10/24/14 3:50pm

BK Live 10/23/14: Dick & Dave from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

You could read about what’s going on during a given weekend, and usually you should definitely do that, like say right here at Brokelyn dot com. Sometimes though, you can just watch people tell you the best stuff going on during a weekend, like today for instance. We were on BK Live on BRIC, along with our pal Richard Burroughs from the Brooklyn Reader, to give you the rundown on sex workshops, dogs in costumes, punk rock flea markets and also what we do with our downtime for some reason. So if you’re curious about any of those things, or want to see how awesome our Brokelyn High varsity jackets look in action, here you go! (more…)

10/23/14 8:55am

There wasn’t really a song of the summer this year, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to go look for a song of the fall or song of the winter. Well, you’d think they wouldn’t, but that’s actually exactly what the Pine Box Rock Shop’s Late Night Basement did, teaming up with the Mates of State to record a whole song paying tribute to some people’s favorite season. “(I’mma) Light Sweater actually does a pretty good job of capturing the fall, what with not being too celebratory but also not being too much of a downer, and hits on all the major themes: pumpkins, how it’s kinda chilly but not really chilly, the days getting shorter, leaf blowers, guys just kinda barfing up leaves and how sweatpants give away your boner. Whether this will reach the heights of say, your “Blurred Lines” or “Time to Pretend,” we don’t know, but it may as well.  (more…)

10/08/14 12:44pm

We’ve all seen New York City’s ubiquitous “Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar” flyers hanging up in subway stations and on phone booths, but does anyone know someone who’s actually taken a lesson with the man? Comedian Rekha Shankar emailed us the above video, telling us that she hasn’t met a single person who’s taken him up on his offer, so she imagined Smith as a virtuoso recluse who maybe doesn’t have the best grasp on how to promote himself or what year it is. It’s creepy enough for Halloween, but we won’t spoil the twist ending except to say it was Shyamalan-esque. Good Shyamalan, not The Village Shyamalan. (more…)

Maybe the place where you live has a cool cemetery that people like talking about, and that’s great. Is it as cool as Green-Wood Cemetery, which played home to the Battle of Brooklyn and is home to many of the fathers of baseball, tons of Civil War veterans and Samuel Morse? Probably not, especially because it’s not like every cemetery has John Turturro filming videos full of cemetery factoids about them. He did it for Green-Wood though, so we’ll just stop writing here and instead allow you to learn all about Brooklyn’s coolest cemetery from Jesus Quintana himself.

[h/t Kensington BK] (more…)

09/24/14 8:40am
flotsam eugene mirman

They look pretty artisanal to us. via Instagram

If there’s one trend that the world needs to embrace more fully, it’s the whole artisanal, handmade, talking about how artisanal and handmade your table is trend. We’ve got one or two places like that in Brooklyn, but thankfully Brooklyn’s own Eugene Mirman has moved from comedy to the world of putting on some old-timey work clothes, looking very serious and selling you something expensive with his new store, Flotsam. Maybe if this whole artisan thing really catches on, there’ll be a future for Brooklyn’s bearded young men. (more…)

09/17/14 12:54pm

Perhaps you’ve biked past the gleaming, straight-out-of-Miami condo towers along Kent Avenue in Williamsburg and wondered to yourself: “Who the fuck even lives there? How do they live there?” You might not have had the time to find out, but Scott Rogowsky, host of Running Late decided to go quiz the front desk people working at and the realtors renting in Williamsburg’s luxury waterfront condos. It’s cathartic, in a class war kind of way. (more…)

09/04/14 3:35pm

Brooklyn-born comedy pioneer Joan Rivers died today after a lifetime of kicking down doors and then making fun of how they looked while she walked over them. Talk show writer and host, director, comedian, actress and grand dame of making you realize those pants look awful on you, Rivers casts a shadow as long as anyone who’s performed comedy. Everyone’s got their preferred way to remember her right now, but we’ll take the time that she hosted the Beastie Boys on The Late Show when they were just teenagers (!), and while playing gracious host to the maybe drunk trio, still managed to let them know that License to Ill was “a stupid name for an album.” You’re in Heaven now Joan, snapping on MCA (who’s also there). (more…)