breast milk

Not the fridge in question, so we guess this is more common than we thought? via Flickr user Todd Stadler

Oh Craigslist. Just when we think all you are is a repository for the mentally ill to post their daily dream journals and “screenwriter” job offers that amount to, “Write this script for free and we’ll sell it to your Hollywood contacts that you have,” we come across something like a couple with “30 to 40 ounces” of pure breast milk that they’re just giving away. (more…)

Ox Cart Tavern

Ox Cart Tavern
583 Argyle Rd. at Newkirk, Ditmas Park
(718) 284-0005

What it is: A small burger-and-beer joint with an inventive menu that invites you to stray from the script.

Why We Love It: For all the hype about the purportedly Smith Streetish food scene in Ditmas Park, there are gaping holes in the neighborhood menu. Ox Cart fills the hearty pub fare niche without resting on its lack of competition. Plus, it’s a rare and welcome destination on underdoggy Newkirk Avenue, a quiet cousin to Cortelyou. (more…)

Jumaane Williams participatory budgeting

Councilmember Jumaane Williams lobbying Curtis Granderson to sign with his office softball team. via Facebook

Participatory budgeting is sweeping Brooklyn! Following in Councilmember Levin and Councilmember Lander’s footsteps all over brownstone Brooklyn, resident badass City Councilmember Jumaane Williams is letting East Flatbush residents get in on the fun! You’ll be guided by a facilitator in small dialogues at a Neighborhood Assembly, where you and your neighbors will decide what to do with $1 MILLION in discretionary funds. (more…)

Yep, we love it.

Yep, we love it.

1118 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford and Westminster
Ditmas Park
(347) 240-5850

What it is: Sycamore calls itself the “coziest bar in Brooklyn,” and while we aren’t ready to throw Brokelyn’s editorial might behind that assertion, we’ll put it squarely in the running, with its bricky, woody, wool-sweatery feel, friendly bartenders and one’s tendency to get sucked in and never leave. (more…)

It's like a time machine! via Facebook

It’s like a time machine! via Facebook

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean it’s time to stop going to the movies. After all, we’re still a few months away from Hollywood’s typical late-winter toxic waste dumping season. And before that, comes the fall and winter rush of big movies like the Thor sequel, the Hunger Games sequel, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Counselor which is blessedly not a sequel or based on a book. Why pay top dollar to see one of these though, when you can pay less than the cost of two tickets for the tickets, two drinks and two popcorns? (more…)

They were actually arguing over who gets the last black and white cookie

They were actually arguing over who gets the last black and white cookie

Say what you will about Anthony Weiner, like, for example, that he lacks even the most basic amount of self-control to the point where it cost him the only job he ever wanted in his entire life, but the guy knows how to yell at people. He made his name doing it in the House of Representatives, without doing much else, and he’s had some decent run-ins during this election cycle. But soon the primary will be over and the only people Anthony Weiner will be able to yell at are people on the street. Well, OK, that’s what’s happening in this video, but the difference is there won’t be a huge media throng around him to record doing a sad, funny rendition of 2Pac’s “Only God Can Judge Me” in a Boro Park bakery. (more…)

The Castello Plan: sort of fancy and really fun.

The Castello Plan: kinda fancy and really fun.

The Castello Plan
1213 Cortelyou Rd.
Ditmas Park
(718) 856-8888 

What is it: The snazzy, woody bar and  restaurant is a pillar of “the new Smith Street,” as Marty Markowitz has described Cortelyou Road.

Why we love it: Rustic but not pig-farmy, trend-conscious but not precious, Castello Plan is highbrow modern Brooklyn but not achingly so. Castello’s wide-ranging  menu has an adventurous side (gazpacho with white peach and seared squid) but doesn’t thumb its nose at updated classics (tagliatelle with tomato pesto and pecorino.)  (more…)

Atlantis ain't got nothing on this. Via Celsias.

Atlantis ain’t got nothing on this. Via Celsias.

Well, it finally happened, summer is in full swing, and boy is it unpleasant and relentless. Between the Gowanus and the Hudson, it’s easy for Brooklynites to feel like there’s water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink, unless you buy it at a bodega and it’s imported from some far off land. But as it turns out, that’s not true, and there’s lots of stuff to do on the water right here in our own borough. To celebrate this, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is putting on City of Water Day this Saturday, July 20. City of Water Day is a whole day of free events celebrating the waters of New York City and letting them be the summertime oases they never thought they could be. (more…)

This guy knows what we're talking about

This guy knows what we’re talking about

We’re all celebrating the fantastic victories of gay rights and abortion rights today, some of us with music videos, with further activism or with sex swings. But the fight never ends. Witness the coming student loan rate apocalypse, in which interest rates on student loans will double from 3.4% to 6.8% on July 1. If you’ve got student loans and don’t want that to happen, you’ve got a chance to get out there and get your voice heard tomorrow with MoveOn. (more…)

You might live in a landmark. via Flickr user Anastasia Ugorskaya

You might live in a landmark. via Flickr user Anastasia Ugorskaya

New York City is a land of constant change, but that doesn’t mean people are always happy with it. After all, you don’t want your unique and historical architecture replaced by a bunch of frozen yogurt shops, do you? Hell no you don’t. Which is why City Council member Jumaane Williams is pushing a plan to landmark over one thousand Victorian-style homes in Ditmas Park. (more…)