Love and respect to the end. Via FB.

Love and respect to the end. Via FB.

Ever since his untimely death, Brooklyn has celebrated Adam Yauch with one of our best new holidays, MCA Day. One of our best, we say, because it’s mostly a good excuse to hang out and listen to the Beastie Boys with other people who loved the group and what MCA stood for. The last couple of years, the celebration has been held at Littlefield, but the organizers must be sick of being indoors after that long winter, so this year’s MCA Day is taking place in the park named for the man himself. (more…)

04/28/15 3:48pm
This can (will) be you this summer! via Facebook

This can (will) be you this summer! via Facebook

It’s warm! It’s warm and that’s great news. In part yes because it means you no longer have to wear a heavy coat anywhere, but even more exciting, it’s time to start planning trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park to sit outside and watch free movies with the harbor and Statue of Liberty and all the tall buildings in the background. That planning starts today, because the 2015 schedule for the movies has just dropped. As usual, it looks great, a mix of modern and older classics, with nary a dud in site, unless for some reason you hate Dr. Strangelove or Friday or Die Hard. (more…)

04/16/15 3:08pm
You could be a part of this. Via Facebook

Doesn’t this look like a good way to spend your summer? Via Facebook

Summer means sun, which also means boats. If you’re looking for a way to get out on the water when the temperatures reach sweat-stain level, look no further than the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, a volunteer-run organization that provides free 20-minute kayak rides around the harbor off Pier 2 during the summer months. This year, the BBPB wants to add a whole new fleet of kayaks and they need volunteers who can help run the program. No experience required, and the perks are well worth the labor. (more…)

04/03/15 8:49am
hillary clinton brooklyn

Hi, Brooklyn

Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn. It was rumored, it was obliquely referred to, her team pulled their hair out over the difficulties we all have with the Brooklyn real estate market, but now the time for rumors and feverish speculation is over because the Clinton campaign has signed a lease for a campaign headquarters spot in Brooklyn Heights, according to Politico. (more…)

04/01/15 12:03pm
celebrate brooklyn dance party

There you are, dancing like it’s warm. Photo by Julienne Schaer via Brooklyn Bridge Park

Actual weather lately be damned, spring and summer are on their way, it’s just a fact of life. That also means that Celebrate Brooklyn announcements are starting to dribble out, bit by bit. We know that Chaka Khan is opening up the concert season, and now in another herald of warm weather, we got a press release with the schedule for the always fun Brooklyn Bridge Park dance parties. You can’t hide from us forever, warmth. (more…)

01/29/15 10:11am
dumbo arts festival

Go find your art somewhere else, you damn kids. via the DUMBO Arts Festival

For years, the DUMBO Arts Festival was the place to go see cool public art take over a neighborhood for a weekend, as well as chat with Walt Whitman impersonators or get your old clothes fixed in the name of art. We have to put the emphasis on the “was” now, because after 18 years, the organizers of the festival are calling it quits, telling festival fans that the huge crowds it drew raised costs to the point where they’d have to recruit larger corporate sponsors that they didn’t want involved. Sorry, everyone practicing their best Whitman. (more…)

Sorry, no plastic cookies this time

Sorry, no plastic cookies this time

If you pay any attention to the valuable lessons Michelle Obama and Cookie Monster have taught us, you know fruit and vegetables are somehow important. We hear produce helps you fight off diseases and make your plate more colorful and Instagram-worthy, so we’re for it. There’s just one issue: fruit’s kind of expensive. Luckily, there’s a stockpile of “8 to 10 boxes” of free plastic food available outside the offices at 20 Jay Street in DUMBO for anyone who wants some fake fruit, vegetables, and bread. (more…)

Make friends, win prizes!

Make friends, win prizes!

Calling all transit nerds: are you the Baroness of the B48? The Wolf of the Wall Street 2/3 station? A Franklin Avenue Shuttle shark? Or just a straphanger with a mind for useless facts? Well, you’re in luck, because the New York Transit Museum is hosting its 3rd annual Transit Trivia Night.

12/08/14 9:56am
galapagos art space

You’ll have to get your burlesque aerial acrobatic shows somewhere else now. via Facebook

In all the handwringing over one Williamsburg performance space closure after another, it was east to forget about another expensive neighborhood that used to be an artist’s haven, namely DUMBO. Surely things are going just fine over there though? Nope! The Galapagos Art Space, home to burlesque, cabaret, readings, screenings and other art events, is closing up shop and moving to Detroit. At this rate, by 2016, the only venue left in Brooklyn is gonna be the Barclays Center. (more…)

woody guthrie

Learn how the guy all your folk artist friends want to be lived

Despite all of the happy talk about how America’s economy is improving, it doesn’t really feel like it when you get your paycheck. If you’re lucky enough to even get one that is. Brooklyn has a hunger crisis, wages are stagnant and everything feels like one bad economic quarter away from getting back to hobo-heavy times in America. So, what better time to learn about Woody Guthrie’s time in New York than tonight at the Brooklyn Historical Society? At the very least, it’s a chance to luxuriate in the era when a humble folk singer with a fascist-killing guitar could still afford to live around here. (more…)