07/19/16 11:41am
The interior of the proposed new subway cars. Via the governor's office.

The interior of the proposed new subway cars. Via the governor’s office.

Yesterday the MTA unveiled the ~~subway cars of the future~~ and no, they don’t have cool future tech like “hover cars” or “trains that aren’t so packed at rush hour you have to wait for three to go by just to go one stop.” Instead, they have a bunch of aesthetic and amenity upgrades that the governor and the agency seem to think New Yorkers want instead of improved service: Wifi, USB ports, new color schemes and this crazy cutting edge technology called “maps.” Gov. Cuomo’s office said these will help ease congestion and cut down on delays.

The agency this week will begin soliciting bids to build the 1,025 new subway cars with the goal of having them finished by 2020 or sooner: The first three stations planned for renovation are in Brooklyn: Prospect Avenue, 53rd Street and Bay Ridge Avenue. Are these upgrades actually good or just a fine coat of polish on a woefully neglected turd? Here’s our ranking of the proposed upgrades: (more…)

07/18/16 10:49am
Friendship savers you can savor: BK restaurants both vegans and stubborn carnivores will enjoy

The menu at Glady’s is a peace treaty between vegans and omnivores. Via website

A vegan, a vegetarian, a pescatarian and an omnivore walk into a restaurant. Just kidding, they’d never agree to eat anywhere together. We’ve all been there: You eat anything, Cindy is a vegan and Tom is a weekend-vegetarian who occasionally eats fish. Now try finding a restaurant that all of you are excited to go to.

But guys! Cindy is the coolest, and you don’t want to spend a lifetime not going out to dinner with her! Tom’s cool too, but more malleable on the subject. Is there a way to bridge the gap between the two worlds without sacrificing taste, paying way too much for a single meal or listening to each other grumble? Of course, all vegan restaurants are also omnivore-friendly but what about that stubborn friend who feels like they will die if they don’t eat a dead animal for every single meal? Brooklyn is home to many restaurants that can appease every diet without starting a civil war across the table, if you know where to look.  (more…)

06/28/16 2:00pm
Tank god it's summer: Brokelyn's 🔥 🔥🔥 summer tank tops are now on sale!

Summer in the city just got sexier.

As you probably know by now, we here at Brokelyn are proud members of the varsity squad of Team Summer. Summer is the best part of life overall, but particularly here in Brooklyn, we get to live our best lives: Free movies, free concerts, biking everywhere we can, hopping on the subway or the Beach Bus to Rockaway, sipping a cool Brooklyn Summer Ale on a rooftop until we forget that any other part of the year exists.

This summer, we’ve distilled our excitement about the season into our very first line of Brokelyn summer tank tops, which are on sale right now! Show your summer loyalties with one of these, proudly made right here in Brooklyn.  (more…)

04/28/16 3:40pm
The city's hottest beach party is back! Check out the lineup for the 2016 Riis Park Beach Bazaar

Get ready to Get Summered: Your beach party this year is getting the Brokelyn treatment. Via Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

We’ve been gleefully beating the drums of the coming summer for weeks already but this is one of the announcements we’re most excited for: The Riis Beach Bazaar is coming returning this year! The inaugural Bazaar (an offshoot of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar) last summer brought music, great food, vendors and a chill party vibe to an underused stretch of beach and making Jacob Riis Park in Queens rival any beach town in California. Now it’s back for 2016 with a new the lineup of music, parties, volleyball tournaments and events — and us! Brokelyn and our colleagues at QNS.com are presenting some of the Get Summered dance parties throughout the season, so you’ll catch us down there on a handful of weekends (and a lot of other weekends too honestly, becuase the beach is best — there’s even campfires this year!). See the full lineup below: (more…)