03/24/14 2:01pm
liza dye

You can help get Liza Dye looking this healthy again

Getting hit by a subway car is probably one of the most calamitous things that can happen to someone in New York on any given day. If you’re lucky enough to live through it, you’re gonna have a long road to recovery ahead of you. Unfortunately for Bed-Stuy comedian Liza Dye, she did get hit by a train, and while she survived it at least, she also came away with a mangled leg and big hospital bills. But Liza has good, funny friends who are trying to help her pay her medical bills, and they’ll all be at Littlefield on Thursday telling jokes for money, money that goes to Liza. (more…)

Eugene Mirman stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers the other night, and explained that since the Gowanus Whole Foods is trying to make nice with local artists, he had some paintings he’d like them to display. We’re no art critics, but we think the paintings, with names like “Couple Under A Tree Wishing They Were Biracial” and “Vegan On His Way To The Complain Store” would fit in perfectly with Whole Foods’ other ridiculous items. And as you can see below, Mirman also brought his campaign to Twitter. (more…)

brooklyn boulders

Hang out outside Brooklyn Boulders this weekend and get a deep discount. Hang out, get it? Get it? You get it. via Facebook

People seem to like Brooklyn Boulders, but one thing that no one ever likes is paying for things. We’re sure for instance, if there was a way to download a huge climbing facility from The Pirate Bay, people would do it. The next best thing though, is getting access to one really cheaply, which is what Brooklyn Boulders will give you this weekend if you’re crazy enough to show up at eight in the damn morning. But check out how cheap things will be if you show up that early: first person in line outside the store gets a free four-month spring pass. (more…)

pop up repair

Don’t throw out your iron just because it stopped working, just bring it to Film Biz Recycling. via Facebook

The first thought that people have when something breaks is to just smash it with a hammer and get a new item of the same thing. Capitalism is brutal that way. But Pop Up Repair, a group of itinerant repair people, has set up shop at Film Biz Recycling this month with the mission of fixing your broken crap for cheaper than it would cost you to get a new one. Take that, empty monstrous consumer culture! (more…)

03/12/14 2:03pm
cavalier king charles

Not the exact dog in question, but the same breed of awwww. via Flicker user Mulling It Over

If you work from home, you’re probably occasionally jealous of your friends who work in forward-thinking offices when they gush about their office dogs. But you can tell those friends to stuff it, because the perfect opportunity for the work-from-home set to have an office dog is here: a couple in Boerum Hill who will pay you $150 to $200/week to watch their two “chill snggler” Cavalier King Charles dogs every Monday through Friday. (more…)

03/11/14 11:44am
royal palms shuffleboard bingo

Murray Hill and Linda Simpson will make you feel like you’re in Palm Beach, even while it’s snowing

As struggling artists/freelancers/corporate cogs in Broketown, despite our individual goals, it’s safe to say we all share one common dream: early retirement. And while it is highly unlikely that Gowanus’ Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (514 Union Street) will in any way provide you with the financial security to flip off your boss or landlord and move to sunnier skies, you’ll be able to get a preview of your future golden years (though we all know potable water will be the REAL currency of the future) at their newly announced bingo and Mah Jong nights. (more…)

Gowanus Official Trailer from Jessica Philipps on Vimeo.

The Gowanus Canal, as we all know, is a mess of oil slicks, PCBs, doody and dolphin carcasses. But just how bad is it? A new documentary (h/t Gowanus Your Face Off), simply titled Gowanus, gets down there and explores that question, while also talking to people who seem to be fans of it. Spoiler alert: according to a quote in the trailer, “We’ve seen things in the water in Gowanus that we’ve never seen anywhere else.” (more…)

mac and cheese

Can you make it like this, or better? Prove it at the Bell House. via Flickr user smiteme

There is nothing quite as comforting in this world as mac and cheese (especially when it’s ten goddamn degrees out). Not that shit you get in a box though, ugh, come on now. No, something with real cheese, not powder, something that actually melts all over the pasta and really sits in your stomach like a rock. Can you make something like that? Then the Brooklyn Mac and Cheeze Takedown, coming in March, wants you. (more…)

02/20/14 11:15am
baby biker

Definitely looks like trouble. via Flick user JasonTromm

One great thing about Brooklyn, and New York City in general, is that you have so many awesome venues in which to celebrate things. If your apartment doesn’t have room for your baby shower, and you don’t want to do something lame like a fancy restaurant, you can just hold it at the God’s Only Demons Motorcycle Club. Sure you think a motorcycle club isn’t a traditional venue for a baby shower, but come on, there was only one murder in front the club in 2012, so why would police try to shut this place down? (more…)

02/20/14 10:15am
fixers collective

Broke something? They’ll fix it. via Facebook

Are you in possession of a light that doesn’t light, a chair which can no longer support you, or a MacBook you spilled beer coffee all over? Did you realize that you, yes you, can fix these things? With a little help from our friends at the Fixers Collective, you can repair what you’ve got tonight and in the process spare a landfill some space and your wallet some damage. (more…)