09/09/14 9:54am
junior's brooklyn

Not going anywhere. via Flickr user Wally Gobetz

Earlier this year, word came down the pipe that Alan Rosen, the owner of Junior’s, was going to sell the iconic building and move somewhere else for a little while to allow a giant high rise to be constructed in its place. Everyone freaked out and became very sad, but hey, good news everyone: Rosen has reversed course and isn’t selling anymore. Cheescake for everyone (is how we wish he’d celebrate)! (more…)

07/30/14 4:05pm
Make sure your application game is on point, so you can snag an affordable apartment

Make sure your application game is on point, so you can snag an affordable apartment

Hey, remember how whenever there’s an affordable housing lottery people FREAK OUT? Over the next three years, that’s gonna keep happening in Downtown Brooklyn as over 1,000 affordable units are going to hit the market. It turns out that even with the lottery system having been in place for awhile, the application process confuses a huge number of applicants, who wind up automatically disqualified. So, in order to try to avoid that when Downtown’s affordable housing lottery starts, the Brooklyn Downtown Partnership is holding free classes to walk people through the application process. (more…)

07/22/14 4:39pm
downtown brooklyn

Soon people are gonna be hanging out here, “learning.” BOOOOO! via Facebook

It’s summer! Time to turn off your brain, turn on the part of your brain that loves drugs and forget about learning anything as far as life or actual useful lessons goes! Of course, if you must insist on learning things like some kind of nerd, then we guess you’ll like this news: MetroTech Commons will host three free classes for useful life skills on three upcoming Wednesdays in July, August and September. We’ll be there, but only to walk by and shout “NEEEERRRRD” at you. (more…)

05/29/14 3:02pm
rt book reviews

Make sure there are no typos and no overuse of the phrase “rippling muscles.” via Facebook

You’ve clawed your way to an editorial position at a magazine or blog or newspaper, but you’ve found that editing stories about farm equipment isn’t much more fun than writing them. Still, you have a passion for editing and you want to keep doing it. In that case, take your passion over to RT Book Reviews, the book review magazine for people passionate about romance, sci-fi, fantasy and erotica novels, because they need an associate editor. (more…)

05/19/14 1:31pm

Hey, if it was good enough for last summer, it’s good enough for this one. via Facebook

It was touch and go there for a little while as to whether it would ever show up, but it now looks like we’ll get a summer. Which is nice. So, since we’re having that season, it means we get another edition of Summer@MetroTech, the Downtown festival/carnival of fun thing that includes free movies, free sports, free music, free theater and also a putting challenge. Oh! And The Ohio Players will be there too! (more…)

05/08/14 3:56pm
Fulton Mall

Not long for this world? via Flickr user emily geoff

Downtown Brooklyn is hot! At least in the eyes of commercial real estate developers, who say things like “It’s the next Midtown,” but in an excited way instead of in an old gypsy curse kind of way. We already knew that a bunch of finance bros were on their way there, and DNA Info looked at the other side of the soulless Midtown existence and found that Downtown is filling up with national chains. We are just moments away from greasy anti-Semitic Elmo and some kind of Brooklyn version of the Naked Cowboy, probably called the Naked Hipster. We can just feel it.  (more…)

03/19/14 4:01pm

Can’t you see yourself enjoying the sunshine there? via The New York City Economic Development Corporation

Downtown Brooklyn, as we all know, has already been cursed as “the next Midtown.” It looks like that prophecy is coming true with an influx of JP Morgan finance bros on the horizon. Plus, people are calling it “DoBro,” which…let’s please not. So, is there any good news for Downtown Brooklyn? Well, here are some renderings of a nice park it’s gonna get, so there’s that. (more…)

02/18/14 3:07pm
bill de blasio

Mayor Tall explaining to Albany legislators it’s this or secession.

Since taking office, Mayor “Red” Bill de Blasio has been hard at work trying to convince Albany to allow New York to raise taxes on our richest citizens to find universal pre-K for all of New York City. Meanwhile in Albany, Governor Andrew “Don’t Call Me Mario” Cuomo has resisted every call to allow de Blasio to do this. So, why is this important, and where do we stand with this whole mess? You can find out tomorrow at a town hall meeting at Borough Hall that’s being held by advocates of de Blasio’s plan. (more…)

11/19/13 11:50am
fulton mall

Doom doom doom doom

As we’re learning with the cowardly whitewashing of 5 Pointz in the middle of the night, nothing in New York is sacred if you don’t slap a landmark plaque on it. Progress marches on no matter what’s in its path, and fortunately (?) you can see it close to home at the Fulton Mall. The historically black shopping district and social space has gone through an upheaval thanks to a massive rezoning effort surrounding it. And now you can take a tour through it with social worker and Brooklyn resident Rahsun Houston in an interactive clip from My Brooklyn that offers pop-up resources giving context to the changes happening there. (more…)

10/03/13 10:00am
Photo credit: Abigail Clark

Photo credit: Abigail Clark

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a non-profit arts and media cultural organization. BRIC's brand-new 40,000-sq-ft cultural complex opens October 3, 2013.

Created By BlankSlate

BRIC has come a long way since its founding in 1979, and it’s about to go a lot farther. BRIC Arts | Media House, BRIC’s new 40,000 square foot arts and cultural center, opens downtown today and we’re taking you inside to see the new building and what it used to be.  (more…)