01/29/15 10:11am
dumbo arts festival

Go find your art somewhere else, you damn kids. via the DUMBO Arts Festival

For years, the DUMBO Arts Festival was the place to go see cool public art take over a neighborhood for a weekend, as well as chat with Walt Whitman impersonators or get your old clothes fixed in the name of art. We have to put the emphasis on the “was” now, because after 18 years, the organizers of the festival are calling it quits, telling festival fans that the huge crowds it drew raised costs to the point where they’d have to recruit larger corporate sponsors that they didn’t want involved. Sorry, everyone practicing their best Whitman. (more…)

Sorry, no plastic cookies this time

Sorry, no plastic cookies this time

If you pay any attention to the valuable lessons Michelle Obama and Cookie Monster have taught us, you know fruit and vegetables are somehow important. We hear produce helps you fight off diseases and make your plate more colorful and Instagram-worthy, so we’re for it. There’s just one issue: fruit’s kind of expensive. Luckily, there’s a stockpile of “8 to 10 boxes” of free plastic food available outside the offices at 20 Jay Street in DUMBO for anyone who wants some fake fruit, vegetables, and bread. (more…)

Make friends, win prizes!

Make friends, win prizes!

Calling all transit nerds: are you the Baroness of the B48? The Wolf of the Wall Street 2/3 station? A Franklin Avenue Shuttle shark? Or just a straphanger with a mind for useless facts? Well, you’re in luck, because the New York Transit Museum is hosting its 3rd annual Transit Trivia Night.

12/08/14 9:56am
galapagos art space

You’ll have to get your burlesque aerial acrobatic shows somewhere else now. via Facebook

In all the handwringing over one Williamsburg performance space closure after another, it was east to forget about another expensive neighborhood that used to be an artist’s haven, namely DUMBO. Surely things are going just fine over there though? Nope! The Galapagos Art Space, home to burlesque, cabaret, readings, screenings and other art events, is closing up shop and moving to Detroit. At this rate, by 2016, the only venue left in Brooklyn is gonna be the Barclays Center. (more…)

woody guthrie

Learn how the guy all your folk artist friends want to be lived

Despite all of the happy talk about how America’s economy is improving, it doesn’t really feel like it when you get your paycheck. If you’re lucky enough to even get one that is. Brooklyn has a hunger crisis, wages are stagnant and everything feels like one bad economic quarter away from getting back to hobo-heavy times in America. So, what better time to learn about Woody Guthrie’s time in New York than tonight at the Brooklyn Historical Society? At the very least, it’s a chance to luxuriate in the era when a humble folk singer with a fascist-killing guitar could still afford to live around here. (more…)

10/06/14 10:59am
squibb bridge

Just one more reason to hate winter. Photo by Julienne Schaer, via Facebook

Have you had fun bouncing on Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Squibb Bridge? Or freaking out friends by bouncing on it while they gripped the edges, clearly freaking out about the whole thing? Well, we hope you got your precious memories of that in, because according to the New York Times, the Squibb Bridge is going to be closed until the spring. Not for any big deal reason or anything, it’s just that engineers have to make sure the bridge can still actually stand instead of dropping you and your friends into traffic. Oh, maybe that is a big deal. (more…)

10/01/14 12:49pm
brooklyn heights wifi

We know, who could possibly think using the number 8 is alright? via Brooklyn Heights Blog

“Funny” WiFi names aren’t always as funny as you think they are, unless of course you can elicit a ridiculous reaction from someone with it. Which is exactly what a ridiculous bro in the Brooklyn Law School dorms on Clark Street accomplished by naming his WiFi “( . Y . ) Boobies.” A pissed-off dad emailed the above screenshot to Brooklyn Heights Blog, telling the blog this “bro nonsense” isn’t a thing “my daughter should have to see this when she comes out of the subway and checks her messages.” Of course, he mentioned that she’s a teenager, so we’d imagine that she sees worse things on an every day basis on Snapchat.

(Previously in funny WiFi names: “Lulu’s Anal Bleaching“)

Hmm...it might be time. via Flicker user James

Hmm…it might be time. via Flicker user James

You know you’re really poor when your clothes literally start falling apart while still on your back. It’s okay, we’ve all been there, and lucky for you, this weekend you can get them fixed for free at the DUMBO Arts Festival. Artist Anne Breimaier and her Mending Machine will have a booth set up through November 20, ready to sew any clothes you bring to her and as an added bonus you can call it art! (more…)

doc gooden

Show your fastball off in front of Doctor K this weekend

The Mets may have already abandoned you and your hope for a playoff berth this summer with their fifth straight losing season and the overall feeling that the earth underneath Citi Field will open up, swallowing the team whole as they fall into a bottomless, swirling abyss, but they still want to make things right. No no, not with a higher payroll or anything, don’t be silly. The team will be apologizing for committing 6 errors on Monday afternoon by hosting the Mets Jam Music Festival, at Brooklyn Bridge Park with the help of Top 40 radio mill Z100. Mets legends like Doc Gooden will be there, to hear your jokes about how they could probably make the team this year. (more…)

national dog day

Make your dog happy AND cultured by bringing her to a free reading. Photo by David Colon

Does Rover give you sad eyes each time you head out the door? We wish we could take our dogs everywhere too. Show your pooch how much you appreciate her by taking her along to a free reading on National Dog Day, August 26, at the Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital (59 Hicks Street). Your dog will be as excited for this event as she is when she sees her food bowl. (more…)