03/07/11 3:59pm

The London Souls, Monday at Brooklyn Bowl

It’s that time of the week again. That’s right, you guessed it: cheap music in Brooklyn time. Power up your Monday with a set by The London Souls at the Brooklyn Bowl. Ease your way through the week with Ayumi Ishito at Coco 66 and Druthers at Bruar Falls. Conclude the almost end of your work week with some feral DJ action at Zebulon. You know the deal, nothing more than $5. (more…)

02/28/11 11:05am

The Kickdrums, free at BK Bowl tonight

This week’s mantra is, “as always, all shows are $5 or less.”  From The Kickdrums tonight to Hallelujah on Thursday, you can say it again as you welcome in the first days of March: “as always, all shows are $5 or less.” And just in case you didn’t hear me over the prattling post-Oscar, Omigod-did-you-see-her-dress commentary likely taking place right beside your desk, “as always, all shows are $5 or less.” (more…)

02/14/11 8:52am

Viuex Farka Toure, Monday at Zebulon

This week’s diverse line up spans the luscious musical landscape, from the mountains of blues to the valleys of punk. So whip out your Metrocard or rev up your bicicletta and find the Brooklyn venue nearest you. Just remember: where love fails, cheap music forever triumphs. As always, all shows are $5 or less. (more…)

01/31/11 12:25pm

Zongo Junction, Wednesday at BK Bowl

Another week, another impending weatherpocalypse to make the winter seem like a cruel and impenetrable fortress of boringness. This week’s listing of free and cheap live music should be enough to motivate you to don those secondhand wellies and get your blood flowing with the likes of Zongo Junction, Baptist Church, Trio Geo and more. As always, all shows are $5 or less. (more…)

01/24/11 10:44am

Dreamers of the Ghetto, free at Coco66 on Thursday

As of this writing, it’s a balmy six degrees outside, and the rest of the week’s temperatures don’t look too welcoming either. Use this week’s roundup of free and cheap music in Brooklyn to help keep your ears warm. You can start by heating them frigid hands by the funky fires of The Jam Stampede at the Brooklyn Bowl on Tuesday, and follow up with free shows by the buzzy bands Ava Luna and ARMS later in the week. As always, all the shows below are just $5 or less. (more…)

01/10/11 11:55pm

Murder Mystery, free at BK Bowl on Tuesday

This week’s free and cheap music listings give you reasons to leave your apartment and slog through the foot of snow predicted for the city. From New York’s own Murder Mystery at Brooklyn Bowl to Brooklyn’s Steel Phantoms at Bruar Falls, you’ll find something to sate your musical appetite. As always, none of these shows will set you back more than $5. You’re on your own for drinks though. (more…)

12/20/10 12:07pm
chairlift, knitting factory, brooklyn music, free music brooklyn, cheap music brooklyn, brooklyn bands

Chairlift, Wednesday at the Knitting Factory

Twis the week before Christmas and all through the borough there are cheap shows to be seen. Commence your pre-holiday week with a comedic jaunt led by MC Mr. Napkins at Littlefield. Sojourn on with Kelli Scarr at Zebulon on Tuesday and then continue to Bruar Falls on Wednesday for the Food Stamps. Then for your week’s Dénouement, chill with the John McNeil Quartet  at Puppet Jazz Bar. As always, nothing more than $5. (more…)

12/13/10 11:02am

The Constellations, Wednesday night at BK Bowl

If you missed Body Language last week, they’re getting down and electric for another free show tonight at Brooklyn Bowl. Bow Ribbons is popping off with a record release show at Zebulon on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, the Constellations will bring you back to BK Bowl or head to Coco 66 for So So Santo and Able Hearts in what will surely be a stunning musical explosion. As always, nothing more than $5. (more…)

12/06/10 12:08pm
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Body Language, Monday at BK Bowl

Hungry? Make some totally non-sexually-suggestive metaphorical sandwiches with Body Language tonight at Brooklyn Bowl. Or go folk yourself with some classical guitar melodies and ambient keyboards at the Issue Project Room on the Gowanus waterfront. Stroke your bagpipe urge with the caterwauling Celtic/South East Asian ensemble group that is Blarvuster. Or finish off your week with The Ravages at Hank’s Saloon. As always, free to $5. (more…)