Now they make your drinks come true, too. via flickr user Matt Green

Now they make your drinks come true, too. via flickr user Matt Green

Well well, it’s a good day for beer. First the Heartland taproom, and now a Bavarian biergarten! According to South Slope news, Grand Prospect Hall will be opening a beer garden next to their mansion on Prospect Avenue. The Halkias, owners of Grand Prospect Hall (and erstwhile candidates for our new monarchy) were inspired by their Bavarian roots to renew the empty courtyard next to their spot and turn it into a regular feierhaus. Not only is this a great idea — it’s also a power play befitting the days leading up to Brokelyn’s coronation of our new King and Queen. (more…)

Brokeklyn-Brooklyn-Park Slope-Dogs-Doggie Spots

He’ll let you pet him once he relieves his bladder. Image via Flickr user Anthony Fine

Man, remember when we talked about how Park Slope was maybe losing its mojo earlier this year? Looks like we can take some of that back at least, because a Park Slope resident tired of yelling at his neighbors about their dogs has gone out of his way to put homemade dog bathrooms on his block.According to the New York Post, these personal bathrooms for dogs are essentially “kiddie pools or plastic saucer sleds that he fills with gravel and soil and then plants with sod.” Oh Park Slope, why did we ever doubt you?  (more…)

Bye bye backyard. Via Google+.

Bye bye backyard. Via Google+.

When you find a place that offers draft beer, growlers, retail beer for sale and good sandwiches, it only makes sense that you’re going to become loyal and hold on to it for dear life. So it’s with a heavy heart that we have to let you all know that Park Slope’s Bierkraft, the bar/retail beer spot that had all of the above mentioned items that people love so much, appears to be closed for good. We’re sure it’ll be replaced with another cool spot, and not off-street stroller parking or something. (more…)

mary's bar 1

Mary’s Bar
708 5th Ave. at 22nd, South Slope


What it is: Mary’s Bar stands out as a fan favorite in South Slope. A tavern-style bar with late-night jazz, a pool table and darts, Mary’s Bar is that charming local bar you go to for a fun mix of Brooklyn natives and the neighborhood’s more recent inhabitants.

Why we love it: Mary’s is a great space that encapsulates everything a tavern should be, with a relaxed atmosphere, fun and friendly crowd, and no short amount of music nights. On Fridays and Saturdays it has rotating DJs, Wednesdays they do an 80s night, and every night from 3am to last call is the Frank and Dean Jazz Hour. How could you not love a bar that sends you home like that?

Who to bring: Mary’s Bar has a great low-key vibe that makes for a good weeknight out with friends or a nightcap with that someone you convinced to hang out for just one more drink.

What to order: Check out any of their 12 domestic craft beers on tap, or just go for the simple pleasures, like PBR and Dale’s Pale Ale in the can. Be aware: Happy Hour is $2 off drafts and spirits applies to all spirits, including top shelf.

Fun fact: Mary’s has joined the flea market brigade, and hosts a shopping space in their backyard called the Bar ‘n Yard Flea every weekend in the summer.

You're not too proud for free stuff, are ya?

You’re not too proud for free stuff, are ya?

It’s a magical time of year. No not just summer, but Brooklyn Pride Week, where Brooklyn’s LGBTQ community and their pals celebrate the fact that they can be out and proud and valued members of the community. Unsurprisingly, Park Slope’s Babeland location,as accepting and chill a place in Brooklyn, is celebrating the occasion. How? The best way they know how, by giving away vibrators! (more…)

artichoke pizza

Coming soon to Park Slope. via Facebook

Artichoke Pizza, whose neon lights look like the gates of heaven to the heavily intoxicated still out at 4am every other weekend, is finally coming to Brooklyn. Someone over at the Park Slope Stoop snapped a shot of a shop undergoing renovations at 59 5th Avenue, between Bergen and St Marks. They were told that it will become the fifth Artichoke Pizza location in New York City, when it opens next month.   (more…)


Goodbye, Nuteria. via Instagram user dallekvist

One of Brooklyn’s age-old questions has finally been answered: If you opened a shop devoted entirely to mayonnaise and a shop devoted entirely to Nutella, which one would last longer? The answer, surprisingly, turns out to be the mayonnaise shop, with word coming down from Park Slope Stoop that the Nuteria has quietly thrown in the chocolatey towel. (more…)

He's already upset that you're trying to duck out of this.

He’s already upset that you’re trying to duck out of this.

You don’t know what love and fandom is until you create a whole podcast devoted to your favorite actor and review every movie they’ve ever been in. Comedians W. Kamau Bell of FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery, writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver know this kind of love with their podcast Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period. And they’re bringing the podcast with the ridiculously long name to Brooklyn with a live recording at Union Hall on Monday May 11 at 9pm. (more…)

barn yard flea

Your booth could be next to this adorable dog. via Barn Yard Flea

Summer is coming, and with the warm weather comes plenty of outdoor shopping opportunities. There’s obviously the Brooklyn Flea, and the new Bushwick Flea and the outdoor component to ‘Shwick and the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market. Now we have a new entry from one of our favorite bars, as Mary’s Bar emailed us to let us know that they’ve got a flea market opening up in the lot next to the bar, and that they want vendors. Vendors like you, maybe. (more…)

Graduate from classroom instruments

Graduate from classroom instruments

We’ve listened to your EPs, we’ve heard you sing in the shower too damn early in the morning, we’ve seen your powerful karaoke renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody. You’ve got talent. We see a serious music career in your stars, but it looks like something’s missing. Where’s your equipment? Where are your lasers? Where’s your amp? Where’s your drum set? Where’s your box of old sci-fi magazines? Your music glory won’t happen if all you and your band have to show for yourselves a really cool name, a jug, and a dream. Fix that this weekend by fortifying your music inventory at Freddy’s Garage Sale, where you can take your entertainment game from Woodie Guthrie to Daft Punk without having to move back into your parents’ garage. (more…)