06/24/16 1:04pm
Transmitter Park in Greenpoint is one of the places to catch free outdoor yoga this summer. Via goodyoga.

Transmitter Park in Greenpoint is one of the places to catch free outdoor yoga this summer. Via goodyoga.

It’s a stressful time in the world right now, what with a Brexit shaking up the world economy and a somber Pride weekend kicking off, not to mention the overstuffed man suit alien Men in Black currently running for president as a Republican. On top of all that, you have your job, which maybe doesn’t give you as much outside or active time as you’d like to have this summer.

The good news is you can de-stress yourself for free before, after and during work all summer long thanks to a big selection of free yoga classes around Brooklyn, most of them outdoors too. You can get up early to do a lotus pose in Prospect Park, pop by BRIC for a free lunch stretch accompanied by music or check out the Navy Yard’s new boardwalk/landscape to do some downward facing dog after you clock out. Here’s how to do free yoga nearly every day of the week this summer. (more…)

06/22/16 3:48pm
Be body positive without going cash negative: Free summer workouts you can do today

We don’t have a muscle beach in NYC, but any beach can be a muscle beach with these workout tips.

Maybe your New Year’s resolution didn’t work out as planned. Maybe the mild winter didn’t mean you exercised more. And maybe last year’s swimsuit is looking like one of those strings people wrap around ham before roasting it.

If running to catch the G is no longer cutting it and you’ve exhausted the city’s free gym trials, never fear; we’ve put together a guide to quintessential workouts for the busy brokester that’ll help quickly you get your beach body (whatever that means for you; we’re body positive here, and also free-stuff positive!) with still plenty of time to enjoy the summer. And if our all-day workout is just too rigorous for you, scroll on down to the bottom for suggested free activities to get in shape. (more…)

03/17/16 3:25pm
This is actually a very seriously smart plan. Credit: DNAinfo

This is actually a very seriously smart plan. Credit: DNAinfo

Ever since they added a bar to their space to cater to the drinking populace of North Brooklyn, Greenpoint’s Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball has been making headlines almost weekly. It’s a practical date spot! It’s a uniquely vintage mainstay in a changing neighborhood! It’s one of the main reasons Chris Gethard didn’t move to LA! The laundromat made the news again this morning, when DNAinfo found that owner Pete Rose put Plan B and pregnancy tests in their vending machines, alongside the candy bars.

Apparently, Rose intended “purely for entertainment purposes.” He was browsing the aisles of CVS when, as he recalled to DNAinfo, “I saw [the PlanB] and thought, ‘That doesn’t belong in a vending machine,’ and so I bought some.”

Color me humorless, but I don’t get the joke. In fact, I think it’s a seriously great idea. There are tampon and pad dispensers in most public restrooms in America, and smart schools in NYC are going so far as to offer them for free to students. But bleeding into your underwear isn’t nearly as terrible (or difficult to resolve, I mean, it’s called toilet paper) as an unplanned pregnancy. So why shouldn’t we be able to buy Plan B in vending machines? (more…)

02/03/15 10:09am
Fly 45

Pretend that you’re a rich Upper West Side mom with a great post-baby bod with a Flywheel session through ClassPass.

New Yorkers love the new and the next, from restaurants to bands to workouts. So when I heard about ClassPass last spring, I was intrigued. The NYC-based offers a $79-$99/month passport to the fitness classes around the city. The membership gains you unlimited access to hundreds of gyms and studios in the New York area (even Hoboken!), with activities ranging from boxing and boot camps to spinning and pilates. The only catch is that you’re limited to three classes at an individual studio per month, so no matter how much you love the dance-like-Beyonce class, you’ll have to get your fix elsewhere until your next cycle. It seemed like an antidote to every gym excuse out there: proximity to work and my apartment, not having the right equipment, not open early or late enough, and the drag of falling into a workout rut. After my first week of classes, I’ve never looked back.

While ClassPass truly lets you become a fitness junkie, with some members taking more than one class on a daily basis, I try to set more personally attainable goals. A four-class weekly routine makes me feel like Sporty Spice while getting a balanced diet of kickboxing, spinning and yoga. As a mini-adventure, I always reserve a weekly slot to try something I’m afraid of, like tango or traveling above 42nd Street. Not only does it keep things interesting–it inspires my mind while teaching my body about muscles I never knew I had. Take a peek behind the scenes of some of my favorite classes, and discover just how many ways there are to sweat in this city, besides chugging a marg mid-July at Habana Outpost. (more…)

01/02/14 9:29am
flu shots

It’s the least wonderful time of the year. via Army Corps of Engineers’ Flickr

If you think you’ve dodged the flu bullet because you haven’t gotten sick so far, you’re wrong. Flu occurrences peak in January and February and the virus is known to hang around until May, even the summertime if you’re that unlucky. You could just try overdosing on echinacea and the unpronounceable oscillococcinum or whatever hippies do. Or you could just get yourself shot up with live cultures with a vaccine and be done with the whole thing. You don’t have to wait until there’s a run on flu shots like there is every year either, we’re here to help you get ahead of the game. (more…)

09/16/13 1:55pm
Clinton Street Barber Shop will shear you up

Clinton Street Barber Shop will shear you up

It’s inevitable, you guys are going to have to get a haircut some time. So unless you are confident in your own clipper skills or trust your drunk roommate to get the back of your head, we suggest that you pony up and find a trusted barber. Here are a few suggested barber shops in your neighborhood that will get the job done on dime and not leave you looking like Pauly D. (more…)

07/01/13 4:00pm
This sonogram might cost as much as your rent. (via flickr user Adam Piotrowski)

This sonogram might cost as much as your rent. (via flickr user Adam Piotrowski)

As if the future weren’t terrifying enough for us low-earners in this country, today the New York Times reminded readers that being a pregnant low-earner is pretty much the worst thing ever. Even with health insurance, the cost of pregnancy can be astronomical, with deductibles and costs of service going up and up. And if you’re not insured, well, good luck with that $1,000 sonogram. (more…)

06/27/13 9:28am
Yep. (via flickr user me-myself-i)

Yep. (via flickr user me-myself-i)

Want to drop a couple pounds for beach season? Can’t afford to join a gym? Dying to party with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz? Well, you’re in luck: the BBP’s office is hosting a new initiative called “Lighten Up Brooklyn,” and it’s offering free fitness classes to locals looking to get into shape this summer. (more…)

04/02/13 8:08am
Let's get physical. Fiscally physical.

Let’s get physical. Fiscally physical.

I’ve been getting around — with fitness centers in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan, that is. In two months I have been with six different gyms. While I was with some for as long as a month, others were completely shameless one-day stands.

On New Year’s Day I received an e-mail from New York Sports Club, which, like an ex-boyfriend, was begging to have me back, and offering a deal as incentive: Thirty days for $30. Was I willing to get back with an ex for a dollar a day? You bet I was. The trick would be avoiding a commitment to this relationship, which would cost $70 a month if I joined after the trial. On day 30, an employee asked if I was interested in joining. I shrugged and told her I couldn’t afford it. What can I say, NYSC? It’s not you, it’s me.

Plus, this is New York, a city of opportunity. There must be promotions and free trials at every gym, and no-one would ever know if I took advantage of every one. With an impudent grin, I got on my MacBook and started googling.Here is my guide to promiscuous free gym trials in and around Brooklyn. (more…)

02/18/13 8:51am


Pucker up, broke people! Are your lips cracked up like mine are every winter? If they ARE then you’re in luck, I have a super-soothing lip balm remedy for you. And wait! Before you note that, you always buy lip balm and then put it in a pocket of one coat and then put your other coat on and then there’s no lip balm in your pocket when you need it – I have the solution to that problem too. This DIY lip balm recipe is quick and allows you to make enough for every bag and pocket in your possession. Just call me Ms. Fix-Your-Lips-For-the-Winter. Well actually, don’t because you’re going to do it yourself. (more…)