01/02/14 9:29am
flu shots

It’s the least wonderful time of the year. via Army Corps of Engineers’ Flickr

If you think you’ve dodged the flu bullet because you haven’t gotten sick so far, you’re wrong. Flu occurrences peak in January and February and the virus is known to hang around until May, even the summertime if you’re that unlucky. You could just try overdosing on echinacea and the unpronounceable oscillococcinum or whatever hippies do. Or you could just get yourself shot up with live cultures with a vaccine and be done with the whole thing. You don’t have to wait until there’s a run on flu shots like there is every year either, we’re here to help you get ahead of the game. (more…)

09/16/13 1:55pm
Clinton Street Barber Shop will shear you up

Clinton Street Barber Shop will shear you up

It’s inevitable, you guys are going to have to get a haircut some time. So unless you are confident in your own clipper skills or trust your drunk roommate to get the back of your head, we suggest that you pony up and find a trusted barber. Here are a few suggested barber shops in your neighborhood that will get the job done on dime and not leave you looking like Pauly D. (more…)

07/01/13 4:00pm
This sonogram might cost as much as your rent. (via flickr user Adam Piotrowski)

This sonogram might cost as much as your rent. (via flickr user Adam Piotrowski)

As if the future weren’t terrifying enough for us low-earners in this country, today the New York Times reminded readers that being a pregnant low-earner is pretty much the worst thing ever. Even with health insurance, the cost of pregnancy can be astronomical, with deductibles and costs of service going up and up. And if you’re not insured, well, good luck with that $1,000 sonogram. (more…)

06/27/13 9:28am
Yep. (via flickr user me-myself-i)

Yep. (via flickr user me-myself-i)

Want to drop a couple pounds for beach season? Can’t afford to join a gym? Dying to party with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz? Well, you’re in luck: the BBP’s office is hosting a new initiative called “Lighten Up Brooklyn,” and it’s offering free fitness classes to locals looking to get into shape this summer. (more…)

04/02/13 8:08am
Let's get physical. Fiscally physical.

Let’s get physical. Fiscally physical.

I’ve been getting around — with fitness centers in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan, that is. In two months I have been with six different gyms. While I was with some for as long as a month, others were completely shameless one-day stands.

On New Year’s Day I received an e-mail from New York Sports Club, which, like an ex-boyfriend, was begging to have me back, and offering a deal as incentive: Thirty days for $30. Was I willing to get back with an ex for a dollar a day? You bet I was. The trick would be avoiding a commitment to this relationship, which would cost $70 a month if I joined after the trial. On day 30, an employee asked if I was interested in joining. I shrugged and told her I couldn’t afford it. What can I say, NYSC? It’s not you, it’s me.

Plus, this is New York, a city of opportunity. There must be promotions and free trials at every gym, and no-one would ever know if I took advantage of every one. With an impudent grin, I got on my MacBook and started googling.Here is my guide to promiscuous free gym trials in and around Brooklyn. (more…)

02/18/13 8:51am


Pucker up, broke people! Are your lips cracked up like mine are every winter? If they ARE then you’re in luck, I have a super-soothing lip balm remedy for you. And wait! Before you note that, you always buy lip balm and then put it in a pocket of one coat and then put your other coat on and then there’s no lip balm in your pocket when you need it – I have the solution to that problem too. This DIY lip balm recipe is quick and allows you to make enough for every bag and pocket in your possession. Just call me Ms. Fix-Your-Lips-For-the-Winter. Well actually, don’t because you’re going to do it yourself. (more…)

02/13/13 12:59pm
Are the president's naps more important than yours?

Are the president’s naps more important than yours?

Watching the State of the Union last night while playing your Poland Spring drinking game, you noticed the prez up the ante on minimum wage, proposing to hike it to $9 an hour, which is even more than New York’s Gov. Cuomo was seeking, which is kinda nice when you consider how many laid off professionals end up doing crap jobs for vomit pay these days. And there was talk about overall economic stability, and increasing American output by stealing Apple jobs from struggling Taiwanese workers. But where was the real talk of progressive reform that our nation’s overburdened and overloaded workers are demanding? We’re talking the third rail of office politics: Naps. Naps, not apps! What do we want? “A place to lie down for a few minutes!” When do we want it? ”Sometime around 2:30 would be great!”

We need them, now more than ever, as described in this New York Times story from last week about how relaxation increases productivity. And part of that relaxation is, of course, the simple nap, which does so very much for us, says Science: (more…)

11/01/12 3:09pm

Via Tumblr.

Gawker points us to the latest incidence of New Yorkers doing good for one another in the wake of the storm: Dr. Dave Ores who, despite the janky sign, is a for-real doc on the LES.

I’m open today if I can help anyone. Until 6 pm. Spread the word. Thanks. 189 east 2nd street btw A and B 

He’s also is handing out food:

Could use help assembling sandwiches… And handing them out tomorrow..out of a local closed restaurant. 189 east 2nd street 1 pm between A and B. Friday….. Spread the word. Could use 3 or 4 people.

10/18/12 7:21am

They wanna paint you up. Well, not these guys, but the stylists do. via Soul Culture

If you’ve been looking to drastically alter your appearance on the cheap, hopefully you’ve been reading the site lately. On the heels of our news about free Sailor Jerry tattoos comes word from the Twitters that swanky haircuttery The Parlour Brooklyn is looking for hair models for a hairpainting class. If you’ve got virgin, untouched hair or roots that are least 4 inches long, email info@theparlourbrooklyn.com to throw your head in the ring. As we’ve gone over before, you won’t necessarily get to do whatever you like with your hair, but free is free and you’ll be helping stylists perfect their craft for future customers. So it’s also a good deed too.

10/08/12 10:19am

Which one smells like hot garbage?

We have perhaps run out of niche foods to pasturesmith in Brooklyn — in the past month alone we heard about an artisanal olive oil store and a small-batch artisan bouillon company — so now we’re turning to beauty products. The Brooklyn Grooming Company claims to be Brooklyn’s “first and only men’s grooming line” that is as small-batch, handcranked, vegan, organically sourced as your average jar of fancy mayonnaise these days.

The company makes three Brooklyn flavors of beard oil (of which, as a 31-year-old dude with a beard, I am not entirely sure the purpose): There’s the Fort Greene, which smells “fresh and alive;” Red Hook, which smells like bay rum; and Williamsburg, which smells like three different kinds of wood. (more…)