12/05/14 10:06am
big brooklyn holiday toy drive

Every kid deserves a visit from Santa. via Facebook

As you know all too well, the holiday season is here, a time of year to be especially mindful of those around us who could use our help. If you’re looking for a way to help brighten the holidays for local kids in need, the Big Brooklyn Holiday Toy Drive is an excellent opportunity. Last year’s event collected over 1,500 toys, and this year’s toy drive is bigger than ever. Sponsored by Brooklyn businesses and organizations, the toy drive is looking for unwrapped toys, stuffed animals, or games appropriate for kids under the age of 15 through December 15. And if you were on the fence for some reason, yes, there’s something in it for you. Namely, free drinks. (more…)

11/13/14 1:05pm
feeding nyc

You can help Feeding NYC feed plenty of families for Thanksgiving, but that’s not all you can do. via Facebook

A few Thursdays from now, the country comes together to stuff its face. Do you really need a fried turkey the size of a small child? Of course you do – along with at least two sides per guest. But while you’re busy eating a few years off your life, remember that there’s people in our community who struggle to get by everyday. Give back the next two weeks by donating your time or money to these seven events and charities. (more…)

10/31/14 3:27pm
thanksgiving turkey

Help some other families get this. via Flickr user Tim Sackton

We know, we know, Halloween is barely over and you’ve barely even started on your candy coma. With that being said, Thanksgiving will be here before we know, and while most of us are lucky enough to have family or a Friendsgiving to go to and eat well, there are too many people in this city who don’t have that. Enter Flatbush food kitchen CAMBA, who’s trying to make at least a small dent by giving 500 turkeys to 500 families in need. Sounds nice, right? You can help, by just throwing some money to their Indiegogo raising money for that. (more…)

09/22/14 4:49pm
brooke street wings

It’s not every day someone gives you food as a reward for a Kickstarter donation, but here we are.

There are a lot of brilliant ideas out there with meh funding (the tunnel we wanted to dig from our houses to Disney World chief among them), which is a shame, since there are also so many meh ideas with brilliant funding (capitalism). Check out these four Brooklyn Kickstarters that all have neat plans but could use a little push. (more…)

09/11/14 2:23pm
safe horizon

You can help Safe Horizon help out domestic violence survivors. via Facebook

A recording released earlier this week of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancee highlights the serious but rarely discussed issue of domestic violence. While our screens separate us from a survivor’s pain, we must remember that domestic violence happens everywhere. Even though abuse often occurs behind closed doors, you can still support survivors by giving time, money or your voice to any one of these life-changing organizations. (more…)

08/27/14 9:33am
nyc runs

These are actually just people running to sign up, so move quick! via Facebook

Some people get an endorphin rush from doing charity. Other people get it from jogging. A few of you out there probably get that sweet, sweet endorphin high from both, and fortunately for you, there’s a good way to combine them, at the CHIPS 5K Walk and Run, hitting Prospect Park in September. Plus, for those of you looking to still do good even though you don’t have much to give, registration is just $25! (more…)

08/20/14 11:43am
sean casey animal rescue

Make all of the animals there this happy. via Facebook

We’ve mentioned a few times here about how we’re both pro-dog and pro-humans who help dogs, but we don’t want to make it seem like we only care about dogs. If you also like most, even maybe all animals, you’ve got a chance to help them out now, because Sean Casey Animal Rescue is asking for donations of cleaning supplies for their two Brooklyn locations, according to South Slope News. (more…)

08/07/14 3:52pm
fight the phrag

Kill some nature, for a good cause. Photo via Prospect Park Alliace

After all the fun times Prospect Park has given you, isn’t it only fair to give back a little?

Fight the Phrag, a new initiative from The Prospect Park Alliance aims to remove phragmites, an invasive species of wetland grass, from Brooklyn’s only lake, part of a larger project to revitalize Prospect Park’s woodlands and natural areas. What’s that mean for you? You can spend a weekend or two fighting 18-foot high weeds! (more…)

brooklyn bone marrow donation

Give cancer a punch right in its mouth. via Ditmas Park Corner

There’s not much in this world that people can 100% get behind, but one of those things that everyone agrees on is “Fuck cancer.” Beyond just being angry and throwing money at the problem, Ditmas Park Corner alerts us to something else you can do this upcoming weekend in the never-ending fight against the disease: go down to Temple Beth Emeth (83 Marlborough Road) and register to become a bone marrow donor. (more…)

06/05/14 4:20pm
the beat cave prospect park

You could be in here, working on beats, after planting some trees. via The Wall Street Journal

You’ve got a great album bouncing around the skull of yours, but you just don’t have the money to get to a recording studio and lay the thing down. the era of being like Wavves and recording the whole thing into a tape recorder in your bedroom and people thinking that’s cool is over, so we have a better suggestion: volunteer for eight hours helping out around Prospect Park and you get three hours for free at the Audobon Center’s recording center The Beat Cave. Just think how much more authentic your folk album will be after you earned the recording time by spending 16 hours planting trees. (more…)