inaccessibly high-brow is just the opposite—drinks are cheap, food portions are sizable and in the words of operations manager Katherine Pangaro, craft cocktails are served by “bartenders wearing t-shirts, not suspenders.”

What to order: Grab a local draft if there’s one on tap (Newburgh Newburton IPA, perhaps) or pick a brew from the slightly more substantial bottle/can selection. Settle in for No. 7’s famous double-decker broccoli tacos and top it off with a craft cocktail for dessert.

Regular tip: Greenpoint hasn’t figured out No. 7 North is there yet, so it’s a good spot for finding space, going on an adult date or playing pool.

02/12/15 2:32pm
brooklyn barge bar

Someday soon, it won’t be just a cartoon. via DNA Info/Brooklyn Barge Bar

Ah, drinking on the Greenpoint waterfront’s crumbling piers. It’s a nice thing to do when the weather wants to play along, except for the fact that you’re technically not allowed to do that. How else are you supposed to take in the cool views it offers though? One enterprising man has figured out that you could do that if you were in a bar that floated in the East River, so he’s opening one on a barge next to Transmitter Park and calling it the Brooklyn Barge Bar according to DNA Info and Bedford + Bowery. Not that drinking on the crumbling piers still won’t be an option after this place is open. (more…)

These zines could be your life.

These zines could be your life.

Undoubtedly, Brooklyn is the place for zines. So if you are looking for a place to learn the fine craft of zine-making or you want to see the works of the next wave of zine publishers, come to Brooklyn. You might want to get into the exciting world of zines, but don’t know where to start or how to go put them together or you even might be afraid of staples. Don’t worry though, because there’s a free zine workshop this weekend that’ll break the whole thing down for you and get you publishing faster than you can say “Get in the van.” (more…)