two boots park slope

Do you want to pay for this? No, great, good news, you won’t have to this one day. via Facebook

Have you been waiting patiently for the Park Slope Two Boots to open again? Hey, good for you, patience is nice. The thing is, we’ve got news that’s really gonna test your patience, namely that when Two Boots does their Park Slope opening at 6pm on Tuesday, November 25, they’re going to celebrate with free pizza for everyone according to DNA Info. Sorry, wait. We meant to write FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE. (more…)

jimmyjane bullet

Way, way better than fun-size Jujubees

It’s kind a bummer that now that we’re adults, people are less into the idea of giving us free stuff in exchange for dressing as Superman or Aquaman or Slutty Jon Stewart on Halloween, but we guess that’s just part of life. What’s this though? Babeland in Park Slope (462 Bergen Street) is getting into the spirit of the holiday tomorrow, giving away vibrators to the first 25 people who show up the the store tomorrow. You don’t have to show up in a costume, but there’s a potential reward in it. (more…)

the gate

Who could object to this? via Facebook

There’s nothing like a dog-friendly bar, at least for most of us out there. Drinking and beer and petting dogs, it’s just a great way to live. Some people apparently can’t handle that kind of awesomeness though, as Park Slope Stoop and DNA Info reported, some monster called 311 to complain about the fact that Park Slope’s The Gate lets people bring their dogs in. Obviously there are worse people in the world, but we’re gonna put you in the top 5 this week, anonymous 311 narc. (more…)


Look at all these do-gooders. via Facebook

We know that you’re all a bunch of ethical consumers out there, who take very seriously where you’ll be drinking your next Golden Spike or Trend Piece. So in that spirit, let us recommend you do as much weekend drinking as you can at Skylark (477 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope) in November, because they’ve just announced they’re giving 10% of their weekend sales to Doctors Without Borders. (more…)

How you'll feel if you miss this party

How you’ll feel if you miss this party

It must be because it’s fall that everyone is stuck on school stuff, that or we’re caught in some kind of inescapable nostalgia trap Still, here it is, because we’ve taken you to homecoming and now Mary’s Bar in Park Slope wants to take you to prom. Mary’s Bar isn’t having just any prom though, they’re having a prom on Halloween itself. A Carrie-themed Halloween prom. Wear something nice, but not so nice that you can’t get it covered in blood or burnt up in it. (more…)

park slope two boots

More of this in Park Slope? Sure, sounds good.

It’s no surprise with the sky high rent in this city that restaurants are constantly opening and closing, and from time to time they seem to be playing their own version of musical chairs. To a certain degree that is what’s happening in Park Slope with Cajun pizzeria Two Boots Pizza, which Park Slope Stoop noticed is coming back to Park Slope. (more…)

mayor de blasio park slope home

Nicer than where we live. via Brooklyn Properties

As we all know, before he was forced to flee price increases for public housing, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family led a charmed life living in Park Slope. That’s over now, and because their house was getting lonely, you can now rent it (to live there we mean, not for parties) and tell people how you live in Mayor Tall’s house. Thinking it can’t be you? Well, it won’t be fore financial reasons, because the three-story, three-bedroom house Park Slope townhouse is going for $4,975/month. The only downside? It doesn’t come with a cool intimidating police security patrol. (more…)

dr-horrible sing along blog

This, sadly, is who you are inside, not Captain Hammer

In the comic book movie that is our lives, we go around thinking that we’re the heroes, but there are only so many heroes out there. The sad reality is that we’re much more likely to be the hapless bystanders or even hapless villains of our own stories. So, why not embrace that reality next month by buying a ticket to the Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Sing-Along Party at Union Hall and singing your hapless, loveless lungs out with other wannabe world rulers? (more…)

video gallery

Goodbye to all this. via Facebook

One of the drawbacks of living in an age where we can all binge watch Netflix without pants or forced social contact is the disappearance of video shops. Park Slope Stoop reports the pantless Netflixing that defines our era has likely claimed Video Gallery (316 7th Avenue), Park Slope’s last movie rental store, after 15 years in business. (more…)

lefferts community food co-op

Thrill to the minutiae of running a grocery store…but not in Park Slope! via Facebook

If there’s one thing that Park Slope has been lording over us for lo this many years, it’s their fancy food co-op, full of Daily Show segments, ridiculous arguments, celebrities skipping work shifts and low prices on food, that last one being most important of all. People in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens got sick of Park Slope’s shit though, so they’re opening their own food co-op this year, the Lefferts Community Food Co-op, according to DNA Info. (more…)