04/18/14 3:36pm
broken bike

This might be beyond the help of the clinic though. via Flickr user Janne Moren

Has your bike barely survived this winter without falling apart, the same that the rest of us have? No shame in that, it’s been a tough winter for things being sentient and non-sentient. But if you want to give it some love, and you’re a lady or identify as one, WE Bike NYC invites you to Crown Heights’ Bicycle Roots at 6pm on Saturday evening to get a rundown on how to get your bike ready for spring and summer. Sorry, no boys allowed though. (more…)

04/10/14 3:49pm
roger that community garden

Save both the Roger That garden and the view of the sweet mural overlooking it.

A little while back, we told you that Crown Heights’ Roger That community garden was facing the prospect of being closed and replaced with some condos. They’re not just rolling over and giving up though. Instead, they’re having a benefit party Saturday to help fund their purchase the deed to the land  so that Crown Heights can keep a little green space amidst all the new condos. What does the party mean for you? Oh, just a bunch of dancing and good times and raffle prizes. (more…)

03/25/14 10:54am
coven hoven

Everyone there is spellbound. via Facebook

Humpday got you down? Lift your spirits — and maybe invoke a few — at Covenhoven, Brooklyn’s newest beer shop/tap room/garden in Crown Heights that’s celebrating its physical and spiritual arrival with a grand opening party free to the public on Wednesday, March 26 from 7 to 11pm. The event will also serve as a NYC tap takeover, featuring fine brews from five of our own local purveyors — well, one from each of four boroughs and one from upstate. Can you guess which borough is missing? Way to go, Staten Island. What are they, ruled by an evil clown or something? (more…)

03/06/14 1:26pm

Using this stranger’s bathroom: a dream deferred

Like a lot of you, I was intrigued by AirPnP, the service that lets you use, and get an intimate glimpse into, a stranger’s bathroom, for a price. And while I didn’t need to use someone else’s bathroom, which is what the app was intended to, I still wanted to. After all, what kind of person actually signs up to let someone have a shit and shower in their bathroom?

So when I saw the chance to use a bathroom in a “Crown Heights mansion,” that was only a five-minute walk from my apartment and came with the option to use the shower, I decided it was now or never. And also that it was worth ten dollars to do this. So, like the ad requested, I shot a text message to the bathroom’s owners (“Hi there, I saw your bathroom on AirPnP. Is it possible to use your shower?”) and waited for a response. (more…)

03/06/14 11:43am

We used to have somewhere to park our cars in this city. via Facebook

It used to be that this was a city of vacant lots and hobo fires and places to park your car after you sat in traffic in them all day on Robert Moses’ wonderful highways. Then all these jerk kids started moving in and the hobo fires disappeared, the government tried to stamp out vacant lots and even the parking garages became a thing of the past, turned into community-focused music and art venues helmed by people who grew up here, traitors to their own upbringing. Nothing’s sacred anymore. (more…)

01/24/14 8:45am
flu shots

Do your patriotic duty and don’t spread disease to your friends

Did you guys take our advice and get flu shots when we told you how to find them? Well, great, because now New York is reporting “widespread” influenza activity, and everyone is just a big walking bag of disease, non-STI division. You can still take precautions though, and for free, as the city will be giving free flu shots in Crown Heights in a program specifically targeted towards adults. (more…)

01/17/14 3:32pm
Help prevent this beautiful community space from being bulldozed.

Help prevent this beautiful community space from being bulldozed.

Roger That Garden Project needs your help, now. The beloved half-acre community garden in Crown Heights (whose creation through a combination of Kickstarter money, community support and donations we covered here) is facing imminent demolition after TYC Real Estate purchased the lot that includes the garden. They got news of a demolition scheduled for next week just yesterday; now they’re hoping to either raise enough money to buy back the lot, or broker for extra time to find a new space to relocate the garden. Either way, they need bodies and donations. (more…)

12/10/13 3:30pm
cuny satellite

CUNY’s in space, bitches! via Flickr

Space…the giant big empty above our heads. It’s terrifying in its bigness and emptiness, but that didn’t stop some students from CUNY’s Medgar Edvers College from building a satellite they gave to NASA, to be launched into space. And now that satellite has been attached to a rocket and sent up to the stars, meaning Brooklyn is the first borough to puncture the atmosphere and make our mark in space. Suck on that, Queens! (more…)

11/27/13 10:55am
bicycle roots

Want to keep riding in the winter? Gear up. via Facebook

Riding a bike in the winter can seem, to the outside observer, the province of an insane person. And maybe it is, we don’t know, but that’s because we do it. If riding a bike is free during the summer, it’s free during the winter, that’s our philosophy. Of course, riding in the winter does mean getting things like gloves and leg warmers, and ear warmers (so you can wear a helmet and keep your ears warm). And rather than see you pay full price for this stuff, the folks at Bicycle Roots (609 Nostrand Avenue) are having a big sale on it, so you can layer up on the cheap. (more…)

11/26/13 12:55pm
TK caption. via Yenny C. Heung

Rent check on fire. via Yenny C. Heung

The whole lottery system for affordable housing is already kind of crushing and bleak and generally makes you want to give up. After all, you’re wasting your “winning the lottery” luck on a lottery that still costs you money. Which don’t get us wrong, it’s better than nothing. Except in this case maybe, where there’s one single two-bedroom apartment in Crown Heights that’s well under market value, at $965 per month. But Jesus, ONE? You know, maybe you should take that Hunger Games training class, we might be headed there sooner than we think. (more…)