02/20/14 1:02pm
the knife

Obviously you don’t want to miss what’s happening on The Knife’s tour. via Facebook

Want to see The Knife perform at Terminal 5? Of course you do, because while Sweden might not be tearing it up in Sochi, this Swedish duo will rock your socks harder than Putin’s hairless chest. Sadly, the show is sold out. But wait! The folks at Flavorpill got your back: they’re giving away a pair of tickets to the sold-out May 1 show! (more…)

02/19/14 1:06pm
pat kiernan trivia

Pat Kiernan looks off stage to see if “You know, the green one” is an acceptable answer to “Who is the political and spiritual leader of the Muppets?”

Whether we like it or not, awards season is upon us, and one person we can guarantee is thrilled about the occasion is NY1 morning news anchor and Brooklyn resident, Pat Kiernan, who loves pop culture so much he hosted his own TV show about it on VH1 and routinely hosts trivia nights at The Bell House, including the upcoming Red Carpet Trivia Night on March 5. And sure you could pay for the show, but why do that when you can just convince TrivWorks you deserve free tickets more than anyone else? (more…)

01/30/14 9:52am

The lanes are waiting, are you ready? via Facebook

Yesterday we told you that registration was now open for another gripping Brewskee-Ball season. You might be thinking about registering, but you also might be thinking about how you need the money to do so for things like rent and food and other so-called “basic living expenses.” So sad. Except! The fine folks running the league said that they would waive the $60 registration fee for the person with the best/worst punny team name in the comments section. (more…)

01/16/14 2:07pm
Ana Metronic is MC'ing what will be a rikikulous party.

Ana Metronic is MC’ing what will be a rikikulous party.

Times are still tough for LGBTQ youth out there, yes, even after all those “It Gets Better” videos and yes even in New York City, the land of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. The folks over at the Manhattan-based Hetrick-Martin Institute know this, which is why they offer programs to help create a safe environment for young people, regardless of sexual orientation. Next Friday, they’re throwing a fundraiser at Littlefield that also happens to be a heckuva party: not only is it hosted by Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters (she of the famously infectious “Let’s Have a Kiki” video), but it also features Le Tigre’s JD Samson, with her new band JD Samson and MEN, and lots more too. Tix are $30, but we’ve got a pair to giveaway bere. Details below:  (more…)

05/16/13 1:00pm
Photo courtesy GoogaMooga

Photo by C Taylor Cruthers; courtesy GoogaMooga

Hold on to your sporks, folks. We’ve secured two Saturday and Sunday general admission tickets to this weekend’s GoogaMooga festival with a $10 food voucher on behalf of American Express Serve. We’re giving them away to a Brokelyn e-mail subscriber. GoogaMooga, Brooklyn’s premiere food and music festival, is making a triumphant return to Prospect Park. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that. If you’re like us, you’ve been obsessing over the band lineup and banh mi potential for weeks. (more…)

05/13/13 4:00pm
This movies won't suck... your blood.

These movies won’t suck… your blood.

UPDATE: The contest is over and the winners have been notified. If you were too late, remember, you can sign up for our mailing list and enter special contests every week just for subscribers. Enter your e-mail address in the box in the right-hand column. We’ll send out a newsletter every week with the weekend’s hot events, highlights from the site, and details about the current contest.

Like scary movies? Then you’ll want to read this. We’re giving five lucky email subscribers tickets to Yelp’s Passport To Downtown Brooklyn Horror and Suspense night this Thursday! These tickets will get you and a friend access to The Dark Side screening, featuring indie horror shorts plus the World Premiere of 5 SENSES OF FEAR from Chiller TV. And Tony Timpone, the legendary Editor Emeritus of Fangoria Magazine, is moderating the Q&A session with the filmmakers after the screening. (more…)

03/08/13 11:00am
Russ will still help you avoid the wrath of the IRS and still present you with delicious food options

Russ will still help you avoid the wrath of the IRS and still present you with delicious food options

Sponsored By Brass Taxes.

Brass Taxes was created to make taxes suck less for freelancers, artists, and other nice people.

Hey! Remember when we told you about our awesome contest in which you can win free tax preparation from Brass Taxes? And remember how much you HATE doing taxes? Good thing the contest is still going, huh? Because if you win, it’s totally worth it. Instead of taking three-plus hours of your time and $100-plus for TurboTax, you give all your tax documents to Rus, talk about what you do, and, presto, he comes back with a fully-filed return and mucho bucks for you.

Even if you’re not making that much money freelancing now, you can still deduct lots of things on your road to self-sufficiency. Writing classes? Yep. Notebooks filled with sitcom ideas? No prob. Trips to the Met to improve your graphic design skills? You bet. Rus knows what will fly with the IRS and what won’t, so head on over to the Brass Taxes website and check out his process.

If you’re still wary of spending money on a tax preparer, we’re giving away one free tax prep with Rus, a $200 value! Opt in to Rus’s mailing list and you could have your 1099 woes swept away by a kindred freelance spirit. For more chances to win, follow Rus on Twitter, like him on Facebook, tell your friends, or retweet the contest. (Oh, and if you file your taxes with Rus now and win the contest later, he’ll refund your money.)

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01/16/13 11:00am
Can you do better than Clementine's cinnamon rolls? We bet you can.

Can you do better than Clementine’s cinnamon rolls? We bet you can.

As we’ve previously discussed, Brooklyn is home to plenty of vegan stick-to-your-ribs goodness. Of course, why should we let professional chefs have all the fun of making food? What, they know better than us just because they’ve devoted their whole lives to it? Our buddies at the skint are giving you the chance to prove your vegan red velvet cake is just as good as a pro’s by entering their Vegan Bake Off, at the Bell House. (more…)

01/16/13 7:57am
Photo by Chelsea Charlie Russel

Photo by Chelsea Charlie Russel

Does your dog get more stares and uh, catcalls, than you do when you take it out for a walk? Or do you at least think it does? Spend more on doggie grooming products than on your own? Well, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is looking for the cutest dog at their dog runs, and it sounds like you’re ready to enter your pooch. (more…)

01/11/13 6:00pm
Be sure you don't upstage the guests of honor. via BET

Be sure you don’t upstage the guests of honor. via BET

We’re sure you’re trying to push the memories of the past four years of electioneering, what with polls, percentages, poor debate performances and trying to drink through them. But now it’s all finally over and we can get on with the fact that our taxes have increased thanks to congressional dithering. Oh yeah, and there’s the inauguration on the 21st. If you enter this contest before midnight, January 14th, you could win a free flight to DC, free accommodation, and, unlike the thousands of schmucks standing in the cold, free tickets to the Inauguration Ball. Thanks, Obama Democratic Governors Association. (more…)