postage stamps

You can have it all/My empire of stamps. via Flickr user waitscm

You come across the occasional weird thing being given away on Craigslist. Your tank full of bugs, your excess breast milk, a sex swing stand. But ever have we come across something as sad this this listing giving away a dead guy’s stamps,some used and some not used which was apparently part of his last wishes. It’s very sad, but on the other hand, if you have some wedding invitations to send out, you should stop by Fort Greene soon. (more…)

02/18/14 10:23am
spike lee

Find out if Spike has game when it comes to lectures

Spike Lee has been making movies for longer than most of us have been alive, which is a weird thing to think about. Of course, that also means he’s no doubt collected a ton of wisdom about doing that, so of course it makes sense that Pratt has invited him to come and give a lecture this month on his road to success and the cultural impact his career has had on America. Best of all, this accumulated knowledge will be given away completely free. (more…)

01/31/14 10:09am
black artstory month

Work from the likes of Laolu Senbanjo will be highlighted in Fort Greene, so there’s at least something to look forward to in February. via Myrtle Avenue Brookyn’s Flickr

February kinda sucks, what with Schmalentine’s Day and the whole Arctic winter of endless sorrows. Even if you are into Valentine’s Day (LAME), we all know the only love songs/slow jamz/heartbreak anthems you’ll ever need are from Motown and Ms. Lauryn Hill, which is one of many reasons to celebrate Black History Month, February’s one redeeming quality. This month, you can do that with Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership through their second annual Black Artstory Month, featuring art exhibits, mural painting, music, spoken word, storytelling, and a film screening. (more…)

Brooklyn Cafe, in very very very East Williamsburg.

Brooklyn Cafe, in very very very East Williamsburg. via Daily Record

Earlier this week we learned a Brooklyn native is planning to install New York’s first bitcoin ATM machine in an East Village bubble tea shop. So far Bitcoin is accepted at Lean Crust and Greene Avenue Market, both in Fort Greene, and today Scotland’s STV reports Glasgow’s Brooklyn Cafe is now the first shop in Scotland to use Bitcoin. Is Brooklyn leading the Bitcoin revolution? Probably not, but we’re still gonna go with it. We imagine the interest in Bitcoin by Brooklynites/Scottish cafes that use the Brooklyn brand comes down to Brooklyn hipsters really wanting to bite their thumbs at Manhattan bankers.  (more…)

habana to go

Just hook it to our veins! via Brownstoner

Habana Outpost is awesome, with just two middling negatives to it. One, it closes when it gets cold out, depriving us of a place to get delicious Cuban sandwiches. Two, in the summer it can get so crowded that even if you want to just pop in for a delicious Cuban sandwich, the insane line makes you change your plans. So aren’t we just beyond delighted to read that right across the street from the original restaurant, Habana Outpost is opening Habana To Go, a takeout and delivery spot that will offer delicious Cuban sandwiches you can take with you. (more…)

What you see above is someone who stole some packages from a Clinton Hill apartment building. The footage is sped up, but you’ll notice the thief spent a bunch of time just hangin’ out, twerking, in preparation for the thievery. Or maybe she was just there twerking, as you do, and her and her dude decided to steal stuff out of someone’s packages. Either way, the victim, Lindsay Riddle, told Gothamist that she was out there doing this for an hour before coming in from the cold to steal some stuff. That must be one warm fur coat. Anyway, welcome to de Blasio’s New York, Lhota was right, etc. etc. (more…)

harry shearer judith owen

They look ready for Christmas. via Facebook

Christmas music, and holiday cheer, and Christmas in general isn’t anything we get too excited about around these parts. Enforced cheer and goodwill towards man just isn’t our thing, and we do holiday party-level drinking every day of the year. But even our Grinch-sized hearts are warmed by this news: The Simpsons and This Is Spinal Tap‘s Harry Shearer, and his wife, songwriter Judith Owen, are coming to BAM on December 7 to put on a free holiday sing-along. Finally, a holiday event that isn’t fa-la-la-la-lame. (more…)

When will you stop going in circles?

When will you stop going in circles?

Need a different way to exercise but still don’t want to pay for the gym? Or do you need a conversation starter for when you bring a date home that doesn’t begin “Yes, those are Star Wars action figures handmade out of potatoes”? Well good news, we suppose: a Clinton Hill resident is giving away the above gigantic hamster wheel on Craigslist. Giant hamster not included. (more…)

Ready to lobby

Ready to lobby

The government in Washington might be a broken, dysfunctional joke held hostage by right wing cranks, but here at home, our government just keeps humming along. Case in point: the campaign to name Fulton Street and St. James Place Christopher Wallace Way has picked up enough steam to get a hearing in front of Community Board 2 tonight. All filibusters must be a minimum of 16 bars tonight. (more…)

Clinton Hill's Cochinitas is giving out burritos. Anyone else showing love to the furloughed? via Facebook

Clinton Hill’s Cochinitas is giving out burritos. Anyone else showing love to the furloughed? via Facebook

Like we said when we posted freelance opportunities for furloughed employees, it must be tough not knowing how much longer this shit is gonna last. And while it might seem like this is something that merely affects people working in DC, we also know that there are federal employees right here in Brooklyn, and they could use a little love. So let’s make their lives a little easier and turn this into a space for businesses to share their furlough deals. (more…)