jonathan ames

You think he’d be more smiley for a guy with his own HBO show

Of all of the literary Jonathans in New York, Jonathan Ames seems like he’s the most fun. The literary gadfly, man-about-town and guy who’s never been afraid to make fun of himself or his sexual misadventures has managed to achieve success most of us would take, while still being an alright dude. Want to find out how? Well, ask him, because he’s gonna be on stage at the Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepoint Street, Brooklyn Heights) as the guest on Person, Place, Thing on July 23 which is…hey, tomorrow! (more…)

07/18/14 10:18am
dumbo public art map

See those dots? Those dots are art. Well, those dots REPRESENT art.

Do you have family or friends in town who are hectoring you about taking them out to see art in Brooklyn, but you don’t have the time because some of us have to work? Or are you just curious about the sights to see in DUMBO lately? Well hey good news, there’s a new map that was put together by Two Trees that pinpoints where DUMBO’s public art is, that you can use yourself or give to your family. The map even gives a little preview of the art, just in case you were thinking, “I don’t want to trek out and have this art be some bullshit.” (more…)

brooklyn bridge park roller rink

It’s waiting for your wheels. via Facebook

With summer in full swing Brooklyn Bridge Park is offering yet another engaging activity to the laundry list of things to do outdoors. Less than a month ago the already popular park overlooking the East River opened Piers 2 and 4, each featuring more than enough in the way of outdoor recreational space encouraging the enthusiastically active locale with more space for participating in the public sphere. On top of the already awe inspiring space tomorrow marks the grand opening of the Brooklyn Bridge Park roller skating rink, and the park is celebrating with free skating for everyone. (more…)

06/27/14 7:00am
brooklyn bridge park pop-up pool

Why swim anywhere else? Photo by Julienne Schaer, via Brooklyn Bridge Park

It’s summer, which means of course that it’s hot, damn hot. So hot that we want to hang out at Brooklyn Bridge Park and we want to swim, but we don’t have time to wait for the +POOL. Fortunately, there’s a better solution to just being hot and waiting, and that’s the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool, which opens for business (swim business) today at 10am. Why are you still reading this? Run down there to the pool! (more…)

underground thrift store

You probably can’t fit the whole rack of clothes in a bag, but hey, if you get creative… via Facebook

Sometimes you pop in to a thrift store with just the idea of grabbing a new basketball jersey or sundress, when suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed with a bunch of things you love. The only problem is that you have to pay for them all and you don’t want to do that. Well, if you’re really good at managing space, your time for thrift store hoarding has come, because on Sunday, June 29, Brooklyn Heights’ Underground Thrift Store (65 Hicks Street, at the Plymouth Church) will sell you a sack for $25 and let you fill it with all the clothes you can fit. (more…)

06/16/14 3:26pm
two trees cultural space subsidy

If this was your studio space, your art would be home by now. via Two Trees

If you know the name “Two Trees,” you probably know them as either the developer for the Domino Sugar Factory or as the real estate company that basically owns all of DUMBO. Rather than be Galactus-like world eaters all the time though, Two Treees does reach out and support the arts, and are now taking applications for well below market rate rents for artists in some of the DUMBO properties they own. (more…)

06/03/14 10:44am
books beneath the bridge

The Patti Smith appearance from 2012 still pretty much says it all. Photo by Julienne Schaer, via Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn is nothing if not literary, and we also love our parks. So it makes sense we’ve made Brooklyn Bridge Park’s outdoor summer reading series Books Beneath the Bridge successful enough the past two years that it’s coming back for 2014. So we’ve got another year of all your favorite local bookstores hosting readings at the park’s Pier 1 Granite Prospect. (more…)

05/23/14 10:02am
brooklyn bridge park

Don’t be a wallflower at Brooklyn Bridge Park now. Mostly because you’ll get hit by a ball. All photos by Tamara B. Hayes

If you’ve been down to the waterfront over the past couple of months, you have noticed some major changes in the works and gotten excited about them. Finally, a few of those upgrades are finished and now open to the public. Brooklyn Bridge Park unveiled two new sections yesterday, Pier 2 and the Pier 4 beach. The 5-acre Pier 2 is fully equipped with basket ball courts, swings, handball courts, a skating rink, shuffleboard, bocce, and the breathtaking view of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. You can also visit the Pier 4 Beach for a touch of sand between your toes. Here’s a look at what’s in store for you on your visit. (more…)

rebar dumbo

No reFunds either. Photo by Ben Yakas via Gothamist

You may have heard last week that DUMBO’s reBar closed without warning, citing a bankruptcy and massive amounts of debt. The closure was so sudden that employees showed up to work on Friday, only to be greeted with the above sign announcing the bankruptcy. Not only that, but dozens of weddings that were going to be held at the bar have no also been canceled, with no refunds for their up-front payments, usually over $10,000. Brooklyn Based has the story of one person whose wedding has been derailed and is looking to somehow recoup, but the rest of the internet has stepped up as well with a few different fundraising appeals. (more…)