coney island newsreel

Measuring busts was a favorite old-timey pastime in Coney Island

We’re all getting antsy for it to warm up, especially now that it’s past Coney Island’s official opening day but we still need jackets for some reason. Those of us with beach fever can make it a little bit worse now, courtesy of a bunch of old-timey Coney Island newsreels released by newsreel service British Pathé. If you’ve ever wondered what life was like in Coney in the 30s (and judging by your mustache, you probably have), now you can find out. (more…)

04/17/14 1:43pm
Never Give Up, Bully Me Down

They put the “art” in “me harty”

In light of today’s sad announcement from Incubator Arts Project  that it will not be renewing its lease (due to rising costs of running a nonprofit), the theatre world sure could use a pick-me-up. And just in time, a ragtag band of artists known as the Letter of Marquee (LOM) Theatre Company are putting on a show. It’s Passover, so your reaction of course, is “What makes this show different from all other shows?” Well for starters, it’s free. And it’s taking place in bars across Brooklyn starting next Tuesday. And it also involves pirates. (more…)

04/15/14 1:58pm

Stop Telling Women To Smile from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.

A little while back, we told you about an effort to map catcalls made at women in Bed-Stuy, and illustrated it with a picture from Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s “Stop Telling Women To Smile” street art series. You may have even seen the posters around town and wondered what they were. If you didn’t know about it, the above short documentary from Dean Peterson features Fazlalizadeh talking about the inspiration for the project and the way she goes about it, but more importantly lets a couple of the women featured on the projects posters to tell their stories. The woman at the end who says her message for guys on the street is “I’m not here for you. The fucking end” sums things up nicely. (more…)

04/11/14 9:11am

Since he so far doesn’t seem up for challenging the Andrew Cuomo for governor this year, and who can blame him, considering Cuomo always looks within an inch of reaching down your throat and pulling out your liver, Jimmy McMillan is ramping up his music career. His newest track “Jimmy Mack” hits the same themes we know McMillan for (fighting the landlord, we work too hard to pay this bullshit rent, they say I’m crazy) with a kind of spoken word over a slowed down sample of Martha and the Vandellas. The timing is definitely fortuitous, what with the latest rent news, but, not to get all Pitchfork on you, but the single still doesn’t hit the amazing  highs of his first single, “Rent Is Too Damn High Anthem.” (more…)

04/10/14 2:19pm
mad men season 7

One last chance for you spend time with these racist, sexist, alcoholic fossils

All good things must come to an end; yes, even the booze, cigarettes, and misogyny of the mid-century establishment had their day in the sun–although we suppose those weren’t really all good things. If popular culture’s obsession with Mad Men is any indication, though, their heyday continues to fascinate and entertain well into the 21st century, so here are a few places in our beloved borough to see some of our favorite friends interact with one another like real adults this Sunday at 10pm. (more…)

out in the streets

Hey, shorts. Remember those? via Facebook

So OK, it snowed on Opening Day and maybe you had to wear your winter coat to Citi Field. And also maybe summer seems so far away that it’s more of a cruel joke than a scientific guarantee that at some point the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere will be tilted towards the Sun. But summer will be here at some point, and now to go along with the recent good news about CHVRCHES playing for free at Northside, we get news that Brooklyn’s truly cheap summer festival, Out in the Streets, will be returning to the Onderdonk House for another year. (more…)

03/24/14 4:31pm
diane coffee

Diana Coffee was at SXSW, being cool, eating tacos and playing in people’s yards. Photo by Maria Gotay, via Bushwick Daily

Hey, speaking of music festivals, as you may have heard, SXSW just went down. The festival, also known as “Austin’s Northside Music Festival” draws bands and music lovers from all over the country for a few days of kicking back with free booze, rock and roll and breakfast tacos. Official site of Brooklyn Youngs Bushwick Daily went there, as young people are wont to do, and came back with a ton of pictures and a playlist of who they think you should listen to. (more…)

Eugene Mirman stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers the other night, and explained that since the Gowanus Whole Foods is trying to make nice with local artists, he had some paintings he’d like them to display. We’re no art critics, but we think the paintings, with names like “Couple Under A Tree Wishing They Were Biracial” and “Vegan On His Way To The Complain Store” would fit in perfectly with Whole Foods’ other ridiculous items. And as you can see below, Mirman also brought his campaign to Twitter. (more…)

bushwick gentrification

On the other hand, renovation IS a job creating activity.

We mentioned a couple weeks ago that talk show LNNY was kicking off their new season with an episode devoted to gentrification, and if you didn’t get to actually go see the taping yourself, you can see it online here. Seeing as how the show is taped in Bushwick, host Justin Williams sent their roving man on the street Christian Polanco to talk to business owners and longtime residents of the neighborhood to get their thoughts on all the white people. (more…)

03/19/14 1:11pm
busker documentary

He’s got a point, there are worse people on the subway than drummers. Like people who don’t move in to the damn car

You encounter plenty of buskers in your time in the city, but do you ever get to know them? Probably not, because you’re usually commuting and on the verge of murdering someone anyway and they’re making the most noise. But BUSK, a short documentary directed by Ramon Nyitrai asks you to look at them as people and presents the stories of a bucket drummer, a banjo strummer, a human beatbox and a pair of Union Square crooners who spend their time playing music in the subway. (more…)