11/30/15 3:28pm
The gator in question

The gator in question

Anything out of the ordinary happen during your Thanksgiving? Yeah, ours was pretty normal too. One reader of the site though, claims he had the weirdest Thanksgiving of them all, coming across one of New York City’s fabled sewer alligators swimming around the East River, just outside of East River State Park. These photos of an alleged East River alligator that we’ve named Noam Chomsky on account of all his teeth were sent to Brokelyn by a reader this morning. Is this finally proof that the famous NYC urban legend about alligators living in the sewers is real? (more…)

11/30/15 10:07am
Sure, he's got one. Photo by

Sure, he’s got one. Photo by Alicia Diamond

Gentrification and other losing battles be damned: in 2015, the comedy scene in Brooklyn has been looking pretty good. Most any well-known show you attend these days, be it Night Train or The Macaulay Culkin Show, features a rotating cast of smart, funny comedians that aren’t all dudes, or all straight, or all white. (Or all straight white dudes, god forbid.)

27-year-old Joel Kim Booster is one of those smart, funny comedians. You’ve probably seen him doing stand up at any number of shows around the borough (most notably, Comedy at the Knitting Factory), or co-hosting F*ck That Movie with Anna Drezen, or appearing in the occasional Live On Broadgay by Sam Taggart and Bowen Yang.

When we sat down with the Korean-born, Chicago-bred comic to talk about his career, though, he mentioned something that’s been bothering him: “People don’t call me a comedian. They call me a ‘gay Asian comedian.” As a Korean-born man who dates other men, Booster has spent the better part of his career reckoning with the labels thrust upon him. And as he shares with us in this interview, standing out in the comedy crowd isn’t exactly the freedom he was looking for.  (more…)

11/18/15 11:01am
A Brancolada from Donna in Greenpoint. The second one is on the house.

A Brancolada from Donna in Greenpoint. The second one is on the house.

The holiday season is coming on strong and Brokelyn has your back, people.

Do all of your shopping right here with our one-size-fits-all, can’t-fail, damn-this-is-so-much-fun offering: a new edition of our previously sold-out Brooklyn Cocktail Book, a pocket-sized collection of 2-for-1 drink tickets at more than 25 of the borough’s best bars. That’s more than 50 delicious cocktails for your roommate, your co-worker, your friends, your kids’ teachers and babysitters, and YES, yourself. In fact, if you buy four or more Brooklyn Cocktail Books, you automatically get a free one to keep for yourself. 

Our new  $25 Brooklyn Cocktail Book is jam-packed with incredible new places alongside some of our favorites, all across Brooklyn:


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Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

Shalom Japan LOOKS fancy, but you can still eat there without breaking the bank. via Facebook

As they do every year, Michelin is about to announce what they consider to be the best restaurants in New York City. And while we all love a good meal out on the town, sometimes you don’t want to take out a mortgage to be able to afford it. So that’s why we have the Michelin Bib Gourmands, which are the best restaurants the prestigious guide says you can get two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less. Brooklyn is all over the list, with 32 restaurants to eat out at and look fancy and impressive, which is great. However, when it comes to choosing the dessert or the wine, don’t ask us what you to do. It’s your journey. (more…)