04/04/16 4:17pm
The seats are cleaner and the cell service is better. Devyn Caldwell / Flickr

The seats are cleaner and the cell service is better. Devyn Caldwell / Flickr

Somehow, even though it’s not actually happening until 2018, the coming L train shutdown remains the buzziest topic in the borough. And just when you thought things were dying down, the Wall Street Journal announced yesterday that the L might have to shut down on the Manhattan side too, and everyone’s up in arms again.

In light of this ongoing media fear-mongering — which has caused arguably the worst case of seasonal creep we’ve ever seen — we feel it’s high time we remind you that BUSES WORK, TOO. They may not be as frequently immortalized in film, or as reviled for gropers, or as romanticized in Patti smith novels, but city buses are just as functional, and way more reliable, than subways. How? Let us count the ways. (more…)

02/02/16 4:00pm
From Citibikes to sewer swims, these travel options all beat Uber by a mile. More than a mile, really

From Citibikes to the sewage system, these travel options are all completely viable and mostly safe

It’s almost laughable that Uber’s recent strike is garnering such widespread support, considering how frequently their service comes under fire. It was only a month ago that their absurd New Years’ surge pricing incensed riders around the city. What’s more, basic stats have already proved that Uber is never actually be cheaper than a taxi.

But if you’re really still hung up on the lack of Uber cars trolling the city in the hopes that you’ll hail them, take heart: Brokelyn’s rounded up a number of alternative ways to get around, and it’s not just with hailing apps — which, by the way, can be used for any number of taxicabs and car services in the city. Our roundup caters to the Brooklyn populace specifically, and there’s sure to be something on this list that works for you.  (more…)

02/02/15 1:11pm
dollar vans

Not the place you want to suddenly have to dole out relationship advice. Still, fun!

Recently, while already late to work, I opted to take a dollar van instead of a bus. It means paying a second time for the train, but I needed get the Long Island Rail Road which only comes once an hour, so drivers who even vaguely pay attention to traffic laws weren’t going to cut it. Little did I know my desperate attempt to catch a train would be almost derailed by the driver’s emotional breakdown. (more…)

01/14/14 2:58pm
No need to move faster than a stroll on the L train platform.

L train, always on time, now will be there when you, ah, check your phone. via rooseveltislander.blogspot.com

As if L Train riders weren’t spoiled enough already, with their consistently low wait times (at least, compared to those of us on the G) and countdown clocks in the station, here’s another perk: the L is now the first of the lettered trains to be added onto the smart phone app Subway Time, according to Metro NY. While other apps have shown you the scheduled time before, this one actually lets you know where the train really is, not where it’s supposed to be. (more…)

07/12/13 8:38am
Always wear a helmet. And a Knicks jersey. Photo by Mary Dorn

Remember: always wear a helmet. And a Knicks jersey. Photo by Mary Dorn

So we’ve had Citi Bike for a little over a month, and we’ve seen people call it a communist/Muslim plot against New York, offshoot Hasidic Jews ask for it, people protest the aesthetics of a moving ad, jerks dump garbage on it and oh, almost 100,000 people sign up for memberships. But, how does the damn thing work as a bike, as opposed to a political football? Great question! The answer is…it’s alright, kind of. If you don’t have a bike. (more…)

07/02/13 3:46pm
Sure, the Lower East Side, home of all he cheap stuff.

Sure, the Lower East Side, home of all the cheap stuff.

If you work in food service, you know that Yelp can be a ton of BS. Foodier-than-thou reviewers blaming servers for the mistakes of the kitchen (and vice versa), and multiple haughty empty threats to take business elsewhere. But let’s be real about one thing: we’re still using it, aren’t we? So as everyone comes within an inch of getting fired over a misinformed customer review, Yelp keeps rolling out all this fun interactive crap that we can’t stop using. Presenting the Yelp Wordmap, which creates an ever-changing map of hotspots according to the number of reviews that mention certain buzzwords, such as “cheap,” “hipster,” and “PBR.” (more…)

06/19/13 3:28pm
Oddly enough, this iconic ODB mural is not on the map. via Flickr user Hobo Matt

Oddly enough, this iconic ODB mural is not on the map. via Flickr user Hobo Matt

Brooklyn has a long and proud hip-hop tradition, everyone knows that. But aside from downloading buying Notorious B.I.G. albums and blasting them loudly, how can you pay the proper respects to the people who dominated the game so hard for so long? Well, you could always go by where they hung out and grew up and leave a little incense shrine. And now thanks to Fuse’s hip hop map of Brooklyn, that idea can be a reality. A ridiculous and strange reality. (more…)

04/25/13 2:30pm
Free WiFi Stations in NYC

Useful to Brooklynites? Only if your soul belongs to Midtown

If you’re one of the schlubs like me who has to take the train into Midtown for work, then you have probably seen these janky blue cardboard signs pasted onto various subway entrances advertising free wifi at the station. No, this isn’t some kind of crude underground (har har) art experiment. There really is free wifi at these stations, thanks to Governor Cuomo and something called HT CONE. Can’t keep track of where all the stations are? There’s a handy map now. (more…)

12/06/12 1:00pm

Why pay $2.25 when you can pay $2? via The Rumpus

Brooklynites are a hardy and intuitive bunch who aren’t afraid to jump on an MTA bus, unlike our cousins to the west. We’re also broke, and with new fare hikes on the way it might be time to give that bike some serious consideration. No bike? Don’t fret because a reliable bus alternative has existed in Brooklyn for decades: the dollar van. (more…)

06/20/12 11:57am

School's out for summah on the Rockabus.

On Sunday, I took the aptly named Rockabus from Williamsburg to Rockaway Beach to spend my hangover baking in the sun. While the trip was free  as part of a launch promotion, the regular price for the new bus service is $10 one way and $18 round trip. Worth it?

This much I can say: Rockaway is definitely worth the day trip, or several, with its supply of seaside snacks and hang-ten amenities. While the Hipster Hamptons rep may be overstated, the demographic does skew pretty young, with a lot of twenty-something floppy hat wearers and even younger hardcore surfers. The average beachcomber was sporting at least one tattoo, and while ordinarily I would say the coast was pretty quiet and family friendly, two girls did get chewed out by Parks & Rec for having their Ts out, until they cited that law safeguarding topless women in New York. (more…)