Maybe the place where you live has a cool cemetery that people like talking about, and that’s great. Is it as cool as Green-Wood Cemetery, which played home to the Battle of Brooklyn and is home to many of the fathers of baseball, tons of Civil War veterans and Samuel Morse? Probably not, especially because it’s not like every cemetery has John Turturro filming videos full of cemetery factoids about them. He did it for Green-Wood though, so we’ll just stop writing here and instead allow you to learn all about Brooklyn’s coolest cemetery from Jesus Quintana himself.

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sunset park army terminal

Fortunately, you won’t have to walk through an x-ray machine to see the art. via chashama

Brooklyn, a culmination of creative minds from all over the world, supported by the city and its people, creative thinkers and doers alike have come together and have proudly built a community of exquisite taste, a culture of art and artists of all different kinds, and next weekend you can get a peek into this world and the processes along the way to creating this world of art, for free, on a tour of artist studios in Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Army Terminal. (more…)

sunset park

Go up Sunset Park’s hill a bit and play ball with all the locals, while they still exist. Photo by Dave Rosado

Following through on his campaign promise to do so, Mayor de Blasio is ready to funnel $100 million into some heavy duty development in Sunset Park, planned for the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Industry City and Liberty View Plaza which includes high-budget sequels to DUMBO and the Chelsea Market.

Affectionately known at one point as Gunset Park by those who grew up there (like me), and slapped by those who lived in neighboring sections of Brooklyn with the derogatory moniker Gunset Park, it’s is still a place where you can get some of New York’s best bahn mi and tacos, and where you can enjoy an amazing view of Manhattan from the highest point in Brooklyn, in the actual park itself. Sunset Park is, for now, still known as an affordable place that’s just barely resisted the fast moving gentrification of Murray Hill East, Park Slope and countless other neighborhoods. Now though? It’s on the fast track.

In case you haven’t visited Sunset Park before, might I suggest you do so now, while it’s still in its twilight days? This way, when the transformation to Sunset Park 2.0 is complete and nobody will be able to afford to live there anymore, you can at least say that you saw it before the change over to yet another place people write stupid hacky lazy hipster-related jokes about. Make sure to hit up some of these old local favorites now, before they’re bulldozed to make room for luxury housing. (more…)

sunset park ferry

It’s sailing away forever. via Facebook

It’s always a bad idea to give people access to things they might like, such as clean water, electricity and a myriad of transportation options, because then if you have to take it away, they’re gonna be pissed. It’s the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie lesson of government, and the people of Rockaway and Sunset Park are gonna start living it in November, because the commuter ferry that’s been running from the Rockaways since Sandy and Sunset Park since last year is going to stop for good in October according to DNA Info. (more…)

sunset park ferry

This might sail away forever. via Facebook

Sometimes we get good ferry news, like a free Red Hook ferry for the summer. Sometimes though, we get bad ferry news, like the word from Capital that there’s no provision in the city budget for the Rockaway/Sunset Park ferry past October. Which, if you look at a calendar, is closer than we’d all want to think about. (more…)

william mangels coney island

There’s no Coney without William Mangels

We know, we know, sometimes you can get Kickstarter fatigue because everyone and their mom seems to have one this year. It’s not all Zach Braff movies and ridiculous camping arrangements though. Take Green-Wood Cemetery for instance, and their call for help in putting together a tribute to William Mangels, a Green-Wood permanent resident who built ride after ride in his Coney Island factory in the early 1900s. That’s the kind of call for help that any civic-minded Brooklynite can get behind. (more…)

Sebastian Errazuriz

We are ready to beat the bejesus out of this thing. via Facebook

Hey, you know who’s been doing awesome despite the recession? Wall Street. You know who hasn’t been doing well since the recession? Basically everyone else (screw you, tech people who know how to code). Since it turns out that we presently have about 6 national politicians who are willing to lean on our heroic job creators, it’s up to us to beat them with sticks. Metaphorically that is. Metaphorically guys. You’ve got a chance to do just that, when a giant Golden Bull piñata modeled after Wall Street’s Charging Bull sculpture rolls into Sunset Park this month. Oh, and it’s full of money, real money. (more…)

electric pallet jack

Could be useful

We’ve all been there: You’ve got a pallet full of something or other that’s been dropped off in front of your apartment, when you suddenly remember that you don’t actually own a pallet jack. Not even a manual one! You could take each individual box off the pallet, but you really want to just get it inside and get it over with. Well, if you were a little smarter, you could have already have gone down to Sunset Park and picked up this free electric pallet jack that needs a good home. (more…)

sunset park

The only art at Industry City now is the art of the bounce pass. via Flickr user Adam Kuban

Another weekend, another story of artists getting chased out of yet another neighborhood they figured they’d be safe in. This time, with Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, DUMBO, the West Village, the East Village, the Lower East Side, Chelsea and Long Island City all too expensive for studio spaces, artists thought they’d found a respite in Industry City. But it’s not to be, as the Sunset Park area is turning more towards light industry and basketball practice facilities, driving up rents for art studios that previously existed there. (more…)

sunset park pizza

With a median price just above $12 for a pie, there’s no excuse to get some gross Papa John’s in Sunset Park. via Flickr user lamthuyvo

Pizza Week at Brokelyn continues! While yesterday we clued you in to Brooklyn’s name being used for pizza good and not pizza evil, and why it’s financially better for you to get the biggest pie you can, today we bring you news of where you can find the cheapest pies in Brooklyn. The number crunchers at Planet Money looked into it, and Sunset Park, whose pies are found for a median price of just over $12, has the cheapest in all of Brooklyn. (more…)