05/26/15 12:31pm
You can pry our dumb coffee shop sandwich boards from our cold, dead hands

You can pry our dumb coffee shop sandwich boards from our cold, dead hands

This morning, Slate’s Heather Schwedel penned an article criticizing coffee shop sandwich boards. She titles the article, “When Did Sidewalk Café Sandwich Boards Start Trying So Hard to Make Jokes?” I see your point, Heather, and raise you the advertising industry since the 20th century. Call us old-fashioned, but we sincerely don’t understand what’s wrong with “creative expressions of branding,” as Schwedel terms the sandwich board art.

She gets pretty rant-y, spending about 1000 words shaming pun-happy baristas. In referring to one solicitous sandwich board, Schwedel writes, “the sheer cheekiness nearly knocked me over.” Oh honey, this is New York City. If everyone’s sheer cheekiness threw me off balance, I’d spend most of the day on my back. We’ll sum the Slate article up by saying TL;DR. But let us rant for a sec, too, because there’s a fair amount of barista dignity at stake here. (more…)

05/26/15 8:32am
Are you intimidated yet?

Are you intimidated yet?

Marilyn Carino was born and bred in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and possesses the kind of self-assured, front and center presence as a performer that could cause her to come off as intimidating. Some may see an artistically gifted, intimidating woman as being threatening to whatever personal problems a person would need to have to be threatened by that. I see her as being a driving force, and an excellent example. Being a strong woman should be every woman’s goal, and Marilyn Carino has met that goal and then some. (more…)

05/01/15 8:00am

Outdoor drinking season is here! Just in time for summer, we’re introducing our first-ever Brooklyn Cocktail Book, your ticket to keeping cool and well-lubricated at some of the best bars from Bed-Stuy to Red Hook. For just $20, you get a pocket-sized collection of 2-for-1 drink tickets at 20 of our borough’s best places to booze.

Our Cocktail Book is the perfect partner for warm weather. Grab your squad and while away a summer night in Lowlands’ epic backyard, head over to Fort Defiance for a Mai Tai on Thursday Tiki night, or duck into Dick & Jane’s after a day in the sun and cool off with “The Steve McQueen,” a gin-and-elderflower refresher. Grab a Kentucky lemonade at Abilene on Court Street, a whiskey cocktail at Lea in Ditmas Park or a Paradise Lost at Project Parlor Bed-Stuy… the second one is always on the house. Do you L-O-V-E craft cocktails? Find out what all the fuss is about at Erv’s on Beekman, which has whipped up three exclusive offerings for Cocktail Bookers.

The Cocktail Book is not not only a pocket full of good times, it’s a great investment — it pays for itself in just two bar visits, then you’re practically making money exploring great bars with your crew. Not a bad summer job at all! Here’s the full lineup of fine Cocktail Book boozeries:

Abilene • The Adirondack • Branch Ofc. • The Castello Plan • Dick & Jane’s Bar • The Emerson • Ervs on Beekman • Fort Defiance • The Great Georgiana • Halyard’s • Hunter’s • J’eatjet? • Lea • Lowlands Bar • One Last Shag • Project Parlor • quarter Bar • The Saint Catherine • Sea Witch Tavern • Skylark

Need further enticement? Here’s a snapshot of your summer to come:

Drink up, Brooklyn! Branch Ofc. boasts a bangin’ outdoor space, via FB.

Drink up, Brooklyn! Branch Ofc. boasts a bangin’ outdoor space, via FB.


quarter Bar

Enjoy a Red White & Bluegroni in the garden at quarter Bar, via FB.

Sea Witch Patio

It could be us on the patio at Sea Witch, but you playin’. Via FB.

Party at Project Parlor

Party at Project Parlor, one of our favorite backyard hotspots. Via FB.

The backyard at j'eatjet, your new summer hideaway.

The backyard at j’eatjet, your new summer hideaway.

Buy your Cocktail Book today — and pick up a spare or three for friends. Cheers, Brooklyn!

03/25/15 8:23am
Magazines about what's in right now are so in right now. Via NYLON

Magazines about what’s in right now are so in right now. Via NYLON

Brooklyn is a big place, and getting bigger every day, since random boroughs are rapidly becoming annexed by deranged real estate agents. Point is, if you’re looking for something out there, you’re likely to find it, whether it be a significant other who likes home-brewing and needlepoint rap lyrics as much as you do, or finding a place where you can get a damn whiskey coke without judgement and under 7 bucks. More than anything, though, it means that if you’re looking for an awesome job involving doing what you love, it could only be mere stops on the G train away. Which is to say, several hours. But the ride will be worth it once you find yourself breaking out of your boring desk job and expressing your inner dancer/sommelier/poet/psychopath!