brooklyn bone marrow donation

Give cancer a punch right in its mouth. via Ditmas Park Corner

There’s not much in this world that people can 100% get behind, but one of those things that everyone agrees on is “Fuck cancer.” Beyond just being angry and throwing money at the problem, Ditmas Park Corner alerts us to something else you can do this upcoming weekend in the never-ending fight against the disease: go down to Temple Beth Emeth (83 Marlborough Road) and register to become a bone marrow donor. (more…)

06/05/14 4:20pm
the beat cave prospect park

You could be in here, working on beats, after planting some trees. via The Wall Street Journal

You’ve got a great album bouncing around the skull of yours, but you just don’t have the money to get to a recording studio and lay the thing down. the era of being like Wavves and recording the whole thing into a tape recorder in your bedroom and people thinking that’s cool is over, so we have a better suggestion: volunteer for eight hours helping out around Prospect Park and you get three hours for free at the Audobon Center’s recording center The Beat Cave. Just think how much more authentic your folk album will be after you earned the recording time by spending 16 hours planting trees. (more…)

cog & pearl

Cog & Pearl, in better days. via Facebook

Considering that we exist on the internet, we can’t possibly imagine the work and the effort and the agitation that goes into opening an actual, physical store that sells tangible objects. Yet that’s what the owners of Cog & Pearl, purveyors of cool things from our 25 under $25 gift guide, have been doing since 2002, even in the era of Amazon and massive chain growth in Brooklyn. Or they had managed to stay open for twelve years, up until a fire devastated the store earlier this month. So, they’re asking Brooklyn to lend a hand if they can and donate to recovery fund they’ve set up so that they can rebuild. (more…)

mcgolrick park

Not enough nature for you? Keep reading. via Flickr user Erin

When it comes to New York’s parkland, some people probably don’t think of things like “biodiversity” and “live animals” as necessary components. Hell, we’re mostly guilty of that. Just give us trees and grass and we’re happy. The NYC Audubon Society isn’t happy with the bare minimum though, and are therefore working to bring some more plants and animals to Greenpoint’s McGolrick Park. And you can help! (more…)

rebar dumbo

No reFunds either. Photo by Ben Yakas via Gothamist

You may have heard last week that DUMBO’s reBar closed without warning, citing a bankruptcy and massive amounts of debt. The closure was so sudden that employees showed up to work on Friday, only to be greeted with the above sign announcing the bankruptcy. Not only that, but dozens of weddings that were going to be held at the bar have no also been canceled, with no refunds for their up-front payments, usually over $10,000. Brooklyn Based has the story of one person whose wedding has been derailed and is looking to somehow recoup, but the rest of the internet has stepped up as well with a few different fundraising appeals. (more…)

05/08/14 10:03am
brooklyn half marathon

This could be you, handing out drinks. via Brooklyn Half Marathon

Are you into jogging? We don’t quite understand why, but hey, do you. And since you spend all that time jogging, you may as well make it work for you by getting out there and winning the Brooklyn Half Marathon, happening May 17. Except whoops, it’s already sold out. You could still support your fellow runners though by volunteering at this year’s race. Not into helping people because it’s a nice thing to do? Good news then, because every volunteer gets an automatic entry to the 2015 Brooklyn Half. So, there’s that. (more…)

girl rising

Stand up for girls education by sitting down at a movie

There are of course, plenty of stupid things that people try to crowdfund, like say, sex jets to San Francisco. But that doesn’t mean the entire idea of it is bankrupt. Take The Brooklyn Women’s Collective for instance, who are trying to use crowdfunding to bring a screening of the girls education movie Girl Rising to the Court Street multiplex. You’ve seen worse movies there. We know we have. (more…)

03/11/14 1:19pm

You’ve already got way too many tote bags, so why not get involved on a deeper level? via Facebook

There are jobs out there to be had, but maybe you’re one of those lucky people who’ve found professional fulfillment. In that case, you might be looking to branch out for other forms of feeling fulfilled. Here’s one way: Help low-income New Yorkers and Americans get access to abortion by applying to be a board member on the New York Abortion Access Fund. (more…)

brooklyn bridge park

Gotta make it nice for summer. Photo by Sandy Soohoo via Facebook

We’re struggling through (what we hope is) the last dregs of winter. It is, after all, March. Still, once warmer temperatures arrive and we want to sit topless in the park, men and women alike, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cleaned up, spruced up park to hang out in? Yes, yes it would. So let’s do our part and sign up to give Brooklyn Bridge Park the spring cleaning it needs after this long, hard winter. (more…)

03/06/14 2:33pm
penguin sweater

Dawwwwww. via The Penguin Foundation

Ahoy all you nifty, thrifty knitters out there; donating fashionable sweaters for penguins in Australia is currently in session! If you like to knit for your own personal pets though, you’re in luck too, because you can also adopt the very penguin you knit a sweater for. And let’s be honest, what’s cooler than a pet penguin rockin’ your swag?

All you need is a few spare hours, some yarn, and a heart to dive into some cute, tiny sweater patterns for endangered penguins in Australia; the Penguin Foundation is asking for knitted penguin jumpers to help in their rehabilitation efforts. (more…)