05/04/16 1:13pm
Trans theatre. No braids attached.

Trans theater. No braids attached.

If you’re tired of seeing cis performances, reading cis thinkpieces and doing things that generally rely on binary gender constructs, then drag yourself over to New York’s first ever trans theatre festival, courtesy of The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tucked unassumingly behind a red door at 579 Metropolitan Avenue, the Brick is a burgeoning theatre venue known for its support of underground artistry (especially attractive, single ones). They regularly host ‘niche’ theater festivals about sex, clowns and comic books, but the trans theater festival marks a step toward a more sobering issue facing New York’s theater community today— namely, the lack of trans artists and trans stories onstage.  (more…)

04/22/16 9:03am
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.45.20 AM

Every date is a third wheel when there’s only one bed on Full Disclosure, starring Katie Baker (left) and Corrie Nance.

All New Yorkers are familiar with small spaces. It’s a way of life; it’s a point of pride; it’s the most aspirational sections of Ikea stores. Plenty of us have experienced teensy, tiny Williamsburg studio apartments. But what if you shared that studio space with your best friend? Like, what if you shared everything, including a full-sized bed?

Writing and acting duo Katie Baker and Corrie Nance lived the above scenario for two months — sleeping in the same bed, accommodating each each other’s dating lives and taking on the challenge of trying to sleep through the impossible cacophony of sounds that are a woman getting ready to leave the house in the morning. They made it out alive, and they’ve turned the experience into Full Disclosure, a hilarious new web series out now that’s part Broad City and part Three’s Company.

“Every episode touches on something that really happened,” Katie told us. “There was one particular weekend when the stories were just too good, and we were like — this has to be written.” (more…)

04/21/16 11:27am
So close to tampons, yet so far. Via screenshot.

Why is it so hard to get a tampon? Via screenshot.

Just in time for 4/20 and Passover, we have been given the bittersweet gift (yes, I know neither of those holy holidays involve gifts) of Broad City‘s season 3 finale and the somewhat-but-actually-not-that-thrilling conclusion of Abbi and Ilana’s “Birthmark” journey to Israel. Through the long flight to the promised land, we learned more about the inter-personal relationships among Jews and airline personnel (so that’s why they call it a cockpit…), but what we didn’t get was enough time celebrating the power of female friendship to keep us cozy until the next season. Ugh, they’re famous now. (more…)

04/19/16 9:02am
Finally, somewhere to find an ATM in Manhattan. Via screenshot

Finally, somewhere to find an ATM in Manhattan. Via screenshot

Among many bits of DNA that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt shares with 30 Rock, its spiritual predecessor, is a to-the-roots feeling of New Yorkiness. 30 Rock felt like an old-school version of showbusiness Midtown manhattan, riffing on the entertainment industry and apartment renovations; Kimmy Schmidt is pure uptown grit. You can look at them as two ends of the spectrum of New York that meet in the middle (or the subway train, the great equalizer). The villain of 30 Rock is often the city itself, its unwashed masses or aggressive homeless people. Kimmy Schmidt’s however, often chooses gentrification as its main foil, as seen in the above so-on-the-nose-it’s-perfect sight gag from episode 2 of the new season. The show is giving us good reason to laugh so we don’t cry.  (more…)

04/18/16 10:31am
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.35.48 AM

A face of a generation

This is the story of a girl, except actually it’s becoming the story of a grown-ass woman, as Girls’ central protagonist actually showed some growth for a change.

In last night’s two-part season five finale Hannah took ownership over some of her less attractive traits, made peace with Adam and Jessa’s relationship and returned to writing with a reading at The Moth. (All it took to get her there was a day getting high with Jenny Slate.) Elijah tried to have a Meredith Grey “Pick me. Choose me.” moment with Dill, but it backfired, and they broke up. Marnie had a super strange “love dream” about Ray, so I guess they’re a thing now, and Adam and Jessa had the kind of fight that makes Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? look down right civil.

All right, so it doesn’t sound like a ton of progress when written out like that, but the penultimate season of Girls ended with each character taking at least a small step toward personal growth, if not a giant leap into genuine adulthood. (more…)

We can't wait to be here with Kelso beers and good friends. via Facebook

We can’t wait to be here with Kelso beers and good friends. via Facebook

Of all the free outdoor movie series in Brooklyn every summer, the one at Fort Greene’s Habana Outpost (757 Fulton St.) remains my personal favorite. Maybe it’s the convenience of cheap alcohol and foodstuffs (CORN PORN) next door, or the colorful decor of the courtyard that sits right on the street. Or maybe it’s just the rebellious feeling that watching a movie projected onto the side of a building wall offers to an otherwise waning weirdness in present-day Fort Greene.

Whatever the reason, the Habana Outpost movie series is, IMO, the one to get pumped about. This year’s movie selection is tops, as per usual: all pre-2000 classics, with cult New Yawk flicks like The Warriors and Ghostbusters alongside lesser-known gems like John Hughes’ Weird Science and Warren Beatty’s Bulworth. So between this, the Summer Screen series at McCarren Park and the movies in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the coming season is already jam-packed with excuses to leave your house. Stay tuned for our ultimate guide to all the outdoor movies in BK this summer! And in the meantime, mark these dates on your calendar.  (more…)

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This week’s penultimate season 3 episode was a Broad City first: a cliffhanger! On the heels of last week’s emotional series of events, the bros are out of the picture and the broads are hustling to get the fuck out of town. Where, you ask, is a suitable vacay spot for two kweens such as these? Surely Tulum and Palm Springs aren’t the only places white girls go anymore, right? (Right.) It’s an episode about how the city can conspire against you, basically, but reinforces the Broad City family values: persistence, resourcefulness and creativity when hiding your weed in the face of the MTA and/or other evil forces. (more…)

04/11/16 8:41am
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.58.11 AM

Tonight’s episode was brought to you by trucks!

Life is a highway, except Hannah is not going to ride it all night long, and certainly not for the next three months.

On last night’s Girls, Hannah abandons Fran’s planned summer road trip about an hour and half outside the city and breaks up with Mr. Nice Guy at a rest stop once and for all. Stranded in her pajamas, she calls up Ray. He drives up in his fancy new coffee truck, but, when she tries to give him the customary thank-you blowjob, he crashes the aforementioned truck, leaving them stuck on the side of the highway. In her infinite brilliance, Hannah hitchhikes back to New York with Huck from Scandal. Shosh is back from Japan and struggling to find work, but not to find her ex, Jason Ritter. He finds her waiting for him in a sushi restaurant and gives her a little dressing down about being a dumb, whiny 20something — which, if that’s his thing now, he’s going to be awfully busy on this show. (more…)

04/07/16 8:00am
broad city bathtub

Getting baked in a bathtub with bae.

Ohmygod, ohmygod. Can you even? I cannot. Okay fine, I can! Tonight’s episode of Broad City was epic, incredible and important: relationships got real, we paid homage to one of the greats through a Mrs. Doubtfire parody complete with a Mara Wilson cameo and somehow, in the end, everything felt like it was gonna be all right. But like, what the fuck was on Ilana’s ass in the opening scene? Please, someone, help.

At long last, we finally framed it up for the Abbi-and-Trey shippers 👫👏💁 — they’ve been banging for a few weeks, and at this point they’re either taking advantage of the clean, spacious Soulstice shower or someone has a super-nice apartment. Either way, it kind of looks like they’re both pretty into it. Except Trey’s more into it than Abbi, obvi, and he makes the bold move to ask her to dinner. On the flip side, Lincoln, out of nowhere (I’m sad, okay?!), decides he wants to go monogamous with the other broad he’s been seeing (Steph?! Stop.) and abruptly ends things with Ilana. WHERE DO WE EVEN GO FROM HERE?! (more…)

04/06/16 10:40pm
Mara Wilson on why she returned to acting to appear in the 'Broad City' 'Mrs. Doubtfire' homage

Mara Wilson returned to her Mrs. Doubtfire roots on Broad City this week.

This season, Broad City has been doing what a lot of us would probably do with our own TV shows: paying homage to our favorite 90s movies. Episode 3 included tributes to both The Sandlot and Sister Act 2, complete with a Whoopi Goldberg cameo. This week’s episode went for a full-on, nearly beat-by-beat recreation of the climax of Mrs. Doubtfire — the scene in the restaurant with Robin Williams’ character running back and forth between two tables, except this time it’s Abbi running between Ilana’s parents’ anniversary dinner and a secret date with Trey, her Soulstice boss/new hookup pal.

Whoopi’s Sister Act 2 cameo was hard to miss, but this scene contains a Mrs. Doubtfire cameo some viewers might overlook: Mara Wilson, who as a bright-eyed 6-year-old played the youngest daughter in the movie, plays the waitress in the restaurant. It’s a rare appearance for Wilson, now 28 and a writer and performer in the New York theater and storytelling scene: She notably pushed away from acting after aging out of kid roles, and has tried to distance herself from being known as “that girl from Matilda” ever since.

But, she told Brokelyn, the cameo was actually her idea: Like many women her age, she’s a fan of the show, and she saw it as a chance to dip a toe into embracing those childhood roles that made her famous, while still moving forward with her career. Here’s how it happened:  (more…)