01/05/16 1:23pm
The clock is ticking. Do you wan to keep hanging your art in the bathroom? Image via Facebook

The clock is ticking. Do you wan to keep hanging your art in the bathroom? Image via Facebook

Cheap art space in Brooklyn is about as hard to find as Hamilton tickets these days. Just like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip hop retelling of the man on the $10 bill, you can enter a lottery to win studio space inside Spaceworks in Gowanus. Unlike the Hamilton lottery, this one is free and you only have until 11:59pm on January 6 to apply. (more…)

12/14/15 3:44pm

He’s coming to punish the wicked, so we may as well have a drink

Between the eponymous feature film that’s currently in theaters and the previously released anthology movie A Christmas Horror Story starring one Mr. William Shatner, Krampus is having a moment. To that end, Brooklyn’s own Morbid Anatomy Museum would like to cordially invite you to celebrate Santa’s evil little helper at their annual Krampus party on Saturday, December 19.

But who is this Krampus guy, anyway? According to Joanna Ebenstein of the Morbid Anatomy museum, “Krampus is like an evil counterpart to the jolly, gift slinging bowl full of jelly that is Saint Nicholas.” She told us she first encountered a cardboard cutout of the “Christmas Devil” in a Burger King in Hungary, next to his decidedly happier. It makes sense she saw him first there, since she tells is that “the two go hand in hand in many parts of Europe, because balance: Where Santa gives, Krampus takes.” Krampus is said to collect all the naughty little children in a large basket made of reeds, then scamper back home to the netherworld. Good ol’ wholesome Christmas fun. (more…)

12/09/15 2:34pm
We are approximately this excited

We are approximately this excited

Star Wars is more than just a series of movies. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together. Or you’d at least think that based on all the hot Star Wars content around here lately, from ice cream to musicals to Machete Order celebrations of it. Well, with the premiere of The Force Awakens a mere eight days away, here’s another way to get some of that sweet space action in your life: A venue in Gowanus is doing an all-day marathon of all six Star Wars movies this Saturday that’s cheaper than the cost of a single movie ticket. (more…)

Get a handle on your fitness regime, before it's even time for resolutions. via Facebook

Get a handle on your fitness regime, before it’s even time for resolutions. via Facebook

As one of our contributors went over while putting fall on blast, as the weather gets colder, overeating due to large holiday meals really starts to ramp up (by the way don’t forget about all these holiday desserts to buy in Brooklyn and restaurants serving said large meals). What comes after that is usually a series of attempts at and lies you tell yourself and others about getting fit after New Year’s, but our question is, why wait? Not on the lying we mean, but on the attempts at fitness, because Brooklyn Boulders is throwing open their doors for an orgy of free climbing action over Thanksgiving weekend. (more…)

Spend some time with hit young Han Solo before you spend some time with old hot Han Solo

Spend some time with hit young Han Solo before you spend some time with old hot Han Solo

After all the hype and the counter-hype and the fear and the hope about what it could wind up being, we’re just one month away from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A new Stars Wars movie for the first time since Revenge of the Sith  is coming, and we should all get ready for it. What’s the best way to do it? Well you could get your costume together alone in your apartment OR you could head to Halyards every Tuesday from this week until December 15 for a screening of each film in the space saga in Machete Order. What is Machete Order? Only the nerdiest out of order way to watch all of the films, including two of the prequels. (more…)

11/03/15 2:47pm
Will you live there long enough to see this kind of transformation of the Gowanus? Probably not

Will you live there long enough to see this kind of transformation of the Gowanus? Probably not

The surest way to never have to write an essay about leaving Brooklyn is to not get the kind of traumatic brain injury that lets you think that’s a good idea. The second surest way to do that is to not leave, but that’s getting harder what with it always being expensive to live here. So it’s time to take your shot at yet another affordable apartment, this time from the Lightstone apartment project at 365 Bond Street. 86 below-market rate studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are waiting for you, provided of course you win a lottery. (more…)

10/14/15 3:16pm
We're getting the word out to help you nerd out with Pat Kiernan

We’re getting the word out, to help you nerd out with Pat Kiernan

Pat Kiernan isn’t just a beloved anchorman and TV personality. He’s also the host of his very own book trivia night at the Bell House, called Pat in the Hat. How about that? And in honor of Kiernan’s last show of 2015 next Wednesday, he’s held two shiny tickets exclusively for Brokelyn readers!

This is a great opportunity to test your wits against your fellow BK bookworms and intellectuals, not to mention Kiernan himself. Want to be our lucky winner? Cool, all you gotta do is answer Kiernan’s customized BK trivia question below. The first person to answer correctly gets the tix! (more…)

via Facebook

via Facebook

Royal Palms
514 Union Street, (Third Avenue and Nevins Street), Gowanus,
(347) 223-4410

Facebook • Twitter • Website • Instagram

What it is: All-things-Florida-themed shuffleboard court with a full bar and rotating food trucks.

Why we love it: For those of us who spent grueling family “vacations” with our grandparents in retirement homes across Florida, the prospect of going to the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Court might sound like a major trigger. Fear not! Going to the spacious Royal Palms is like the real kind of Florida vacation, heretofore depicted in daydreams and vintage postcards: aqua colored everything, flamingo wall paper in the bathrooms, shuffleboard puns and cabanas. This venue is best enjoyed in small groups so you can take advantage of your hour of court time and still have a couple people on your team’s side to chill with. Note that the courts are long and you play next to an opposing team member. It’s a great way to have some flirty competition with a work crush, while literally being on the same team as your conveniently far away boss. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, as a staff member will give you a complementary tutorial. Weekly activities range from drag queen bingo to a new monthly Funk & Soul Dance Party (finally, South Brooklyn)! Check their Facebook and Twitter periodically for one-off parties that are usually free. Even if you don’t shuffle, it’s still a great place to bring a pal and escape the cramped and pretentious bars of NYC.

What to order: As you would expect, Royal Palms specializes in fun, fruity cocktails. However, they have several craft beers on tap for your Beer Book pleasure. One of the most unusual and delightful features of this space is that the nosh is provided by a different food truck every day. A member of their delightful waitstaff will serve you drinks, so you’ll never miss a second of the game.

Regular tip: League nights are Monday and Tuesday, so don’t expect to reserve a court! Also, the guy on the scooter is a co-owner, so no snickering.

08/10/15 3:10pm

This is an actual view you can see on a boat tour of the Gowanus. Photos by Sam Corbin

The Gowanus canal has a longstanding reputation as Brooklyn’s premier dumping site (both literally and figuratively speaking). Before it was a toxic wasteland, though, the canal was a thoroughfare for burgeoning industry in Brooklyn. It’s a body of biological warfare, sure, but it also used to have a utilitarian function for the city. It’s only in recent years that the agenda has had to shift, from shuttling things across the water to staying the heck out of the water.

Last Thursday, Brokelyn went on a boat tour of the Gowanus Canal hosted by Open House New York and led by Gowanus by Design’s David Briggs and the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s Andrea Parker. Besides learning a little more about the history of the canal itself, we got to hear plenty of dirty talk—that is, plenty of tidbits about what’s really going on with the canal water. What’s up with the toxin levels? Will eating the fish kill you? Can you power your car with the canal’s oil-sweat? These questions and more were addressed by Briggs and Parker on the tour. We’ve got some choice quotes for you here below, accompanied by a slideshow of snapshots. #NoFilter; again, literally and figuratively speaking.

07/31/15 2:54pm
These people are all happy because they learned death is nothing to fear. via Morbid Anatomy Museum

These people are all happy because they learned death is nothing to fear. via Morbid Anatomy Museum

As we went over on Monday, death permeates everything surrounds us, and will eventually befall you and everything you love. In that sense, it’s nothing to fear, but it’s also such an abstract concept full of unknowns that rote acceptance is hard. So, the Morbid Anatomy Museum is here to help with Death Cafe, an event where British funeral planner Louise de Winter, a kind of Mary Poppins of death, will chat with you about any topic on death you’d like to talk about. (more…)