coney island newsreel

Measuring busts was a favorite old-timey pastime in Coney Island

We’re all getting antsy for it to warm up, especially now that it’s past Coney Island’s official opening day but we still need jackets for some reason. Those of us with beach fever can make it a little bit worse now, courtesy of a bunch of old-timey Coney Island newsreels released by newsreel service British Pathé. If you’ve ever wondered what life was like in Coney in the 30s (and judging by your mustache, you probably have), now you can find out. (more…)

seinfeld night brooklyn cyclones

The only remaining question is whether the Staten Island Yankees hold a “Todd Barry Night” in retaliation

There’s nothing like minor league baseball promotions, especially when the Cyclones do them. Already the proud organizers of Manti Te’o night, along with both a Williamsburg night and a dinosaur night, they know how to do the ridiculous but intriguing really well. And that tradition will carry on this year when for whatever reason, the team honors the 25th anniversary of the July 5 Seinfeld premiere, by holding “Salute to Seinfeld Night” at MCU Park. Sorry, we meant Vandelay Industries Park. And that’s just the tip of the Seinfeld iceberg. (more…)

coney island cat

Just because this cat is homeless doesn’t mean it has to be miserable. via Flickr user Mingo Haven

Coney Island has a lot of cool things to offer, like the Cyclone and the Cyclones and a beach and Nathan’s. But it also has a fair number of feral cats, which are being scattered thanks to development along the boardwalk. Now, cat rescue non-profit Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella is determined to help those cats, and is holding a meeting tonight in Coney to lay out their plans and find volunteers to help them implement it. If you love cats, and hate suffering, this could very well be the place for you. (more…)

the cyclone coney island

Ready? Ready? Annnnnd…. via Facebook

Cheesy Pete, that rent news is really depressing. We need a reset, something that actually makes life worth living still. Oh, here’s something: Sunday is Coney Island’s official opening day, and in addition to the Cyclone being blessed so as to get rid of all it’s bad winter-absorbed juju, the first 100 people in line get to ride for free. Maybe everything will be alright? Well, it won’t be, but man, let us just pretend for a day. (more…)

You'll shoot your eye out kid

Shoots and career ladders.

If you’re looking for a summer job, you could do a lot worse than operating a shooting gallery at the beach for a few months. We don’t have much more information besides what’s in this sign, except that the place within which to inquire is the Coney Island freak show, and the shooting gallery is this classic 1940s-era one that’s right next door. As a former boardie, I can attest that barking carnival games is a hell of a fascinating way to spend a summer. (more…)

cyclone coney island

Wheeeee! via Facebook

Now that Bobby Parnell is probably gonna need Tommy John surgery, we can dispense with the hope of baseball season and move right into pining for summer. First order of business in planning your sweat-soaked adventures? Picking up an unlimited rides/Cyclone Groupon so that you can spend a whole day in Coney Island in a romantic haze, just like Beyonce! (more…)

water park

Will it LSD pastel colored? Who knows. via Flickr user hounddiggity

If there’s one thing beach-side amusement area Coney Island lacks, it’s a place to cool off from the relentless summer heat. But now, on the heels of Coney getting a new Thunderbolt, Zamperla, the company that operates Luna Park, is in talks to put a water park on a number of parcels from Surf Avenue to the Boardwalk according to the Brooklyn Paper. (more…)

coney island lighthouse

Coney used to shine a light

There’s something appealing about having a job being a lighthouse keeper. You get to live on the beach, you don’t have irritating co-workers and you get to make sure that sailors don’t crash on the rocks and meet their watery doom. Sadly, lighthouses are automated these days, but because Coney Island is great, it was home to the last civilian-operated lighthouse in the country. And PBS made a short documentary about it. You’ve got four minutes to kill to learn something, check it out! (more…)

If you’ve been wondering what Jerry Seinfeld has been up to in his retirement from TV (aside from answering questions about Seinfeld2000), he has a YouTube show called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. In it, he uh, drives around with comedy pals in his rich guy sports car and talks comedy with them. The most recent episode featured indie darling Todd Barry and a tour through Coney Island, where Jerry mentions that one of his first comedy bits that really worked was about bumper cars, marvel at the grossness of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, coffee at Tom’s and some absolutely horrifying sneakers on Seinfeld’s feet. Oh, and of course, top-notch riffing by some pretty, pretty good comics.

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The site of the original Loehmann's on Bedford Ave. and Sterling Place in Crown Heights

The site of the original Loehmann’s, opened in 1921 on Bedford Ave. and Sterling Place in Crown Heights, via

Legendary NYC designer discount store Loehmannn’s filed for bankruptcy last month, another augur of changing New York, though really we see it as part of the trend of off-price retailers like Filene’s and Daffy’s going out of business. Whether you feel sentimental about the shuttering of an old-school institution or you’re a clothes horse always on the look-out for a steal, Loehmann’s is having liquidation sales at all 39 of its nationwide locations (two in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn, in Sheepshead Bay) from now until it closes in March. (more…)