09/29/15 1:58pm
As you can see, they're already screwing up in the Kickstarter video.

As you can see, they’re already screwing up in the Kickstarter video.

The book release party is a staple of the Brooklyn nightlife scene. Wait, let’s try that again, it seems wrong. The book release party is a staple of the Brooklyn free wine and snacks scene. Authors work hard enough on their books, and in order to get people to come out and appreciate that fact, they lure us with wine and some snacks and sometimes book-themed food. No author would think of sabotaging their own book release party, or so we thought, until we came across the Kickstarter asking for help making the release party for Josh Gondelman and Joe Berkowitz’s You Blew It so terrible that it becomes the worst book release party of all time. (more…)

09/29/15 6:09am

Just keep saying their name, they don’t mind

Slonk Donkerson, hands down, wins my own personal award for “Best Band Name to Say Out Loud.” No matter where you are, or what you’re doing right now as you read this, just cup your hand over your mouth and whisper Slonk Donkerson. It just might be the most fun you have all day, especially if you’re reading this at work and you already ate your lunch.

Slonk Donkerson are a trio of childhood friends who grew up with each other in Pound Ridge, New York. Their latest album, The Lunar Martini Motorbike Club And Their Respective Destinies, came out on Friday, and you can stream it in full here: (more…)

09/28/15 12:55pm

Everyone seemed real excited about Cool Pope visiting New York last week, whether you were a firm believer in the tenets of Catholicism or had a love of pageantry and/or the idea of drivers made angry and crazy by street closures. One person, or we guess less “person” and more eternal symbol of darkness and evil, who wasn’t happy about Pope Francis being in town was The Morning Star Himself, our lord and master, The Devil. And as you do when you’re The Devil, Satan cruised Washington Square Park to ask New Yorkers if they were also annoyed by the Pope’s visit.

Okay, you got us, it wasn’t really The Devil, it was actually just Late Night Basement’s Chris Rose wandering around in a quickly thrown together Devil outfit. And while he wasn’t able to sell tickets to see the Pope to everyone, he did (probably correctly) theorize that Satan himself was responsible for all of the Williamsburg Starbucks angst and he got a guy to sing Maroon 5, which is pretty evil. (more…)

09/23/15 2:23pm
tk. Photo by Eric Kingrea

It’s like you’re there. Photo by Eric Kingrea

Sometimes it sucks being a part of the invading hordes.  That’s the thought that struck me after catching a production of Stoopdreamer, a new born-and-bred Brooklyn show (written by Pat Fenton, dir: Kira Simring) at The Cell (338 West 23rd Street). The show–a part of Origin’s 1st Irish 2015, New York’s annual Irish theater Festival–is set entirely in Farrell’s Bar & Grill, and is less a fully fleshed out play than a lyrical and meditative history-lesson-as-bar-tale. But it does a lot with what it’s got. Speaking as a relatively new arrival, one of those post-collegiate white kids from Somewhere Else, I appreciated the chance to pull up a stool and listen to a couple of the old guys (and gal) ramble. (more…)

09/22/15 8:35am

They’re calm. Calmer than you are, dude.

So much about daily life is stress inducing. From the minute we get up to the minute we go to sleep we’re inundated with choices, decisions, and obligations. Even something as simple as “What pants should I wear today?” can seem overwhelming when you have a million other things going on, as we all often do. The first time I ever heard a song by The Bright Smoke, I felt instantly at ease, like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. What manner of witchery are they practicing that makes them able to do this? Maybe they just “have the stuff.” Well, whatever it is, it works. Have a listen to “Hard Pander” off their latest album Terrible Towns and see if it slows your roll a bit. (more…)

09/21/15 8:49am
Old-school arcade games FTW, pic by headexplodie

Old-school arcade games FTW, pic by headexplodie

1. Feeling dark? Go to Branded Saloon for Murder Ballad Monday, an evening of ghoulish folk music with macabre duo Charming Disaster and a host of other performers. (Monday, FREE)

2. If you’re still feeling macabre on Tuesday, head to The Morbidity of Mathematics, an illustrated lecture on mathematical murder at (where else?) Morbid Anatomy Museum. (Tuesday, $8)


09/15/15 9:25am
Ooh, mysterious

Ooh, mysterious

Have you heard about Sharer? They’re kind of a mystery, but here’s everything I know about them so far: 1) They’re a band. 2) The people in the band consist of JD Samson, and Dutch artist Nick van Hofwegen, who goes by Young & Sick. 3) They have (at this time) 111 FB page likes. 4) They have (at this time) 45 Twitter followers. 5) The last post (at this time) on their FB page was on August 21st, and it was to share the track “Body Tonight,” which I’ll also share, with all of you, right now. (more…)

09/11/15 1:18pm
U mad?

U mad?

The New York Times Style section really reached a new low this week, credulously spilling ink on a pair of “Bindle Brothers” who sell “locally-grown, naturally-fallen, artisanal bindle bags” for hundreds of dollars. The nerve of these clowns who…oh wait…

At this point the reader might be thinking, handmade bindles? Are you serious?

No, not really.

The Bindle Brothers are in fact the creation of Kemp Baldwin, a 33-year-old comedy writer and director.

Funnier than the website or the skit itself, is that the story has taken Twitter by storm, leading to a hailstorm of angry reactions from people who didn’t bother to read to the 10th paragraph before sharing on Twitter, along with a message about how Brooklyn has to be burned down or whatever. Come, let us tour the various shades of furious anger people let loose on this hoax: (more…)

09/11/15 11:30am
via Flickr user David Shankbone

Those days still kind of exist, but it’s less risky. via Flickr user David Shankbone

Well, we’re in the home stretch of summer, and sadly it looks like fall is getting greedy, with an all-rain weather forecast rudely looming over us on the final beach weekend of the year. Since it looks like we won’t be able to have our one last beach weekend before they close for the winter, we can at least listen to someone’s memories of the beach as more than just a place to have fun, but as a refuge from the outside world. Radiotopia podcast The Heart talked to Lesbian Herstory Archives co-founder Joan Nestle about the days when Jacob Riis Park was a queer hideaway, and cut in soothing sounds of the beach and interviews with other people who went to meet butch cuties and try to get away from a world that criminalized their lives.

09/10/15 1:23pm
Christie Chiello and Lorelei Ramirez

Two of the actors acting in Actors. Yeesh, say that three times fast

Sometimes it’s nice just to go down a creepy flight of stairs and into a basement theater, y’know? Sometimes it’s nice to see the exposed heating pipes wrapped with rope behind a bare bones stage because, let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of money in this theater thing. Not at this subterranean level. But hey, that just means the tickets are cheap, and so is the beer. Walking down rickety steps to see live performance is kind of like turning over a rock, and seeing what kind of black box bugs are wriggling and clicking down where the sun don’t shine.

I mean that in a good way. Mostly.

So it was that I found myself guiding my most frequent play-going companion underground to the The Annoyance Theater. Located on Bedford beneath the perpetually-locked Williamsburg Music Center, The Annoyance (DOB: Chicago, 1987) has the distinction of being the first improv company to create full-length shows from its sketches and larks. And that’s what brought me down here, into the guts of Williamsburg’s South Side, checking out a new hour-long show called Actors. (more…)