02/12/15 2:32pm
brooklyn barge bar

Someday soon, it won’t be just a cartoon. via DNA Info/Brooklyn Barge Bar

Ah, drinking on the Greenpoint waterfront’s crumbling piers. It’s a nice thing to do when the weather wants to play along, except for the fact that you’re technically not allowed to do that. How else are you supposed to take in the cool views it offers though? One enterprising man has figured out that you could do that if you were in a bar that floated in the East River, so he’s opening one on a barge next to Transmitter Park and calling it the Brooklyn Barge Bar according to DNA Info and Bedford + Bowery. Not that drinking on the crumbling piers still won’t be an option after this place is open. (more…)

These zines could be your life.

These zines could be your life.

Undoubtedly, Brooklyn is the place for zines. So if you are looking for a place to learn the fine craft of zine-making or you want to see the works of the next wave of zine publishers, come to Brooklyn. You might want to get into the exciting world of zines, but don’t know where to start or how to go put them together or you even might be afraid of staples. Don’t worry though, because there’s a free zine workshop this weekend that’ll break the whole thing down for you and get you publishing faster than you can say “Get in the van.” (more…)


If your Valentine’s Day game has been somewhat lacking in the past, then Greenpointers is the answer to all of your cupid-related anxieties. This weekend, they’re holding their annual Valentines Market to help you get your romance game up to the next level with gifts you can buy your sweetie from 60+ vendors set up to help out in all things romantic. Plus, you’ll find us there hawking the newest edition of our Beer Book, featuring over 30 different bars all itching to give you cheap beer (because if your S.O. isn’t into cheap beer, then you should probably break it off) because, what’s more romantic than beer?

01/15/15 10:07am
greenpoint hipster robbery

Have you seen this mustache?

If you’re going to commit the perfect crime, it’s very important you blend in with your surroundings, so that no one can identify you if you get pinched. A thief working Greenpoint definitely took a page out of that playbook, as the person who stole a $1,000 worth of stuff and a wallet from a restaurant looks like everyone else you might run into at Matchless or Warsaw. Well played, sir. Now shave your mustache, for fashion and practical (not getting caught) purposes. (more…)

Catch it before it completely ascends to Beer Heaven

Catch it before it completely ascends to Beer Heaven

For those of us who knew Monster the Cat, the Brooklyn Brewery’s official mascot cat (mascat?) and tasting room host, the passing of the fine feline in 2012 was a sad day indeed. It was day  brightened only by the knowledge of his liquid legacy left behind: the Monster Ale, a barleywine created to age gracefully for many years, much like Monster himself. Sadly, Monster Ale is a non-renewable resource since Brooklyn Brewery ceased production of it a couple of years ago. So when it’s gone, it’s gone. The good news is that Brooklyn Brewery is inviting us all to drink what they have left of it this week at Matchless, which is what we imagine a Viking funeral is for beer. (more…)

01/05/15 9:26am

Compared to the Greenpoint Salvation Army, it’s like the other stores are in the Salvation Militia

As we all know, large chains have been using their Williamsburg stores to hide their true affiliations with their parent companies, possibly in an Illumanti-related plot to secretly study the habits of the urban shopper. Not that anyone seems to mind. That trend probably won’t be receding any time soon, especially since as Crain’s reports, even the damn Salvation Army is getting in on the game, turning their Greenpoint location into a more upscale boutique version of itself. (more…)

Are your human friends always this excited to see you? No. They're not.

Are your human friends always this excited to see you? No. They’re not.

People friends are pretty neat, what with the secret-sharing and brunch-eating and bracelet-making. Sometimes, though, you want to rub your friends’ bellies and they’re not that into it because they’re lame. Or maybe you wish your friends were out of their minds excited whenever they saw you, or at least down to let you Instagram them wearing little hats all the time. Perhaps it’s time to step beyond the world of people friends and go make yourself an animal friend, which you can do on the cheap at this weekend’s free Super Adoption in Greenpoint. (more…)

Picture menus: for the most incredulous eaters of the bunch. (via Xi'anFoods.com)

Picture menus: for the most incredulous eaters of the bunch. (via Xi’anFoods.com)

It’s officially cold out – which means we’re constantly on the prowl for something warm, brothy, and spicy to perk our spirits and regain feeling in our extremities. Well X’ian Famous Foods (648 Manhattan Avenue) delivers on all three of those points with free noodle and burger dishes on Saturday in honor of their Greenpoint outpost’s opening. (more…)

11/05/14 4:21pm

All this could be yours!

Hey, you, Greenpoint resident who figures they know everything there is to know about Greenpoint. Are you bored with your current job and are looking to break into the exciting world of local bloggingering? Why go through the painful steps of establishing a brand over years and years when you can take a Mario warp tunnel to legitimacy (for the right price) by buying Greenpointers? As sad as it makes us, our pal Jen has up and moved to Oregon, so it’s time for someone else to drive the Greenpointmobile. Is it you? (more…)