10/08/15 10:06am
Big Brother is watching, and you should, too. via Securocam 3000

Big Brother is watching, and you should, too. via Securocam 3000

It’s certainly a sign of the times when we can boast an entire festival dedicated to the art of the webseries. But there you have it, because BK really has become a hub for makers of online content and digital storytelling, albeit with a little help from Netflix-and-chill. Now, by this point you already know how to make one of these series yourself. But lucky you, the Brooklyn Web Fest is this weekend, and you can get a refresher!

The festival takes place this Friday & Saturday, October 9-10. We rounded up the best panels and screenings to check out on each day. Panels range from the how-I-did-it to the basic how-to. You can attend single events for $10, or buy a full-day pass for $30. You can also buy the full weekend for $50. All events take place at the Made in NY Media Center (30 John Street). You have to RSVP for anything you’re going to, so once you check out our picks, start making your itinerary. Happy binge-watching!


Trade out your eyebrows for high-brows this weekend with some lofty discussions at the BKBF. via website

Trade out your eyebrows for high-brows this weekend with some lofty discussions at the BKBF. via website

Calling all word nerds, bookworms, poets and dreamers, culture-seekers and diarists and people who are just looking for something to do this weekend: the Brooklyn Book Festival is this Sunday, September 20! It’s a day of free poetry readings, panel discussions, meaningful conversations and celebrations of writerly achievement. It’s a day, in short, not to be missed.

There are so many events happening every hour, on the hour, but if you’re the kind of person who gets overwhelmed by choices, we think we did a pretty good job of hand-picking the ones you ought to check out.  (more…)

06/25/15 1:06pm
pop-up pool

Everybody into the pool (for 45 minutes). Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

When it comes to public pools in Brooklyn, we’ve got plenty. The one amenity those pools lack is that they’re not located in beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can swim and look out on great views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty and the financial sector of Manhattan (and wonder how they’ll all screw us over next). On the other hand, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool has all of those amenities, and it opens tomorrow, June 26 for free 45-minute swim sessions throughout the day. Everyone into the pool (in an orderly fashion)! (more…)

06/23/15 10:50am
books beneath the bridge

What a view for some words. Photo by Etienne Frossard, vis Brooklyn Bridge Park

Outdoor summer stuff, there’s so much of it! You’ve got your free concerts, your more free concerts, your free movies, your more free movies, your many locations to drink yourself numb under the stars. What about people who love to read though? Hey great news, you haven’t been forgotten, because Books Beneath the Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park’s free outdoor reading series, is back with another lineup curated by all of your favorite local book stores. (more…)

dumbo archway

Woo, party in the Archway. via Flickr user Adnan Islam

With summer in full swing the inevitable inverse proportion of fun and funds has begun! Although nothing beats summertime in New York, the season is accompanied by a lightheartedness that can result in being unable to renew your lease come the fall. Instead of falling on hard times in September, rein it in and take advantage of the tons of awesome free activities available. Hey music lovers, listen up because I’m talking to you: there’s a free concert in DUMBO under the Manhattan Bridge every Thursday night. (more…)

06/08/15 10:08am
If this was your studio, your art would be home by now. via Two Trees

If this was your studio, your art would be home by now. via Two Trees

You’re working your butt off on a cool creative endeavor but you just don’t have the space in your apartment to do it comfortably and you don’t have the money to do it in a studio where it would be more comfortable. It’s a story we all know, but you’ve got a chance to put a different ending on the story, because Two Trees is offering artists subsidized space that can wind up as low as $700/month. (more…)

Love and respect to the end. Via FB.

Love and respect to the end. Via FB.

Ever since his untimely death, Brooklyn has celebrated Adam Yauch with one of our best new holidays, MCA Day. One of our best, we say, because it’s mostly a good excuse to hang out and listen to the Beastie Boys with other people who loved the group and what MCA stood for. The last couple of years, the celebration has been held at Littlefield, but the organizers must be sick of being indoors after that long winter, so this year’s MCA Day is taking place in the park named for the man himself. (more…)

04/28/15 3:48pm
This can (will) be you this summer! via Facebook

This can (will) be you this summer! via Facebook

It’s warm! It’s warm and that’s great news. In part yes because it means you no longer have to wear a heavy coat anywhere, but even more exciting, it’s time to start planning trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park to sit outside and watch free movies with the harbor and Statue of Liberty and all the tall buildings in the background. That planning starts today, because the 2015 schedule for the movies has just dropped. As usual, it looks great, a mix of modern and older classics, with nary a dud in site, unless for some reason you hate Dr. Strangelove or Friday or Die Hard. (more…)

04/16/15 3:08pm
You could be a part of this. Via Facebook

Doesn’t this look like a good way to spend your summer? Via Facebook

Summer means sun, which also means boats. If you’re looking for a way to get out on the water when the temperatures reach sweat-stain level, look no further than the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, a volunteer-run organization that provides free 20-minute kayak rides around the harbor off Pier 2 during the summer months. This year, the BBPB wants to add a whole new fleet of kayaks and they need volunteers who can help run the program. No experience required, and the perks are well worth the labor. (more…)

04/03/15 8:49am
hillary clinton brooklyn

Hi, Brooklyn

Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn. It was rumored, it was obliquely referred to, her team pulled their hair out over the difficulties we all have with the Brooklyn real estate market, but now the time for rumors and feverish speculation is over because the Clinton campaign has signed a lease for a campaign headquarters spot in Brooklyn Heights, according to Politico. (more…)