permanent records

Someone probably already got the Zappa though. :( via Facebook

Permanent Records, Greenpoint-based purveyors of vinyl goods, has lost its lease, and Thursday will be their final day of regular business at 181 Franklin Street before they head down to South Slope. While it’s always sad when a record store is forced to leave their home, Permanent will live on, and you can stand to benefit from this development with their massive moving sale, going on now through the end of business Thursday. We placed a call to see just how massive, and they’ve definitely delivered. (more…)

buddin lakkris latte

It even comes on a silver platter! via Buddin

You know that super expensive, $10 latte in Greenpoint that everyone was talking about a few months ago? Well, if you didn’t want to shell out half an hour of babysitting cash for a fancy espresso drink, you’re in luck!

In honor of the second year of NORTH Nordic Food Festival (September 12-20), Greenpoint’s Scandinavian coffee shop Búđin (114 Greenpoint Avenue) will be offering their infamous Lakkris lattes at the highly discounted price of $5 for the duration of the festival. (more…)


These aren’t just parachutes. They’re parachutes with sandwiches attached. via Instagram

Tired of having your food handed to you from behind some counter, or delivered to your table by a server? Aren’t we all? Well now thanks to an Australian-born cheese sandwich company, Jafflechutes, we can finally get our food falling from the sky attached to miniature parachutes when they show up at The Diamond (43 Franklin Street) in September. (more…)

08/22/14 12:17pm
1133 manhattan ave

Here’s a look at a place you’ll never live

Hey remember when 53,000 people applied for affordable artist housing up in Harlem, and we all thought, “Well, it can’t possibly get any worse”? Yeah, we shouldn’t have thought that, because it has gotten worse, much closer to home, with the Daily News reporting that 58,832 people applied for affordable housing in a Greenpoint development that has 105 spots. Happy Friday! (more…)

07/25/14 4:08pm
greenpoint ferry

Greenpoint can now sail through the G train shutdown. via Facebook

It was touch-and-go there for a bit, and it was looking like the East River Ferry was going to be delayed until July 31, stranding G train-dependent Greenpointers for a few extra days. But, press releases from both Greenpoint’s elected officials and the NYC Economic Development Corporation just came in that announced that the ferry would return to it’s normal operating schedule starting on Saturday, July 26. While a look at the schedule shows that Greenpoint is still greyed out, both press releases are touting the return of the ferry for Saturday, so the website should catch up shortly.

The NYC EDC press release also noted that the free shuttle running from the Greenpoint ferry landing to the North 6th Street landing will still be running during morning and evening rush hours until July 30. Anyway, enjoy your commute where you pretend to be a pirate, Greenpointers.

07/17/14 4:18pm
greenpoint ferry

Won’t this be a welcome sight in Greenpoint. via Facebook

Hey, remember that whole looming G train shutdown that Greenpoint residents have been staring down the barrel of since the start of the summer? It’s almost here, which combined with the collapsed dock for the Greenpoint stop on the East River Ferry was gonna mean chaos reigns in Greenpoint. Looks like that fate is about to be averted though, because DNA Info reports that the dock  should be up and running by next Friday, before the shutdown starts next Saturday. (more…)

07/16/14 3:14pm
crest film fest

This guy made short films once, we bet.

Looking for some recognition on your visionary avant garde short film? Or just decided you want to shoot three minutes of a smack cam on black and white film and play it in slow motion to the tune of an Evanescence song? Well your big break is here! Crest Hardware is proud to announce this year’s Quickie Crest Film Fest, featuring short films (really short, one to seven minutes) from local filmmakers. Which local filmmakers? They’ve got a call out for submissions now, so it could be you! (more…)

badass brooklyn foster dog

You can help adorable dogs like Ramona Quimby here, just by drinking. What a deal! via Facebook

Despite the idea that a lot of people love dogs, some people mistreat or abandon them. Those people are dicks, but this weekend, you’ve got a chance to counteract some of that behavior by doing what do you best: Drinking! This Saturday, July 12, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is partnering up with the Brooklyn Brewery for a tap takeover and silent auction at Rosamunde Sausage Grill (285 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg) to save dogs from being put to sleep at pounds in the South and help find them homes up North. (more…)

brooklyn craft company

You could make one of those adorable dog things! via Facebook

Feeling the need, the need to create? It can strike at any time, and if you don’t have a bunch of doodads and bits and yarn to make things with, you could find yourself driven crazy by the urge. We’ve got an outlet for those urges though, because the Brooklyn Craft Company (61 Greenpoint Avenue) is having a crafting party with nine different kinds of crafting projects this month, where you can glue, embroider and knit to your heart’s content. (more…)

hannibal buress

Even Hannibal is blown away by Thursday’s killer lineup. via Facebook

The thing about free comedy around here is that because there’s so much of it, and it’s almost always so good, you can get a little spoiled by it. Still, sometimes a lineup is so packed that you need to make sure you’re there. Take the upcoming show at Lulu’s (113 Franklin Street) on Thursday night. Hannibal Buress, Chris Gethard, Sunita Mani of the Cocoon Central Dance Team (and the “Turn Down For What” video) and even more comics will all be there making jokes, for free! Plus there’s free pizza with every drink, as per usual, and maybe there’ll be some jokes about Lulu’s struggle with its landlord. (more…)