12/16/16 11:55am
Left image by  Zoe Beloff, right image by Crys Yin.

Left image by Zoe Beloff, right image by Crys Yin.

Much like the state of war in 1984, the state of protesting for the next four years will begin to feel ever present, having no discernible middle or end, a constant underlying sense that we must have always been protesting, we must always be protesting. We’ll keep listing protest events and other anti-Trump fundraisers as they pop up, but today we bring you some news of some free anti-Trump protest art so you can ditch that poorly spaced, hand-drawn cardboard sign.

Arts and culture blog HyperAllergic tells us about several Brooklyn artists who are giving away original free, downloadable protest images that you can use as signs, banners, buttons, stickers or print on a T-shirt. Not only are the messages strong, the art is great too.  (more…)

05/03/16 10:55am
This boat can be yours, for the small price of taking the elderly dad who owns it fishing.

This boat can be yours, for the small price of taking the elderly dad who owns it fishing.

During rainy spring weeks like this, it may seem like there’s nothing to do except mope around between home and work and home again, praying for the sun to come out. And sure, there’s Netflix while you wait. There’s Seamless, too. But as you might’ve heard, we hate New York softies who retreat into their dens of convenience when the going gets tough. It’s times like these you ought to be slip-and-sliding in a bathing suit through the rain-filled streets, thanking your lucky stars you picked a place to live where the city DGAF if you do weird shit like erect a street memorial for recently-deceased TV characters or ride a horse down a main street’s bike lane.

In that spirit, here’s a free yacht we found on Craigslist.

The “Tee Gee & Two” is the perfect way to conquer the borough’s sewage-colored seas this season, rain or shine. Get a head start on avoiding summer regret by hauling this baby out onto the Hudson. You can motor over to a floating farmer’s market, or just laugh at all the land-bound chumps on Wall Street from the seaport. Best of all? The “elderly dad” who’s giving this yacht away will help you fix it right up if you take him fluke fishing on it.  (more…)

07/02/15 9:14am
Aw, look, the bike is trying to boulder. via Ride Brooklyn's Facebook

Aw, look, the bike is trying to boulder. via Ride Brooklyn’s Facebook

Huzzah, weather for the 4th is slated to be sunny and BBQ-ready! And chances are, you’ve got more than one BBQ to hit up this weekend. Now it’s time to get your two-wheeled commute ready, courtesy of the folks over at Ride Brooklyn! They’re setting up shop at Brooklyn Boulders this Saturday morning, and offering free tune-ups to climbers. (more…)

06/05/15 12:27pm
A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Facebook

A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Dough’s Facebook

People. I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever you are doing – STOP. Get your butt out the door and experience the best day of all: National Donut Day.

Every doughnut shop plays by their own rules, so keep reading to find the best deal in town for you and your doughnut needs.

Krispy Kreme– $Free.99! (In case, that didn’t read the doughnuts are free!)

Dunkin Donuts– Free donut with coffee purchase. I may or may not have already consumed two coffees and two jelly filled this morning…

Dun Well Doughnuts – Free doughnut with purchase of espresso drink. Don’t let the ‘vegan doughnut place’ deter you because their doughnuts are stupidly delicious you won’t be able to tell the difference. And if you can, you have the world’s most refined taste buds.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop– $1.10 donuts all day everyday. Basically, everyday is Donut Day. Tip: make sure to call ahead because they sell out of donuts multiply times a day. Don’t worry! They are replenished, but to avoid a wait, or to place an order, call ahead!

Dough– Be careful with this one Brokesters. Today Dough is featuring their Matcha (green tea) sugar doughnut. (Fun Fact: Dough revealed this doughnut in Japan at a food expo, and the demand for it was so high they decided to bring it home to the states. Thanks guys!) The fun doesn’t stop there; today, if you buy 6 Doughnuts, you can enter your name in a lottery to win FREE DOUGHNUTS FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Gourmet Guild– Get your doughnut loving self to GG for BK Poppers. “Oh, what are those,” you say? Doughnut holes. For $.75 a pop.

Happy Friday, ya’ll and get your sugar high with god’s single greatest gift to man: the Donut.

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05/12/15 10:56am
Sure, it's only gonna be this big. But who cares? via flickr user Il Primo Uomo.

Sure, it’s only gonna be this big. But who cares? It’s free. via flickr user Il Primo Uomo.

It’s gonna be hot today. Like swamp-ass-inducing, chocolate-in-your-purse-melting hot. And since our concrete jungle has all those hard surfaces reflecting heat down onto the unsuspecting public, you’re probably going to need a way to cool down at some point. Lucky for you, it’s free cone day at Haagen-Dazs today! And double-lucky for you, there are participating store locations in Brooklyn. (more…)

04/02/15 9:43am
Are you ready, kids? Festive, fun and oh-so free. via Craigslist

Are you ready, kids? Festive, fun and oh-so free. via Craigslist

One of the worst things about adulthood is that nobody lets you onto the bouncy castle anymore. You’re just supposed to be this serious adult who scoffs at the idea of physical leisure and much would rather do taxes. (I actually heard a kid in Chinatown yesterday joking with his friends by yelling, “I’ve gotta go to Chase bank, because that’s where my account is!”) But since someone’s giving away this Spongebob Squarepants bouncy castle on Craigslist, you can finally throw caution and judgment to the wind. Now you can bounce to your heart’s content, under the approving eyes of everyone’s favorite kitchen sponge sea sponge!  (more…)

fun in the snow: not just for kids anymore. via Twitter user Rachel Berkowitz (@rachel)

Fun in the snow: not just for the kids anymore. via Twitter user Rachel Berkowitz (@rachel)

[UPDATE: A Parks Department spokesperson tells us they decided not to offer the sleds and hot chocolate today after all. Sorry all]

The snow may have stopped falling, but there’s still a whole white mess on the ground to play with! And if you’re not already out of the house, you must be doing Snowpocalypse 2015 wrong. We’re way past the “I haven’t had brunch yet” excuse; and hey, look at us, we’re up and blogging, aren’t we? The NYC Parks Department figured you’d be too lazy to make up your mind about how to spend the day, so they’re making it easy for you by offering free sleds and hot chocolate in Fort Greene Park all afternoon! (more…)

01/26/15 11:29am
Tastes enough like meat that you'll wonder if it actually is.

Tastes enough like meat that you’ll wonder if it actually is.

The city might be gearing up for a snowpocalypse at the moment, but don’t let that distract you from the important things. For instance, you have about three hours to snag your free Chipotle burrito before the entire city implodes in a cloud of powdery snow. What’s that? You haven’t heard about the burrito chain’s big push to bring its Sofritas vegan burrito to the masses? Well, the deal is, you buy one of their new tofu-based gut-bombs and you can get another free burrito of any type in the future. The only catch? You have to eat tofu and you can only use your voucher between tomorrow and February 28. (more…)

09/03/14 3:33pm
new york restoration project

Trees! Trees for you to enjoy! via Facebook

A tree grows in Brooklyn, with your help of course! Who says New York is a concrete jungle without enough greenery? This year marks year 7 of MillionTreesNYC’s free tree giveaway. That’s right, free fruit trees for you to take home and plant at home or at a community garden, to take care of, raise as your own beautiful child, and literally enjoy the fruits of your labor! (more…)

02/14/14 8:53am
de la soul

These dudes aren’t ego trippin’

90s nostalgia is all around us, and while some curmudgeons among you might think that’s not a universally great thing, it does have some benefits. For instance, remembering that De La Soul is great, even if you were too young to appreciate them on their first go-round. So whether you were a fan from the beginning or had to age into good taste, it’s exciting news that De La Soul will put their whole catalog online for free for 25 hours, starting today at 11am on their website. (more…)