01/06/16 1:12pm
His legend will live on  via Yelp user Jice E.

His legend will live on via Yelp user Jice E.A

A legendary Philadelphia boxer who looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone once told the son of his most famous rival that “time takes everyone out, it’s undefeated.” At least that’s what we think he said, it’s kind of hard to understand him, with the way his mouth moves. Regardless, that statement has never rang more true then when we learned this week that Dr. Zizmor, who has graced our trains for decades, announced his retirement. We’ve already been hard at work, trying to find a new subway mascot to make the dreadful NYC commute bearable, but what about those legendary ads featuring the good doctor in front of a rainbow or the Empire State building? Will we have to scourge eBay to once again see, up close, the face of the man who promises us “clear, beautiful skin”? Thankfully, no. The Dr. Zizmor ads will forever be preserved inside the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. (more…)

10/14/15 9:33am
Finally, somewhere to get pastrami around here. via Flickr user Tyler Karaszewski

Finally, somewhere to get pastrami around here. via Flickr user Tyler Karaszewski

Earlier this year, a rumor was launched into the world that Lower East Side staple Katz’s Deli would be expanding into Brooklyn, specifically into the City Point project in Downtown Brooklyn. Now the New York Times has confirmed the rumor that Katz’s will be moving in to the DeKalb Market, proving that there’s more to get excited about beyond the Alamo Drafthouse and affordable housing. (more…)

07/28/15 2:55pm
city point

Okay, it’s time to try to live here. Photo by David Colon

You might remember last month when we told you about the 200 units of affordable housing coming to Downtown Brooklyn as part of the City Point project. Or maybe you don’t, a month is a long time and your brain melted in the heat. Anyway, they’ll be open to welcome you in to your affordable home any day now, so it means that the application process for these apartments has begun. Even if you hate filling out forms, we think you should pay attention here, because for $651/month studios and $655 2-bedrooms, most of us would probably fill out a Mount Everest made of forms. (more…)

07/08/15 12:55pm
If their music is at least half this colorful, you can expect a good time. Shervin Lainez photo via Facebook

If their music is at least half this colorful, you can expect a good time. Shervin Lainez photo via Facebook

If the humidity hasn’t been a constant reminder, we are full immersed in the summer season. So if you happen to be one of those people without an A/C or even a fan, and just wallow in your sweat as the humidity seems to get higher by the hour, perhaps you should be getting out more. Besides, it’s summer in Brooklyn, there are outdoor concerts happening all the time. Afropunk is a few weeks away, Celebrate Brooklyn happens almost every week and we recently covered a new music festival being run by The Way Station in Prospect Heights. Downtown Brooklyn already was gifted with daytime music, and now they’re getting some night grooves to go along with it. Starting this and every Wednesday till September, Downtown Brooklyn Nights will be having a free two hour outdoor concert series inside Willoughby Plaza. (more…)

06/11/15 10:25am
city point

If you lived here, you’d be paying below-market rent by now. Photo by David Colon

Usually when we have a piece of real estate news for you, it’s not exactly something to celebrate. The rent is up! Landlords are racist! Your beloved neighborhood will be swallowed by the ocean and we can’t do anything about it! Not today though. Today we have what qualifies as good news for you, with the word that the first residential tower in Downtown Brooklyn’s City Point development is coming with 200 units of affordable housing and should be open by the end of the year, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (more…)

06/04/15 3:40pm

BAM R&B Festival

Put your hands up if you want to see a free funk show. via George Clinton

It seems like you can’t spit without hitting someone who’s really excited about the Clinton news in Downtown Brooklyn this summer. Which we get, since even jaded New Yorkers who’ve seen it all get a little thrill up their leg when they hear about a genuine icon setting up in these parts. Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, the rumors are true and funk legends George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic are playing at the BAM R&B Festival this summer at a free show at MetroTech. (more…)

05/14/15 9:58am
If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). via flickr user Candie N.

If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). Via flickr user Candie N.

Miniature golf enthusiasts rejoice! Actual golf enthusiasts, just say “Oh, okay, sure.” Among the slew of summer expansion packs to the borough (read: patio season), comes an announcement that we may be getting our very own miniature golf course in Downtown Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, the course would occupy the stretch of plaza in Fulton Mall known as Albee Square. And it would be free to play if you bring your own clubs and balls. (more…)

04/08/15 11:37am
brooklyn paramount theater

Enjoy the kind of palace your grandparents did, without the world being in black and white.via the LIU Flickr

Ah, the 40s and 50s. A time of class, beautiful movie palaces and political and artistic repression that we try not to talk about that often. Whatever those decades’ problems, they definitely nailed the whole “having a nice place to see a show” thing, but now following in the footsteps of the Kings Theater being restored and reopened, the Brooklyn Paramount Theater in Downtown Brooklyn is going to go through a 24-month renovation and reopen in 2017 as a 3,500-seat music venue. Beautiful movie palaces and a more free and open society? Score one for lousy millennials over the Greatest Generation. (more…)

01/28/15 9:55am
ponycon nyc

It’s time to party. via Facebook

If there’s one accusation that we can’t stand to hear people make about young adults in Brooklyn, it’s when they say we refuse to grow up. What, just because we enjoy sledding? And some people pay over $300 for adult preschool? And Ponycon, a My Little Pony Convention where grown men who love the show gather to talk about it, is setting up here? These all sound very adult to us. What’s more adult than planning and running your own conference? (more…)

12/11/14 3:36pm
sam corbin

Sam’s previous work explored patriotism, feminism and hulking out

What are you doing tonight? Well obviously you’re coming to the No Office Holiday Party, because you want to meet Brooklyn’s most attractive freelancers. Before that though, why not get some culture in your life so that you can sound smart while chatting up one of those attractive freelancers? You can do just that by checking out a play by our own apartment expert, Sam Corbin, who’s kicking off Fresh Ground Pepper’s Playground Festival tonight with her short play Condition. (more…)