04/28/15 12:41pm
Work like a king for a day at Dumbo Startup Lab. via Facebook

Pay-what-you-can to work in luxury for a day at Dumbo Startup Lab. via Facebook

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you know that Nepal’s in pretty bad shape. Natural disasters in faraway places tend to make us feel helpless, especially when relief efforts bifurcate into smaller and smaller arteries of support. If you have dimes to spare and work you can do remotely, consider lending your work hours to the cause by renting a coworking space next week.  According to Technical.ly, work spaces all around the city will be pay-what-you-can on May 6, to help relief efforts in Nepal.

The coalition allows you to donate any amount directly to a relief fund of your choice, and then simply show proof of your donation to gain access to your chosen co-working space for the day. Pretty cool, huh? (more…)

04/27/15 3:22pm
Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket

Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket

Kitten season is upon us, which means it’s time to give kittens the appreciation they so rarely receive, despite all the work they put into the war on manspreading and computer illiteracyBut instead of in addition to saluting them by exclusively wearing kitten t-shirts and kitten lapel pins during very important business meetings, you can honor this glorious period between tax and construction season (or if kittens make you sneeze, the allergy season within allergy season) by giving kittens a place to crash until they find a new home. It’s like you get to be a mama cat, without eventually having to pay for kitten tuition. (more…)

03/18/15 9:22am
brooklyn bridge park

Get it looking more like this. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

That sure was a rough winter we just went through, huh? We guess with the threat of snow hanging over us, we shouldn’t be acting like we’ve turned a corner just yet, but screw it, let’s say we have and that spring is on its way. After so much snow and ice and cold, you might be looking a little worse for wear, but at least you spent most of your time inside. Brooklyn Bridge Park didn’t have the option, so after being ravaged by winter, it needs a little spring cleaning, which you can help with this weekend and next week. (more…)

lowlands bar coat drive

If you’ve got an extra coat with a good hood, you can turn it into a free drink. via Flickr user Ed Yourdon

You don’t need us to tell you it’s miserable outside, but hey let’s just remind you: it’s fucking miserable and cold and snowy and wet outside. You probably have a winter coat though, which is fortunate because it makes the misery a little less miserable. Not eveyone is that lucky, but you can do something about it this month. If you’ve got an extra winter coat sitting around the house, now is the time to donate it, because Lowlands Bar will give you precious, precious alcohol in exchange for said coat. (more…)

02/03/15 2:30pm
c train

Make it a better C train. A C train that doesn’t accidentally wind up at Carroll Street. via Flickr user Julian Dunn

The C train this, the C train that. Our beloved rickety subway line has been the subject of much chagrin, and all of its coming closures aren’t helping the situation any. But since MTA officials are continuing to use the excuse “because Sandy,” it’s hard to decide which shortfalls in service we should chock up to natural disasters, and which ones are just plain unacceptable. Well, if you want to get some rant out of your system in the presence of people who might actually be able to do something about it, then head over to Bed-Stuy’s Brooklyn Movement Center (375 Stuyvesant Avenue) Wednesday at 7pm, where the Riders’ Alliance is hosting a C train think-tank with free pizza! (more…)

01/16/15 9:30am
sean casey animal rescue

Look at this cool guy you can hang out with, he doesn’t care it’s winter. via Facebook

The dark void of winter’s short days is upon us full force. It looks and feels pretty bad out there, but if you were considering just giving in to S.A.D., we have a solution. Nothing can chip through the winter blues like exercise and a dog smiling dumbly up at you. Even if , like so many people in Brooklyn you can’t swing the financial and spacial needs of a dog, you can still get your dog time for free by volunteering to walk orphan dogs who need a little love and socialization.

Take an afternoon break from work if you freelance, come by after work if you’re a 9-5er. Take a break from catatonically staring under your eyebrows out the window like Jack in The Shining if you’re unemployed. Bring a date, I mean, HELLO? A needy dog? That’s going to melt your date’s heart faster than the ice caps! If your love for animals doesn’t compel you perhaps your libido will. Brooklyn is home to three animal shelters that host ample dogs who need your love, so whatever your reason to walk one, you get your dog time and some time out of your apartment, the dog gets its people time and everyone wins. (more…)

01/08/15 9:32am
citizens committee for new york city

Got an idea for a garden that could use a little cash lift? Read on. via Facebook.

As you’ve been looking around your neighborhood, have you been dreaming up a way to make it better? No, not in a misguided and possibly racist way, we mean something like making a community garden, organizing tenants for housing rights and getting recycling programs going. Your problem is probably that you lack the resources to get this started, but fortunately for you, it’s grant season over at the Citizens Committee for New York City, and they’re giving out $3,000 grants for people with good neighborhood improvement project ideas. (more…)

12/23/14 12:29pm
A lucky kid could be playing with this Mutant Masher, and you won't even had to have left the house!

A lucky kid could be playing with this Mutant Masher, and you won’t even had to have left the house!

So it’s still technically Christmas shopping season, and it means it’s still toy drive season. We know how it is though: despite the fact that buying a toy for a toy drive is a good thing to do, the idea of fighting hordes of deal-hungry masses is a nightmare, especially just days before Christmas. Still, you want to do the right thing. Luckily for you, the fine folks at CAMBA are raising money for their toy drive, which you can donate without leaving the house or fighting anyone in the Target toy aisle. (more…)

12/05/14 10:06am
big brooklyn holiday toy drive

Every kid deserves a visit from Santa. via Facebook

As you know all too well, the holiday season is here, a time of year to be especially mindful of those around us who could use our help. If you’re looking for a way to help brighten the holidays for local kids in need, the Big Brooklyn Holiday Toy Drive is an excellent opportunity. Last year’s event collected over 1,500 toys, and this year’s toy drive is bigger than ever. Sponsored by Brooklyn businesses and organizations, the toy drive is looking for unwrapped toys, stuffed animals, or games appropriate for kids under the age of 15 through December 15. And if you were on the fence for some reason, yes, there’s something in it for you. Namely, free drinks. (more…)

11/13/14 1:05pm
feeding nyc

You can help Feeding NYC feed plenty of families for Thanksgiving, but that’s not all you can do. via Facebook

A few Thursdays from now, the country comes together to stuff its face. Do you really need a fried turkey the size of a small child? Of course you do – along with at least two sides per guest. But while you’re busy eating a few years off your life, remember that there’s people in our community who struggle to get by everyday. Give back the next two weeks by donating your time or money to these seven events and charities. (more…)