03/19/14 4:01pm

Can’t you see yourself enjoying the sunshine there? via The New York City Economic Development Corporation

Downtown Brooklyn, as we all know, has already been cursed as “the next Midtown.” It looks like that prophecy is coming true with an influx of JP Morgan finance bros on the horizon. Plus, people are calling it “DoBro,” which…let’s please not. So, is there any good news for Downtown Brooklyn? Well, here are some renderings of a nice park it’s gonna get, so there’s that. (more…)

02/18/14 3:07pm
bill de blasio

Mayor Tall explaining to Albany legislators it’s this or secession.

Since taking office, Mayor “Red” Bill de Blasio has been hard at work trying to convince Albany to allow New York to raise taxes on our richest citizens to find universal pre-K for all of New York City. Meanwhile in Albany, Governor Andrew “Don’t Call Me Mario” Cuomo has resisted every call to allow de Blasio to do this. So, why is this important, and where do we stand with this whole mess? You can find out tomorrow at a town hall meeting at Borough Hall that’s being held by advocates of de Blasio’s plan. (more…)

11/19/13 11:50am
fulton mall

Doom doom doom doom

As we’re learning with the cowardly whitewashing of 5 Pointz in the middle of the night, nothing in New York is sacred if you don’t slap a landmark plaque on it. Progress marches on no matter what’s in its path, and fortunately (?) you can see it close to home at the Fulton Mall. The historically black shopping district and social space has gone through an upheaval thanks to a massive rezoning effort surrounding it. And now you can take a tour through it with social worker and Brooklyn resident Rahsun Houston in an interactive clip from My Brooklyn that offers pop-up resources giving context to the changes happening there. (more…)

10/03/13 10:00am
Photo credit: Abigail Clark

Photo credit: Abigail Clark

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a non-profit arts and media cultural organization. BRIC's brand-new 40,000-sq-ft cultural complex opens October 3, 2013.

Created By BlankSlate

BRIC has come a long way since its founding in 1979, and it’s about to go a lot farther. BRIC Arts | Media House, BRIC’s new 40,000 square foot arts and cultural center, opens downtown today and we’re taking you inside to see the new building and what it used to be.  (more…)

10/02/13 3:18pm
The GZA contemplates just how he'll rock the house tomorrow

The GZA contemplates just how he’ll rock the house tomorrow

Summer is gone gone gone, and you’d think that means all the good free concerts outdoor are gone too. But chillier weather in this cold cold world is no obstacle for the mind of Wu-Tang’s resident genius, the GZA. So, with that in mind, he’s gonna take the stage tomorrow at MetroTech to entertain those of us living in the world today, for free. (more…)

09/05/13 2:37pm
Pretty much says it all. via Flickr user goodrob13

Pretty much says it all. via Flickr user goodrob13

Good news, people who moved to Brooklyn because they didn’t want to bothered with the worst parts of Manhattan: despite your best efforts to escape it, Manhattan is coming to you. According to the Commercial Observer, the Sauron-like eye of New York’s real estate interests has gazed upon Downtown Brooklyn and determined it’s the next Midtown South. Aren’t you guys EXCITED? (more…)

08/26/13 1:14pm
Hey, I'm stayin relevant here!

Hey, I’m stayin relevant here!

How should one pick a mayor? On the basis of sound policy proposals? One who can keep himself from sending dick pics every day? Tallest? How about picking the one who can hit a ball the farthest? Eh, works for us, people have made worse voting decisions. If that’s how you want to decide on who you’ll vote for for mayor, get down to Borough Hall tomorrow at noon, where the candidates will be facing off in a stickball game to determine who is the most authentic New Yorker. (more…)

07/30/13 9:24am
We're back for more. via Flickr user emily geoff

We’re back for more. via Flickr user emily geoff

As we’ve all learned, I’m a Fulton Mall junkie. I just can’t stop, won’t stop this affordable and stylish lifestyle. I hopped on over to my preferred shopping strip to hopefully find some threads that won’t make me want to jump into the dreaded East River the second I leave my A.C., and while I was there, I decided to take tips from the street by checking out what the ladies were wearing right now. Take a look at what I found. (more…)

07/10/13 10:38am
Uhhh...wut? via Instagram user enchanted_88

Uhhh…wut? via Instagram user enchanted_88

Sugar! We love it in America, in all of its forms. Especially in the summer, we take any way we can, be it in the form of ice cream, doughnuts and especially the mighty Slurpee. The only think we like more than sugar is free sugar, and hey, check it out: tomorrow is Free Slurpee Day, and this year’s free Slurpees are bigger than usual. (more…)

05/13/13 4:00pm
This movies won't suck... your blood.

These movies won’t suck… your blood.

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Like scary movies? Then you’ll want to read this. We’re giving five lucky email subscribers tickets to Yelp’s Passport To Downtown Brooklyn Horror and Suspense night this Thursday! These tickets will get you and a friend access to The Dark Side screening, featuring indie horror shorts plus the World Premiere of 5 SENSES OF FEAR from Chiller TV. And Tony Timpone, the legendary Editor Emeritus of Fangoria Magazine, is moderating the Q&A session with the filmmakers after the screening. (more…)