07/01/15 4:01pm
Oh wait, never mind, these people look miserable. Via Craigslist

Oh wait, never mind, these people look miserable. Via Craigslist

Hello, Brooklynites, and happy Wednesday to you all! I’d like to issue a message specifically to the unhappily employed out there in our fine borough: I am envious of you. My job of sniffing out the best employment opportunities in NYC has never been easier, and if I wasn’t so happily employed at the completely-not-made-of-cardboard offices of Brokelyn I’d be racing to snap all of these jobs up as quickly as I could. Fortunately, if you are job-deficient, or even just annoyed by your boss’s pronunciation of “banal”, then the stars have aligned for you, since it has never been easier to get a job that makes you the least ba-nal person in the room. (more…)

06/30/15 2:44pm

Bierleichen is waiting for its beer corpses.

Putting together the Queens Beer Book introduced us to a whole new set of bars and breweries beyond our borough’s borders. One of the standouts is Ridgewood’s Bierleichen, a German-style beer garden and heavy metal bar that opened its friendly hell gates to beer and brat lovers in April. The bar’s name literally means “beer corpses,” a reference to the Oktoberfest enthusiasts who go a little overboard and get so drunk, they migrate to grassy knolls to pass out, subsequently looking like beer-bellied dead people.

To give our readers a better idea of what it’s like to hang out there, we’ve bartered via ritual sacrifice to get our hands on this Spotify playlist of the Top 10 Metal Drinking Songs from Bierleichen’s owners. (more…)

06/09/15 11:34am
Sean Rameswaram on the mic. Photo by Amy Pearl via WNYC

Sean Rameswaram on the mic. Photo by Amy Pearl via WNYC

Ever look around on the train and see everybody with headphones on? And do you ever wonder what it is they’re listening to? For a (growing) number of people, the answer is a podcast. Freely available for downloading and perfectly timed to while away the morning commute, the podcast is the 21st-century progressive’s ideal diversion/binge listen. At best, they’re stimulating, gripping and hilarious. At worst, they’re rambling, indulgent and banal. Audio content has utterly reinvented the culture of American storytelling.

By now you’re nodding and saying, yeah, yeah, I know all this already. How do I make my own? Don’t you worry, we’re getting there. We talked to professionals in the business who had a lot to say on the subject—Anna Sale of Death, Sex & MoneySean Rameswaram of Sideshow, and Stephen Metcalf of Culture Gabfest (more…)

03/25/15 8:23am
Magazines about what's in right now are so in right now. Via NYLON

Magazines about what’s in right now are so in right now. Via NYLON

Brooklyn is a big place, and getting bigger every day, since random boroughs are rapidly becoming annexed by deranged real estate agents. Point is, if you’re looking for something out there, you’re likely to find it, whether it be a significant other who likes home-brewing and needlepoint rap lyrics as much as you do, or finding a place where you can get a damn whiskey coke without judgement and under 7 bucks. More than anything, though, it means that if you’re looking for an awesome job involving doing what you love, it could only be mere stops on the G train away. Which is to say, several hours. But the ride will be worth it once you find yourself breaking out of your boring desk job and expressing your inner dancer/sommelier/poet/psychopath!