03/21/17 9:19am
A wealth of clean dirt! Don't get too attached to that barrel though

A wealth of clean dirt! Don’t get too attached to that barrel though

We are fairly certain the space-time continuum has been breached by the paradox proposed in this Craigslist post: the concept of “clean dirt” has been introduced, my fellow god-fearing Americans, and it’s unclear what this means for logic as we’ve known it.

While the OP may have just been trying to give away some of his clearly bountiful soil collection, he has instead undermined the entire English language. (more…)

04/02/15 9:43am
Are you ready, kids? Festive, fun and oh-so free. via Craigslist

Are you ready, kids? Festive, fun and oh-so free. via Craigslist

One of the worst things about adulthood is that nobody lets you onto the bouncy castle anymore. You’re just supposed to be this serious adult who scoffs at the idea of physical leisure and much would rather do taxes. (I actually heard a kid in Chinatown yesterday joking with his friends by yelling, “I’ve gotta go to Chase bank, because that’s where my account is!”) But since someone’s giving away this Spongebob Squarepants bouncy castle on Craigslist, you can finally throw caution and judgment to the wind. Now you can bounce to your heart’s content, under the approving eyes of everyone’s favorite kitchen sponge sea sponge!  (more…)

05/22/13 3:45pm
With a cover like this, how could you NOT want it? (via bizweekdesign's flickr)

With a cover like this, how could you NOT want it? (via bizweekdesign’s flickr)

In case you haven’t noticed, the city is filled with a lot of rich people, many of whom are perhaps far savvier businessmen and women than we oft-unemployed Me-Me-Me Millennials. And, as oft-unemployed Me-Me-Me Millennials, we welcome their financial advice (well, maybe not these guys’ advice), encouragement and any other well-intentioned helping hand. But isn’t there a better way to help us out than with a tongue-in-cheek free subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek, complete with snarky little notes to remind us of what economic wastes we all are? (more…)

04/29/13 8:49am
Goo goo g'joob

Goo goo g’joob

Love making omelettes but hate the act of actually breaking the eggs? That’s uh, a little weird, but OK, whatever. You’re in luck, because a Bushwick artist has an offer for you:

I have gallons of fresh egg whites and yellows (not separate from each other). I’m using the shells for an art installation and removing the insides with a pump. They are safe to eat and clean an sanitary and I have way more eggs than I know what to do with

So many questions. There’s a pump for that? Is this part of Bushwick Open Studios? Is this whole offer just more art? And hidden in the offer is the fact that the eggs must be stored in something like tupperware or another container, so presumably you get that for free too.

04/19/13 11:26am
Free compost from the city. Source: BIG!NYC

Free compost from the city. Source: BIG!NYC

Last year we reported that the city will subsidize your home compost bin. What most people don’t know is that the city also runs a massive compost program that diverts thousands of tons of food and yard waste away from landfills. Most of that compost goes to improving city property and community gardens and organizations. But unless you built your own bin, if you’ve wanted to get in on that composting action, you were out of luck. But not now. BIG!NYC points out that the Department of Sanitation will give you free bags of city compost and mulch as long as you use them to beautify public trees lining the street. Those oases of bark and dirt along the sidewalks easily suffer from rainwater runoff, uncurbed dogs, and sheer neglect. With a load of compost and mulch, a weekend afternoon, and a couple of friends, you can finally fix up that shabby patch of dirt outside your apartment — for free!

Seriously hoping it's just eight boxes of Lawrence Welk

Seriously hoping it’s just eight boxes of Lawrence Welk

Last time we had a Craigsist freebie it was definitely of the “less than useful but funny” variety. Unless of course you actually own a VCR and like tracking lines on your movies. And while today’s offering is a similarly aged technology, the product has little more cultural cachet than VHS tapes. Want 8 boxes of records? They’re all yours. There’s a catch or two though… (more…)

12/14/12 5:30pm
Free Milk cookies tomorrow. Bring your own milk.

Free Milk cookies tomorrow. Bring your own milk.

In much, much more comforting news, you can get some free cookies tomorrow, just for showing up and beng alive. If you’re out and about in Williamsburg or Fort Greene and want to eat something life-affirming, Christina Tosi and her mom will be driving the Momofuku Milk Bar truck around, handing out free cookies. After a few stops in the early part of the day in Manhattan, the sweetsmobile will roll across the Williamsburg Bridge around 3:30 for a stop at Bedford Ave & North 7th followed by Fort Greene Park around 4:50. Follow @AmericanExpress for live updates on the truck’s location throughout the day.

10/26/12 7:51am

Send us an Angel to steal us a taco. via MLB

If case you weren’t watching Game 2 of the World Series last night, you missed a taut pitcher’s duel that put the San Francisco Giants two wins away from their second championship in three years. You also missed centerfielder (and former Met) Angel Pagan stealing second base, which triggered Taco Bell’s “Steal a taco” promotion, in which a stolen base in the World Series  won every American man, woman and child a free Doritos Locos Taco, to be given away next Tuesday, October 30 between 2pm and 6pm. (more…)

09/28/12 10:12am

Coffee really does stunt your growth: that’s a 45 year-old man. Via Baby Metoxen

Are you a “don’t touch me until I’ve had my morning coffee” kind of person? Hah, trick question. We all are! Until Sigmund Freud climbs out of his grave and gives impassioned testimony in front of Congress on the benefits of cocaine, coffee is all we have to get us through the day, alert and chewing on our pens with nervous energy. Fortunately, today is National Coffee Day. Originally started to bring attention to the plight of small coffee farmers, it now exists to bring some relief to the under-caffeinated masses with free coffee from a few chains. (more…)