06/22/16 1:40pm
The Ghostedbusters (L to R): Emily Fleming, Marie Cecile Anderson, Sharron Paul and Jackie Zebrowski.

The Ghostedbusters (L to R): Sharron Paul, Marie Cecile Anderson, Emily Fleming and Jackie Zebrowski.

We call it “ghosting” when someone you’ve dated/hooked up with drunkenly a few times (same thing amiright) stops texting you back because you wonder if they’ve died or otherwise transitioned to the spirit realm where fingers no longer exist. Usually they’re not dead, of course, and then you catch this person Instagramming their brunch and you’re like, “THAT WAS OUR THING!!” Do you ever wish you could dispatch a task force to find out exactly what the hell happened that led someone to disappear on you?

That’s the premise of the new comedy web series Ghostedbustersin which a foursome of investigators, played by local comedians, takes on cases of ghosting to hunt down the perpetrators. Instead of shooting proton lasers and forcing them into a tiny trap, they shoot questions at them and force them into awkward situations.

Co-creators Emily Fleming and Marie Cecile Anderson were inspired by trailers for the new Ghostbusters movie due out next month, and also by their own real-life romantic frustrations.

“We both had just hit a wall with guys we are dating. For me, there were several different situations of being ghosted,” Anderson said. “It just hit us: this is the perfect time. We just looked at each other like, ‘Oh my god, we have to do Ghostedbusters.’ ”

Their main aim is humor, but they hope it opens up some people’s eyes to what it’s like to be slimed by a relationship ghost.  (more…)

06/21/16 12:53pm
Quiz! How many roommates can you live with (without killing one of them)?

Can you survive enough roommates to be a cool millennial trend or nah? Take our quiz to find out!

Upon moving into my first two-bedroom apartment off-campus while attending school in Detroit, I was ready to prove to everyone (mostly my mom) that I was responsible enough to take care of myself. I could pay bills and do my own laundry, sure! No, I didn’t have a panic attack the first time I had to buy my own groceries (yes, I did), because little did I know that with having roommates kind of meant having to take care of them, too.

Now at 24, I’m currently in my fourth apartment and have had a total of nine very eccentric roommates over the past four years. I’ve got some stories, man, of roommates dropping acid and spending electric money on indian food, battling mice and possums, waking up in the morning to find someone from a very popular show on Broadway had slept over in my friend’s bed, finding strangers sleeping in my bathtub, etc. The list goes on and on, and in those trying moments of patience, I’ve found myself questioning whether or not these so-called roommates were going to be the death of me. Should I be living alone?  (more…)

06/20/16 1:52pm
How to spend every single moment of the day — and night — outdoors on the cheap this summer

Show the sun how much you truly appreciate it by never leaving it. Via Flickr user gigiwannaflickr.

This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The first day of summer. That magical time of year when all pants end at the knee, all drinks include coconut and you finally get to spend some time outside. All winter you’ve been staying inside for your movies, music and alcohol like a rube! Well not anymore — summer means barbecues, lawn games, outdoor concerts, long bike rides and of course these strict guidelines for fun. Now normally people just do one of those, maybe two if they’re a true innovator and then retreat indoors, but why? If you’re like me that’s just not enough to quench that summer thirst, summer’s short, your AC isn’t strong enough and you need to spend as much time outside as humanly possible before the next snowstorm.

Well, we’ve laid out the ultimate guide to making the most of your summer, soaking up the optimum sun and staying outside for fun all day long, and all night long too. That’s right, you’re an adult now, nobody can scare you with threats of sun damage and if you want to stay outdoors for maximum summer without breaking the bank, here’s how:  (more…)

04/28/16 3:40pm
The city's hottest beach party is back! Check out the lineup for the 2016 Riis Park Beach Bazaar

Get ready to Get Summered: Your beach party this year is getting the Brokelyn treatment. Via Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

We’ve been gleefully beating the drums of the coming summer for weeks already but this is one of the announcements we’re most excited for: The Riis Beach Bazaar is coming returning this year! The inaugural Bazaar (an offshoot of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar) last summer brought music, great food, vendors and a chill party vibe to an underused stretch of beach and making Jacob Riis Park in Queens rival any beach town in California. Now it’s back for 2016 with a new the lineup of music, parties, volleyball tournaments and events — and us! Brokelyn and our colleagues at QNS.com are presenting some of the Get Summered dance parties throughout the season, so you’ll catch us down there on a handful of weekends (and a lot of other weekends too honestly, becuase the beach is best — there’s even campfires this year!). See the full lineup below: (more…)